103 Times Car Mechanics Took Pics Of What They Were Dealing With So Others Would Believe Them (Best Of All Time)

Frequent readers know that we love to cover the “Just Rolled into the Shop” online group where mechanics share the nonsense folks bring them. So we’ve gathered the best (or worst) examples of cars and other vehicles that might need an exorcism before a mechanic can make any real headway. 

So get comfortable as you scroll through, perhaps don’t ignore that check engine light and be sure to upvote your favorite ones. If you have any similar stories of automotive nonsense, feel free to share it in the comments section below. 

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#1 Just Saved This Lil Guy. I Had To Remove The Front End Of The Vehicle To Do It, But He Is Now Free And Alive And Well

Image credits: SmittyYAP

#2 The Eyes After A 30 Mile Trip

Image credits: mtimmermeyer

#3 Customer Said Her Husband Patched The Tire But It Keeps Leaking Air

Image credits: Howdyooooh

Having a car is a mix of joy and terror. The freedom of driving anywhere anytime, except until a certain sound goes off and you start doing mental calculations on just how much it might cost. Some of these lights that might show up on your dashboard and you wonder just how long the vehicle will stumble on.

Add on top the fact that many mechanics are perhaps not the most honest individuals, and it’s easier to understand why so many people end up driving cars that hardly function properly. One survey found that the majority of Americans are not actually happy with their car service provider, as they feel like issues are overdiagnosed and fixes end up being overcharged. 

#4 Customer Came In Saying There Was A Kitten In The Dashboard. One Of The Lube Techs Called Dibs. Meet Dash

Image credits: bmxstar1468

#5 This Was On A Car That Came In Today

Image credits: Ok_Conference_9697

#6 Customer Said All 4 Of Them Were Uninjured But We Can’t Say The Same About The Car

Image credits: Misterr_Carlos

#7 How American

Image credits: ImInYourBooty

#8 Technically A Carryout Since It Isn’t Rolling Anywhere

Image credits: themrfritzz

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#9 This Is Not What I Was Expecting When The Customer Said “The Tire Exploded And There Are Wires Showing”

Image credits: samerooo

#10 My Husband Called Shortly Into His Half Hour Drive Home To Say The Tire “Felt A Little Off”

Image credits: thegirlthatmeowsalot

#11 Hell Hath No Fury

Image credits: NectarRoyal

#12 Customer Is Going Through A Nasty Divorce, Wanted Us To Have A Look Around After She Saw Her Husband Following Her Around Town

Image credits: Hornetwaffles

#13 Any Suggestions?

He’s got a death grip on the wiring and he’s trying to climb deeper.

Image credits: neutral-spectator

#14 I Present The Jellyfish. Dual Axle Trailer, Was Ran Flat For Quite A Distance

Image credits: ctennessen

#15 Customer Has Been Coming Since 200k Miles, Said He’d Get To 1 Million. I’ve Been Waiting For That Day For Years, Today He Casually Rolled Up And Asked To Plug His Tire, Needless To Say Best Tire Plug Ever

Image credits: Nguyenstreak

#16 Customer: “Let Me Know When You Are About To Pull My Truck In So I Can Get My Raccoon” And He Sat In The Lobby With A Raccoon Until His Truck Was Done

Image credits: Crestfallencorpse

#17 Well… Almost Pissed My Pants… Caught Off Guard

Image credits: ZeroRain87

#18 When A Car Sits On The Lot Too Long

Image credits: ConRadio26

#19 Customer States Abs/Esc And Front Radar Lights On…

Image credits: theeyeofchaoss

#20 C/S Vehicle Doesn’t Stay Running

Image credits: Kisamaa

#21 Just Hopped Into The Shop

Image credits: Derkleton

#22 Self Aware Prius Owner

Image credits: pensfan8766

#23 Customer Failed To Mention The Fact That His Dog Was In The Vehicle, Scared The Hell Outta Me

Image credits: SquareTheM

#24 I Work At A Rental Company And The Police Brought This Back

Image credits: maddogg312

#25 Customer Refused All 4 Tires On A Rainy Day, She Also Had To Sign A Waiver Before Releasing The Car

Image credits: BooteIs

#26 Stayed A Little Longer At The Shop To Save This Little Guy From Someone’s Engine Bay

Image credits: the_portillo182

#27 I Swear These Customers Do This On Purpose

Image credits: ozkrow

#28 When You’re Towing A Car Behind Your Rv, Remember To Put It In Neutral

Image credits: My-Roots

#29 Cam In For An Appraisal To Trade In And Get The Mirror Cap Replaced. Hand Painted A Pterodactyl

Image credits: GambitsReturn

#30 Customer Dropped Off For Oil Change. Neglected To Mention This

Image credits: Igotaspotatlukins

#31 Who’s The New Guy?

Image credits: Carsonfire90

#32 Little Old Lady Dropped Off Her Caravan For A Brake Inspection. Yes That’s The Mileage She Would Have Seen On Her Receipt

Image credits: franklybutthurt

#33 “My Tyre Light Came On And I’m Not Sure Why”

Image credits: unstealthypanda

#34 Ladies And Gentlemen, We Have Achieved Peak Engineering

Image credits: PDX_drifter

#35 Be A Mechanic They Said

Image credits: ahe_243

#36 Rolled In Because It Wouldn’t Start. C/S Car Has Been Sitting Up For “A Little While,” Has A Newspaper From The Cold War In The Trunk

Image credits: gutterslyme

#37 This Stray Hung Out In The Yard Over The Weekend Then Rolled In My Bay. Now He’s Mine

Image credits: Duke_Meridian

#38 Got To Work On The Wienermobile Today

Image credits: DeBray3

#39 Found This On The Underside Of A Woman’s Car Today… Needless To Say She’s A Little Freaked Out. Rechargeable With 4g Sim Card In It

Image credits: delslow419

#40 Why Doesn’t The Heat Work On My Brand New Civic ??

Image credits: cellnivek

#41 It’s A Bit Cold Out This Morning

Image credits: Throway1194

#42 When A Carpenter Does His Own Repairs…

Image credits: Odd-Variation941

#43 Shop Dog? How About A Shop Chicken?

Image credits: LooseWolf99

#44 Someone Came With A Car And This Was In The Trunk. He Said We Can Keep Everything From Inside The Car. I’m Definitely Keeping It

Image credits: AverageAshEnjoyer

#45 Third Car We’ve Had Towed In Within A Week For A No Start After Refueling At A Local Gas Station. This Fuel Sample Is About 96% Water

Image credits: Fuck_it_

#46 Found This On The First Truck I Hoisted This Morning

Image credits: NeedleworkerWarm5872

#47 Had This Brand New Escape Show Up.. Owners Were Towing It Behind Their Motor Home And Guess The Parking Brake Locked Up. Took Them A Few Miles To Realize What That Terrible Noise Was ?

Image credits: gunsrazorsknifeprty

#48 C/S The Solar Panel Isn’t Working/Won’t Charge Batteries

Image credits: buforduga

#49 We Will Not Be Installing Your Spare Sir

Image credits: Whatoilyouusebro

#50 Guy Pulled Up To The Shop To Do An Oil Change

Image credits: Jcrosb94

#51 That’s A First For Me, Loaded With An Extra Mag Next To It. These People Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Own Guns

Image credits: wauna_b5

#52 Surprised It Didn’t Explode Into The Shop

Image credits: opstarfish

#53 16 Years Of Writing Service And It Finally Happened. Gloves In A Glovebox

Image credits: funkikomedina

#54 I Am Pretty Sure I’m Younger Than The Tire

Image credits: teemkilohamster

#55 Accerlator Gets Stuck To Floor. Pull On String To Unstick

Image credits: m4rkz0r

#56 Just Crawled Out From Under A Broken Lift

Image credits: sgtpnkks

#57 The Car Sounds Like A Cartoon

Image credits: msupczenski

#58 The Odds Of A Single 4 Leaf Clover Rooting Into A Fender Line

Image credits: humboldtliving

#59 This Made Me Laugh Way More Than It Should Have

Image credits: bored505

#60 I Dont Condone Stealing… But Man I Want To

Image credits: jkonzy

#61 Found A Friend

Image credits: reddit.com

#62 Customer Says “Don’t Worry, It’s Friendly”

Image credits: reddit.com

#63 My New Carpeting

Image credits: Succpicious

#64 There’s A Battery Terminal In There Somewhere

Image credits: rioryan

#65 When You Dispute The Bill And Tell The Other Mechanic To Just Put The Motor Back In The Car

Image credits: kidkangaroo

#66 Aircraft. Pilot Landed With His Breaks On

Image credits: goldenknight77

#67 Gotta Love Florida ?

Image credits: thaatpoppunkguy

#68 C/S States Engine Making “Pssst Pssst Pssst” Noise

Image credits: LumenGA

#69 Good Post Or Bad Post?

Image credits: tiremonkey1

#70 C/S To Install New Tire. C/Dns That The Tire Was Filled With Water In Sub-Zero Temperatures. Had To Cut The Sidewall Out With A Leatherman To Get The Tire Off The Wheel (After Breaking The Ice With A Sledgehammer)

Image credits: BoogerChute

#71 My Brother Is An Advisor At A Honda Dealer. Just Texted Me This…

Image credits: Responsible-Algae-16

#72 Car Was In A Flood And Customer Asked If It Was Okay, The Dash Answered For Me

Image credits: Mrfrunzi1

#73 Customer States Ac Isn’t Blowing As Hard As It Does In Their Husband’s Car

Image credits: reddit.com

#74 Knives I Have Found Under The Back Seats Of Used Cars

Image credits: deathbike600

#75 I Got $10 Off My Oil Change Because I “Fulfilled The Destiny” Of The Tech Who Had To Report My Mileage

Image credits: Pinfari13

#76 I Present To You All The 5 Elements Of Tire: Fire Element, Water Element, Ice Element, Plant Element, And Bruce Willis 5th Element

Image credits: kambesama

#77 My Lead Tech Has Finally Lost It

Image credits: imnotonmytablet

#78 Im Scared

Image credits: mafuba420

#79 Tech States “I’m Not Getting In That Car, You Can’t Make Me”

Image credits: Redclayroots

#80 We Share The Road With These People

Image credits: iseewutudid_thur

#81 Getting Real Tired Of These

Image credits: MakeEyeContact-

#82 C/S Thanks For Understanding, Nerds

Image credits: ArtisanGerard

#83 Customer States Replace Drivers Rear Seat Belt Buckle, Technician States Go F**k Yourself

Image credits: Stayhigh420–

#84 Kachow

Image credits: Pad43

#85 This “Time Machine” Just Rolled In. 9 Thousand Miles, And The Plate Expired In 1983

Image credits: Fixitsteven

#86 Me Standing Next To A Cat 797

Image credits: OnlyYowie

#87 “Well, I’m Not Sure How To Say This, But It Looks Like Your Engine Bay Has Been Overtaken By Gay Mice”

Image credits: wrenchindaddy802

#88 Forgot My Drill So I Asked The Customer And This Is What I Got ???

Image credits: Upbeat_Face_3948

#89 Work Never Fails To Disappoint

Image credits: HazeAsians

#90 A Girl Who Works At Sonic Just Paid Her 1k Repair Bill With Mostly 1’s And 5’s. Mad Resolve

Image credits: reddit.com

#91 Private Security Tahoe With 1” Bulletproof Glass. The Rest Of The Vehicle Is Just As Heavily Armored

Image credits: unsureMechanic

#92 Big Brain Time

Image credits: Darth-Boogerus

#93 One Fender Bender Away From Turning His iPhone Into An Eyephone

Image credits: CentipedeZERO

#94 Accidentally Made A Magnifying Glass When Rain Gathered On Crash Wrap Covering A Busted Sunroof

Image credits: Boston-Corbett

#95 Customer Is Emailing/Calling To Find Out Why Their Windows & Doors Are Open…. While The Car Is In Service At A Mercedes Dealer

Image credits: ItsAlecito

#96 Well, On The Plus Side, Your Alignment Is Bang On!

Image credits: spyrye

#97 This Jeep Just Ran Out Of Luck. A Penny Came Out Of The Transmission Drain Hole

Image credits: ThatDarnEngineer

#98 You Had One Job

Image credits: reddit.com

#99 First Time Seeing Hello Kitty Exhaust Tips

Image credits: Specialist-Car-2423

#100 Pulled This Guy From A Camry

Image credits: craigjr93

#101 Boss Man Came To Work In His Old American Truck Today. A Rare Sight Here In Scotland

Image credits: bubblebobblee

#102 Cars Like These Always Make Saturdays Great

Image credits: SandPractical8245

#103 C/S Weird Rattling In Rear End And The Brake Light Is Out, Said She Tried Changing The Bulb Multiple Times

Image credits: GMCSierra18

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