100 Times People Won At Decorating For Christmas (New Pics)

Santa, tell me if you’re really there. Don’t make me fall in love again if he won’t be here next year! 

The Christmas songs are in full swing now as we approach the most beautiful holiday of the year. Some see their family, others see their friends, but all of us are here to see the oodles of fairy lights decorating each nook and cranny of homes and businesses alike. There’s nothing quite like it; as though a bunch of stars have fallen to Earth and blessed us with their presence. 

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Thanks to this subreddit, quite nicely called r/christmas, we get the chance to see all the creative ways people decided to decorate their homes, as well as their towns. It’s gorgeous, it’s cozy, and I want to be a cat living in most of these places. Maybe in the next life… 

Don’t forget to upvote your favorites, and tell us in the comments how you’ll be celebrating this year, whether you celebrate at all, and if you’re decorating in any special way or not. If by the end of this you’re still craving more holiday inspiration, here’s another Bored Panda list to keep you going. Now let’s get into it! 

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#1 The Bookshelf Village Is Up! Merry Christmas

Image credits: courtnej22

A tree. A garland. Some baubles. You’re essentially done. That’s the bare minimum that anyone needs to decorate for Christmas to make it obvious what holiday they’re celebrating. But then people decide to add stockings, 5M fairy lights, as well as the cutest little bits of cutlery and crockery anyone could have imagined existing. 

The members of the subreddit community r/christmas have been very busy this year. Many of them shared their works of art online, and today we are privileged to have some of the most incredible ones present on this list. But how did we ever come up with such novel ways of decorating, such as a garland of light-up multicolored bulbs? 

#2 My First Attempt At Decorating 12′ Skelly

Image credits: The_CoasterDude

#3 My Lights In The Snow

Image credits: Drosera3500

This custom goes way back to when Christmas trees were first decorated using simple candlelight, but now the use of string lights goes far beyond festivities, as it’s an easy way to bring an aura of coziness to any environment. 

But it goes even deeper than that. According to Olivia Hannigan, a writer at The Knight Crier, the combinations of lights and colors all packed into one area puts the brain on an emotional overload, leading people to feel more fulfilled or comforted. 

#4 My Cat Has The Best Seat In The House

Image credits: Xilona

#5 Christmas Postbox Hat

Image credits: Vented55

#6 Colorful Christmas

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: jackdmarch

A study of the health benefits of light showed that playing with light stimuli can “induce specific emotions, behaviors and mood” and can be a “source of aesthetic pleasure or environmental enjoyment” because of how light engages with “electrical brain activity, influencing the neurotransmitters.” Lights go flicker flicker and my brain is like ‘whoa, that’s just like me!’

But all these lights come at a cost. Also, some of these designs that we see here are a little difficult to replicate easily. Not only do they require space, but also the know-how to make it all come together in a cohesive way. Also, the cost of living crisis that’s been affecting more and more households isn’t helping one bit. Thankfully, one doesn’t need to sell their left foot in order to make their home more festive!

#7 My Mom Passed Away Suddenly On December 4th. She Gave Me Our Christmas Village In July. We Haven’t Set It Up In Almost 25 Years. I Wish She Could See It One More Time

Image credits: Darkest_Hour55

#8 We Let Our Son Pick Out A New Tree Topper This Year. How’d He Do?

Image credits: justan0therjeff

#9 I Don’t Have That Biggest Apartment But I Always Make Enough Room For Christmas

Image credits: is0a0man

With a little crafting and a whole lot of imagination, anything is possible. Holly Walsh, a content editor at Ideal Home, has put together a list of some of the most approachable and beginner-friendly projects to spice up your home, and we’re not just talking about cinnamon sticks!

Hang some handmade stars. Arrange lengths of wooden dowel into star shapes, wrap the ends together with florist wire, and then add beads, glitter, or faux berries for a little more pizzazz. Jazz up some jam jars by gluing glitter onto them and placing candles inside them. Create an easy bauble chandelier with the help of hula hoops, baubles, and gift wrap! 

#10 This Neighborhood Is Lit

Image credits: burtsbrisplease

#11 Merry Christmas! From Our Ambulance To Yours

Image credits: Headass-37

#12 This South Park Woodland Critters Christmas Decoration Can’t Be Beat

Image credits: thegallowboob

Honestly, the trick here is to use what’s available to you. Paint some newspapers in festive colors, fold them into fan shapes, and glue them together to make paper baubles. Furthermore, you can cut out custom snowflakes and hang them all throughout the house for a snowy look. Bake gingerbread or shortcake biscuits in heart or star shapes and decorate them with white icing to make the dinner table look nice. 

If this is all too complex or time-consuming for you, then just invest in tons of cheap baubles and fairy lights and that’ll be more than enough. The fact of the matter is that no matter how your home looks this Christmas, it’s the heart that counts. 

#13 He’s Imperfectly Perfect! A True Misfit! (Bumble On The 12 Ft Home Depot Skeleton)

Image credits: beckerink

#14 Have Long Wanted To Bring Some Red To The Festive Table

Image credits: galja_home2

#15 New Village Set Up This Year

Image credits: cody3point0

Same goes for Christmas gifts. If things are a bit too complex finance-wise, then maybe some shared experiences could be all the more interesting. Going for a special walk, baking cookies together, cooking a festive meal, or even watching a movie together with a bottle of wine and good vibes could be enough. 

You make Christmas special, not some gift! So I very much hope that this holiday season brings you nothing but joy, dear Pandas! Don’t fret about a thing, just enjoy these fantastic bits of holiday cheer. Upvote your favorites, leave some comments below, and I shall see you all in the next one!

#16 My House During The Best Time Of The Year

Image credits: falkor_99

#17 The Town I Work In Has Crocheted Mice In Baubles On Post Boxes For Christmas

Image credits: 6to8design

#18 My Ultimately Magical Christmas Tablescape

Image credits: andthentheywentwild

#19 Gingerbread House Does It Again

Image credits: Burke1T

#20 Christmas Decorations I Found In New York Street. I Liked The Vibes A Lot

Image credits: magigeez

#21 My House In Salisbury, NC Decorated For Christmas

Image credits: tfvdw2at

#22 Jellyfish

Image credits: PeachEleven11

#23 I Can’t Get Over How Cozy And Festive Our Fireplace Looks

Image credits: hollie_at_home

#24 Walking Around The Neighborhood

Image credits: lounjay

#25 First Time Using Colored Lights

Image credits: princesssparkle-

#26 Christmas Doorstep

Image credits: kjp

#27 It’s Not The Fanciest Place, But I Think It’s Pretty Cozy At Christmas

Image credits: reddit.com

#28 Christmas Decorations

Image credits: le_reve_de_noel

#29 This Christmas Light Display That Looks Like A Candy Tree

Image credits: RedBeardx86

#30 I Present You My Porch Dressed For Christmas

Image credits: housepitalitydesigns

#31 I Turn The Lights On Before Going To Work So I Can Come Home To The Glow

Image credits: nkolenic

#32 A Tree Blew Over On Our House A Few Weeks Ago. Before It Gets Fixed, We Incorporated It Into Our Christmas Decorations

Image credits: rhinocerosjockey

#33 And So It Begins! Can’t Wait To Decorate The Rest Of The House

Image credits: sweetverity

#34 My Parents Decorated Their Mini Pub

Image credits: HPBitchCraft

#35 One Way To Decorate Your Fireplace

Image credits: homestylemaguk

#36 Santa To Some. Krampus To Others

Image credits: DinosaurDracula

#37 Merry Christmas From Calvin And Hobbes

Image credits: Calvinn_Hobbes

#38 My Grinch House

Image credits: Rob Marsh

#39 This Year’s Lights

Image credits: davids163

#40 We Have Spent This Very Wet And Windy Day Completing This Beautiful Doorway

Image credits: atouchofkent

#41 Having A House And The Money To Put Up The Lights Were Always My 2 Childhood Wishes. They Came True This Year

Image credits: Ancient-Egg-3283

#42 Have An Atmospheric Christmas

Image credits: anniblomqvis

#43 Christmas Dinner Table

Image credits: Whiskeyflavourcigar

#44 Merry Christmas From My Front Porch

Image credits: mclericu

#45 Our Realtor Gave Us A Christmas Ornament Of Our New House

Image credits: lrnrae

#46 Merry And Bright

Image credits: phillydoorways

#47 The Lunar Eclipse And An Early Christmas

Image credits: ChartFrogs

#48 Bought One Of Those Spinning Glitter Lanterns

Image credits: nathantravis2377

#49 Christmas Village Almost Done

Image credits: omatticus254

#50 Built My Wife A Snowman Out Of Her Presents

Image credits: meh35m

#51 The Set Up Gets A Little Bigger Every Year

Image credits: Wife4life112210

#52 I Had To Grind For This View

Image credits: is0a0man

#53 My Dad’s Flying Christmas Lights

Image credits: littlegreenbabies

#54 I Have Always Wanted To Go Big

Image credits: jiggsandrhett

#55 This Hat They Put On The T-Rex At My University During The Holidays

Image credits: sh221bbkr

#56 Rediscover Inner Beauty With Kaleidoscopic Christmas Tree Decorations

Image credits: ompsyram

#57 The Township I Work For Had A Desk Decorating Contest. This Is My Entry. I Hope I Win

Image credits: roznizzle

#58 Unexpected Snow Made My Yard Look Magical

Image credits: YarrnPirate

#59 I Love Decorating For Christmas

Image credits: Designer-Flower-806

#60 This Building Lit Up To Look Like A Christmas Tree

Image credits: C0l0n3l_Panic

#61 My Dad’s Christmas Corner

Image credits: armmstrong

#62 Our Christmas Vibes

Image credits: Grant-Steil544

#63 My Christmas Decorations

Image credits: Denny_Cooper

#64 Somebody Decked Out Their VW In A Christmas Theme

Image credits: iC0nk3r

#65 This House Near Me Is Christmas Decorating Goals

Image credits: littleghool

#66 One Of Our Neighbors Has An 11ft Inflatable Christmas Dinosaur In Their Front Yard

Image credits: Orbofoblivion

#67 Merry Christmas

Image credits: reddit.com

#68 Wanted To Show My 2nd Place Winning Front Door Decorations

Image credits: sammygirl613

#69 Just Starting To Get Our Decorations Up

Image credits: rockchick1982

#70 Pancakes Baked, Dumplings Made, Gifts Packed Finally You Can Lie Down And Drink Hot Chocolate

Image credits: missmichalinka

#71 Started Decorating. Still, A Lot To Do

Image credits: MuscleHour479

#72 New Gold Tree And My View From The Den

Image credits: jgeebaby

#73 I Refuse To Put Away My Halloween Yoga Skeletons, So They Get To Celebrate Every Holiday. Here They Are In Christmas “Snow”

Image credits: eyebrowshampoo

#74 24ft Shark, My Only Christmas Decoration In My Yard This Year

Image credits: humiamca

#75 Sandworm Beetlejuice Christmas Decorations

Image credits: Infamousduane

#76 Take That Christmas Red And Replace It With Black. It’s Stunning

Image credits: sirohandivy

#77 My Hallmark Star Wars Wreath

Image credits: Orange-Turtle-Power

#78 I Put These Santa Boots Together But I’m Not Sure How I’m Feeling About Them. What Do You All Think?

Image credits: Catfishinthedark

#79 Wreath Has Been Hanging There For 3 Years

Image credits: Far-Type2188

#80 Last Year’s Christmas

Image credits: Just_another_problem

#81 Someone Decorated Their Giant Skeleton For Christmas

Image credits: TheGomeeez

#82 Christmas Decorations (Florida Style) At Jax Airport

Image credits: sinesquaredtheta

#83 Each Year It Gets Better And Better. Going On Year 5

Image credits: dnekrash

#84 House Decorations Are Up. Now All It Needs Is A Blanket Of Snow

Image credits: very_ok

#85 Christmas Lights In Our Neighborhood

Image credits: i_think_therefore_i_

#86 And The Outdoor Decorations Are Complete

Image credits: hollie_at_home

#87 This Year’s Christmas Dinner Tablescape – Love How It Turned Out

Image credits: themarinaki

#88 Finally Able To Start Putting Lights Up. Hopefully Will Be Done In A Few Days

Image credits: TammyKCH88

#89 A Bit Early, But Christmas Decor Is Up

Image credits: Sportabout

#90 This Bush Has A Christmas Hat On

Image credits: bumbfire

#91 Another Street, Another Occasion To See Christmas Lights Decorations

Image credits: cath_sakh_rani_marte_ling

#92 Coworker’s Last Day – He Loves Christmas

Image credits: CuteNarwhall

#93 Christmas In Barcelona

Image credits: msbsurferdude

#94 First Time Attempting This. How Did I Do?

Image credits: LaCroixBoi_22

#95 My Friend’s Mom Turned Her Terrifying Halloween Decorations Into Terrifying Christmas Decorations

Image credits: bunzarelli

#96 Some People Don’t Consider This A Christmas Decoration

Image credits: gojiratheking

#97 My Neighbors’ Decorations

Image credits: HummusHumper

#98 This Looks Magical

Image credits: alisa_canu

#99 Finally Got My Cupboards Wrapped. Running Way Behind This Year

Image credits: Bawb_Danger

#100 My Wife Did An Amazing Job

Image credits: pbake01

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