101 Beloved Actors Who “Understood The Assignment” And Wowed Their Fans With How Versatile They Are

Being a good actor is much more than having the face of a Greek god, an athletic body, and an amazing fashion sense (though having these can’t hurt!). What’s also important for an actor is their range, how they’re able to adapt to new roles and embody wildly different characters.

The folks over on Twitter have been busy praising their favorite actors who definitely “understood the assignment” and wowed their fans in a multitude of different roles. From Leonardo DiCaprio (hi, Leo, we love you!) to my personal favorite Mandalorian, Pedro Pascal, these stars are getting the adoration and attention they deserve. Bored Panda has collected some of the most spot-on tweets, so scroll down to see who Twitter loves best, upvote the tweets that you agree with, and let us know which actor has totally “understood the assignment” better than everyone else in your personal opinion.

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I had a chat with celebrity and pop-culture expert Mike Sington, who has worked together with countless actors, about what makes people adore a star (hint: it might not be their acting skills!) and the relationship between experience and adaptability on-screen is. Have a peek down below for Bored Panda’s interview with Mike.

#1 Robin Williams

Image credits: TortugaHoe

#2 Helena Bonham Carter

Image credits: eyysalii

#3 Stanley Tucci

Image credits: balladofsongs

Hollywood’s Ultimate Insider, Mike from LA, told Bored Panda that when it comes to being a beloved actor, a real icon of the silver screen, acting skills alone won’t cut it. “Likeability is more important than acting skills. You become a beloved actor if you, as an audience member, wants to hang out with you. No matter how good an actor’s skills are, if they seem like a miserable person, they will never be beloved,” the expert said. So it’s not just their ususal repertoire of acting skills that stars have to hone; it’s their talent with people that counts a whole lot (maybe even more), too.

#4 Heath Ledger

Image credits: LEDGERING

#5 Kathy Bates

Image credits: spinsewz

#6 Gary Oldman

Image credits: TheBoyWhoWrote

Having worked with so many actors during the length and breadth of his career, Mike has gotten to know them very well. One thing that he’s learned is that the ability to act well, in his opinion, is something you’re born with. “I firmly believe acting is an innate talent. Actors can of course increase their range with more experience, but some of the finest actors can be completely new on the scene, and often have never even taken any classes,” he said.

As for Mike’s favorite actor, he couldn’t pick just one. “I have two favorite actors of all time: Meryl Streep and Sidney Poitier. I find both their bodies of work breathtaking.”

#7 Meryl Streep

Image credits: aliyu_zaza

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#8 Margot Robbie

Image credits: badpostmargots

#9 Chadwick Boseman

Image credits: endofthaday

While some would argue that Keanu Reeves (my fave actor) plays pretty much just himself in every single movie, I’d say that he’s my top pick for somebody who 100% understood the assignment. I love his acting and I secretly hope that so do you, dear Pandas. What did you think of Keanu’s performance in the latest John Wick installment and the new SpongeBob SquarePants movie?

#10 Rachel Mcadams

Image credits: wIwsfilm

#11 Brendan Fraser

Image credits: fabulousdnell

#12 Jim Carrey

Image credits: danielbutler33

During an earlier interview, I spoke with Hollywood’s Ultimate Insider, Mike, about casting and what additional advice he’d give actors. Mike shared his opinion that while raw acting talent is important, so is the “ability to bring the character to life, fulfilling the vision of the director and writer.”

#13 Leonardo Dicaprio

Image credits: MovieConnoisse

#14 Viola Davis

Image credits: julianagalbizo

#15 Winona Ryder

Image credits: byersskata

There’s also the indescribable ‘it factor,’ making the character jump off the screen, that casting directors are always on the lookout for. However, when directors look for whom to cast, they also have to take into account how each new addition will fit in with the entire crew.

#16 Tom Hardy

Image credits: suhlebrity

#17 Anne Hathaway

Image credits: zoeristoff

#18 Johnny Depp

Image credits: xcv_arius

“Also taken into consideration are experience and chemistry with other actors auditioning for the project. An actor needs to have an overall pleasant personality too, and seem like they would be easy to work with on the set,” Mike shared. “No matter how good they are, no one wants to hire a ‘difficult’ actor!”

#19 Anya Taylor Joy

Image credits: Iebsianss

#20 Pedro Pascal

Image credits: cgarci_

#21 Chris Evans

Image credits: blazedsteeb

When it comes to established names, getting a role in a movie is fairly easy. Experience counts for a lot in Hollywood. However, newbies have it pretty tough and often don’t have the luxury of choice: they stick with what they’re given.

“Inexperienced actors have very little say or flexibility in negotiating a different role than the one they are being considered for. There are so many actors being considered for any one particular role, if an actor wants to work, it’s best if they are new and don’t have the clout, to just go with what they’re offered gratefully,” Mike said.

#22 Eddie Murphy

Image credits: cialwayssmiling

#23 Natalie Portman

Image credits: ephhemere

#24 Tom Hiddleston

Image credits: hiddlesnape

The celebrity expert said that if a fresh new actor wants to try a different role than the one they’re offered, they should start off by voicing their concerns to their agent. That way, they’ll be represented while also avoiding any slip-ups when talking directly with the casting director.

“If an inexperienced actor feels strongly they’d be more suitable for another role, that’s a conversation to have with your agent, who can then possibly approach the casting director depending upon their relationship.”

#25 Emma Thompson

Image credits: LESBWlAN

#26 Jennifer Lawrence

Image credits: venicegaga

#27 Brittany Murphy

Image credits: NINETIESRNB

However, no matter how popular you might be, an actor is never rid of that horrible feeling of being rejected… at least sometimes. “An actor has to constantly face rejection, but to be successful, you just have to realize that’s part of the process,” Mike told Bored Panda, suggesting that actors “shrug it off” and then move on to the next audition.

#28 Jensen Ackles

Image credits: gogethemcowboy

#29 James Mcavoy

Image credits: AyoItz_Carlitos

#30 Will Smith

Image credits: justnonso_

“I always tell actors, much of the audition process is out of your control, and you may never even know why you didn’t get the part. Maybe the casting director passed because you remind them of their cousin they can’t stand. Or the director stepped in and said ‘no’ because they want to work with someone they’re familiar with. It may have absolutely nothing to do with the actor’s talent at all.”

#31 Sarah Paulson

Image credits: heavenly_rabbi

#32 Anne Hathaway

Image credits: Humairah_Khn

#33 Keira Knightley

Image credits: jacquemoos

#34 Nicki Minaj

Image credits: diegheaux

#35 Jonathan Groff

Image credits: STYLESTHETlC

#36 Jared Padalecki

Image credits: gogethemcowboy

#37 Jake Gyllenhaal

Image credits: mm0nterrosa

#38 Samuel L. Jackson

Image credits: KingTurtle__

#39 Evan Peters

Image credits: _mi11ie

#40 Denzel Washington

Image credits: williscj_

#41 Daniel Kaluuya

Image credits: VHSDAVIDSON

#42 Robert Pattinson

Image credits: graveyardwitch_

#43 Ben Barnes

Image credits: darklingsaint

#44 Chloe X Halle

Image credits: BUSYBROOK

#45 Misha Collins

Image credits: caswashotgun

#46 Julia Roberts

Image credits: diorsgirlie

#47 Millie Bobby Brown

Image credits: bemyreIiever

#48 Bill Hader

Image credits: stefonhader

#49 Jamie Lee Curtis

Image credits: juicycouthorror

#50 Tim Curry

Image credits: emjoselix

#51 Danny Devito

Image credits: derivativeindie

#52 Jessica Lange

Image credits: dixiedemalio

#53 Matthew Mcconaughey

Image credits: m7mmd_mub

#54 Amanda Seyfried

Image credits: netterzodell

#55 Josh Hutcherson

Image credits: persabth

#56 Amy Adams

Image credits: alisalem147

#57 Sandra Bullock

Image credits: BishopAbie

#58 Machine Gun Kelly

Image credits: ticketstocolson

#59 Al Pacino

Image credits: bestofpacino

#60 River Phoenix

Image credits: phoenixsgallery

#61 Katie Mcgrath

Image credits: sapphiccorp

#62 Colin Firth

Image credits: ineffablepotter

#63 Robert De Niro

Image credits: gavinrodk

#64 Krysten Ritter

Image credits: jonesdefenders

#65 Giancarlo Esposito

Image credits: blex_media

#66 Bryan Cranston

Image credits: ItzEliInit

#67 Jurnee Smollett

Image credits: QueenTheysaid

#68 Will Ferrell

Image credits: sruffridge2

#69 Angelina Jolie

Image credits: kayinterrupted

#70 Zendaya

Image credits: Z0YALA1

#71 Emma Roberts

Image credits: bloodlinewhore

#72 Charlie Hunnam

Image credits: sssickboyyy

#73 Rowan Atkinson

Image credits: zaydtilly

#74 Linda Cardellini

Image credits: theguardicns

#75 Yelena Belova

Image credits: widowpugh

#76 Taraji P. Henson

Image credits: quanjawn

#77 Dylan O’brien

Image credits: denisha_meows

#78 Kathryn Hahn

Image credits: babsmaitIand

#79 Lady Gaga

Image credits: LMonsterReacts

#80 Alycia Debnam Carey

Image credits: lilylovesmurphy

#81 Adam Sandler

Image credits: jordanpierson__

#82 Selena Gomez

Image credits: selsupreme

#83 Hailee Steinfeld

Image credits: backtoselenx

#84 Henry Cavill

Image credits: adoringhcavill

#85 Jurnee Smollett

Image credits: harlsrobb1e

#86 Mariah Carey

Image credits: 1998Riah

#87 Leighton Meester

Image credits: bIairswaldofs

#88 Lindsay Lohan

Image credits: notlunag

#89 Whitney Houston

Image credits: Guccigulwhore

#90 Sarah Michelle Gellar

Image credits: TheeRicardo_

#91 Emma Corrin

Image credits: bestofcorrin

#92 Diego Luna

Image credits: diegolunafiles

#93 Beyoncé

Image credits: danniboy__

#94 Darren Criss

Image credits: CANYONOTB

#95 Amanda Bynes

Image credits: _houseknecht_j

#96 Megan Fox

Image credits: pixiething

#97 Rita Farr

Image credits: UpdatesPatrol

#98 Felicity Jones

Image credits: jyndjarin

#99 Emmy Rossum

Image credits: mickeymilfovich

#100 Mike Myers

Image credits: clairelgolder

#101 Kanye West

Image credits: wowthatshiphop

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