100 Of The Most Unfortunate Things That People Were Forced To Deal With (New Pics)

Why let a bad day slide when it can be immortalized for everyone to see it for the rest of time? This is the option picked by these netizens who decide to take a picture of a fail memorable enough to be both funny and painfully relatable. 

Mistakes can be everything from catastrophic to inconvenient, but funny, so this article attempts to show a bit of it all, from expensive fails to sheer stupidity. So get comfortable, make sure your sitting vessel is sound, and scroll through. Upvote your favorite fails and be sure to share your thoughts, stories, and experiences in the comments section below. 

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#1 The Moment I Lost My Glasses

Image credits: YourMomsNext

#2 Someone On The Ferry Forgot To Put The Handbrake On

Image credits: User348844

#3 Blizzard Blew The Main Door Of My Garage Open Yesterday

Image credits: PCDevine

The fails listed here can fall into a number of categories, from mistakes due to inattention or particularly unwise decisions, all the way to such blatant bad luck that one should check for family curses. Either way, a very human reaction is to blame bad luck.

No matter how rational a person is, there is still an overwhelming amount of belief in ideas of “good” and “bad” luck out there. As Chip Denman has said, “luck is probability taken personally.” Instead of accepting that some days will just be bad, certain people start to assemble logical structures that would “explain” why something improbably unfortunate happened to them in particular. 

#4 Forgot I Was Heating Oil For French Fries

Image credits: fasada68

#5 A Tornado Overnight In Thomaston, Georgia, Ripped A Home Off Its Foundation And Put It In The Road

Image credits: SharingMyStorys

#6 Of The 69 Things They Tested Me For, I’m Allergic To 60 Of Them

Image credits: lexi_the_leo

The psychological games behind the scenes vary from person to person. People more susceptible to gambling addiction might treat most random chances with the so-called gambler’s fallacy, where they believe that a string of bad luck has to be followed by good. This is why a person can continue to dump money into a losing game or investment long past any chance of recovering it. 

#7 My Car Broke Down This Morning On My Way To Work And Had To Be Towed. Not 5 Minutes After I Got Home, My Ceiling Collapsed

Image credits: Cthulhetta

#8 Roadside Paint Job

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Image credits: SilveradoSurfer16

#9 We Were Really Excited To Use A Lime From Our Lime Tree For The First Time

Image credits: hehatesthesecansz

In very extreme cases, when a person has a particular streak of bad or good luck, they start to attach significance to completely unrelated things that were happening at the same time. If a person wins at blackjack on two separate Tuesdays, they may now see Tuesday as their “lucky” day, causing them to behave more recklessly on this day, most likely losing them more money in the long run. Some people take this so far that they will only make major life decisions on “lucky days,” which is probably the cause of a lot of “unlucky days” for others who need an answer now.

#10 Found My Car Like This When I Took A Break At Work

Image credits: TheOnlyOneWhoKnows

#11 Hopefully You’re Having A Better Day Than I Am

Image credits: SloxIam

#12 What Do You Even Do At This Point?

Image credits: sippyside

Other people deny luck and instead believe that a supernatural force caused them to drop their phone down a drain or something similar. In a sense, religion actually removes the necessity to believe in luck, as misfortune can be chalked up to punishment from the divine, and “good” luck is a reward for doing something correctly. Carl Jung described this idea as deriving explanations from “a meaningful coincidence”.

#13 Went To See The Famous Neuschwanstein Castle And This Was Our View

Image credits: LoveWineNotTheLabel

#14 Came Home From Work To Find A Few Tons Of Gravel Dumped In My Driveway. No Idea Where It Came From

Image credits: mmoon2281

#15 ATM Turned Off After Taking My Deposit And Did Not Show Up On My Account

Image credits: LordSeptember

It’s not all wistful thinking, however. If you believe in luck, this thought can function like a placebo, assisting with positive thinking. This can lower stress and make a person more hopeful, which allows for more mental resilience against negative events. Pessimism is by no means “more” rational or unrealistic than optimism, and comes with none of the mental health benefits, besides a strange sense of superiority. 

#16 I’m Allergic To Cats And Slept On A Cat Blanket

Image credits: NeroSkwid

#17 The First Photo Is A Wanted Criminal In My Town, And The Second Photo Is Me, Which Is Why I Was Surrounded By 6 Cops While Walking Home Last Night

Took 15 minutes to convince them they had the wrong guy.

Image credits: Unusual-Feeling7527

#18 Neighbor’s Boyfriend Living Above Us Accidentally Discharged A Firearm Through Our Bedroom Ceiling

Image credits: _AbacusMC_

If this all sounds too random, then there is at least some consistent, scientific evidence that by and large “Lucky people generate their own good fortune via four basic principles. They are skilled at creating and noticing chance opportunities, making lucky decisions by listening to their intuition, creating self-fulfilling prophecies via positive expectations, and adopting a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good,” according to a ten-year-long study.

#19 Being Escorted To My Car After I Ripped A Hole In My Pants At A Wedding. Went Commando

Image credits: UndrehandDrummond

#20 I Accidentally Branded Rachael Ray’s Name On Myself With One Of Her Roasting Trays

Image credits: doyouhaveeyedrops

#21 My Friend Was Hit By A Car Running A Stop Sign Today And The Dude Left The Scene, But Hey, At Least He Left Her A Little Souvenir

Image credits: InsignificantOcelot

Other researchers have found that the perception of good luck and having a good mood do seem linked at some level. The inverse is just as true, that people who legitimately believe they are unlucky are more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression

#22 I Had A Cystic Pimple On My Forehead That Swole Up Pretty Good. Then The Swelling Migrated Down And Now I Look Like An Animorph

Image credits: Tre_Amplitude

#23 I Just Broke The Door Handle Of My Apartment And Cut Myself. I’m Also Locked In

Image credits: Kyscool

#24 My Coworker Went To A Skatepark After Work

Image credits: Howie_Dictor

Some “good luck” rituals do even have some positive effects, for example, in some places, blowing left and right before crossing train tracks is considered important. This, naturally, also allows people to actually see if a train is coming, increasing the likelihood of not being hit. Walking under ladders is a classic example of a thing you should not do according to superstition, but it does perhaps also help one not get crushed by a ladder. 

#25 Buddy Crashes A Porsche On A Test Drive First Corner Out Of The Dealership

Image credits: TheTrashman44

#26 Over 30 Cars Got Flat Tires On The 405 From A Fallen Box Of Nails

Image credits: TheRealOcsiban

#27 I’m Going To Damn Bed

Image credits: 19632211

In some places, certain numbers are seen as lucky, so people take extra steps to get “lucky” phone numbers, license plates, and even addresses. While it perhaps goes without saying, there is basically no evidence that any number, particularly one chosen randomly or by an urban planner, is more lucky than another, although one could see how a landlord with a “lucky” plot number would be quick to capitalize on this. 

#28 Came Home From Working All Night To Discover My (Townhouse) Neighbors Didn’t Put Out Their Fireworks Completely Last Night

Image credits: Fooberdoober97420

#29 My Daughter Asked If I Was Doing A Magic Trick

Image credits: SparrowFiero

#30 Cactus Stuck In Hair

Image credits: lharry33

All in all, while an optimistic outlook is perhaps for the best, there is no reason to trust “luck” to prevent any of the disasters, fails, and mistakes seen here. Common sense precautions can never be too “common,” so please be smart. But, if you enjoy seeing more fails, Bored Panda has got you covered, you can find our other collections of misfortune here and here

#31 I Thought I Was So Smart For Keeping A Cover On My Toothbrush At All Times

Image credits: Juxtra_

#32 Just Bought A Minivan From A Friend A Few Weeks Ago, Kept Getting Spiderwebs In The Car And Decided To Bug-Bomb It. Found These

Image credits: SoNotCool

#33 Went To Costco To Grab A Rotisserie Chicken For The Weekend, But This Lady Beat Everyone To It

Image credits: Hustleham7

#34 Just Finished Chopping 2 Years Worth Of Firewood Just For The Barn I Was Storing The Firewood In To Burn Down

Image credits: BeastlyBucaroos

#35 I Broke Both My Feet Last Night

Image credits: minaylee

#36 Who Left The Water Running?

Image credits: VinneBabarino

#37 Traveling From Alabama To California For My Wife’s Job. Someone Cut The Roof Bag Off Of My Car In Albuquerque. Lost All Of Our Clothes

Image credits: BlindPanda21

#38 Girlfriend Was Helping Cut My Hair, She Was Doing A Fantastic Job Until I Heard A Gasp

Image credits: GentlemanCookie

#39 My Grandparents Were Planning On Fixing Up This Old Stove, Guess They’ll Have To Wait

Image credits: MJMaggio14

#40 I Got Some Bojangles This Morning And Took A Bite Out Of My Cajun Filet, And It’s Just Straight Up Raw

Image credits: sea_bear9

#41 Right Before I Left The Trampoline Park, I Put Back On My Blue Shoes. It Wasn’t Until I Got Home I Realized I Didn’t Wear My Blue Shoes To The Trampoline Park

Image credits: puntini

#42 My Bike Broke In Half, 8 Kilometers From My Home

Image credits: Cweed23

#43 Hubby Was Unemployed For 9 Months. Finally Landed A Job That’s Not Temp Or A Contract Gig. 5 Minutes After Clocking In, He Trips On Some Carpet And Breaks His Leg

Image credits: square_2_square

#44 Nobody Told Me There Was No Floor Support In The Attic

Image credits: RainbowForHire

#45 Nothing Quite Like Peeling Off The Plastic On Your Brand New TV

Image credits: CptCheerios

#46 Unfortunate Find On The Side Of My Coffee Cup. Bet My Immune System Didn’t See This One Coming

Image credits: wagewild

#47 My Kid Got A Box Of Onions Instead Of Nuggets In His Happy Meal

Image credits: Pit_it_and_quit_it

#48 This Bailey’s Came In A Gift Basket I Won At Work A Few Months Ago And I Was Going To Enjoy It By The Fire Tonight. The First Sip Was Chunky. It Expired In 2014

Image credits: reddit.com

#49 My Zipper Broke At Work, Right Before A Few Important Meetings

Image credits: illigal

#50 My Parents Live ~40 Feet Off The Highway, This Morning A Drunk Driver Plowed Into Their Home

Image credits: CalebEast

#51 My Sorento Was Stolen And Wrecked Thanks To The Kia Boys Tik Tok Challenge

Image credits: Gsxing

#52 Nearly One Month After Finally Repairing My House From Hurricane Laura, One Of The Worst Rainstorms In 50 Years Hit My Town And Filled My House With Water

Image credits: Balphazzar

#53 Turned Off The Power For A Week While Traveling, Forgot About The Food In The Fridge. Came Back To This

Image credits: ssigea

#54 Cologne Bottle Slipped

Image credits: Logical_Yak_224

#55 Think I Just Made My Boyfriend A Puppy Milk Latte

Image credits: MBitesss

#56 My Grandparent’s Lawn Got Raided By Boars Overnight

Image credits: Nyathra

#57 I Have 30 Seconds To Sweep This Up Before The Cat Pees On It

Image credits: stvckmind

#58 I Asked For 8 Inches Off

Image credits: bluenighthawk

#59 I Bit Into A Toenail In My Chipotle Burrito

Image credits: Golfguy809

#60 Apparently I Turned On The Wrong Burner

Image credits: Wizard_of_Claus

#61 Last Night My Neighbor’s Friend Decided That This Is Apparently The Best Place To Park, Making Both My SO And I Late For Work

Image credits: Tight_Stranger_5676

#62 So I Got Robbed After Coming Back From A 12.5-Hour Shift. Awesome

Image credits: oscarlin814

#63 Accidentally Stabbed Myself With A Meat Thermometer

Image credits: davedude115

#64 You Gotta Be Kidding Me

Image credits: Cambuhbam

#65 Something Bit My Kid’s Ear

Image credits: bkulaga99

#66 I Felt Something Hard While Eating

Image credits: tinjau

#67 It’s Cool. I’ll Wait

Image credits: kingkool68

#68 Two-Day-Old Tesla Gets Stuck In The Parking Lot At My Work

Image credits: Blazingheavenss

#69 That Last Turn Before I Arrived With The Chili

Image credits: thecoolamps

#70 Knocked A Bottle Over And It Landed Perfectly Upside Down Without The Cap. How Do I Pick It Up Now Without Spilling Everything?

Image credits: Sierra_12

#71 My Truck Is In The Shop So I’ve Been Biking To Work. This Morning My Bike Broke 50ft From My Apartment And When I Went To Take It Back Inside My Door Handle Fell Off

Image credits: overdead333

#72 Mom Broke Her Tooth After Biting A Starbucks Sandwich. Turns Out There Was A Bone In The Sandwich

Image credits: Educational_Ad1123

#73 Booked A Hotel Room In July For A Big Convention Starting Today. Arrived At The Hotel And Were Told They Don’t Have A Room For Us. I’m Also The Guest Of The Day

Image credits: GrandCenobite

#74 My Dad Threw Mum’s Ring In The Grass To Test His New Gold Detector. The Detector Doesn’t Work. Can You Help Find It?

Image credits: MajesticOrchid9352

#75 Neighbor’s Insurance Doesn’t Want To Pay For Damages Due To It Being Caused By Nature

Image credits: HousingOk3769

#76 Well, Dish Soap Is Not Meant For The Dishwasher I Guess

Image credits: CasuallyWorn

#77 My Wife And I Went To Mexico For Our Honeymoon. I Had The Idea Of Buying A Bottle Of Tequila And Drinking A Shot Every Anniversary. It Broke On The Way Home

Image credits: jshah500

#78 The Pizza Place Defaults To No Cheese, No Sauce On Door Dash. I Didn’t Check The Boxes To Add Them

Image credits: beantropy

#79 Had A Pen In My Pocket At Work, Looked Down To This

Image credits: reddit.com

#80 Tried Crossfit For The First Time, Literally The First Day I Went, And Ended Up With Rhabdomyolysis

Image credits: Jxssicascott

#81 And Just Like That Thanksgiving Is Cancelled. Hand Foot Mouth Disease

Image credits: Ninahbae

#82 Traveling Back To Work And My Bag Gets Caught In A Car Fire. All Medical Equipment, Garmin Watch, Xbox, Projector And Countless Clothes Up In Smoke. Let My Week Get Better

Image credits: Jim-Jams

#83 My Instrument Decided To Stop Working During The Rehearsal And Today Is The Concert

Image credits: Rosana0007

#84 I Left My AirPods On The Plane

Image credits: This_One_Weird_Kid

#85 My Cutting Board Delivered With A Small Defect

Image credits: narraun

#86 Key Broke Off Inside The Lock To A Very Important Work Door. Wonder How Much Trouble I Am In

Image credits: Twaynesty

#87 The Road Into Work This Morning

Image credits: messlysnipes

#88 Asked For Extra Sauce

Image credits: girolski07

#89 Today’s Special: Chocolate Water

Image credits: girolski07

#90 My Roommate And I Bought A Lot Of Snacks For Our New Year’s Eve Party And Nobody Showed Up

Image credits: MajorasMasc4Masc

#91 I Finally Got A Job Last Week… And My House Burned Down Today

Image credits: Thomas_The_Llama

#92 Walked Outside To See If My New Solar Panel Was Working And Saw This

Image credits: Xorvis

#93 I Was Having A Nice Relaxing Chat With My Girlfriend Before She Went To Work, Then Boom

Image credits: UPExodus

#94 Weight Gain On Christmas Eve Can Be A Real Problem. Especially Right Before The Whole Family Comes

Image credits: stevenil1

#95 Bought A $44 Handmade, Ceramic Mug. It Cracks As I Pour In My First Cup Of Tea

Image credits: reddit.com

#96 I Spent All Day Making Ramen For My Family. First Time Cooking It, But They Went To A Last Minute Dinner At My Brother-In-Law’s House

Image credits: shadowoflife6669

#97 Came Back From Holidays To Find My Second Phone Like This

Image credits: ultameca

#98 Just Getting Ready To Cook Valentine’s Day Dinner And Opened The Block Of Cheese I Bought Today

Image credits: Thea_From_Juilliard

#99 I Pulled It Out Of My Pocket After Work, And Screen Was Ruined Like This

Image credits: DinosaurJrJrJr

#100 I Dropped My Tuna Can In The Sink And I Can’t Fish It Out. Please Send Help

Image credits: justpoppinginguy

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