104 Times People Had Each Other’s Backs Online In The Most Wholesome Way (New Pics)

You know, Pandas, it’s really way too easy to focus just on the negatives. In fact, we’re hard-wired for that. It’s called negativity bias and it means that we dwell on the awful things that have happened to us more than the awesome ones. So with all the news about just how bad things are looking recently, you’d be perfectly right to be anxious and upset. However, we shouldn’t forget that, at the same time, life’s full of beauty, wonder, and wholesomeness. Albus Dumbledore told us that happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, but we have to remember to turn on the light. Well, let’s turn that light on, shall we?

Today, we’re featuring the best posts from the r/gatesopencomeonin subreddit, a 356k-member-strong community that celebrates people acting excellent and being wholesome to each other. It’s the kind of stuff that really restores part of your hope in humanity. And it’s a reminder that we have to strive to be altruistic and kind, especially when things are looking tough.

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Upvote your fave pics as you’re scrolling down, Pandas. And tell us all about the nicest thing you’ve done for someone recently, in the comments. Meanwhile, check out Bored Panda’s interview about how to live a happy and healthy life, as well as how to be nice to others when we don’t feel like it, with writer Ariane Sherine, the author of ‘How to Live to 100’ and ‘Talk Yourself Better.’

Oh, and if you’d like some more proof that people totally have the potential to be awesome, take a peek at our earlier articles about the ‘Gates Open, Come On In’ community here: Part 1 and Part 2.

#1 I Needed To Hear This. I’m So Tired

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#2 True Spirit

Image credits: richzed

#3 One Letter Makes All The Difference!

Image credits: Detroitaa

The ‘Gates Open, Come On In’ subreddit has been delighting redditors (and more!) around the globe since early 2018. In the 4+ years since being founded, it’s carved out a niche of wholesomeness, hope, and good vibes by being the polar opposite of r/gatekeeping.

They only have two rules: there’s no gatekeeping allowed and you have to be nice. That’s it. Really. It’s a pretty straightforward recommendation for living a good life, isn’t it? Besides, it’s refreshing when you focus on the positives for a change, isn’t it?

#4 Remember, Everyone Has A Purpose

Image credits: TetamedaDekpz

#5 A Surprise Happy Ending?

Image credits: priowedsispon03

#6 Be Free To Like Things

Image credits: fascinatedworld

(Probably) everyone wants to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. But it’s a hard thing to do in practice, especially when you’re bound by doubt, anxiety, and fear. Bored Panda reached out to author Ariane, who has written about health and happiness, to understand what contributes to our satisfaction with life the most. Really, it’s mostly about altruism and having a tight-knit social circle (among a few other things).

“Close, fulfilling relationships with others are one of the most important things when it comes to happiness, whether romantic or platonic. Studies show that the more close friendships and relationships you have, the longer you live,” Ariane shared with Bored Panda. “Volunteering and helping others are also likely to make you happy.”

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#7 An Email From My Computer Science Teacher, Who I’m Not Even Taking A Class With This Semester. Genuinely Want To Cry Rn

Image credits: spoopy_gay

#8 Easy Come, Easy Go

Image credits: GrahamSkipper

#9 A Guide To Gift Giving

Image credits: machotaraqc

Other things that play an important role in our overall happiness include being fit, having a fulfilling career, and not focusing on the material side of things too much.

“There are other things that contribute to happiness and well-being including taking regular exercise, eating healthily, having enough money to feel comfortable, having job security, and enjoying experiences rather than possessions,” the writer explained.

#10 My Music Taste

Image credits: sartak_sakil87

#11 Just Let Them Be They

Image credits: TheoNicole

#12 Better Late Than Never

Image credits: Aliasade

“Self-care and taking time for yourself are also very important. But I’d say close relationships are probably the most essential things to happiness,” she stressed what we should all be focusing on the most.

It’s easy to be kind to someone when we’re feeling great, the sun’s shining, and it’s like we’re on top of the world. It’s far harder when we’re miserable, exhausted, and feeling down. Bored Panda wanted to get Ariane’s advice on how to be nice to someone when we’re down in the dumps and overwhelmed with problems.

#13 Tiredness

Image credits: ConcreteMelon

#14 This Made Me Really Happy

Image credits: iamemmelyx

#15 Never Walk Without A Bro

Image credits: aboesca2q

“It’s worth remembering that being kind to others can also lift you up too. In fact, the easiest way to take your mind off your own problems is to help someone else with theirs,” she said.

“But if you’re feeling really lethargic and low, the best thing is probably to sleep, or at least rest,” the author pointed out that there’s nothing wrong with getting some well-deserved rest. Getting some proper sleep is a piece of advice that really deserves more attention than it gets.

#16 Dear Kids

Image credits: chriskks

#17 Any Age Can Love Dah Wahs

Image credits: Mollusc_Memes

#18 Reading Goals

Image credits: jimmykaufholz

We were also curious about how people can control their anxiety better, especially if they’re worried about the economy, the war, and the pandemic. Ariane shared some of her thoughts about becoming more resilient during tough times. The important thing here is to control what you can and to let go of what you can’t affect.

“It’s a matter of doing what you can to make your own situation better, and then accepting that you can’t control everything,” she said. “You can never control everything, and trying will make you even more anxious. But you can control certain things to reduce your risk.”

#19 Custom Veganism

Image credits: Amiahfrg

#20 Shared Spaces

Image credits: cat_blep

#21 Ok Zoomer

Image credits: heathercampbell

Ariane gave an example of how this works: “For instance, I wear an FFP2 mask on the train to work because I can control that, but no one else wears one these days. So it’s possible that I’ll still get Covid as no one else is masking up, but I just have to accept that, because my train journeys are essential.”

#22 Unexpected Coming Out Story

Image credits: 4reddityo

#23 Wear Whatever Makes You Happy!

Image credits: kildjeanhgf

#24 It’s A Big Ask But I’m Behind It

Image credits: lubjatoasa

During an earlier in-depth interview, Suzanne Degges-White, Licensed Counselor, Professor, and Chair at the Department of Counseling and Higher Education at Northern Illinois University, shared with Bored Panda how our family values, spiritual beliefs, and even our biology all play a crucial role in our altruistic actions.

“Many of us are raised to believe it is the ‘right thing to do.’ Basically, all spiritual belief systems have a version of the ‘Golden Rule, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ “We also do good turns because we know that one day we may be in need of a little ‘generosity from the universe,’ so it’s like putting ‘money’ into a karma account,” she shared how people think.

#25 Metallica Welcomes Everyone

Image credits: DoctorHoneyBadger

#26 Melon Flavored Jellyfish’s Mom Says The Gates Are Open

Image credits: OtherwiseBisfd

#27 Klingons Kinda Inclusive

Image credits: CreeperCallum

“Lastly, humans are wired so that when we do something kind for another, we feel good about ourselves and neurotransmitters like endorphins and oxytocin have been shown to get a boost when we do something good for another. It is through cooperation that society functions, so the survival of the human race depends on being willing to help others. Family values, spiritual beliefs, and biology all play a part in this motivation,” the professor explained to us.

#28 Joker Profile Picture Redemption Arc

Image credits: Accomplished_Oil5831

#29 Opening The Gates To Readers Of All Ages

Image credits: Jest_N_Case

#30 I Love Sharing My Book Collection

Image credits: Objective-Est

“Many of us take pride in being of service to others as it is culturally valued and we want to hold significance in our worlds. So when we do good deeds, we show others our willingness to help those in distress/need; we live out faith-based encouragement to treat others the way we would like to be treated, we uphold family values, and our brains get a positive jolt of happiness when we help others.”

#31 Fixed A Stupid Meme

Image credits: my_alt_59935

#32 Grandmas Are Always A Bastion Of Wholesomeness

Image credits: ngobudalakl

#33 Gotta Clean Up

Image credits: LimpExaminationc

#34 Liberal Arts

Image credits: LongjumpingSpitee

#35 What A Great Sign

Image credits: Zwergrindcy

#36 It’s For All Of You

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#37 *sigh* If Only

Image credits: Winter-Owl1

#38 Your Trauma Is Valid

Image credits: meduiza7

#39 Slap Some Dang Rice

Image credits: mayatalluluh

#40 Vegan BBQ

Image credits: hAnTATIO

#41 Every Fan Is Valid

Image credits: Ironlord456

#42 Not A Pro Gamer? Well Get Ready For A Reality Check

Image credits: zisukwe9n

#43 Hell Yeah

Image credits: mentholnasalspray

#44 Rob Zombie Taking On Anyone Who Wants To Gatekeep Metal

Image credits: anDcuLEA

#45 Ambisexual

Image credits: rEphAntE

#46 Not A Monolith

Image credits: Ad8858

#47 A Grown Man Indeed

Image credits: Carlnthony

#48 They’re A Friendly Bunch Of Fellows

Image credits: AnAverageCactus

#49 I’m Sure Many Of Us Needed To Hear This

Image credits: Ornery-Taro-1895

#50 Don’t Be Embarrassed To Try New Things!

Image credits: nomaddd79

#51 Not My Tweet But Wanted To Share This Bit Of Positivity. There Is No Wrong Way To Play

Image credits: Minxy0707

#52 Making A Kid’s Day!

Image credits: Festerinarias

#53 There Are No Rules – Do What You Can

Image credits: Gilan_

#54 A Little Advice For The Ladies

Image credits: berpintufj

#55 Everyone Gets To Complain About The Weather

Image credits: Laneyltre

#56 Nice Flex

Image credits: Professional-Ebb-261

#57 Do You, No Matter What!

Image credits: MakedaBrightt

#58 Welcome All

Image credits: OliverElijaah

#59 This Dad Is A Legend

Image credits: CCtheTalkingGorilla

#60 Do What You Like

Image credits: Ninarrrbnb

#61 Success Is For Everyone

Image credits: CompetitiveEggc

#62 Everyone Loves A Good Lightsaber Duel

Image credits: Buschinsk

#63 It’s An Absolute Classic

Image credits: Monsieur_Caillou

#64 Wish I Could Thank Whoever Made This Post

Image credits: wildcardcameron

#65 Beard On The Inside

Image credits: Any_Construction_501

#66 Sweaty Party

Image credits: GlennaButt

#67 My Brother Says What He Likes

Image credits: offtheli_Michael

#68 Making The Effort

Image credits: floatacious

#69 Find Out Who You Are Then Do It On Purpose

Image credits: oiNsIDAL

#70 Church Down The Street

Image credits: roadtrip-ne

#71 I Think This Belongs Here As Well

Image credits: MadRice38

#72 Pineapple Goes Hand In Hand With Hot Weather

Image credits: Alternative-Phoenix

#73 A Bit On The Nose, But I Like It

Image credits: ChekovsCurlyHair

#74 Deadass They All Really Did

Image credits: melloefelloe

#75 Which One Is Better ?

Image credits: sir_ramen

#76 “You Call This Archeology?”

Image credits: A_Green_Olive

#77 Wear What You Want, When You Want

Image credits: SpencerKayR

#78 Booty Hair For All

Image credits: SpiritualBox6741

#79 I Was Told This Might Belong Here

Image credits: Abrilii

#80 No Need To Gatekeep Health

Image credits: soerenlundj

#81 On A Cathedral Door

Image credits: opitimhs

#82 Having Fun Is What Matters

Image credits: teejaymeelar

#83 Do The Thing! Or Don’t! It’s Okay Either Way

Image credits: witchofsmallthings

#84 Haven’t Seen This Here Before

Image credits: Ilikefood7

#85 More Men’s Restrooms Need This

Image credits: CinnabonCheesecake

#86 Just Being Happy Without Comparisons

Image credits: MikaGamino

#87 Ubuntu Showing That Open Source Love

Image credits: HealthyFront3032

#88 Saw This One On Instagram

Image credits: meriamimam

#89 At A Folk Dance Festival In Sheffield Last Weekend

Image credits: sfish27

#90 Your Body Is Beautiful

Image credits: Sir-Aurelius

#91 Keep Being Happy With Each Other

Image credits: this_knee

#92 Welcome To The Pit

Image credits: aplagueuntothee

#93 Wholesome Q&a

Image credits: ThatOneMetalguy666

#94 Wholesome* 100

Image credits: Electronic-Base-8367

#95 Cheer Up, Mad Socialists! You’re In!

Image credits: DramaGuy23

#96 Thanks Jesus

Image credits: jacw212

#97 Bullseye For Genx But Maybe Universal?

Image credits: r_I_reddit

#98 This Belongs Here, Yes?

Image credits: hi_im_a_coffeeholic

#99 This One Has Been A Long Time Coming

Image credits: morbosaqm

#100 Found This On Fb

Image credits: sadearthchan

#101 Very Wholesome Moment In The Fromsoft Game Community

Image credits: OkDotyui

#102 Hooray For The Mafia

Image credits: DankMasterYank

#103 This Post Makes Me So Happy

Image credits: slangloisyh

#104 Makes Anime More Accessible

Image credits: Leslie_hf

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