100 Of The Best Pics Posted For The “Target Dress Challenge” That Look Like They’re From A Post-Pandemic Farm Life

The chance that these floral farm dresses that objectively look like the last thing you’d wanna wear are sold out at Targets all over is a high one. And it’s not because people have damaged their fashion sense for good after spending prolonged periods of time in quarantine (although that would be a fair reason), but rather because the #TargetDressChallenge is going viral.

It all started when someone pointed out that a bunch of long dresses at Target look like “people just lost the farm after locusts ate their crops” but in the pandemic world. And this is where it got fun.

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People went in for a full pandemic farm, aka Little House On the Prairie, look by posting their pics in the dress while carrying livestock, working the land, and doing other typical farm chores. It soon blew up into a viral trend with entire families getting on board for a much-needed laugh.

Image credits: BeExcellentToEachOtter

#1 My Whole Family Thinks I’ve Completely Lost It (And Maybe I Have), But I Surely Hope This Makes Someone’s Day

Image credits: Michaela Orme

#2 Target Dress

Image credits: Melissa Tomas

#3 As Sexy As Robert Plant Wearing A Blouse In Concert. “Barefoot With A Chicken” And Showin’ A Little Skin. The Hat Doesn’t Match The Dress But The Coors Bottle Does

Amazingly, he saw the dress hanging after being washed and came up with the idea himself, no inspiration or alcohol or coercion needed!

Image credits: Carol Nall

#4 We Really Wanted A Holy Bible For The Shoot But Roads Are Bad And I Couldn’t Get One From The Dollar Tree

I had no problems looking this mean and crazy but Meliyah had a hard time not laughing.
Thanks to Lexi for the photography. She didn’t have a target dress so she missed out.
Gilead won’t be taking over this damn homestead anytime soon!

Image credits: Jay Durham

#5 When You’re Bored During A Pandemic And You Have The Best Boyfriend Model Ever

Image credits: Danielle Elizabeth Photography

#6 From My Husband Matt, “We Have Been Seeing These Funny Target Dress Challenge Shoots, And She Gave Me That Look

At first I laughed when she and our boys suggested it, then I was like, ‘You know what!? The world has seen so much sadness and really bad stuff this year, my family has suffered some serious losses this year, it will make my boys laugh and maybe someone else. Plus, I love using our little farm for the shoot and making my photographer wife smile, you know? And, the boys are going to learn to make pillows out of the dress fabric when we are done—we all win. If you can make someone laugh or smile, why not!?’”

Image credits: Melissa Tomas

#7 Here I Come Bessie

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: Melissa Tomas

#8 It’s Day 329 Of The Great Plague. The Target Mercantile Has Blessed Us With New Fabrics To Enhance Our Pandemic Fashion

I feel Margaret got a little bit risky in her decision to flaunt that racy lace seam. After all we are modest women out on the farmstead. Unwanted stares from the menfolk is unholy.
Supplies were getting scarce. We needed to venture out for food. Trudging uphill, both ways in the snow as our ancestors once did. Margaret was able to keep us safe with her trusty 22 and her deadeye for shots.
We were able to make dinner from an elegant goose that will feed the kin for a fortnight. We shall milk the goats (oops they’re boys) and churn some butter and feast.
Lastly our local gymnasium allowed us to get some physical fitness in to keep up our health and our spirits.

Image credits: Erin Kellar Stewart

#9 Cutie Pie And Her Chicky

Image credits: Melissa Tomas

#10 Target Dress

Image credits: Jen Gessele

#11 Loggin’

Image credits: Fruition Acres

#12 No Chickens Were Harmed During This Photo Shoot

Image credits: Cheri Lawrence Grovesteen

#13 Journal Entry 324: Another Day In The Life On The Homestead While On Lockdown. Made Myself A New Apron And A Bonnet. Recently The Town Accused Me Of Witchcraft And Only Spared My Life Because They Believe I Can Conjure Up Some Cure For This Virus. At Least Now I Can Fly My Broom Around In Peace

Image credits: Sayda Shanik Krasovec

#14 The Two Aught Two Aught Year Of Our Lord Hath Vexed Me

I am vexed, I say. The earth has been salted, the chickens refuse to lay. Donkeys born without a tail and other such ominous signs. But Providence has left me my solitary sister in poultry. And we stubbornly refuse to yield. So let the year two aught two one breathe it’s impotent fire. I stand or squat ready.

Image credits: Thomas Henrich

#15 Target Dress

Image credits: Melissa Tomas

#16 Carin’ For Critters

Image credits: Fruition Acres

#17 Day 93 At The Wiggins Homestead: After Putting The Babies To Sleep I Gathered Wood And Finished Churning The Butter. After A Little Break, I Done A Little Work On The Farm And Climbed A Big Hill

Image credits: Emily McCallie Wiggins

#18 Target Dress

Image credits: Melissa Tomas

#19 Target Dress

Image credits: Melissa Tomas

#20 This One’s In The Pot Tonight

Image credits: Andrea McNair

#21 Target Dress

Image credits: Melissa Tomas

#22 Sometimes You Just Need A Snowy Day, A Good Friend To Agree To Shenanigans And Partake In A Good #targetdresschallenge

Image credits: Brown Photography

#23 Quarantine Day 329: Pa Said If This Winter Holds Out Much Longer He’ll Need To Butcher The Hog

I don’t reckon I’m ready to say goodbye, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a hankering for some fresh bacon. These grits ain’t cutting it, and dine-in just ain’t an option round these parts anymore.

Image credits: Corrie Bubbico

#24 Target Dress

Image credits: Melissa Tomas

#25 My Poor Girls Are Terrified Of This Dress And Ran Away Screaming, So I Had To Substitute. Including An Earlier Photo That Shows I Do Indeed Have Chickens

Image credits: Andy Fell

#26 Target Dress

Image credits: Melissa Tomas

#27 Target Dress

Image credits: Melissa Tomas

#28 Target Dress

Image credits: Melissa Tomas

#29 Alright Y’all, Confession Time! Lol.. I Really Like The “Target Dress”.. And I Personally Think I Rocked It

Image credits: Lindsay Bright

#30 “I Will Survive” , Is The Title Of My Photoshoot

Image credits: Kathleen Snodgrass

#31 Idk About All You Women Im Wearing This Dress Everywhere. I Love It

Image credits: Roxanne Megan

#32 Target Has Decided If We’re Gonna Suffer A Pandemic, We Might As Well Look Like We Just Lost The Farm After Locusts Ate Our Crops

Image credits: Lauren Carroll Martínez

#33 I Joined The #targetdresschallenge

Image credits: Jennifer McGuinness

#34 Since Target Has Decided We All Need A Dress As Ugly As Homemade Sin While We Suffer Amidst The Pandemic, I Reckon I Would Join This Movement With The Rest Of The Womens, Down Home On The Range

Journal entry, Day 332 of Pandemic: “The Pony Express finally arrived into town today, delivering much need letters of encouragement from family and friends alike and alarming news of civil discord. I was so surprised that I nearly burnt the rhubarb cobbler simmering in the dutch oven. After I churned my own butter, I sold off our fine China made of porcelain, no need for that nonsense anymore under a 10-month long quarantine. I was able to barter for a new cutlery knife from the local general store since my old one was so dull it wouldn’t cut hot butter. After daily chores and 5 minutes of homeschool, the girls made corn husk dolls and the boys dipped candles for our lanterns.”

Image credits: Lesley Butterfield

#35 Good Bye ’20, Fling That Sh*t Behind You

Image credits: Fruition Acres

#36 A Covid 19 Era Woman Begs To God For Quarantine To End Soon. Her Prayers Go Unanswered Even Though Her Dress Looks Amazing

Image credits: Sarah Rae

#37 After Gathering The The Eggs, We Realized Some Of The Chickens Still Haven’t Started Laying Again

In the winter the hens take a break. We grabbed those old hens and reminded them of their fate if them eggs ain’t coming soon.

Image credits: Christy Terrill Reid

#38 These Ugly Prairie Dresses Are Quiet Comfy And Have Pockets

Image credits: Lauren Caldwell

#39 This Happened

Image credits: Shannen Crane Camp

#40 Local Pioneer Woman Wields Her Axe — Her First Time Chopping Wood For The Fire. Because Of The Pandemic, She Was Forced To Sell Her Home, Move Out Into Nature, And Resort To More Primitive Ways Of Living

Image credits: Kat Johnston Hadel

#41 Target Dress

Image credits: Melissa Tomas

#42 So, I Don’t Have Chickens Anymore But I Still Wanted To Take The #targetdresschallenge. It Was Still Fun, Even If My Cows Weren’t Very Cooperative

Image credits: Kathryn Muns Lindsey

#43 From Deep Within A Tennessee Holler, Here Is My Sister In Law Jessie Welch’s And Her Daughter Eva’s Target Dress Challenge

Image credits: Ryan Welch Anderson

#44 Target Dress

Image credits: Bethany Faulk

#45 Prairie Dress

Image credits: Meagan McGovern

#46 Target Dress

Image credits: Melissa Tomas

#47 Target Dress

Dear Ma, Dear Pa,

Times is hard in San Antone. With quarantine and all. The younglings continue their schooling. The younger two are back at the school house. The older two are progressing through virtual learning. My favorite class is 7th grade orchestra, when my child plays her violin or cello. Her teacher done gave her both!
I bought a new dress to help the mood here at home. It has a little puff in the sleeve, so I feel real purdy wearing it out to tend the lettuce farm. I like to think Anne of Green Gables would be keen on wearing such a fine frock.

Hope all’s well for you in Arizona, and the weather stays fine.

Your girl

Image credits: Evelyn Hornbarger

#48 The Indoor Version. Outdoor Will Happen When Its Not So Dang Cold

Image credits: Brandy Fleischer

#49 Generous Amounts Of Fabric And Large Skirt Helps Me Kick The Crap Out Of This Woodpile

Image credits: Lisa Eberly Schick

#50 The Trek To Town Is Less Treacherous With The Aide Of Our Trusted Ponies

Image credits: Liana Sun

#51 Now I Just Need All My Alpacas!!

Image credits: Brittney Jensen

#52 We Walk Up Hill Both Ways To Do Our Laundry At The Near By Water Source

Image credits: Jennifer Macias

#53 Target Dress

Image credits: Carolyn Johnston

#54 Target Dress

Image credits: Melissa Tomas

#55 Target Dress

Image credits: Melissa Tomas

#56 The Movement Was Born After Target Released Dresses Inspired By Little House On The Prarie. We Call Our Collection “The Long Hard Winter.”

Image credits: Carol Watts Grabowy

#57 I Had To, Even Though I Live In Canada, Where We Don’t Have Target. Make Do With What You’ve Got, Right? Thankful For How Much Fun This Was! Also, Yes, That Is A Witch Hat I Threw In The Mix

Image credits: Katrina Carreck

#58 What In The Laura Ingalls Is Target Thinking Right Now? These Dresses… I Tell Ya. Anywho…heres My Contribution

It’s been hard here at the homestead with the pandemic this winter. Each day I make my way into the outdoors and face the bitter chills that God has chosen to lay upon us so that I may tend to my chores and do for me and mine. The only thing that keeps mother at peace these days is to hear me play her a sweet rendition of Amazing Grace on ye old fiddle and on occasion Yankee Doodle if her spirits are well.
Each day I make my way to the barn to distribute the hay for the cows. Sadly, upon arriving to the barn today I discovered that all the cows had frozen to death and I had to resort to milking the basset hound for survival.
Let us not forget the children, for they did their chores and they did them well, so I chose to round up shown snowballs for today’s extracurricular activities. Lastly it was time for me to clear the land, for my lover’s wagon would surely arrive at any time. I shutter to think of his unsafe return.
When the day was done I retired to the loft where I put on my best attire, let my hair down and indulged in a drink for rest.
Amen hallelujah.

Image credits: Nicole Lambert

#59 Good Lord These Are Ugly,.. But Actually Quite Comfortable!

Image credits: Tara Paul

#60 Had To!

Image credits: Heather Schaaf

#61 My Husband Decided By Choice To Go Change His Clothes, Find His Halloween Hat And Take A Picture With Me. He Was A Trooper With All The Picture He Took

Image credits: Jen Palmentera

#62 As It Turns Out, Farm Chores Really Are Better With A Target Prairie Dress

Image credits: Mia Harris Cover

#63 Living During A Pandemic Changes People

As much as I’ve learned how to conserve things like bleach and toilet paper, I’m on the fence about embracing the little house on the prairie clothing from Target.
Sure, it’s shapeless, paper thin, and 100% impractical for any household chore. But it DOES have pockets despite claims that it’s lacking said feature.
Maybe I’ll get lucky and be in the district with utility jumpers.

Image credits: Amanda Kolski

#64 I Asked My Daughter (16) To Take My Pics. She Grumbled, Laughed, And Made Fun Of Me

She must have texted my husband who then called and said I “done gone crazy.” (Like, of all the things I put you through THIS is the thing that made you declare I’ve gone crazy?) They were mean about it. It hurt my feelings. My daughter took a couple, but it wasn’t the fun photoshoot with cute pics I thought it would be. Here’s the two I got.
But, I complained to my book club and my friends said they’ll take the pics when they come over Monday.
Side note: my husband is a great guy and very supportive. He just doesn’t have the same idea of fun as I do. He’s not a farm person. He does it for me. My daughter, well, she’s just a teenager.

Image credits: Megan Maher

#65 Target Has Decided If We’re Gonna Suffer A Pandemic We Might As Well Look Like We Just Lost The Farm After Locusts Ate Our Crops

Image credits: Heather Smith

#66 It Pays To Have A Friend Who’s A Talented Photographer And A Crazy Chicken Lady

Image credits: Sara Brush

#67 Hope This Never Goes Extinct

Image credits: Brandy Ruiz

#68 Alberto Helps Collect Eggs On A Chilly Winter Morning

The year is 1821. Times are hard on the frontier. Fashion is worse.
Thank you Target for taking me back 200 years. I had way more fun than I should have.

Image credits: Hillary Robinson

#69 My Husband; Bless His Ever Loving Heart; Bought Me This Dress For Christmas

Image credits: Hannah Kendrick

#70 Target Dress

Image credits: Jolene Vereecke

#71 Dress To Impress Day At School. ‘Merica!

Image credits: AmAsie Willison

#72 Target Dress

Image credits: Yvonne Gingras Min

#73 Day 323 Of Quarantine: Learning To Read Was One Of The Hardest Things I Ever Had To Do, But I Am Glad I Persevered, Because A Parcel Arrived Today With A Book From My Dear Friend In The City

“Drinking with Chickens,” it says. I turned to the 77th page and read the instructions for a red currant cocktail — what an intriguing combination of ingredients. Currants were not to be found in these parts, but I reckoned we had a jar of chokecherries that Paw had harvested over the summer and kept cool in the cellar with the potatoes. I’ve never had sparkling wine or champagne, but Maw did keep some cider water along with Gramps’ whiskey in the cupboard above the kitchen window, so those will have to do. I’ve also not heard of such vessels as flutes or coupes, but the book came with pictures, so I went ahead and fashioned a drinking vessel with a mason jar left over from canning and a broken candle holder from the attic. Now that’s a rather unusual libation, but it sure made my cold day with the chickens much more bearable today.

Image credits: Ari Nordhagen

#74 Day 196 Without Rain

I tried to head over to the field to make some stew with a special blue flower with red thorns and remembered I’m color blind… I got to hollering and broke down crying .
Went back to the homestead and tried to collect some eggs from the coop to discover the chickens aren’t laying much because we can’t feed them .
Paw told me and the girl to bring the chickens in to slaughter but we are afraid because they are all we have left.

Image credits: Renee Alyse Bell

#75 Target Dress

Image credits: Melissa Tomas

#76 Apparently We Are Ahead Of The Game Because My Kids Did The #targetdresschallenge Back In 2017 When They Were 2

Image credits: Melanie Garland

#77 #targetdresschallenge Sort Of.. Dress Is By #freepeople Chicken Apocalyptic Love. Current State Of Mind

Image credits: China Johnson

#78 Just Get The Dress And Have Fun! It Has Pockets!! Pandemic Ready Since 2017.

Image credits: Anahi Zuydendorp

#79 The Crops Have Died On Our Tiny Plot Of Land, But The Flowers Are Starting To Bloom

Image credits: Jessica Blaemire Thaxter

#80 It Ain’t So Bad And Its Comfy

Image credits: Nicole Estes

#81 This Photo Of My Youngest Daughter Was In My Memories Today And Reminded Me Of The #targetdresschallenge Her Dress Is Actually From Dillard’s

Image credits: Sarai Benitez

#82 I Offered Her Cash Money To Wear The Courting Dress To Church Today But She Said She Doesn’t Want To Bring Impure Thoughts Into The Meeting House

Image credits: Tara Coombs Lohman

#83 I Had To Join In On The Fun! The First Time I Saw This Dress I Wanted It In Every Color❤️ Its Going To Be A Hard Winter… Thank You Target, Now I Can Do My Chores In Style And Comfort

Image credits: Jennifer Long

#84 When Supposed Fashion Forward Target Has Pandemic Prairie Dresses For Sale, You Buy One And Call Your Best Sister Wife To Come Over To Help You With Your Chores And To Be A Part Of The #targetdresschallenge

Image credits: Al Bird

#85 En Months Into Quarantine And We Finally Got New Dresses. We Are Tending To The Livestock Tonight. Working In The Field With The Ole Horse And Making Sure The Pigs Are Fed. Teaching The Little Boy To Run The Farm

Image credits: Haley Thompson

#86 When There’s A Viral Trend Of Photographing Yourself Wearing Target’s Inexplicable Pioneer Dress Doing Pioneer-Type Things And Your Upcoming Book Features Pioneer Characters, Well…sometimes The Marketing Universe Lays An Easy Pitch Right Over The Plate For You

Image credits: Amanda Wen

#87 It Is Summer In South Africa And We Don’t Have A Target. A Dear Friend Made This Dress. Wearing It With Vel Skoene (Pronounced ‘Fell Scoona’). This Is My Boschvelder Hen, Mooi Mooi (Translated Means Pretty Pretty)

Image credits: Janet Koekemoer Jooste

#88 So I Have Seen All These Target Dress Post And Remembered I Had An Old Dress I Used To Wear All The Time As A Kid … My Daughter Wanted To Wear It And Do A Chicken Photoshoot Too

Image credits: Tricia Disbrow

#89 There’s Animals That Need Tendin’

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean a prairie woman’s work is done.

Image credits: Sarah Sumner-Eisenbraun

#90 My Son Was The Photographer And Just Kept Saying “Y’all Look So Mean”

And also my chickens are not pets really, not like ones that wanna be held and petted lol. So it was humorous watching him when I came home and said “I need you to catch me a chicken!” We had SUCH a great time doing this.

Image credits: Nicole Ann Stone

#91 I See All The Beautiful Ladies And Gentlemen Putting On A Good Challenge For #targetdresschallenge I Said Why Not?! I Love Target! I Love Floral Dress! And I Love Vintage Dresses.

Image credits: Janet Yu

#92 And People Wonder Why This Is My Favorite Group On Facebook And Why I Check It More Than My Own Personal Feed ? Thanks For The Fun Challenge, Laughs And Letting Me Know I’m Not “Crazy” For How Obsessed I Am With My Girls

Image credits: Randi Schovaers

#93 First, If You Don’t Know What The #targetdresschallenge Is, You Should Stop And Google It If You’re Confused–If You Like To Laugh, You’ll Love It

The world needs MORE laughter and less sadness these days. Every bit helps.
I was told by a sweet friend about this and women & men have decided since Target started selling these old-timey dresses in the middle of the pandemic that if they are going to make us look like we just lost the farm after locusts ate our crops…. Then by all means…here ya go!

Image credits: Melanie Copeland

#94 Boots Should Be Home By Now

We can feel the cold weather coming and we’re worried he’s in danger.

Pa has walked uphill both ways with potatoes in his pockets to all the neighbors’ houses to ask if he could check their barns and horseless carriages without fear of trespassin’.

Ol’ Doc McCatFinder said most cats stay within 1/3 mile of their homes if they live inside like Boots. They could go as far as a mile if they’re used to going outside.

We’ve searched high and low because he coulda gotten so scared once he got outside he couldn’t go far. We check under bushes and then we check again.

Ol’ brother Jethro thinks the coyotes got him but I can’t give up. We just know Boots is still out there and we’ll never stop looking for him.

When pa returns, we’re hitching up the oxen and going straight to the general store to print flyers and look down to the animal shelter.

Boots was there for us through broken wagon axles, fording rivers and snake bites. He’s the best cat a family could ask for and we won’t give up.

Image credits: Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control

#95 I Did It

I bought the Target prairie dress. Then I immediately wanted to spin some fiber. It’s hard to get a true prairie vibe going when Ring notifications are chiming on my Apple Watch, but I can try.

Image credits: Crystle Ardoin

#96 Looks Like I Am In!

Image credits: Pamela Derby

#97 They Come In Handy To Chase Off The Qanon Nutjobs

Image credits: Sarah Mullins-Spears

#98 It Just Had To Be Done

Image credits: Meredith Morris Barreth

#99 Pandemic You Say? Might As Well Look The Part! **disclaimer.. This Is Pretty Cozy**

Image credits: Tanya Gray

#100 Target Dress

Image credits: Holly Strand-Rysgaard

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