10 Products You Didn’t Know You Needed But Will Love

10 Products You Didn’t Know You Needed But Will Love

We’re always on the hunt for that next thing that’s going to make our lives easier and better. If it’s well-designed and durable, well, that’s even better. Today we’ve rounded up ten of our favorite things that you may not have known you needed, but without a doubt will love.

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plant leaves with spilled dirt and plant food

>>> Sustainable Plant Food by DEN Sustainable Soils
Specially formulated to improve soil’s health without any synthetic fertilizers, the ingredients in this plant food sequester carbon and deliver nutrients right to your plants.

bananas on banana holder

>>> BUNCH Banana Stand by Bendo
The BUNCH banana stand protects bananas from bruising, while also allowing for air circulation to assist in ripening.

stock pot and trivet

>>> Nordic Kitchen Magnetic Trivet by Eva Solo
A powerful magnet is built right into the center of this wooden trivet, ensuring it stays with the pot or pan as it’s being moved around the table or countertop.

phone and watch charging on dock

>>> iPhone + Apple Watch Charging Dock by Oakywood
Organic and minimal, this magnetic dock is handcrafted from solid wood. It allows for one-hand operation, and features an adjustable backing that allows it to work with any phone case and comes with a 5-foot lightning cord.

person carrying lantern

>>> Let’s Go Portable LED Speaker Lantern by Koble
Set the mood indoors or out with this combination 360-degrees of sound speaker and unique LED lantern that features various light settings and mode options.

kitchen brush

>>> Cleaning Brush by Beast Health
Use the main brush head to clean glasses and containers, then switch to the detailing tool that tucks into the handle to access smaller areas, crevices and around blades.

paper with writing instruments

>>> Color Your Goals by Poketo
Track your 30-day goals with these three colorful posters that are a fun, visual way to mark your success throughout the month.

coffee alarm clock

>>> Barisieur Tea + Coffee Alarm Clock by Joy Resolve
Whether you prefer coffee or tea, this alarm clock will wake you up with something akin to a personal bedside barista. It even keeps milk cold and stores a weeks worth of ground coffee or tea. All glassware and accessories are included.

trivet with tablet and stock pot

>>> SmartMat Trivet and Phone/Tablet Stand by Eva Solo
Use your phone or tablet to follow a recipe online, then use the trivet as a mat for a hot pan or dish. It’s designed to work with most tablets and phones and features different sized grooves at various angles so you can place your device as you’d like.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

three glass infusers

>>> Incanter by Sempli
Infuse your favorite, from vodka to salad dressing, using this lead-free crystal vessel with the brand’s signature spinning bottom.

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