101 Times People Spotted ‘Absolute Units’ And Shared Them In This Online Community (New Pics)

The internet world is fascinated by photos of “absolute units”. Try to imagine something extremely round and hearty compared to its peers: gigantic crabs, chonky cats or insanely huge hearts of blue whales. Whether it’s animals, food or plants, things that are so out of proportion to its surrounding catches anyone’s eye.

If you want to see it for yourself, there’s a whole subreddit about it. It’s called Absolute Units and its community has grown into almost 1M members over the last four years. As one of the rules there states, “Absolute units only. No normal units,” and it’s true. We didn’t even think things could get this big.

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Bored Panda has compiled a list full of huge things you can find on the subreddit. And if that’s still not enough, make sure to check out our previous posts here and here.

#1 My Maine Coon Compared To My 5’5″ Girlfriend

Image credits: Paradisity

#2 A Comfy Chonk

Image credits: Dayoverlord

#3 Someone Said Cuddles Would Fit Here

Image credits: YesleyHulshof

#4 These Absolute Units Of Antlers On These Red Stags

Image credits: regian24

#5 This Gigantic Cock

Image credits: Cpt_Sideburns

#6 This Heart Of A Blue Whale

Image credits: j3ffr33d0m

#7 This Is Very Impressive Art

Image credits: j3ffr33d0m

#8 This Dog Sized Cat

Image credits: TonySeptim

#9 This Is Max. A Unit I Met In Lowes

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Image credits: PhennecFox

#10 My Wife As A Baby. Absolute Unit.

Image credits: FlyingNerdlet

#11 This Horse

Image credits: noiinlove

#12 This Guinea Pig Is An Absolute Unit

Image credits: -stay-

#13 Anyone Missing A Big Boy? This Guy Was Found Alone In The Forest And Is At My Local Humane Society.

Image credits: Speedy_Greyhound

#14 Absolute Herb Unit

Image credits: omniwrench-

#15 This 80 Year Old Saltwater Crocodile From Australia.

Image credits: TafelZitter

#16 Take A Moment To Look At This Majestic Fluff

Image credits: wervy52

#17 An Absolute Unit Of A Fern

Image credits: regian24

#18 That Onion Is Huge

Image credits: regian24

#19 Some Units Need Trailers!

Image credits: JimmyBags2

#20 Tasmanian Giant Crab. Absolute Unit

Image credits: HighlightExtension71

#21 “The Mountain” From Game Of Thrones (Actor Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson) Is 6’8, 430lbs, Seen Here With His Father And Grandfather

Image credits: StickyNode

#22 Behemoth Butter Cabbage Grown In Hedensted, Denmark

Image credits: WideEyes369

#23 This Polypore I Found! Don’t Worry, It Was Already Detached And Wasn’t Picked For The Photo

Image credits: puritycontr0l

#24 When You Misplace A Point Ordering A Drill Bit

Image credits: JoachimG

#25 Brown Spotted Grand Croaker

Image credits: Thryloz

#26 The Longest Boi

Image credits: gonzoblair

#27 People Don’t Realize Just How Huge Moose Can Get

Image credits: regian24

#28 Basically Everything About These Baobab Trees Is Fit For This Sub.

Image credits: MARIAS76

#29 The Size Of The Bald Eagle Caught On A Trail Cam.

Image credits: clarkkent34

#30 Absolute Unit Of A Jaguar

Image credits: OncaAtrox

#31 What An Absolute Fluf

Image credits: Thryloz

#32 Mobile Waste Disposal Unit

Image credits: tere29914

#33 Pour One Out For Big Jake, At One Point Certified As The Tallest Horse In The World By Guinness, Who Crossed The Rainbow Bridge Today.

Image credits: Old_Dig5845

#34 Looooong Boi

Image credits: regian24

#35 Nasa Has A Plane Called Super Guppy That’s Designed To Transport Rockets, Large Equipment And Even Other Planes

Image credits: regian24

#36 Green Bean Dad Grew, Banana For Scale.

Image credits: Clones_ontherun

#37 The Size Of This Dandelion

Image credits: abaganoush

#38 This French Lady And Her Absolute Unit Of A Baguette!

Image credits: GullibleInevitable14

#39 Quartz Crystal Cluster On Display In A Museum In Namibia. This Is The World’s Largest Quartz Cluster, It Was Discovered In 1985 At The Bottom Of A 45 Metre Deep Cave In The Otjua Mine Near Karibib In Namibia. It Weighs 14,100 Kg And Took Three Years To Excavate And Remove.

Image credits: regian24

#40 The Tallest Mallard Duck To Have Ever Lived (Since Records Began) Known As ‘Long Boi’ He Lives On The Campus Of The University Of York, England. He Stands Just Over 1m Tall (3.5ft).

Image credits: regian24

#41 I Thought That Was His Chin

Image credits: Cause4concern27

#42 Absolute Floofy Unit

Image credits: HRapidz

#43 This Absolute Unit Of A Guard Captain At Castle Hochosterwitz In Austria. He Is Said To Have Been 2,25 Meters Tall (7’10’).

Image credits: ObjektKarotte37

#44 Frog Turned Unit?

Image credits: outlawkylling

#45 Jellybean, An Absolute Unit Of A Frog I Got To Hold Today.

Image credits: stopmakinghumans

#46 There’s A Moth Bigger Than Your Hand, With A Wingspan Of 1 Foot. A Few Have Been Sighted In The UK.

Image credits: Auxxit

#47 My Big Boy, With A Proper Samoan Coconut For Scale

Image credits: That-looks-infected

#48 The Size Of Those Ears!

Image credits: hconfiance

#49 Absolute Unit Of A Tortoise

Image credits: avalef

#50 This Banana

Image credits: -completely-useles-

#51 This Unit Of A Coke Bottle

Image credits: DryBrush9

#52 This Cow In Scotland

Image credits: callum_james_cole

#53 This Absolute Unit Of An Aquamarine Gem!

Image credits: xaleh

#54 An Absolute Unit Of A Cat

Image credits: Bowser914

#55 Largest Breed Of Chicken And Smallest Breed Of Chicken

Image credits: Overall-Click7286

#56 Boy With His Pet Boar, Ca. 1930.

Image credits: DiosMioMan2

#57 The Hippopotamus Amphibius In All Its Splendor

Image credits: lieV_aapje

#58 This Bruiser Of A Cat We Affectionately Named Tank, We Saw While On A Walk This Afternoon

Image credits: Jackwiththebeard

#59 Very Thicc Floof

Image credits: carrotyAngel

#60 Absolute Unit Of Kangaroo Watches Over All!

Image credits: thenarcostate

#61 7-Foot Great Dane Is An Absolute Unit

Image credits: felipebsr

#62 This Absolute Unit Of A Rabbit

Image credits: F-C0D389

#63 This Absolute Unit Of A Rabbit Definitely Couldn’t Go Down The Rabbit Hole.

Image credits: Peachy-Persimmons

#64 Hey Big Boi

Image credits: carydadon

#65 A Plump Orca Taking A Leap

Image credits: Peachy-Persimmons

#66 This Chonker Is A New Caledonian Giant Gecko, At 14 Inches From Head To Tail, The Largest Species Of Jaco.

Image credits: ElvinaOlivas

#67 This Is The Soft Giant Isabkuro From Rwanda.

Image credits: SusanaLavender

#68 6 Foot Snake Gourd

Image credits: ssigea

#69 This Cat-Loving Beard

Image credits: butzum

#70 This Bearded Dragon

Image credits: Denseminerva161

#71 Muslim Unit

Image credits: Equallytrain33

#72 Human For Scale

Image credits: talon1z

#73 Chonk Bear

Image credits: thatguykeith

#74 That’s A Big Sheep

Image credits: regian24

#75 An Huge Mushroom!

Image credits: sopadebombillas

#76 Few People Realise Just How Huge Michelangelo’s David Is.

Image credits: regian24

#77 Jeff Dabe, A Competitive Arm Wrestler, Has The Biggest Recorded Ring Size, With His Finger Measuring 4.78″ Around. His Wrists And Forearms Are 12″ And 19″ Respectively.

Image credits: regian24

#78 In Awe At The Size Of This Penny. Absolute Unit

Image credits: Xyeeyx

#79 Absolute Newsiboi

Image credits: chessdool

#80 Chonk Bunny Boi

Image credits: westerosi_codger

#81 Moth At My Work This Morning

Image credits: Aloha_Snackbar11

#82 Was Told You Guys Would Like David

Image credits: Chubbykoala99

#83 North Queensland Crocodile. Australia

Image credits: Browndog888

#84 Absolute Unit Tires

Image credits: huntegowk

#85 World’s Biggest Banana. What Would You Do With It?

Image credits: bilo420mofo

#86 This Cotton Candy Burrito Is Truly An Absolute Unit

Image credits: regian24

#87 This Freaking Hunk Of A Beefy Boii

Image credits: jarvis_mark1

#88 Biggus Chungus

Image credits: DinerEnBlanc

#89 My Uncle Made This Warning Sign For My Aunt’s Kennel. 6’9″ Brother For Scale.

Image credits: flowers4tamlen

#90 My Pigeon Named Bobo Is Very Round

Image credits: suqc

#91 It’s Not Even Autumn.

Image credits: tigrefacile

#92 Vending Machine And An Aquafina Machine.

Image credits: TomTheMagicJuan

#93 Two Kings

Image credits: maybe_bagels

#94 This Fish

Image credits: DogsRule_TheUniverse

#95 Robert Bobroczky 7′ Tall At 12 Years Of Age And 7’7″ At 16 Years

Image credits: regian24

#96 Chonky Boy

#97 Massive Coin: The Biggest Coin Royal Mint Has Ever Made

Image credits: j3ffr33d0m

#98 This Absolute Unit Who Escaped Being Recovered By Police.

Image credits: serac145

#99 My Chicken Sandwich From Popeyes

Image credits: sydneyface

#100 I Ate An Absolute Unit Of A German Schnitzel

Image credits: Kneydl

#101 My Old Dog Was A Unit

Image credits: FlintlockPearl

#102 Snoop Dogg Breaks Guinness World Record For Largest Gin And Juice

Image credits: regian24

Source: boredpanda.com

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