100 Pics That Sum Up What Christmas With Pets Looks Like

Welcome to the post that features two of everyone’s favorite things—pets and Christmas. With our four-legged friends messing around the house, wondering how come the house is suddenly so much fun with everyone who comes in, more than happy to play, and those treats that are flying right into their mouths from the table laden with foods, it can only be called heaven on earth.

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful; But the fire is so delightful,” while Sinatra is singing in the background, we invite you to feast on Bored Panda’s festive list featuring hilariously adorable pets nailing the Christmas spirit.

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Scroll down, upvote your favorite ones, and after you’re done, be sure to check out our previous posts with animals having fun on Christmas here and here.

#1 My Work Here Is Done

Image credits: 9999monkeys

#2 They Really Had To Ruin The Christmas Photo

Image credits: ashostakovich

#3 Happy Little Christmas Moo

Image credits: AviahWinchester

#4 My Wife And I Don’t Have Kids Yet So We Take Our Dog Out To Look At The Lights. He Absolutely Loves It

Image credits: pacmaneatsfruit

#5 My Cat Ripped Open All The Presents Christmas Morning

Image credits: alexisallgood

#6 Mavericks’s Favorite Part Of Christmas

Image credits: butteryartichoke

#7 My Cat Is Afraid Of Tangerines, So I Created A Force Field To Protect The Christmas Tree

Image credits: Iatrogenia

#8 I Had A Guy Come Dressed As Santa To Take Photos With My Baby Because I’ve Completely Lost My Mind

Image credits: Skittle_kittle

#9 Can You Tell He Wasn’t Happy About The Christmas Photo?

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Image credits: Walrus-Shivers

#10 My Dogs Favorite Toy Is Santa

Image credits: jjmontaldo

#11 Her Annual Christmas Ritual

Image credits: Gouca

#12 For Christmas, My Mom Got My Dog And I Matching Pajamas

Image credits: Tenten32321

#13 Fry’s First Christmas. I Can’t Tell If He Loves Or Hates The Tree

Image credits: Pumpkin___Escobar

#14 It’s That Time Of The Year Again

Image credits: yawinsomeyalosesome

#15 My Indoor Cat’s First Time Experiencing Heights & He Instantly Regretted It

Image credits: supercj926

#16 My Sister Adopted A New Cat. She Posted This To Her Social Media Titled “Teddy’s First Christmas Tree: A Sequence Of Events”

Image credits: dipper_5711

#17 Monching The Christmas Tree

Image credits: zap3150

#18 It’s Still The Best Christmas Pic I Have Of Them

Image credits: HabitRage

#19 Gatsby’s Magnificent Chin Was Immortalized For Christmas. He Likes This Present

Image credits: DatsBarry

#20 Do Very Small Festive Snakes Count?

Image credits: RagTagDemon

#21 I Don’t Recall Baby Jesus Having Fur

Image credits: xxshadowraidxx

#22 It Was A Task Getting Her In This Sweater But I Think Our First Christmas Family Photo Together Went Well

Image credits: whoiskait

#23 My Cat (Jet) Likes To Sit In Our Fake Christmas Tree

Image credits: Stripped_Sweater135

#24 My Wife Makes Christmas Stockings For Every Member Of Our Family. This Year, Murphy Joined The Crew

Image credits: docbak

#25 His First Christmas

Image credits: emmychuu

#26 Always Kitties Around The Christmas Tree, Never Bunnies. Meet Honey

Image credits: southpolesara

#27 I Guess I’m Stuck Here For Christmas

Image credits: killerbunnyfamily

#28 Paint Me Like One Of Your Christmas Trees

Image credits: Bloody-August

#29 This Is How Our Dog Maggie Opens Her Christmas Presents Every Year

Image credits: hittsprint

#30 Someone Is Not Excited About Their Gift

Image credits: bmkeck

#31 Merry Christmas

Image credits: HachiTheHuskyyy

#32 My Nephews Kitten Experiencing Its First Christmas Tree

Image credits: Ladydevann

#33 Our 5-Year-Old Rescue, Sam, Looking Forward To Spending His First Christmas In His Forever Home

Image credits: BioFusionz

#34 Got Given The Scarf As An Xmas Present But It Was Immediately Claimed

Image credits: onestopsnotworking

#35 My Dog Can’t Wait For Christmas

Image credits: blackvial

#36 Oh Good, You’re Here. The Tree Just Fainted

Image credits: pandaeyed

#37 The Real Miracle Of Christmas Will Be If The Elf Survives

Image credits: SenseiTheDefender

#38 At My Friend’s Church, The Church Cat Has Evicted The Baby Jesus From The Manger

Image credits: revkatebottley

#39 Ollie Next To The Painting He Got For Christmas

Image credits: Nordtorp95

#40 Some Are Happier Than Others

Image credits: Mike

#41 A Friend Got Our Cat A Tiny Poncho And Sombrero For Christmas And I Can’t Handle It

Image credits: GOpencyprep

#42 Moove On Over It’s Xmas

Image credits: buckleyhighlandcow

#43 Meowy Christmas From The Grinch

Image credits: lavender_bunny

#44 Dog Jumped In Christmas Tree After Cat

Image credits: imgur.com

#45 Christmas Tree For Cat Owners

Image credits: jennthemermaid

#46 Fa La La La La – La La La Nope

Image credits: WildSquirtle

#47 I Think This Is My New Favorite Christmas Ornament

Image credits: Shutze_owner

#48 Toulouse’s First Christmas

Image credits: DelightfulUrethra

#49 Rare, Never Seen Before Photo Capturing Secret Plot To Overthrow Christmas Tree

Image credits: ryrogova

#50 Merry Christmas

Image credits: momoxoxo

#51 The Cat Got Catnip For Christmas, She’s So High

Image credits: JayTbo

#52 The Best Gift Under The Christmas Tree

Image credits: l3xadecimal

#53 My Cat Wants To Destroy Christmas Because She Is Perpetually Grumpy. She Doesn’t Feel Sorry Either

Image credits: nem_and_nem

#54 Anti-Jerk Christmas Tree. The First One To Survive The Entire Season

Image credits: colour_banditt

#55 Bear Is Ready For Christmas

Image credits: monsteraroots

#56 We Get Him All These Expensive Toys For Christmas, And All He Wants Is To Chill In An Amazon Bag

Image credits: praise2thehomie

#57 Eddie Wishes You A Merry Christmas

Image credits: CAMO_PEJB

#58 Hired My Cat To Put Up My Christmas Lights

Image credits: Neohexane

#59 Christmas Pictures Are Going Well

Image credits: tlin0804

#60 “I Hate Christmas”

Image credits: SyFish88

#61 Our Shameless Guiltless Adorable Cat After She Bit Through A Christmas Lights Cable And Stopped The Electricity In The Whole Apartment

Image credits: ellie1398

#62 And This Is Why We Have To Leave The Tree Unplugged

Image credits: eechrst

#63 Girlfriend’s Cat Has Never Seen Christmas Tree Before

Image credits: psychfan5

#64 After Wanting A Cat My Whole Life, I Took In This Little Guy And I Present You Oreo’s First Christmas

Image credits: tunaaa12

#65 Pumpkin Is Glad We Put Up A Christmas Tree For Him To Climb

Image credits: aroha93

#66 Rico’s First Christmas

Image credits: cobalt_lightning

#67 All Is Not Calm

Image credits: hmmokaywhat

#68 Obligatory Cat In Christmas Tree Photo, Also Yes All The Ornaments Have Already Been Batten Off

Image credits: puffingtonjr

#69 Christmouse Cake

Image credits: carolynarnoldNI

#70 He Enjoyed Picking Out A Christmas Tree

Image credits: aerofiki

#71 My Cat Likes To Attack Christmas Trees, But Hates Plastic Bags

Image credits: BarLord37

#72 Hospital Comfort/Service Dog Decked Out For Holidays

Image credits: Slow-moving-sloth

#73 An Issue For Cat Owners Over Christmas

Image credits: markmleach

#74 Pinky And Penny Getting Into The Christmas Spirit

Image credits: June_8182

#75 Last Xmas Luigi Was Living On The Streets In Kuwait, Now:

Image credits: jeriicco

#76 On The First Day Of Christmas My True Love Said To Me “The Dog Is Inside Our Tree”

Image credits: clarusdogcow

#77 My Cat Continues Her Assault In The War On Christmas

Image credits: mcmonopolist

#78 Tiabeanie Is Thoroughly Enjoying Her First Christmas

Image credits: faithmauk

#79 Helping Me Wrap Christmas Presents

Image credits: Frank_chevelle

#80 She Lives In The Tree Now

Image credits: Goodies90

#81 Every Time He Tries To Climb The Tree, We Make Him Put On A Christmas Outfit For 15 Minutes

Image credits: Hotroddeluxe86

#82 Tom’s 1st Christmas

Image credits: LittleMissKarma

#83 From A Friend Of Mine: “It’s Hour 17. I’ve Wrapped 4.5 Presents. Meanwhile, The Cats Have Reached A New Level Of Psychotic”

Image credits: Tweetystraw

#84 Margaret Killed Her Christmas Toy

Image credits: essieroxs

#85 Dennis And Peach Being Christmas Jerks Again

Image credits: ashostakovich

#86 Merry Christmas Mom. I Know It’s A Couple Weeks Early But I Thought I’d Help You Open Some Gifts

Image credits: shortlilcourt

#87 Apparently Being A Tripod Doesn’t Affect Christmas Tree Climbing

Image credits: WhatToDo_WhatToDo2

#88 O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree. Your Ornaments Are History

Image credits: mookiecantswim

#89 Merry Christmas

Image credits: hannakota

#90 I Present You: Our Christmas Card This Year

Image credits: Prosec_the_drag

#91 My Siblings Like To Send Cute Christmas Cards With Their Kids, So I Decided To Get One Of My Babies. Merry Christmas From Tasha And Kiara

Image credits: MarreMER

#92 Remember That Christmas Should Be A Day Of Solemn Reflection In A Santa Hat In Front Of Your Tree With A Very Sharp And Furry Lump Of Coal That Bites You Sometimes

Image credits: erockaflocka

#93 She’s Never Seen A Christmas Tree Before

Image credits: pupdates

#94 Bought My Dog Some Christmas Gifts & Hid Them In The Bedroom. She’s Been Here For The Past Hour. Sniffer 15/10

Image credits: vefields

#95 Put Out Some Christmas Décor Today

Image credits: captainottothecorgi

#96 My Tripod’s Holiday Photoshoot

Image credits: SkylerReese

#97 Vewy, Vewy Sneaky

Image credits: JustALizzyLife

#98 This Is My Best Friend’s Dog. I’ve Wanted To Steal Him Since He Was A Puppy, But She Won’t Let Me. I Told Her This Needed To Be Her Christmas Card

Image credits: moonchildsarah

#99 I Almost Forgot About The Yearly Tree Inspection

Image credits: notoolinthispool

#100 My First Ever Kitten And Her First Ever Christmas Tree

Image credits: viewerdoer

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