10 Typos: A Proofreading Game

It takes a certain kind of person to even want to try this game. In 10 Typos, you’ll be presented with a news article, and you must find the ten words that are misspelled. You will be timed, but you are only competing with yourself. You can’t compare scores when the news articles are different lengths. If the same article comes up for you twice, there will be different words misspelled. You can read slowly and get them all, or you can read as fast as you normally do and your brain will sail right past typos. The goal is to find the sweet spot in your reading speed so that you see the typos without wasting time.

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One thing that will make it easier for you is the scorecard on the right. If you are missing a word, you’ll know it’s between a couple of the words you already found.

What makes it hard is the fact that the articles are from British news sources. I didn’t know I was going to have to proofread in another language! The first time I played, I wasted a lot of time correcting words that are perfectly cromulent in British English, but not in American English. The real misspellings are common words that are just mistyped. My fastest time was less than a minute, but that may have been an unusually short news article. -via Nag on the Lake

(Image credit: Roman Kraft)

Source: neatorama

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