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10 Cool Logo Designs

It doesn’t matter how creative you are as an individual, there are times when ideas just refuse to come to you. In situations like these, what you usually need is some inspiration. So, if you want to create some of the most amazing logo designs, then you can check out the following examples to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. BadgehuntingClub


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This logo is an excellent example of how you can bring two different design styles together to create a unique effect. As you can see, it combines vintage flare with contemporary pop which makes for a distinct appeal. What’s more interesting is that it’s designed by the well-known designer Allan Peters. In fact, you can see more of his designs in the same format here.

  1. Wild Wild Wings

  2. BBC (Baker Bar Coffee)

3Sometimes, combining two different icons and visual elements can create interesting designs. That’s exactly what’s happened here. The artist Yuri Kartashev took two main elements of the brand i.e. food and drinks and combined their visual representations- spatula (food) and bottles (bar). He also cleverly adorned the unique icon with the highlights of the brand in a circle (Baker, Bar, Coffee).

Tailor Brands

This logo design is particularly interesting. This is because it belongs to the Tailor Brandsplatform which itself provides AI-powered logo design services to those who want instant and affordable results. Understandably, the design is beyond impressive on many levels. For starters, the icon is ambiguous which means that some people will see a pencil in it while others will see a heart or diamond or even all of them together, and that’s really the beauty of it. Also, they decided to stick with just one color i.e. reddish pink which not only creates a powerful impact but also maintains brand consistency.

  1. Movers


Have you ever paid a closer look at the FedEx logo? If you have, then you must have realized that it uses negative space. In fact, it’s one of the best examples to demonstrate the power of negative space logos. The above logo is another great example to learn this technique. It uses the negative space below the hand which creates an image of ahouse. However, it also shows the action of the brand i.e. “moving” (your home) from one place to another.

  1. Giant Owl Productions (Animated Logo)


With animation, you can grab the attention of the target demographic easily compared to a static image, and this logo proves the point. The key is using movements that aren’t too distracting or over the top. Also, it’s important that the logolooks good even when it’s static as you won’t be able to show the animation everywhere (think about billboards, business cards, etc.).

Creating an animated logo is actually quite easy. You can find several tutorials online. If you want to learn it professionally, then you can also take the course here.

  1. Jenny Ketan Photography


You don’t always need unique icons or visual metaphors to create attractive logos as shown in the example above. If you are able to find a distinct font or type for a brand, then that can get the desired effect without any problem. Remember Coca-Cola? Its iconic logo is known across the world because of the calligraphy that’s particular to the brand.

  1. SixlocksSecurity


If your brand name has a number, then you can incorporate it in the logo icon. The logo above is a good example, as you can see the “six” from Sixlocksis used in a creative manner in the icon that represents both the nature of the business and the brand name.

  1. Thirsty Peacock



In this age of automation, technology, and machines, a “human touch” can help any piece of art to stand out. So, instead of taking a mechanical approach towards creating a logo design, you can ask a designer to create a hand-drawn logo for you just like the one above. It might cost you a lot more than online logo makers, but the impact will be incredible.

So, there you have it- some of the most creative logo designs that you can draw inspiration from. Which ones did you like the most?

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