10 Things From Around the World With the Names of U.S. States

A few years ago, a new pizza parlor opened in my hometown and called itself Kentucky Pizza. We laughed, because Kentucky is not particularly known for pizza. Naples, New York, Chicago, maybe, but Kentucky? We are known for fried chicken. The pizza shop went out of business in just a few months. So imagine my surprise when I found that there’s a chain in Argentina called Pizzeria Kentucky.

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In Argentina, Kentucky is the name of the country’s biggest pizza chain. In 1942, a group of former soccer players in Buenos Aires had a lucky day at the horse track. They used their winnings to open a pizza place, and named it Kentucky, after the Kentucky Derby. Since then, they’ve opened nearly 50 additional locations, fed Diego Maradona, and confused countless American tourists.

But is that any weirder than Alaska Milk in the Philippines? Or the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark? Or the Yugo Florida? Read about ten things outside of the U.S. that took the names of one of our states for one reason or another, at Mental Floss.

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