10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Movie <i>Speed</i>

The 1994 action thriller Speed has become a classic, not so much for its quality, but for the implausible plot that led to over-the-top special effects and the weird tension it induced in the audience. We knew none of it made sense as we watched it, but we went along for the ride anyway. It turns out those special effects were conceived and produced on the fly.  

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4. The bus jump scene wasn’t in the original script. The director added it when he noticed a section of an interstate missing one day.

5. A decked-out bus was also used for the scene where the subway crashes into Hollywood Boulevard. The producers ran out of money and used story boards for this section of the movie’s preview. The audience thought it was great so they found extra funds to finish the subway carriage.

Twenty-three years later, we also recognize the film as the inspiration for a book’s worth of memes. Read the rest of the trivia about Speed here. http://www.tvovermind.com/movies/10-things-didnt-know-movie-speed

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