1016 Industries' McLaren 720S Widebody Kit Prototyped with a 3D Printer, Bondo and Zip-Ties

1016 Industries designs and manufactures aftermarket upgrades for exotic cars. Their forthcoming Vision Widebody kit for the McLaren 720s consists of carbon fiber body panels that widen the body by 110mm, while still maintaining the original design aesthetic–no small feat on such a swoopy car.

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Interestingly, they achieved this by 3D-printing new body panels, then bolting them onto the car, Bondo-ing and zip-tying them together at the seams to ensure that everything looks and fits right. Once the design is locked, they can then move to carbon fiber for the finished product.

“This kit is absurd in person, an amazing design that takes the aggression of the McLaren 720S to the next level,” says engineer and YouTube car channel host Eddie X. “I had this awesome opportunity to come out and see this 3D printed kit on the development car in Michigan, [which is] obviously quite rough but this process bodes well for future rapid prototyping and development of insane projects.”

Here’s Eddie’s walkaround of the 3D-printed version of the kit:

Source: core77

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