100 Dungeons & Dragons Insults

“Have you heard of the River of Blood? Apparently bathing in it makes you lose all of your memories. Do you know where it is? Because this encounter wants me want to take a dip.”

“They say that beauty is in the eye of the Beholder. But I don’t think that even eleven eyes could find you attractive.”

“Help me out here. Looking at you, I can’t tell whether I should be casting Dominate Person or Dominate Monster.”

Cosplayer Ginny Di recently brought us fifty pickup lines inspired by Dungeons & Dragons. Apparently your use of them resulted in consecutive natural ones because she’s offended by your existence. Watch her insult you in one hundred creative ways for nearly ten minutes. Then drown your sorrows with a Potion of Greater Healing.

Content warning: foul language.

-via Geekologie

Source: neatorama

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