100 Of The Most Popular Boy Dog Names

Naming your dog is as serious as naming your kid. Well, okay, maybe not as serious, but very important nonetheless. And, unlike naming a baby, you can truly unleash your creativity and give your puppy a name that you would never give to a human baby, like, you know, Sir Chews-a-Lot, The Great Big Snorter, or even Barker. Perfect names for a dog, not really appropriate for babies… Or are they? 

But, if creativity isn’t something you can applaud yourself for, we are here to help! We’ve rounded up the most popular boy dog names to one list so that you can choose the best fitting one for your new family member. Also, dog names aren’t the only thing you’ll find here – there are also cute dog photos to go with it! 

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And to make this article even more helpful and enlightening, we’ve talked to Augustė Berlinskė, owner of dog grooming salon Lumis. She has kindly shared some valuable information for first-time dog owners, talked us through a dog grooming routine, and told us about picking a name for your four-legged friend!

#1 Max

Max turned 15 today! Best dog in the world.

Image credits: MidnightWolfie

#2 Charlie

Sometimes our dog, Charlie, gets his upper lip stuck behind his lower lip.

Image credits: inkdrone

#3 Cooper

Cooper is going to his first doggie birthday party! He said he wanted to feel classy but with a little flair.

Image credits: WakeFoil710

The first thing we wanted to know was how one becomes a dog groomer, and Augustė has kindly explained the whole process to us. “Though there are various courses for groomers – in groomer schools and salons – getting through a course is not enough to work as one. Loving dogs and trimming them nicely is just a part of the job – you also have to have knowledge of animal anatomy, zoo psychology, physical endurance (especially when working with large dogs), and most importantly, have unwavering patience.” And, if you do have those qualities and wish to pursue this career, Augustė told us that, “You can always find a grooming course to attend, either at a groomer’s school or even in grooming salons. Finishing basic training takes around five weeks at the very least, but there are always seminars where you can learn how to do a specific trimming or expand your knowledge on creative grooming. All of this helps you to become a real professional!” She also added that “There’s always a small percentile of self-taught groomers, but even they end up attending seminars to learn something they couldn’t by themselves.”

#4 Bandit

My buddy Bandit relaxing after a long day of doing nothing.

Image credits: buddybandit

#5 Milo

My pupper Milo graduated before me this year. Now he’s officially a therapy dog.

Image credits: dynamiteTrickster

#6 Bear

He’s a koala detection dog who’s been helping to save animals from the Australian brushfires. 12/10 the best boi around.

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Image credits: katievantassell

It’s always interesting to see how working as a dog groomer actually looks in real life, so we’ve asked Augustė to elaborate on that. “As with many professions, your day starts by preparing and ends with cleaning up. A vital part of a groomer’s job is greeting the owner and their dog, getting to know each other, helping the dog to adapt to this new situation they’re in, and making the puppy feel relaxed and at ease.” Then the grooming routine starts. “First it’s combing, then bathing, drying out the fur, combing again, and then finally trimming. Groomers use plenty of specific tools, equipment, different kinds of scissors, and, of course, cosmetics. To tell you the truth – after finishing with the procedures, you’re all covered in hair – it’s in your ears, mouth, eyes, and even under your clothes” – laughed Augustė. According to her, it can sometimes take up to five hours to finish grooming a large dog! Now that’s a real test of endurance and patience if you’d ask us. 

#7 Rocky

Rocky is willing to wear almost anything for treats.

Image credits: auskendoro

#8 Duke

Duke evolved!

Image credits: kittyandmarley

#9 Tucker

Just adopted this dude. His name is Tucker and he is a good boy.

Image credits: TheBelowIsFalse

“We have a short one-day course here at my grooming salon Lumis – it was created so that dog owners could learn to take care of their dogs, and also for people who are thinking about becoming a groomer. And the truth is, a lot of people expect this to be a quick and easy job, but after trying it out, they often decide that it isn’t the right career path for them. And so only a third of all of the apprentices that we get decide to stay.”  

#10 Teddy

Teddy is the official greeter at my store. He comes with his own FAQ.

Image credits: tropicalmedly

#11 Jackson

Happy 6th birthday to my sweet boy, Jackson!

Image credits: Apjp23

#12 Oliver

My dog, Oliver, the dorkiest boy alive fake smiling for a selfie.

Image credits: whiskeydorito

We’ve also asked Augustė to share her advice on choosing your first puppy – what to look for and how to make the right decision. “First of all – be sure that none of your family members are allergic to dogs before taking one home. Next, it is vital to choose a breed that’s exactly right for your lifestyle and be sure the dog’s size is neither too big nor too small for you. Once you are settled on the breed, pick a trustworthy breeder who’ll supply you with the information on your puppy’s pedigree so you can double-check on health issues and genetics. You might have to wait for the perfect puppy anywhere from a couple of months to a couple of years, but it’s all worth it for the ideal four-legged family member.”

#13 Leo

I’m Leo, and this is my rawr! Thanks for all the lovins.

Image credits: cryptowraps

#14 Zeus

My dog Zeus likes to sit in our pond and stare at the fish.

Image credits: Renepalm

#15 Bentley

I take my dog to my store every day. One older Italian woman liked Bentley so much she came back and gave him a hat she knitted!

Image credits: SEND_TIT_PICS

And what if you’d like to take home a puppy from a dog shelter? It turns out that spending as much time as you can before bringing them home is vital – “Go and visit the dog that you’ve picked many times before you take them home. Go there with your family, go there alone, see how the dog acts in various situations, and whether your characters are compatible.”

#16 Jax

Jax had his first-ever dog biscuit last night! You can see the excitement in his eyes.

Image credits: nephilis

#17 Toby

Henlo, fren! My name is Toby. Would you like to throw my ball?

Image credits: n00balicious

#18 Winston

He wanted to look good.

Image credits: noles41

In the last couple of years, dog grooming has seen a huge growth in popularity, with new salons popping up everywhere. So, naturally, we wanted to ask if dog grooming is really necessary for every puppy. “Grooming is undoubtedly a must if you own a dog with constantly growing fur. To keep your puppy happy and looking great, you have to either trim or pluck the coat and adhere to special maintenance procedures, like daily brushing.” And what if it’s a breed that does not require scheduled trimming? “Well, then our services aren’t necessary, but we can help with molting by doing a de-shedding procedure. That really helps to keep the unwanted hair out of your home,” – said Augustė. Of course, you can also do some basic grooming by yourself, but even then, you’ll need specific combs, brushes, and other tools. So, better trust it to professionals!

#19 Ollie

 Our Romanian rescue pup with the biggest paws!

Image credits: Blue_Scout

#20 Louie

“I will kick any damn dog you get out of my house!” 2 months later and Louie only sleeps in my dad’s bed.

Image credits: If_It_Fitz

#21 Finn

My first dog! Been begging for a dog for 10 years and my dad and I finally cracked my mom and got her to say yes!

Image credits: immoob

Lastly, we wanted to know if Augustė, being a groomer that’s surrounded by dogs every day, has her own puppy. “Yes, I do have one of my own – it’s a Border Collie named Lumis.” See, she named her salon after him – how adorable is that? “I bought Lumis from northern Finland and wanted a name that represented this country and its nature. Once I stepped out of the plane to go and pick up the puppy, it was -35°C (-31°F) outside, and the snow was knee-deep. And, because of this, I decided on Lumis – Finnish word for snow, with an added -s, according to male name rules in Lithuanian.” And does Lumis live up to his name? “Snow is his favorite nature element. And the name matches his character – Lumis melts into a puddle from praise and attention.”

Thank you, Augustė, for an enjoyable and valuable interview – we sure did learn some new and useful information; hopefully, you did too! And now – scroll down below to check out the rest of the good boys, and don’t forget to vote for the dog names that you liked the most. 

#22 Murphy

My very shy dog befriended a golden retriever puppy at doggie daycare.

Image credits: Coffeegorilla

#23 Moose

He won’t stop stealing hair ties.

Image credits: The_drum_killa

#24 Loki

My friend is fighting leukemia and has been stuck in the hospital. This is his dogtor, Loki.

Image credits: abrill2967

#25 Gus

Our 6-month-old big baby bear, Gus, wishes everyone a happy friday filled with lots of boops and big floof hugs!

Image credits: CleveHamilton13

#26 Hank

My girlfriend and I just adopted a three-legged dog, meet Hank!

Image credits: Ronaldo_McDonald

#27 Koda

My wife’s dog, Koda, jealously guards her while she sleeps. Best pup!

Image credits: Badbomber360

#28 Apollo

After months of trying to find the perfect dog for us, my girlfriend and I finally brought home the puppy of our dreams.

Image credits: azdbackbb

#29 Blue

He came in for his first round of boosters. Blue is perfect.

Image credits: dobbycm

#30 Dexter

My old dog Dexter could fall asleep anywhere. Here’s him at about 8 weeks old. He toppled over and fell asleep in the cup holders.

Image credits: Frogdogforever

#31 Bruno

We left our dog Bruno with our sister-in-law while we went on vacation. I guess someone is having a better time than we are!

Image credits: dentista82

#32 Thor

I volunteered to be a patient for a research study on the effects of dog therapy for depression. This is Thor, I’ll be working with him until the end of the study, he’s been making me feel better.

Image credits: blargennflargenn

#33 Jack

Just received a package addressed to my dog Jack and someone sent a stuffed eyeball.

Image credits: savillas

#34 Porter

Porter and I work in the taproom of a local microbrewery, our patrons love him because he greets everyone at the bar and “takes their drink orders”. I’d love to see him drawn on a beer label or as the sympathetic bartender he is!

Image credits: pitbulls_and_beer

#35 Oakley

My dog Oakley after his first hike.

Image credits: jakjnj

#36 Simba

This is my sister’s dog Simba, he is a very good boy.

Image credits: coolsimon123

#37 Romeo

Image credits: allisonasaurus

#38 Shadow

Image credits: james122345

#39 Tank

This friendship between my dog, Tank, and Luigi the cat.

Image credits: -zoo_york-

#40 Echo

Three weeks in with deaf Echo. I told him his bandana makes him look very handsome but he’s still skeptical.

Image credits: TimothyMcNugs

#41 Oreo

So that’s why they named her “Oreo”.

Image credits: just_minutes_ago

#42 Arlo

This is Arlo, he will only stay calm in the car if I hold his paw.

Image credits: reddit.com

#43 George

I make a habit of taking pictures of all the dogs I meet on vacation. Met this dapper young boy.

Image credits: Massive_F

#44 Coco

My sister (11 yrs old) painted our dog, Coco

Image credits: RollerGirlB

#45 Otis

Otis amongst pumpkins.

Image credits: GluteSpread

#46 Rocket

Just told Rocket he’s not a kangaroo…

Image credits: meet_rocket

#47 Ziggy

Ziggy loves his grandpa.

Image credits: salmonberri

#48 Remi

Image credits: Bmq1286

#49 Remy

If the table has a shelf, Remy will find it and use it as a bed.

Image credits: wanderingwayfinder25

#50 Whiskey

“Come here my darling, gaze into my crystal ball “ – Whiskey.

Image credits: thesupergoober

#51 Ranger

1/6 our way to 30 national parks! My little ‘Bark Ranger’ and I (she hates the camera).

Image credits: TaVar35

#52 Gizmo

The dog that convinced me to get past my dislike of small dogs. Meet Gizmo!

Image credits: mrsmavrick

#53 Atlas

Atlas is a happy boi!

Image credits: green_vulture

#54 Wally.

Hi, I’m Wally. Can I hang out with you guys? I’m good boy.

Image credits: blaketbarton

#55 Peanut

I took Peanut to the dog park she did figure 8 zoomies for a whole hour, and now she’s tuckered out.

Image credits: reddit.com

#56 Chester

Chester the weather dog!

Image credits: LauraVi

#57 Sarge

Sarge the service dog holding my hand during his lunch break!

Image credits: hettc

#58 Tyson

This is Tyson, a 135-pound rottie/something else mix I’m dog sitting.

Image credits: Zethras28

#59 Ryder

Brought Ryder to my photo studio at work. Why are these dogs so expressive?

Image credits: daniellinphoto

#60 Sam

His name is Sam and he just turned a year old.

Image credits: vglyog

#61 Dozer

This is Dozer. A customer’s dog helped me all day while I worked on their pool.

Image credits: atoady11

#62 Levi

My dog Levi is ready for season 5.

Image credits: curtisfarnham

#63 Bowie

My dog Bowie as David Bowie.

Image credits: MichaK01

#64 Zeke.

My old man Zeke showing off 16 years of impressive ear growth.

Image credits: guybrush_44

#65 Luke

Luke is 12, but looking as good as ever!

Image credits: madethisjustforpewds

#66 Bubba

Bubba doesn’t know what to do in a car when his bed isn’t there.

Image credits: thekenturner

#67 Copper

Copper is a free dog.

Image credits: Lemurnuts

#68 Archie

His mission is to be a good boy.

Image credits: SirLONsalot

#69 Buddy

My shy buddy is finally coming out of his shell at doggie daycare.

Image credits: okawei

#70 Beau

I caught Beau being a super villain.

Image credits: Camelsloths

#71 Henry

Henry has PTSD. I’m his emotional support human.

Image credits: LongStrangeTrip-

#72 Buster

He liked the outing so much his circuits malfunctioned from sensory overload.

Image credits: laufoli

#73 Ace

Heckin’ big stompers and floppy ears.

Image credits: DemonCipher13

#74 Jake

Today Jake protected his mommy and sister from a stray dog attack while I was at work. I love you, son. You’re a man now.

Image credits: sloecrush

#75 Maverick

For those who did not believe glasses could possibly stay on, today my man Maverick proved you wrong.

Image credits: cococallie

#76 Diesel

This is such beautiful photo of Diesel. 

Image credits: GingyJenkins

#77 Scout

My dog Scout’s rude response to getting her picture taken.

Image credits: clemskin

#78 Gunner

Gunner loves reflections, shadows, and butterflies.

Image credits: -sevenworlds

#79 Harley

Meet my parent’s new dog Harley. She’s 8 and she’s a good girl.

Image credits: reddit.com

#80 Bailey

 Bailey turned 13 today!

Image credits: jenisasexyjen

#81 Lucky

I adopted a 15-year-old dog last summer from my dying neighbor. Lucky turns 16 and is still loving life.

Image credits: kellythebarber

#82 Benji

Just cause Benji’s an old boye doesn’t mean he’s not a cute boye.

Image credits: mayaxs

#83 Oscar

Oscar the globetrotting dog.

Image credits: GeneralCuntDestroyer

#84 Bo

My favorite big boy, sitting on his grandma’s lap. He has no clue how big he is.

Image credits: sermeryntrantsuxdix

#85 Baxter

 Baxter is about to dive in.

Image credits: wildbax

#86 Mac

Mac daddy, the failed foster pupper.

Image credits: idk_iam_drunk

#87 Kobe

Image credits: vividvega

#88 Rudy

My bf’s dog. My computer desk is right next to the couch and he will just sit there like that, patiently waiting for me to give him some snuggies!

Image credits: Nixx1014

#89 Chip

His name is Chip but sometimes he’s Snoopy.

Image credits: charmed871

#90 Cash

Very smol boyyee is confused about cameras, meet Cash.

Image credits: Boogi29

#91 Walter

Walter Brisby likes water… (which is big deal for a Shar-pei)!

Image credits: theamydoll

#92 Jasper

Jasper went camping for the first time, he was one with nature.

Image credits: Dylantheshoe

#93 Blaze

Image credits: Moist_Philosopher

#94 Ozzy

Ozzy naps harder than anyone.

Image credits: EmiLyle_

#95 Boomer

Boomer spent two whole days away from his big brother. Can you tell he missed him?

Image credits: SammuelNash

#96 Odin

Odin, our good therapy boy, says “where to, missus?”.

Image credits: nolarkie

#97 Axel

Axel’s pants have seen better days, but Axel has never looked better.

Image credits: LLBB22

#98 Ruger

Girlfriend went to the humane society to visit the dogs, they weren’t open yet and a couple was standing there waiting with this puppy to drop him off bc they didn’t have time for him and her heart just couldn’t take that so welcome to the family Ruger 🙂

Image credits: SixtyNinedUrGrandma

#99 Bruce

Bruce evolved!

Image credits: kittyandmarley

#100 Odie

Listen up ladies and gentlemen, I don’t care what *pawty* you are in. Go make your voice heard and vote!

Image credits: odiethecavapoo

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