10 Home Decor Objects You Need if You Live in a Small Space

10 Home Decor Objects You Need if You Live in a Small Space

We’ve talked a lot about small spaces this month – from the small cabins we’d like to hole up in, to the multipurpose objects, and expert design tips that make living in a small space easy. By now we hope you’ve seen that with the right mind set (and the right decor + furnishings) small spaces can serve up big time design potential. If you’re feeling inspired to maximize the square feet you’ve got with the help of modern and unique finds, read on to discover our favorite small space-friendly home decor. Looking for more ways to furnish your small space? Visit the Design Milk Shop.

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bendo luxe wall hooks

1. CLIP Luxe Wall Hook by BENDO

We don’t mean to brag, but Bendo’s CLIP Wall Hooks went viral on our TikTok earlier this month – so clearly, they’re doing something right. The Luxe version of their best-selling paperclip design features ultra-modern, neutral, and metallic finishes for a sleek, high-end look. Each one of these durable wall hooks can hold up to 13 lbs. and be used both in and outdoors, making them much more than playful wall decor (watch interior decorate Dani Klaric put hers to the test on her TikTok!). Use them to hang hats, towels, bags, scarves, or to display and store vinyl records, and other prized items. Just one note! Bendo goods are carefully shipped from their home base in Australia, and 100% worth the wait.

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shelf risers

2. Shelf Risers (2 pack) by Open Spaces

Open Spaces’ Shelf Risers are a holy grail for small space living. Use them in kitchen cabinets to create extra shelving where there is none, on your countertops for double storage, or in your home office as a laptop riser. The clean, modern look of the white-washed wood and white steel legs makes these risers as cool as they are convenient.

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puik design facett mirror

3. FACETT Mirror by Puik Design

A not-so-secret weapon for making small spaces appear larger, mirrors are a must for adding depth and natural light to a room. The FACETT Mirror cleverly turns this trope on its head thanks to its three-dimensional design that gives depth to a typically flat object. The precise edge cuts give the modern wall mirror a sleek, geometric look while the playful 3D aesthetic doesn’t take itself too seriously.

$75 – $150
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cloudnola hooks

4. Screw Up Hook Set by Cloudnola

A fun way to dip your toe into the oversized design trend, these Cloudnola hooks are a space-savvy way to combat clutter and store hanging objects. The wooden screw-shaped hooks add a dash of whimsy and playfulness to any room in the house and are rife with convenient everyday uses – like at your entryway for coats, dog leashes, and umbrellas, in your bathroom for towels and robes, or in your bedroom for bags and scarves.

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merkled shook

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5. 24″ Merkled Shook Shelf by Merkled Studio

We can’t talk about decor fit for small spaces without talking about Merkled Studio’s innovative Shook Shelf. The smart and simple design combines the utility of a shelf with that of a wall hook and can even be used outdoors for maximum convenience. We love the shelves’ modular design that can be mixed and matched with other Merkled shelves and hooks, allowing small space dwellers to create a flexible wall storage solution that works for them.

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innermost lamp

6. YOY Wall Light by Innermost

When living in a smaller space, the less you have on floors and surfaces, the better. Which is why wall mounted light fixtures like the YOY Wall Light by Innermost are so essential. Unlike your typical wall sconce, the YOY projects light back onto the wall in the shape of a lampshade, creating a modern optical illusion that even your minimalist friends will appreciate. Cleverly hidden inside the fixture’s crisp white aluminum and steel form, the YOY’s light source projects a powerful glow that’s functional and decorative at once.

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entryway rack

7. Entryway Rack by Open Spaces

The Open Spaces Entryway Rack is Instagram-famous for good reason. Its high-quality design and range of modern colors puts conventional shoe racks to shame, and makes it a stylish storage solution you’ll be proud to display anywhere in the house. We’d even venture to say that the Entryway Rack will become prime real estate for your most coveted items – making it more than just a storage rack, but a means to showcase your decor personality. And did we mention that it’s easy to assemble?!

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alden table

8. Alden Table by Ciseal

A key piece of advice for furnishing a small space? Make every piece count. The Alden Table by Ciseal is more than just a side or end table, it’s a vehicle for added storage. Equal parts modern and minimalist, the Alden Table is handmade to order using layers of wood veneer that are glued, layered, and molded into a smooth, curved shape. The top surface is spacious enough to accommodate your necessities, while the handy shelving below can house stacks of books and magazines with ease.

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bamboo wall clock

9. Texttime Bamboo Clock + Floating Shelf by Cloudnola

You know we can’t resist a modern 2-in-1, and this stylish upgrade on Cloudnola’s best-selling flipping clocks is the hybrid we didn’t know we needed. The Texttime Clock + Floating Shelf is a fun and unique way to tell the time, sure – but it’s also a space-saving storage solution and can be mounted on your wall as a shelf for small items. The sleek, modern design fits in anywhere too, from your bedroom and living space to your kitchen or home office.

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paperthin stool

10. Paperthin Stool by Lennart Lauren

Looking to bring color to your space? Enter Lennart Lauren’s colorful Paperthin Stool. Made of powder-coated steel (thus suitable for outdoor and indoor use), the Paperthin Stool is just the kind of multipurpose furniture that small spaces depend on. Use it as a side or coffee table, and of course – as additional seating when you entertain. Its modern, curved form will instantly modernize your space, while the range of bold and playful colors inject joy and energy into your home decor.

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