10 Great Sci-Fi Tropes (and 5 That Should Be Shot Into Space)

Science fiction stretches our minds and imaginations by presenting the possibility of new worlds full of very different beings and fantastic technology. Some stories are wondrous and hopeful, while others are terrifying and make us glad to be where we are instead. What kinds of these stories do you like best? We often see plots, twists, and tropes used over and over, mainly because they thrill us and make us want to revisit these worlds. Sure, they often require a lot of suspension of disbelief, but we’ve become accustomed to that in order to be entertained.

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Here are the sci-fi tropes that have stuck around because they work, whether it’s making first contact with an alien species, using a food replicator, or hearing a spaceship go “kaboom!” We’ve also included a few tired, often bigoted tropes that should be jettisoned into the farthest reaches of space.

Check out the list at io9 and see if you agree. There are plenty of video examples to keep you entertained.

Source: neatorama

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