100 Times People Shamed The Most Annoying ‘Choosing Beggars’ They’ve Encountered Online (New Pics)

We’re all familiar with the saying that beggars can’t be choosers—if you desperately need or want something, then you should be willing to sit down and be humble. How often does that happen, though? Honestly? Not as often as it should. The world’s full of arrogant, privileged choosing beggars who think they’re royalty and throw a fit if someone can’t meet their unfair expectations.

The worst of the worst get shamed on r/ChoosingBeggars, a community of nearly 2.2 million people who call out people who are being way too picky when begging for things. If you’re ever in a situation where you’re unsure if what you’re doing is right or wrong, the ‘Choosing Beggars’ subreddit is your North Star on how not to behave.

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Have a look through some of the most popular recent posts about choosing beggars, upvote the ones that infuriated you the most, and let us know if you’ve ever dealt with similar people in your lives, dear Pandas. Got the patience to stomach some more pretentious and privileged individuals? Check out Bored Panda’s most recent posts about r/ChoosingBeggars right here, here, and here.

#1 My Dad’s A Photographer, This Is His Most Recent Client

Image credits: jonnymoon5

#2 Potential Client Doesn’t Think I Can Do Math Apparently

Image credits: cleaning-meaning

#3 A Problem In Every Industry

Image credits: Icy_Calligrapher7088

Many choosing beggars either want huge discounts for products that their hearts are set on or… they want things completely for free or exposure. Calling these people ‘cheap’ would do a disservice to just how impolite and demanding some of them truly are.

Rudeness and a false sense of entitlement are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to choosing beggars. You see, they think they’re special and that the entire world has to dance to their tune because… well… just because!

#4 How Ironic…

Image credits: roguesimian

#5 All These Teens Do Is Play Fortnite And Take Drugs! They Should Work For Me For Free!

Image credits: PamalaHallberg

#6 Asking The Author Of The Book Where They Can Pirate It (I’m Not The Author, And The Book Is Not Coming From A Big-Time Publisher)

Image credits: gxlxxxy

A representative of the London-based Freelancer Club explained to me in a previous interview about saying ‘no’ to unpaid work. The organization aims to put a stop to exploitative unpaid work and late payments in the freelance sector.

“We are working hard to change the culture around working for exposure, experience, prestige, and the promise of paid work in the future by educating new and aspiring freelancers. We highlight the impact it has on their career, show them how valuable they are, and work on their self-worth,” the representative told Bored Panda earlier. “On the company side, we show them how paying freelancers fairly is better for their bottom line as well as their long-term reputation. In addition, we are pressuring the government to change legislation that will provide more legal protection for freelancers who are clearly being exploited for their talent.”

#7 Let Me Not Ask For Permission To Have My Wedding Here (God’s Plan)

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Image credits: SpacemanSpaceLy

#8 Hey Can I Steal Your Art For 7 Bucks ?

Image credits: lotsofcheesepls

#9 Removing Plastic Drops $200 Off. Seems Legit

Image credits: snirmadar

Those people and companies that suggest to others that they should work for exposure instead of for money end up showing everyone how they view others and what they think they’re worth.

“Many see freelancers, particularly in the creative sector, as hobbyists and believe they can get away with ‘paying’ in exposure. They leverage their audience size, their brand name, or the allure of gaining recognition. This is why services in exchange for exposure is commonplace in glamourous sectors such as fashion, music, and film,” the rep from the Freelancer Club said.

#10 This Happened To My Mother Today. She (Out Of The Goodness Of Her Heart) Offered Our House To An Acquaintance Of Hers So He Could Make A Short Film. The Man Went Overboard And Asked Us To Give Him Access To The Whole House (And Basically Move Out) For A Week

Image credits: poplitte2

#11 Instagram Model Asks For Private Booth, 10 Free Guests And Bottle Service In Exchange For One Social Media Post

Image credits: westcoastcdn19

#12 This Was On One Of My Mom Pages, I Couldn’t Believe It Was Local And That These Kind Of People Actually Exist, It Makes Me Sick To Think About

Image credits: AwkoTaco76

“From a freelancer point of view, they are often told that working for exposure is a rite of passage or an essential part of building a portfolio by their teachers, college professors, and peers. This has created a culture of exploitation that we must address at both ends. At Freelancer Club, we take a hardline and suggest freelancers say ‘no.’ The issue is that some ‘freelancers’ are individuals with a passion who will freely give their work away for exposure whilst professionals rely on payment to survive. This muddies the water.”

#13 Actual Quote From An Influencer Who Wanted Me To Address 250 Wedding Invites And Save The Date Cards. If It’s “Just Writing” Surely You Can Do It Yourself

Image credits: MyOwnGuitarHero

#14 The Cheek Of Some People….

Image credits: alipooley

#15 Stranger Wants A Custom Order For Her Wedding, As A Gift

Image credits: Leviathan41911

#16 How Are My Kids Supposed To Live Without Juice?!

Image credits: SnooDucks9912

#17 Guys, She Might Cry

Image credits: TehSpaceGiraffe

#18 I’ve Officially Dropped Out Of The Bridal Party. I’m A Size 12 With No Plans On Dropping To A Size 8 By December

Image credits: junebugg85

#19 Male Seeking New Housemates For Free But Makes It Up With ‘Fun Cool Vibes’

Image credits: Embarrassed-Shine-60

#20 My Mom Has A Little Free Library In Her Yard. Someone Left Her This Note The Other Day With A Crossed Out Smiley Face

Image credits: freezethawcycle

#21 Math Is Difficult For Choosing Beggars

Image credits: TheBreakUp2013

#22 This Is Not From Me But @furfoxsakesuits On Twitter

Image credits: Wolfgamezz_10

#23 This Gem From 2018 | Severely Lowballing A Wedding Caterer

Image credits: macmoosie

#24 “Exposure Doesn’t Pay The Bills, My Guy”

Image credits: willieyobslayer

#25 How Many Likes For Free Shoes?

Image credits: -_-n

#26 Owner Of Three Restaurants In The Suburbs Of Chicago Asks His Customers To Pay His Wait Staff A Better Wage

Image credits: BigQfan

#27 Op Is Nta At All

Image credits: lnfIation

#28 Got A Random Text Today. Haters Gonna Hate

Image credits: MomofEmma

#29 Cb Got An iPhone 11 Pro Max Instead Of An iPhone 12

Image credits: ekerkstra92

#30 Woman Gets Trolled After She Gets Too Choosy

Image credits: evensiec

#31 My Favorite City To Visit Due By

Image credits: EddieC1088

#32 Broke Boy

Image credits: Less-Bite

#33 Looks Like My Artist Has Had Enough

Image credits: ryanaungs

#34 “Large Testicles, You Have” – Yoda

Image credits: bortulisms

#35 Local BBQ Place With Free Beer Calls Out Specific Yelper For Being A Cb. Love The Food And The Attitude At This Place

Image credits: schumerqwewer3423

#36 A Person Asked Me How Much I Charge For My Services Then Is In Shock When I Asked For Actual Money

Image credits: weeuboo

#37 Everyday Troubles Of Freelancers

Image credits: CarbonatedInsidious

#38 This Choosing Entitled Parent Wantz Zoo Staff To W*nk Of An Elephant.. An Actual Elephant!… So Her Child Doesn’t Ask Questions

Image credits: targetsbots

#39 This Is Not A Babysitting Job

Image credits: westcoastcdn19

#40 Oh The Hypocrisy

Image credits: Ghost-George

#41 Influencer Asks For Free Meals In Exchange For Reviews And Exposure, Gets Called Out By Restaurant

Image credits: westcoastcdn19

#42 Cb On A Q&a Sesh From A Skate Label I Work With On Instagram

Image credits: m0c0

#43 This Guy Has Had It With Cbs

Image credits: cozyuppp

#44 I’ll Buy Your Computer If You Buy Me A Graphics Card….

Image credits: sunsepterpoe

#45 Always Wanted To Use This Joke Irl. After An Hour Of Aimless Questions Without Any Contract Offered, I Decided That This Day Had Come

Image credits: chapkovski

#46 Giving Your Church A One Star Review For Giving You A Free Turkey

Image credits: nickfone

#47 Went On A Few Dates With This Girl Where I Picked This Girl Up Every Time And I Paid For Everything (Including Zoo Tickets And A High End Restaurant). She Was Upset I Asked Her To Pay For A Sandwich On The Third Date

Image credits: expert-amateur

#48 Anything Else To Add Onto The List?

Image credits: bzdoidbtce

#49 Wh*ring Your Wife Out For A Discount

Image credits: morphey83

#50 Choosing Beggar Wants A Free Holiday, Emphasis On Completely Free

Image credits: Stirling_Calvert

#51 Granny’s Dying Wish…

Image credits: philrobo

#52 Kindly Refrain From Upstaging The Bride On Her Big Day — Oh, And No Admission Without A Gift Of $75 Or More

Image credits: mariusionicajr

#53 Oh Yes, I Just Became A Medical Doctor, Now I Want To Go Intern For $7.25 An Hour

Image credits: LargeSackOfNuts

#54 How Much Cheaper Does It Get?

Image credits: a0e0l

#55 Wanted: Live In Slave

Image credits: BubbaMonsterOP

#56 9 Years Of Experience Preferred For A “Low Paying But Rewarding Career”

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#57 You Want A Contract Before You Begin Work? Stop Trying To Scam Us!

Image credits: nitiddesigns

#58 Ah Yes, $150 A Week For A Job With Full Time Hours

Image credits: Crit-ter

#59 That’s Not It, They Had More Demands…

Image credits: Moxhoney411

#60 Cbs Push A Man Too Far

Image credits: InkPrison

#61 Trying To Sell A Bass. The Guy Poorly Hits On Me Repeating, Then Offers Less That A Fifth Of The Price

Image credits: queenofdastupids

#62 The Audacity Of Some People

Image credits: AdditionalMaterial10

#63 Choosing Beggar Is Mad About The Lack Of Yard Sales

Image credits: camarorachel

#64 Imagine….

Image credits: minigal83

#65 Sister Was Commissioned For Unpaid Pet Sitting With Crazy Rules

Image credits: redditdiedin2013

#66 Investment Banks Paying With Exposure

Image credits: WashedupMeatball

#67 Mad Billionaires Go To Space And No One Will Give Him A Dollar

Image credits: RestaurantWrong8970

#68 And All This Time, I Thought It Was My Lack Of Practice Keeping Me From Being An Artist!

Image credits: lbarnett83

#69 A Teacher Complains That The 99p Freemium Upgrade For An App Is Unaffordable

Image credits: bobbiecowman

#70 Sister Wants To Squat In Op’s Spare Room But Demands That She Stop Practicing Violin That She Plays For Her Job

Image credits: fantasyvoice

#71 Wait, Astrology As A Tattoo Is Off Putting? You’re On Their Onlyfans, Bud

Image credits: Skye_hai_bai

#72 I Need Friends But Only Young Females That “Tease Me”. Disgusting

Image credits: flatlyPostpose71

#73 Woman Tries To Find Flaws In A Free Mattress

Image credits: am-ham

#74 Pin It Idiot

Image credits: Langsynedeprive946

#75 Manager Is Disappointed None Of The Talented Job Interviewees Have Sent A Thank You Email For The Interview

Image credits: ExitTheDonut

#76 She Wants A Man With A Six-Figure Salary Who Will Also Do All The Cooking And Cleaning. Also She’s A Single Mom Who Hates Men

Image credits: make_reddit_great

#77 Gotta Love Employers

Image credits: Raiser_SG

#78 Nhs Doctor Asking For Free Food

Image credits: cupandhandle

#79 Could I Please Have A Free Mac?

Image credits: JulianHivemind

#80 Professional Musician Calls Local Festival On The Carpet

Image credits: whole_nother

#81 Someone Has Dealt With A Lot Of Choosing Beggars

Image credits: preneelLfhgfh4567

#82 Choosing Boomer vs. Millennial Round 1

Image credits: wvv20600

#83 Excited, But Disappointed, To Find This In The Wild

Image credits: sp00kytatert0t

#84 I Haven’t Done A Giveaway On My Twitter In About 3 Months. Received This Dm This Morning

Image credits: JaayyyP

#85 Can You Get A Gift For Me And My Mom For Mother’s Day? Also Can You Give Us Gift Cards And A Car? Thanks!

Image credits: WackityQuackity

#86 She Wanted To Take Her 2 Year Old Daughter To A Marilyn Manson Concert

Image credits: gethysiu

#87 “I Don’t Want These 10 Games For Absolutely Free! They’re Recycled!”

Image credits: saloomka305

#88 Who Wants To Spend Hours Fixing An “Unfixable Car” Without Pay?

Image credits: Designer-Stranger155

#89 Disgusting Honestly

Image credits: J3ttf

#90 Beggar Harasses Very Talented Cosplay Prop Maker

Image credits: DoppioWithinMe

#91 My Friend Selling Some Goats Has To Keep Editing The Post Because Of Choosey Beggars

Image credits: cultofwerewolves

#92 I Did Get My Asking Price ($75) From Someone Else

Image credits: SWTmemes

#93 I’m A Wedding Photographer Too, So I Get To Rip You Off!

Image credits: _Potato_Cat_

#94 Andy Dick Wants To Eat Your Food, Borrow Your Bike, And Stay In Your Hotel

Image credits: ButtDialNotBootyCall

#95 Guy Gets Mad When I Refuse To Give A Random Stranger My Clash Of Clans Account

Image credits: Bren12310

#96 Self Proclaimed ‘Up And Coming’ Rapper Wants My Friend To Model In A Music Video For Free

Image credits: Abu8055

#97 Cousin Who Has Owed Me $7k For Over 2 Years Suggests I Work As His Real Estate Agent To Get Paid Back

Image credits: sara8A

#98 What Are You Waiting For? Apply Now!

Image credits: convsdude99

#99 Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’ Wants Unpaid Photographer For Five Weddings

Image credits: arp242

#100 She Wants $30 For Spending $33 With Us

Image credits: A_Screaming_Hamster

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