101 Photos Of People Trying To Get Through The Summer Heatwave

An international team of climate experts known as the World Weather Attribution initiative has analyzed the late June heatwave in the U.S. Pacific Northwest and come to a preliminary conclusion that it was a roughly 1-in-1,000-year event.

The extreme weather has bent roads, melted power cables, and triggered heat warnings for 50 million people in North America.

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However, pictures often speak louder than words, so Bored Panda compiled a collection of vivid images that perfectly sum up how the temperatures have affected people and their surroundings. Enjoy.

#1 It’s Kinda Hot In Turkey, So The Shop Owner Let The Kittens Sleep On The Freezer

#2 Guy In Hot Arizona Heat Did Not Want His Dog’s Paws To Burn So He Pulls Him In A Cooler

Image credits: Suspicious-Guidance9

#3 It’s Hot In Thailand

Image credits: sheldonpooper

#4 How We Beat The Heat In Australia. Ice Cold Can On A Warm Belly

Image credits: samanthahalpin

#5 Saw This While Walking Through A Small Town In VA – It’s Nice To Know That Someone Is Looking Out For All The Pups In This Summer Heat

Image credits: beeems

#6 Hot Australian Days Have Melted Our Wax Buddha Into Slumber

Image credits: slowend

#7 It’s Just A Dry Heat

Image credits: Syrachacha

#8 After 40°C Heat, It Finally Started To Rain

Image credits: mrObry

#9 Too Hot For The Fox In London Today

Image credits: sfindlay90

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#10 Giving Water To A Dehydrated Bunny In 100-Degree Heat

Image credits: DigitalOSH

#11 Nature In The Shadow Of Technology

Image credits: DrBonerman

#12 It’s A Bit Hot In Australia Today

Image credits: 7shades

#13 A Security Man In Egypt Decided To Cover The Dog’s Paws To Protect Him From The Hot Pavement

Image credits: miserablerick

#14 Due To The Heat Waves In Belgium Hedgehogs Have Trouble Finding Food So They Wander Into Gardens

The internet told me to put out cat food for them. Eddy the hedgehog has been visiting every evening at 10 for the last few days.

Image credits: Nonunsenses

#15 Hot

Image credits: llagerlof

#16 It’s So Bloody Hot Here In Australia At The Moment, And I Wondered Why Birds Weren’t Using Our Bird Bath

Image credits: whitecollarzomb13

#17 Moose Finds Water On A Hot Day

Image credits: FleshlightModel

#18 Due To The Extreme Heat (40C) My Local Convenience Store Let A Stray Dog Inside To Cool Off

Image credits: ZororiTheFox

#19 Left My Cassette Adapter In The Car In The Hot Sun. Result: Hottest Mixtape Of The Year

Image credits: NIPLZ

#20 It Was A Hot Day In Tallahassee

Image credits: bobathehut

#21 I Spotted This Guy In Paris Helping His Pupper Cool Off In The 40°C Heatwave

Image credits: Almighty_Egg

#22 It Was Pretty Hot In Korea Today

Image credits: PandaInvasion2k17

#23 It Was A Really Hot Day So This Little Guy Decided To Lick The Condensation Off My Drink

Image credits: WoodPeckker

#24 Decided To Do Some Cooking Outside During Phoenix’s 118-Degree Heatwave Today

Image credits: thomas686

#25 This Ceiling Fan In Puerto Rico Got So Hot It Melted

Image credits: GDHPNS

#26 Postal Worker Cooks Steak On Truck Dashboard To Showcase “Inhumane” Working Conditions During Extreme Heat

Image credits: AZHouseGOP

#27 My Dad Booked A Trip To Canada After Telling Us He Was Sick Of The Florida Heat. Today, I Look Out My Balcony Window To See Him Walking Around Like This

Image credits: Thejohnnycheese

#28 Ground Temp Thanks To Heatwave In Australia. 153.3F For You Other Guys

Image credits: rexrouse

#29 The Way These Candles Melted In The Heat Today

Image credits: supplyncommand

#30 Farmer Takes A Couple Of His Pigs To Go Swimming During Heatwave In The Netherlands

Image credits: pommax

#31 Beat The Heat

#32 This Is A Hot Post

Image credits: jmw61378

#33 It’s Hot Today In Colorado

Image credits: denverdrew

#34 When It’s So Hot Out, You Need To Take A Break From Doing Your Squirrel Things

Image credits: WemissPluto

#35 It’s So Hot In Vegas Today That My Gummy Bears Liquified In My Trunk Before I Could Get Them Home

Image credits: hotandbuttered

#36 The Heatwave In Britain Made These Cans Explode In The Vending Machine

Image credits: GrepekEbi

#37 It’s So Hot Here In CA That This Gas Station Puts Covers On The Door Handles To Prevent One From Burning Their Hands

Image credits: lunchboxx78

#38 Mom Found This Good Boye Outside A Store In 40 Degrees Heat

Image credits: noNSFWcontent

#39 Friend Forgot He Had Bear Mace In His Car And The Hot Sun Turned It Into A Spice Missile That Shattered The Windshield And Coated The Inside In No-No Foam

Image credits: californiagovernor

#40 Friend Posted This To Facebook “How I Cut My Lawn When It’s 98 Degrees”

Image credits: xXHardKoreXx

#41 It’s So Hot In Australia, Our Outdoor Lights Melted

Image credits: disnerdbeth

#42 My Daughter’s Favourite Way To Cool Me Off After A Long Run On A Hot Day

Image credits: SleepWouldBeNice

#43 My Poor Thermometer Can’t Move Any Closer To The Temps Of Hell. Life In Las Vegas

Image credits: tashizzle

#44 London Houses Aren’t Up To These Kind Of Temperatures

House made of wax by Alex Chinneck on Southwark street near my place in London made me do the ultra rare quintuple-take. Jokes aside It is hot though.

Image credits: JoshCanJump

#45 You Know It Is Hot When

Image credits: Ruthless53

#46 These Birds Making Use Of Limited Shade On A Hot Day

Image credits: mosskin-woast

#47 Heatwave In Europe? Improvise. Adapt. Overcome

Image credits: soupbubble

#48 It’s Been Hot In Alaska

Image credits: Mepherson

#49 When I Asked Him What He Was Doing His Response Was Simple “I’m Hot”

Image credits: eilers0013

#50 It Has Been So Hot Where I Live, That This Outhouse Melted

Image credits: Omnifox

#51 Cozy Muffin! Heatwave In Switzerland And Only One Room Has AC

Image credits: UrFriendlySpider-Man

#52 Edmonton Alberta: So Hot Our Plastic Trash Bins Are Melting

Image credits: whitecloud197

#53 Candle Left In The Car During Heat Wave. Exploded When I Picked It Up

Image credits: CherriesRRed

#54 Hot Enough To Fry An Egg

117.6° in the shade at my house. The patio was 144.8°. I’ve heard the expression “Hot enough to fry an egg outside,” enough times to try it.

Image credits: ZaphodIV

#55 Just A Little Too Hot To Kayak In Florida Today

Image credits: tyrannosaurus_fred

#56 This Is How Hot It Is Today

Image credits: jefe357

#57 This Is How We Are Dealing With The Heat In Brazil

Image credits: lucasavancini

#58 There Is No AC At My House. This Is My Roommate’s Girlfriend During The Heat Wave That Hit 104ºF Yesterday

Image credits: digitalcolour

#59 My Sparkling Water Bottle Was Pretty Close To Exploding After Being Left In The Hot Car For The Day

Image credits: xnick58

#60 This Pen Got Hot Enough In The Van To Bend

Image credits: assblasters_inc

#61 It Was So Hot In The Evening That My Pizza Dough Rose

Image credits: mangobreaker

#62 This Street In New Delhi Got So Hot That It Melted

Image credits: Boneykingz

#63 Current Heatwave Has Caused My Glass Table To Explode All Over My Freshly Painted Decking

Image credits: WRODavid

#64 Today’s Idiot Was Me Not Cracking My Windows During 120-Degree Heat And Subsequently, My Dashcam Melted

Image credits: TheGingerConcierge

#65 It’s So Hot In My Apartment That My Candles Are Melting

Image credits: wurstmuesli

#66 When The Summer Heat Melts Your Sunshade Away

Image credits: thereconalpha

#67 It Was Hot Enough This Summer In Phoenix To Melt The Blinds On My Bedroom Window

Image credits: BenYolo

#68 It’s So Hot Outside Today, My Motorcycle’s Kickstand Sunk Into The Asphalt

Image credits: Guido900

#69 Melted Record. Left In Hot Car

Image credits: whalejazz12

#70 My Daughter Trying To Beat The Heat On The Shores Of Lake Superior

Image credits: macincos

#71 You Know It’s Hot In Florida When

Image credits: shinkhi

#72 It Was So Hot In Melbourne, Australia This Speed Bump Melted

Image credits: isturtle

#73 It’s So Hot In South Carolina That My Calculator Melted In My Toolbox

Image credits: TheFreedWilly

#74 You Know It’s A Hot Day In Canada When

Image credits: break_me_down

#75 Drove To Work With Dress Shirt On Hanger, Left Hangar In Car On Hot Day. Came Back To Find This

Image credits: mmogamer04

#76 My Air Conditioner Stopped Working For A Few Days. My House Got So Hot And Humid, It Sealed My Entire Costco Size Case Of Envelopes

Image credits: RampantLion757

#77 This Is How I Mowed My Lawn In 100 Degree Heat

Image credits: Tad_LOL

#78 It’s So Hot That My Candles Melted

Image credits: the_krivetika

#79 So Hot In Phoenix That Even The Street Signs Are Melting

Image credits: FireninjaDD

#80 It Was Really Hot And Dry In California Last Week And My Neighbors Playhouse Melted

Image credits: Breadboy22

#81 My Mom Sent Me A Birthday Care Package From Cross Country With My Favorite Candy. This Is What La Heat Did To My Precious Milk Duds

Image credits: Grootdrew

#82 It’s So Damn Hot Here In Spain That The Birthday Candles At My Supermarket Have Melted Inside The Package

Image credits: vinaldi2x

#83 It Was So Hot In Australia Today, My Butter Melted

Image credits: Phantomsurfr

#84 My AC Exploded On A Recording Breaking Heat Wave In Oregon

Image credits: PDE503

#85 Forgot To Take The Chocolate Easter Bunny Out Of The Car

Image credits: SuperFishy

#86 How We Heat Up Burritos For Lunch In Arizona

Image credits: MmmMotorboatin

#87 How One Of The Candles In My House Melted During A Hot Day With No AC

Image credits: StitiousFish

#88 It Was So Hot In My Father’s Car This Morning That This Can Just Ruptured

Image credits: ZoneBreaker97

#89 The Way These Fish Take Shelter From The Hot Sun In The Shade

Image credits: carbonacal

#90 Left An Unopened Can Of Lemonade In My Car, It Was So Hot That It Exploded

Image credits: bigwigzig

#91 As A Californian Who Just Experienced 115 Degree Heat, I Concur

Image credits: gilligans_island90

#92 Got So Hot In Adelaide, Australia That The Soap Melted

Image credits: furrytomato

#93 So, It Was, Umm, Hot In Death Valley Today

Image credits: Aargau

#94 So I Guess It Was Pretty Hot The Last Couple Of Days

Image credits: Sherruf

#95 It’s Hot Out In China

Image credits: skcali

#96 It’s So Hot In Thailand That My Friend’s Candle Has Melted Like This In The Heat

Image credits: zachharrison

#97 This Is What Happens When You Try To Display Candles On A Hot Patio

Image credits: 2nie

#98 This Really Blows, Like This Ketchup Bottle In A 35C Heatwave

Image credits: Karona1805

#99 The Socal Heat Wave Killed My Pumpkin

Image credits: MestizaWontons

#100 You Know It’s Hot When

Image credits: hilliq

#101 My Body Creating Steam After Coming Out Of 103F Hot Yoga And Getting Into My Car In 22F New York Weather

Image credits: longhorn_mic

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