10 Of The Worst 'Food Hacks' On The Internet

People who produce internet content would kill for a viral recipe, like Swineapple. That’s more difficult than it seems, because Swineapple is actually tasty. That’s not the case with most “food hacks.” Doing something new and different with food might get attention, but it will only last until someone tries it out and finds it useless, unpalatable, or downright gross. Or even dangerous, like opening a wine bottle with a blowtorch. There’s a recipe for pancakes with only three ingredients, and they aren’t pancake mix, butter, and syrup. No, these pancakes are supposed to be made with bananas, eggs, and cinnamon, and nothing else.

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This is a fried egg that tastes vaguely like cinnamon. Egg is a strong flavor, and when desserts taste eggy, that’s not good. With no sugar to speak of and just cinnamon to contribute any real flavor, this ends up tasting like Christmasy eggs that once thought of a banana. Are all of these rapid-fire cooking hack videos just an elaborate prank?

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Source: neatorama

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