103 People Share Creepy Facts We Would Have All Been Better Off Without

The world is full of facts, and if you are as hungry for knowledge as we are, then we’ve got a whole menu readily available to you. Here at Bored Panda, we have random facts, mind-blowing facts that are perfect for 5 year-olds, facts that can even change your perspective of things, and facts that sound utterly fake but are totally true.

But this time we rolled up our sleeves and compiled a list we can call “the palate cleanser.” You see, this one is not for the faint-hearted, nor for the ones with high blood pressure and a tendency to have a nightmare or two every now and then, ‘cause today, we’re gonna dive into the facts we wish we never knew.

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You may wonder, why read them, then? It’s for the same reason we watch horror movies with covered eyes. Getting to know some creepy stuff about the world is hard, but not knowing it is even worse.


In Formula 1, safety belts were not mandatory until 1972.

Before then, drivers believed it better to be ejected in a crash, and either die instantly from a broken neck or suffer many broken bones.

The alternative, they thought, was to be trapped and essentially cremated alive should the gas tanks ignite.

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A professor at my lecture today said that deer will lay on decaying corpses because they produce heat and the deer like that. Basically deer treat corpses as their personal sauna.

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Being the oldest person alive means that every single human being who was alive at the day you were born has now died.

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Before you die, your last words could be, “I don’t feel so good.”

I was a paramedic for 15 years and heard dozens of people’s final words. The phrase I heard most often, possibly from half to three quarters of them, were some form of “I don’t feel so good.” I’ve also heard, “Wait, somethings wrong.” “Somethings happening.” “I don’t feel right.” “Wait, somethings wrong.” “It’s happening.” “Oh no, Oh no.”

People feel the blood leaving their brain I think. Must be like a rush.

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On Mt. Everest, you have the rainbow valley, the last zone to climb to reach the peak. Which sounds cute but it’s really the colorful jackets of dead climbers who are frozen in time against the white harsh snow.

Also, when close to the peak, the oxygen levels are so low that the body is starting to die. You only have a few minutes to reach the top.

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If you electrocute someone while they are submerged in water, it won’t leave burn marks.

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After the Pulse night club shooting, when the cops were investigating, you’d think it was pretty quiet in there.

It was actually a cacophony of ringing cell phones. So many friends and loved ones calling people they knew were there, hoping they’ll answer the phone and say they’re ok…


Many pets die because their owner dies unexpectedly and nobody comes to check on them in time.

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The dolphin from the television show Flipper committed suicide.

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Female dragonflies fake their own death to prevent rape.

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There’s been multiple cases of people actually ending up being eaten by an escalator.

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There’s something called “Anaesthesia Awareness” where of certain people go into surgery and they don’t give you enough Anaesthesia, it will look like you’re asleep (eyes closed, not talking or moving), but the patient can still hear and feel everything that’s happening, but here’s the scary part. You’re unable to move, speak or open your eyes. Unless they have a monitor to show your brain activity, you’re stuck with having to endure the pain.

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A body can swell to three times its normal size especially if the person passes away in a bathtub.

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You can die from pooping too hard.

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You CAN skin many creatures (including humans) alive. They will stay alive for longer than you’d think, even if you’re rough. Longer if you’re careful.


if you eat 52 apples seeds you’ll die

also, you can take a package of cigarettes, dump the tobacco out, and heat it up and strain it so that only a white substance is left. About a teaspoon of that in somebodies coffee is unnoticeable, and it’ll kill them. Death by nicotine

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Judith Barsi was the young actress who voiced Anne-Marie in All Dogs Go to Heaven and Ducky in The Land Before Time. She was murdered at the age of 10 by her abusive father, who also killed her mother at the same time. Judith’s gravestone displays Ducky’s catchphrase, “Yep! Yep! Yep!”

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The astronauts of space shuttle Challenger didn’t die until the spacecraft hit the ocean. They fell through the air for almost 3 minutes.

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If you want to dump a body, it can take up to 2-4 weeks to fully decompose if out in the open, but if you bury it in a casket it can take up to 44 years.


You can tell someone is dead dead by trying to move their jaw. It’s one of the first body parts to show signs of rigidity.


There is a phenomenon in the Philippines of people being murdered after singing My Way by Frank Sinatra in karaoke bars.


If bodies are kept in coffins that are sealed tight enough, such as the in wall type of memorial, sometimes enough gases can build up that the body basically explodes and can spill out onto the ground.


In the event of a water landing, flight attendants are specifically required to not allow dead bodies on the life rafts. No saving your dead parent/child/spouse for burial. Yeet that b*tch overboard.


It is way easier than you would expect to break someone ribs during CPR and it feels really weird. POPPOPPOPPOP like bubble wrap.


The song “Baby Shark” is actually the perfect rhythm to guide infant CPR.


There is a parasite called Dracun culiasis, or more commonly “Guinea worm” that can enter your leg through drinking infected water. You won’t notice anything until ~1 year later, when a small portion breaks the skin to release larvae. At this point, it’s a meter long.

A. Meter. Long.

And it has to be extracted centimeter by disgusting centimeter.

NTDs are the stuff of nightmares.


On airplanes they turn off the lights before takeoff and landing basically in anticipation of the plane crashing.

Your eyes take time to adjust to the dark, so if the plane were to crash your eyes would be pre-adjusted, thus increasing your likelihood of being able to make it out.

They also ask that window blinds be opened in order to allow anyone outside to be able to see in in order to check for survivors.


As a Stryker saw cuts through the skullcap during an autopsy, the smell created is exactly like Fritos.

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only 43% percent of the total cells in your body are actually a part of you. More than half of “you” is foreign bacteria, viruses, and fungi


In some cultures, they practice cannibalistic rituals. They believe eating their deceased loved ones is an honor.

It’s called: “endocannibalism.”


I have heard that bears doesn’t kill you. They basically eat you and you eventually die


Cyanide tastes sweet.


When whales reach a certain age they will eventually be to weak to swim back to the surface for air. So they will just suffocate to death and eventually sink to the bottom of the ocean.

But at least when they sink to the bottom of the ocean their bodies will create sprawling ecosystems that will last for a good few years.:)


Not morbid but unnerving, at any time without any warning you can die of a brain aneurysm and there is litterally nothing you can really do about it. Anyone can have one.


When you die, you will be aware you are dead until the moment your brain fully ceases function. I wish I didn’t know this.


Humans have enough bite power to bite off their finger. Bone and all. The only thing stopping us is our brain’s natural safety factor.


Your lips are made of the same skin type and texture as your anus.


The outer layer of your eye protects your inner eye from your immune system otherwise the immune system will attack the inner eye.

In other words, the outer layer of the eye keeps the rest of your eye a secret.


The second person to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel surviving with very serious injuries was Bobby Leach. 15 years later, he slipped on an orange (not banana) peel on the street. This fall caused a leg infection so bad he eventually passed away from the medical complications it caused.


After a little bit of being burnt alive you will have substained enough nerve damage to not feel any pain before dying shortly


Burned human flesh smells like pork.


Death by strangulation can turn teeth pink. The stress on the pulp chambers causes it to hemorrhage, so the blood colors the inside


The average person walks past at least 16 murderers in their lifetime.


Over 1,600 people have gone missing in US National Parks, never to be seen again.


There are over 250,000 deaths a year due to medical error.


The air you breathe in a train station is 15% human skin.


20% of children report hearing voices.


If the sun exploded right now, you wouldn’t know about it for another eight minutes.


Horned toads can squirt blood out of their eyes.


On average, you secrete 26 gallons of sweat into your bed per year.


20% of coffee mugs have traces of fecal matter on them.


During the French Revolution, where the guillotine was introduced, the people to be executed fought to be first, as the blade would dull after multiple uses and wouldn’t cut a head clean off at the first attempt.


When getting laser eye surgery, you can smell the parts of your eyes being shaved down.


Most sitcom laugh tracks were recorded in the 1950s, so you’ve probably been listening to dead people laughing.


When you get burned by electricity, it leaves burn marks shaped like lightning on your skin.


Freshly deceased people can sometimes expell their stomach contents by way of their esophagus if rolled onto their side. Also it’s the worst smelling thing in the world.


Brain-eating amoeba exist and you contract them from swimming in lakes or tainted tap water. They live in the U.S. and U.K.


When they embalm people they just dump all the juices in the sewer.


Atomic bombs leave shadows after evaporating the victims


When you die your stomach will digest itself.


If you plan to donate your body they generally only want you if you are the right size and arent obese… Looking into donating my body to science led to some crazy details. Also your family has to pay for your cremation if you want your body to go “home”. Also dont plan on dying far away from where you plan to donate they really dont want to ship you.


Electrosurgery (Google “Bovie”) is common in more vascularized procedures because the instrument parts tissue and cauterizes in the process. A surgical grasper instrument can be electrified to pinch bleeding vessels; the blood boils at the pinch and the vessel is sealed and cauterized. Eventually the operating room smells like barbeque.


You have to have a life insurance policy for two years before they’ll pay out for suicide.


Every dog you knew in your childhood is most likely dead.


There is a parasite that destroys the tongue of a fish and then replaces the tongue with its own body.


In 1518, there was a dancing plague where about 400 people began to involuntary dance for days on end.


There’s a parasite in cat poop that can literally control rats’ minds, should they eat it.


Every year, we unknowingly pass the anniversary of our death day.


There’s a zombie fungus that basically enslaves ants for its own benefit until it kills them.


Your brain can play tricks on you to make you see monsters in the mirror, called the Troxler Effect.


Over 80 million bacteria can be exchanged in one kiss.


Speaking of skin, you’ll shed about 40 pounds of it in your lifetime.


Thomas Hargrove, a homicide archivist, estimates that there are over 2,000 serial killers at large right now.


You swallow one to two cups of mucus every day.


The average bed has between 100,000 and 10 million dust mites.


During a sky burial, the deceased is slashed so birds can tear the flesh from the bones. The bones are then mashed and ground into a powder for other birds to devour.


A dead body that isn’t stiff has been dead for either a short time or a long time. The time of death in found corpses is often gauged by the type of fly maggots and their stage in the life cycle.


I heard from someone who works in a morgue that corpses periodically burp, fart, and gasp/groan as gases escape through the mouth and anus.


If you die on a submarine, they put your body in the fridge with all the food. If not, up a torpedo tube.


If you were to be pulled into a black hole, the point of gravity from your head to your toes is so powerfully different that the closer you get, you start to stretch and pull apart. It’s called spaghettification.


when you blush, the lining of your stomach also turns red.


When you’re aware of just how dangerous escalators are its pretty surprising that they exist. If you get caught in one, you just die. It sucks you in. Meanwhile elevators are the safest way of any mechanical travel.


The youngest inmate to have died at Kingston pen (Canadas first prison) was 9 years old. He died of tuberculosis and his crime was larceny in 1857.


The male dragon flys scoop out the sperm of their rival out of their mate


In the middle ages, you could be boiled in a pot of lead for certain crimes. What crimes they were I have forgotten, but it certainly was a thing.


A butter knife can cut off a finger with enough perserverance.


Second hand fact, so I’m hoping I’m right. Dying due to being encased in concrete is horrifying. You don’t crush or asphyxiate so much as burn as the concrete sucks all the moisture from your body; also, it lets off heat as it dries. Probably the worst way to go I can think of.


Human taste like Veal. And taste different depending on what part you eat similar to pigs or cows.


Gilles de Rais was leader of the French Army and a companion of Joan of Arc. He makes the story of Elizabeth Báthory look downright wholesome. He raped and murdered over 80 children.


the person who killed amber hagerman has still never been found


There are little bugs that live on your face and eat the dead skin off of it.


Serial killer Dennis Rader would sometimes spend time in his victim’s houses, hiding in their closets until they were at their most vulnerable.


You’re more likely to be killed by a cow than by a shark.


A jellyfish’s mouth is also its anus.


Every time you swim in the ocean, you’re basically bathing in a graveyard.


There’s a 1 in 3 chance police will never identify your killer if you’re murdered in the US.


There’s a jellyfish half the size of your pinkie that can kill you.


And there’s a brain-eating amoeba that lives in lakes and rivers of the southern United States.


Oh, and some moths drink human blood.


When you die, your house cat is going to want to eat you.


Dogs like squeaky toys because they mimic the screams of their prey.


The dead outnumber the living 15 to 1.


Fresh urine is cleaner than spit.


A deceased human body can take between 24 and 48 hours to ‘decompress’, releasing the remaining blood, urine, and fecal mater, depending on the situation, position, and method of death.


Cockroach exterminators develop allergies to them. This usually prevents them from drinking pre-ground coffee because of the cockroaches that sometimes get ground in with the large batches of beans.


Fatal familial insomnia is a thing. It’s a rare, incurable prionic brain disease that progressively destroys your brain’s ability to sleep. Eventually, you stop sleeping altogether, go insane, have seizures, and die.


There is a whale called 52 Blue that only sings at a frequency of 52 Hertz, meaning it can’t communicate with other whales. It is nicknamed the “loneliest whale on the planet.”


Brushtail possums are coprophagic (they eat their own sh*t). They need their food to go through their digestive system twice to get all the nutrients.


There are only three states in the USA that have outlawed child marriage: New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.


The Champawat Tiger was a Bengal tigress responsible for an estimated 436 deaths in Nepal and the Kumaon area of India, during the last years of the 19th century.


Horses are actually omnivores and consume both meat and plants. They’ve been known to eat birds and small rodents.
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