101 Most Wholesome Rescue Pet Photos Of The Month (December Edition)

Is there anything more heartwarming than a story about a neglected pet that’s been given a forever home? We don’t think so, and as you probably have already guessed, it’s time for Bored Panda’s monthly post of some of the most adorable rescue animal pictures.

Reddit users are sharing images of their newly adopted furry friends and they are so cute, we just can’t seem to stop smiling. From tiny newborn kitties to long-sitting shelter dogs, these little critters were saved from the hardship of living on the streets and are leading a full and happy life.

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If you wish to end this year on a more wholesome note, continue scrolling! And if you’re in the mood for some more cute animal pics, check out our earlier posts celebrating rescued pets and their rescuers here: November, October, September.

#1 This Little Baby (Cider) Was Finally Adopted From The Humane Society Of Marshall County!

Image credits: Mocking_jai

#2 Newly Adopted Big Boy Doesn’t Know What Personal Space Is

Image credits: hopelessromanticL

#3 Took Me 2 Years To Convince My Wife To Adopt A Cat. I’m Officially Displaced

Image credits: aktivate74

#4 Parents Adopted A New Pup. Meet Lucy

Image credits: gingy_ninjy

#5 Little Floofy Boy I Rescued From A Bad Home Situation. Meet Jack!

Image credits: Just_Kellie

#6 My New Rescue Hamster Cheddar

Image credits: OhthePinksanity

#7 So It Seems We Are Adopting Another Cat. What Should We Name Her?

Image credits: reinadeluniverso

#8 I Just Adopted My First Cat! Everyone, Please Say Hello To “Nick Fury”, Or “Fury” For Short! He’s Had A Rough Little Life On The Street, But Now He Has A Nice Warm Home!

Image credits: mc_donkey

#9 Shirt Warmer. He’s Just Sooo Happy To Be Adopted Still!

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Image credits: snowbizzel

#10 Adopted This Old Man Off The Streets And He’s Now Taken Over The Entire House.

Image credits: SnooSquirrels6206

#11 My Parents Decided To Adopt A Family Member Today!

Image credits: OutcastKatarn02

#12 Recently Adopted Two Kittens-This Guy Has The Longest Ear Furnishings I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: Parm_it_all

#13 My Brother’s New Adopted Kitten. She Has Ocean Eyes And So Much Floof!

Image credits: ninawonders

#14 Me And Sleepy Boi. He Wouldn’t Come Near Me When I Adopted Him! Now Every Night He Sneaks Into My Blankie And Sleeps With Me

Image credits: kittykatkaju

#15 Just Adopted This Two Fellas, Gino And Chester (Main Coons)

Image credits: h0rus27

#16 Adopted A Toothless 14 Year Old. She Spent 4 Years In The Shelter Waiting For Me To Find Her. I’ve Named Her “Belle” For Her Nose

Image credits: theOGpoorsquirrel

#17 Her Face When She Found Out She Was Getting Adopted (By Me!!)

Image credits: the-dogtor-is-in

#18 Just Adopted This Little Man. He Only Has One Eye. Anybody Got Some Name Ideas?

Image credits: TheScrafty

#19 Just Adopted Yesterday, This Is 4am, Clover Was Crying Because She Was Lonely. It Will Be A Tired Day But Thats Ok. Worth A Couple Of Yawns

Image credits: SmalltimeDog

#20 List Of Things I Didn’t Expect To Do Today. 1. Adopt A Kitten

Image credits: B_Bibbles

#21 Just Adopted This Sweet Boy. What Do We Name Him?

Image credits: IHadDibs

#22 A Week Ago My Husband Said He Didn’t Want A Cat. On Friday I Convinced Him That We Should Take The Kids To A Local Cat Show For Fun. 15 Minutes After Buying Our Tickets On Saturday We Adopted This Guy Great Success. Meet Reindeer (Named By Our 5 Year Old)

Image credits: 123bumblebee

#23 Meet Tbo (Tee-Bow) And Muffin, 2 Feral Kitties That Adopted Me

Image credits: bart9611

#24 My Parents Just Adopted This Pretty Lady And I’m Very Excited To Spend Christmas With Her!

Image credits: littlebirdaesthetics

#25 This Is Pippy, She’s A 5.5 Year Old Good Girl That We Adopted From The Shelter Recently. Here She Is In Her Favorite Turtleneck Sweater Admiring Some Shiny Christmas Lights

Image credits: 8bitremixguy

#26 Another Shot Of Luna & Mars, Pound Kitties Adopted This Weekend

Image credits: Scruffy56

#27 Need Help Picking A Name For A Stray That Just Adopted Us

Image credits: remo74tg

#28 Recently Adopted These Cuties. They Wanna Say Hi!

Image credits: Gorgeous-Chic

#29 Adopted A Tree Cat

Image credits: UrbanSafariGuide

#30 My Girlfriend And I Adopted Two Kittens! Lucy And Leonard.

Image credits: ConvincingSpecimen

#31 Our Newly Adopted 6 Year Old Beautiful Birma / Persian Fur Baby

Image credits: grumpywizard90

#32 Rescued This Cute Boy Today

Image credits: ilike_psyduck

#33 It Actually Feels Like We Won The Lottery When The Rescue Chose Us To Be Her Family. Welcome Home Sadie

Image credits: anon-dreamer13

#34 Rescue: Day 1 To Today. She’s Happy I Think

Image credits: Ok-Decision7148

#35 My Rescue Crew Waiting For Me To Throw The Ball

Image credits: pbmax542

#36 Wally The Rescue Mutt

Image credits: MikeGander

#37 My Fiancée And I Are Adopting This Little Girl! Any Name Ideas? (Food/Drink Names Preferred)

Image credits: TheTeddly

#38 I Have No Idea How She Was At The Shelter For The Whole 7 Months She’s Been Alive. I Adopted Her Immediately

Image credits: mirrx

#39 Adopting This Sweet Girl, Any Name Suggestions?

Image credits: msuil

#40 My Shelter Buddy Is Being Adopted. Wish Him Good Luck!

Image credits: Ducati750

#41 I Found A Stray Cat, She Followed Me Home. I Guess I Own A Cat Now

Image credits: horniest_man_alive

#42 Just Adopted A 13 Year Old Cat. Who Gets Rid Of An Old Cat? She’s Great At Purring

Image credits: SpecialFeet

#43 Just Adopted This Spotted Dude. His Name Is Otto

Image credits: Monkeyundead

#44 Just Adopted This Little Girl And I Cant Choose Her Name

Image credits: sarp1143

#45 Don’t Have Many People To Tell, But I Just Got Approved To Adopt This Pretty Lady!!!

Image credits: jacobflicks

#46 This Cute Cat I Just Adopted!

Image credits: SnakeJrWasTaken

#47 Found A Tiny Kitten In Our Garage…the Dog Adopted Him As Her Puppy

Image credits: Snackscidental

#48 Adopted This Giant Fluff From A Friend Of A Friend

Image credits: kcamsdog1387

#49 Charlie Was Adopted Yesterday And Today We Went For A Long Walk In The Woods (He’s Lived In The City) And This Is The Result

Image credits: lovelyb1ch66

#50 I Adopted Joe Yesterday, He Has Already Made Himself At Home

Image credits: doodlemolz

#51 Just Adopted A Kitty… I Think He Likes Christmas!

Image credits: Wide_Independence416

#52 Just Adopted Her Yesterday

Image credits: Alduin_77

#53 Just Adopted A 6mo Cockapoo. Training Seems To Be Going Well

Image credits: cogitoergognome

#54 Adopted Leo Today. We Instantly Do Connected And Now He’s Fast Asleep In My Arms.

Image credits: Sonof_spam

#55 My New Adopted Cat Named Coconut! Hes A Sleepy Little Baby.

Image credits: Abdjmneah

#56 It’s Yuffie’s Big Adoption Day!! ? Here’s To Hoping Someone Welcomes This Adorable Face Into Their Hearts (And Home)! I’ll Miss Your Little Wuffs!

Image credits: suburban_lightt

#57 I Just Adopted This Little Girl, She’s So Sweet And Playful

Image credits: -TaintSniffer-

#58 Hank’s Happiest Day Since Being Adopted From Texas.

Image credits: Noheifers

#59 Adopted A New Puppy Recently! She’s 2 Months Old And Adorable! Any Name Suggestions?

Image credits: -king_tiger-

#60 Two Cats Adopted On The Same Day, They Are Inseparable And Get Along Wonderfully, It Makes You Want To Kiss Them At Any Time!love Love Love

Image credits: angie75014

#61 Meet Our Newest Family Member, Pickle. She’s 11 Weeks Old. We Adopted Her From A Local Shelter ?

Image credits: menormedia

#62 This Is Twitch, I Found Him In The Cold Then Adopted Him After The Humane Society Cleared Him.

Image credits: Ph_Dank

#63 Meet Pepper… A 2 Year Old Boxer/Mastiff Mix We Just Adopted.

Image credits: zgr024

#64 Adopted This Sweet Boy Yesterday. I’d Say He’s Already Acclimated Lol.

Image credits: ACEmat

#65 We Adopted This Adorable 3mo Puppy Last Weekend. His Name Is Chester.

Image credits: Love_Child420

#66 The Adopted Baby Has Been Found Acceptable… For Now

Image credits: MooNinja

#67 Adopted This Cute Little Lady Today And We’re Still Searching For A Name. Any Suggestions?

Image credits: rdstne_skygazer

#68 When Your Adopted Puppers Takes Over Your Bed And Has No Regret!

Image credits: CJandthedoggos

#69 Adopted A Guinea Pig Last Week

Image credits: boredyetagain24

#70 Adopted Brothers Cuddling Up

Image credits: calvarez

#71 Meet Bella, A 4 Year Old German Shepard We Rescued Today

Image credits: johnnysfault

#72 My New Rescue, Maple

Image credits: sjjan103

#73 My Rescue Girl

Image credits: melriddell

#74 Our Rescue Pup Harley

Image credits: Chief_HeavyHand

#75 My Sister’s New Rescue Kitten: Bernie Danders

Image credits: StevoTheMonkey

#76 Adopted Her Today! What Should I Name Her?

Image credits: UncontrolledAnxiety

#77 Just Adopted This Floofy Queen! Her Shelter Name Was Electric, Any Suggestions For Her Forever Home Name?

Image credits: slutrypizza

#78 This Little Kitten Was Freezing And Crying Under Our Deck. What Should We Name Him On The Adoption Papers?

Image credits: EquinsuOcha

#79 Our New Baby, Hazelnut! 12 Week Old Girl We Adopted From The Shelter Last Night.

Image credits: RecordLegume

#80 Meet Super Hans The Maine Coon… Adopted Him From My Brother, His Wife And Kids Had Allergies. Seems Like A Win For Me!

Image credits: Low_Anybody123

#81 Reddit Meet Penny. Just Adopted Her Today.

Image credits: creepinitreal12

#82 Remembering That Time We Went To The Shelter To Adopt A Kitten, And They Had A Bogo (Okay Not Really, One Adoption Fee Waived) On Kitties, So We Adopted Brothers.

Image credits: _RaiderDave

#83 Name Ideas For A Three Legged Cat? He Was Adopted Today. Thinking Trace Or Tres. I Dunno, Help Reddit!

Image credits: inmytree52

#84 My Friends Recently Adopted This Very Cute One-Eyed Male Kitty And Are Struggling To Come Up With A Name, Do Any Of You Have Any Suggestions?

Image credits: ElGing

#85 My Wife And I Adopted These Two Beautiful Fiv+ 6 Month Old Cats. Nobody Else Wanted To Rescue Them

Image credits: coffeefuelledtechie

#86 (Cat Pics Included, Story In Comments!) I’m A “Dog Person” Who Just Got Adopted By A Cat Because She Felt So Familiar, So Comfortable, Like We’re Soulmates Who Were Separated. Love Nala For Coming Into My Life At The Absolute Perfect Time, When I Needed Her Most.

Image credits: terribleandtrue

#87 We’re Adopting This Little Guy On Tuesday! Got Any Name Suggestions? We’re Currently Between Taco And Jam

Image credits: Swagstantinos

#88 I Adopted This Four Month Old Rescue 🙂

Image credits: thot_bryan

#89 I Just Adopted A Puppy

Image credits: GalliumYttrium1

#90 Adopting This Fluff Has Been A Fantastic Decision.

Image credits: Stoli_thedog

#91 Just Adopted This Sweet Pomeranian (Her Name Is Elsa). She Is Getting Along So Well With Her Sheltie (Fiona) Sister!

Image credits: ih8every1butu

#92 This Is The First Time I’ve Adopted One Of My Foster Cat’s, Everyone Meet Kookie

Image credits: kdarbey

#93 I Just Adopted This 6 Year Old Pug Mix, He’s Soooo Sweet And Gentle.

Image credits: Prestigious_Nebula_5

#94 Meet Our Newly Adopted Friend Pongo

Image credits: Dokumama

#95 We Got New Cat, Floki (Grey And White) Adopt Her Immediately

Image credits: fakesoul420

#96 Help Us Name These Recently Adopted Kitten Sisters.

Image credits: Cellypdx

#97 I Adopted My Grandmother’s Cat When She Passed Away And We Are Both Adjusting To Life Without Her Together. I’d Like To Know What Breed He Is; He Is Bigger Than Any Cat I Have Had Before!

Image credits: sunJ82

#98 We Adopted This Lil Kitty Yesterday And She Hasn’t Moved From This Spot

Image credits: Dr_DumbDumb

#99 Adopted This Little Guy. Any Name Ideas?

Image credits: PotterheadDeHamilfan

#100 My Beautiful Girl Josie. She Is The Sweetest Cat In The World. I Adopted Her 3 Years Ago With Her Brother And It Is One Of The Best Decisions I Have Ever Made.

Image credits: jenjer2007

#101 Say Hello To Our New Family Member Clover. Just Adopted Today.

Image credits: SmalltimeDog

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