$1.4 Billion Cruise Ship to be Scrapped Before First Cruise

The firm MV Werften had a lofty dream, to build the world’s largest cruise ship. And they did. The Global Dream II is 1,122 feet long, 20 stories high, and can hold 9,000 passengers. It was budgeted at $1.4 billion dollars to build, and is not quite finished. If it were to be finished, it would come in a just a little over that amount. But it will not be finished, and will not carry 9,000 passengers.

The shipbuilding company went bankrupt in January. They’ve been trying to sell the Global Dream II ever since. But between the pandemic and inflation, people aren’t clamoring to go on cruises the way they used to, and no cruise line wants to buy the world’s largest cruise ship. Meanwhile, the German shipyard where the boat is docked, along with its companion the Global Dream I, is scheduled to switch over to building military ships, and the cruise liners need to be out by the end of the year. If no buyer is found before then, they will be taken apart for scrap. So if your dream is to float on the ocean with 9,000 strangers and one water supply, you may have to find a new dream. Read more about the record-breaking ship that turned into a white elephant at Jalopnik.

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Source: neatorama

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