104 Times People Managed To Mess Up Christmas Dinner So Bad, It Had To Be Shared Online

Rockin’ around the Christmas tree, let the Christmas spirit ring

Later we’ll have some pumpkin pie and we’ll do some caroling

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That pumpkin pie is all I’ve been thinking about for the past three weeks. Well, the pumpkin pie, the gingerbread cookies, the fancy holiday cheeses, the eggnog, the Christmas roast and the mulled wine. Basically, the food is one of my favorite parts of Christmas!

But when it comes to holiday cooking, many of us tend to get a bit too ambitious. Oh, a new recipe that I’ve never made before with 50 steps? Sounds great for me! (Even though the most cooking I’ve done in the past 2 months was baking brownies from a box mix…)

It’s natural to want to impress our loved ones with holiday treats and to try to go above and beyond with our festive feasts. But it’s always important to know our limitations in life, or we might end up with Santa cookies that look like demons or cheesecake that appears to have been in a nuclear explosion. Down below, we’ve gathered some of the most hilarious and tragic holiday cooking fails from this subreddit dedicated to painful food pics to help you pandas feel a little bit better about your slightly burnt Christmas turkey.

Be sure to upvote the pics that make you want to order takeout next Christmas, and let us know in the comments if you’ve ever experienced any holiday cooking fails that your family will never let you live down. Then, if you’re interested in viewing even more unfortunate fails people have experienced on Christmas, check out this Bored Panda article next!

#1 I’ve Been Thinking What To Cook For Christmas This Year???

Image credits: brightercook

#2 Cheesecake Buttholes For A Christmas Party

Image credits: ImFromMarsTo

#3 Getting Ready For Christmas With A Classy Gingerbread House

Image credits: reddit.com

#4 My 11 Year Old’s Christmas Cookie

Image credits: u16173

#5 Merry Christmas

Image credits: AlexS101

#6 My Friend’s Mom Made Christmas Bread

Image credits: Beanz122

#7 My Mom Made Jabba The Ham For Christmas

Image credits: vanadium_sky

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#8 Merry Christmas

Image credits: pkkballer22

#9 My Mom’s Christmas Cookies Didn’t Come Out Like She’d Anticipated

Image credits: iia

#10 My Daughter Asked For A Pancake Shaped Like A Christmas Stocking. I Very Much Failed

Image credits: JephriB

#11 I Made Christmas Candle Salad For My Family. Because Bananas In Cranberry Jello Stars, Topped With Almonds And Dripping Mayonnaise, Were A Normal Thing In 1958

Image credits: perfectionsalad

#12 Christmas Sweater Pizza

Image credits: NadaCJ

#13 Happy Holidays

Image credits: RabbitCommercial5057

#14 I’d Just Like To Show Off My Christmas Pizza Before It Gets Fucked Up In The Oven ?

Image credits: biohazardhoe

#15 Who’s Ready For Christmas Morning Waffles?

Image credits: proscriptus

#16 Tim Hortons Special Holiday Polar Bear Dream Donut. Nailed It!

Image credits: brotononreddit

#17 Pizza Snowman Holiday Abomination

Image credits: Labrat0770

#18 My Mother-In-Law’s Contribution To Christmas Dinner. It Was Supposed To Be A Caramel Cake

Image credits: Literarywhore

#19 Christmas “Snowman” Cheeseball, A Holiday Treat That Requires A Little Imagination

Image credits: hobo-pie-experience

#20 My Brother Is Eating His New Cereal He Made From Broken Christmas Cookies

Image credits: shatspiders

#21 Shrimp Christmas Tree

Image credits: Optimum_Havoc

#22 Merry Covid Christmas. Here’s My Special Christmas Eve Dinner In Quarantine

Image credits: Swillo29

#23 My Christmas Ham

Image credits: LouGossetJr

#24 Boyfriend Was Confused Why He Had A Tin Of Pineapple And Candied Cherries In His Stocking But He’d Told Me Once How Much He Likes Both, So For Christmas I Used Them To Make My First Ever Pineapple Upside-Down Cake For Him 🙂

Image credits: Catmeow82

#25 Only The Fanciest Hors D’oeuvres For Christmas Dinner

Image credits: Enclave2287

#26 Delicious Xmas Snack

Image credits: 137mAhero

#27 Ramen House. Happy Holidays

Image credits: yik_yaking

#28 Local Grocery Store Has Some Festive (And Sad) Holiday Breads!

Image credits: MsBluffy

#29 I Had One Mushroom, Two Pieces Of Salami, Some Dough, Sauce And Cheese. Merry Christmas!

Image credits: boobdoodler69420

#30 My Dad Was So Disappointed That He Burnt The Christmas Ham Until I Showed Him It Belonged Here On R/Shiryfoodporn. He Was Enthralled That There Was A Place For Such Food Misfortunes

Image credits: plspassdabudder

#31 Christmas Schlong (Beef Wellington)

Image credits: Taxistheft98

#32 I Got A Breakfast Sandwich Maker For Christmas

Image credits: funkalismo

#33 Christmas Eve Feast

Image credits: Shef_Shitty

#34 Family Didn’t Show Up For Xmas Dinner So Made Sweet Potato Cream Burned Marshmallow Soup With The Groceries

Image credits: 7206vxr

#35 This Japanese Make It Yourself Little Food My Sister Got Me For Christmas

Image credits: the0202

#36 I Work At One Of The Best Funded Hospitals In The Nation And This Is The Christmas Dinner They Offered To Night Shift. It Tasted Just Like What It Cost

Image credits: Keltadin

#37 Christmas Leftovers – Sous Vide Lamb With Jarlsberg On Hashbrowns

Image credits: GypsyisaCat

#38 One Of My Friends Relatives Decided To Go Full Out Jelly For Christmas

Image credits: idkmanitsausername

#39 Christmas Has Passed, I Still Can’t Get This Piece Of Shit Off The Plate, Because Of The Construction Grade Icing

Image credits: Madiame

#40 I Think I Found A New Christmas Tradition: Tomato Aspic In The Form Of Elmo

Image credits: gmarnold25

#41 Made Some Christmas Cookies Yesterday

Image credits: shermark

#42 My Girlfriend Bought An Xmas Chocolate Raindeer But It’s Face Melted Off And Now It Looks Like A Haunted Evil Thing. She Wants To Know If We Should Still Gift It. I Say Yes

Image credits: alfiealfiealfie

#43 Happy Holidays!

Image credits: gailythunder19

#44 Saw This While Browsing Twitter. Happy Holidays!

Image credits: sortoflavender

#45 Highlight Of The Christmas Potluck

Image credits: Hubak42

#46 Christmas Dinner

Image credits: Herbivorus

#47 Christmas Dinner

Image credits: GhostalMedia

#48 Christmas Salad By My Mum

Image credits: Prepuci

#49 Hotdog Pie At The Office Christmas Party

Image credits: strokerlinx

#50 Refried Black Beans With A Green Sauce And Red Sauce. I Call It Black Christmas

Image credits: reddit.com

#51 My Schools Free Turkey Lunch For Christmas

Image credits: Anti_akwardtheturtle

#52 Work’s Christmas Dinner

Image credits: peatoire

#53 My Mom Wanted Us To Have A Special Dinner For Our Last Day Of Christmas Vacation So We Broke Out The Fancy Glasses

Image credits: yaboyanu

#54 My Friend’s Christmas Dinner

Image credits: cumin

#55 Made Some Soup From The Xmas Dinner Leftovers, Mostly Brussel Sprouts

Image credits: McCoyCoy

#56 Husband’s Xmas Dinner: Frozen Pizza Enhanced With Red And Green

Image credits: MozzarellaFitzgerald

#57 Xmas Breakfast. Avocado Toast With Poached Eggs, Parmesan, And Beth’s Kitchen Salsa Picante. Merry Chrysler!

Image credits: WanderingGenesis

#58 Xmas Snowman Cookie

Image credits: ibcwpg

#59 You Already Know What’s Going On Here. Old School Xmas Desserts Are A Total Thing

Image credits: allthecolor

#60 I Made Both Sweet And Savory Jell-O Salads For My Friend’s Xmas Party

Image credits: feralbox

#61 Happy Holidays And Bone Apple Teeth! “Festive” House Made From Pretzel Bread And Cheese Dip

Image credits: CuntCorner

#62 Two Grown Adults Underestimate The Difficulty Of A Task Designed For Children And Wind Up Raising A Swarm Of Holiday Gremlins. Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animals

Image credits: BrittleCoyote

#63 Chicken Tenderloin Tree, Happy Holidays!

Image credits: thepain73

#64 Getting Into The Holiday Spirit!

Image credits: livthedragon

#65 Someone Sent A Pancake/Waffle Decorating Kit For The Holidays. The Kids Had Fun

Image credits: mybellasoul

#66 First Time Baking Merry Christmas

Image credits: TheSkippingStones

#67 Chicken Cutlet Christmas (Xpost From R/Trees)

Image credits: LaurenEP

#68 Mum Kicked Me Out Of The House This Week And Cancelled Christmas. Here’s My Own Christmas Pavlova After Lamb Shanks At The Hotel I’m Staying

Image credits: BBHMM007

#69 We Have All Types Of Good Stuff For Christmas Breakfast And My Fiancé Chooses To Make A Sandwich With An Old Chicken Cutlet, Onion Ring And Ketchup

Image credits: reddit.com

#70 Christmas Dinner Sandwich

Image credits: Jim_Chem

#71 My Christmas Dinner! Good Bread Good Meat. Good God Let’s Eat!

Image credits: _Goose_

#72 Cocktail Weenies Attached To A Styrofoam Christmas Tree With Toothpicks. Served With Barbecue Sauce, Mustard, Rosemary Garnish, And A Cheddar Cheese Star On Top

Image credits: the_visalian

#73 A Cheesecake I Tried Making For Christmas

Image credits: rambo21125150

#74 I Go Off My Diet Twice A Year. This Christmas, This Sub Gave Me A New Idea

Image credits: Manrito

#75 My Christmas Dinner

Image credits: Tiarella_Cygnet

#76 Last Time I Got Tons Of Complaints About Using Too Many Sprinkles.. So I Added More This Time. Try Being Mean, I Dare You. And Yes, That Is Christmas Sprinkles, I Ran Out Of Rainbow

Image credits: ventiangelcake

#77 Christmas Dinner Poutine At Boston Pizza In Canada

Image credits: Alex_The_Worm

#78 Merry Christmas From Shinjuku

Image credits: reddit.com

#79 On Christmas Day I Always Make My Brother-In-Law A Ramen Omelette. This Yeah The Assorted “Meats” Didn’t Fit And Had To Be Served On The Side

Image credits: fuzz_boy

#80 Stuffed-Crust Christmas Dinner Pizza

Image credits: LuminiferousPen

#81 Christmas Breakfast Is Always A Special Thing

Image credits: gotMUSE

#82 Christmas Morning Feast: Cheese And Olive Balls, Cheese And Sausage Balls, Pigs In Blankets, And Chick-Fil-A Chicken Nuggets

Image credits: JeddakofThark

#83 Christmas Mac & Cheese Anyone?

Image credits: cadendiddy

#84 Father In Law’s Beef Christmas Day. He Said “It’s Perfect”

Image credits: loboclaws10

#85 A Christmas Eve Staple At My Friend’s Home

Image credits: reddit.com

#86 Christmas Meat And Cheese Plate + Wine

Image credits: andysom25

#87 I’m Somewhat Known At My Company For Baking Cakes For People. My Boss Asked Me To Make One For The Xmas Party But I’ll Be On Leave. I Still Wanted Him To Know Exactly What I Think Of Him

Image credits: reddit.com

#88 Tried To Make A Jennie O Turkey Breast. I Didn’t Know Turkey Could Come Out As Goo. ? Replaced It With Chicken Tenders For Xmas Dinner

Image credits: quite-indubitably

#89 Xmas Morning Breakfast!!

Image credits: dabaooo

#90 Xmas Tortilla (X-Post R/Pics) (Op)

Image credits: LegacyZXT

#91 Happy Holidays

Image credits: DaydreamsAreNotMeds

#92 Raw Beef And Onion Santa From The Holiday Party At A Bar Near My House

Image credits: DudeFoods

#93 Gourmet Decorative Tootsie Cabin For The Holidays

Image credits: squaleganouche

#94 Christmas Eve Feast When You’re Working Second Shift In A Korean Academy… ?

Image credits: littlebit87

#95 My Grandma Made This Disgusting Scrambled Egg Looking Lemon Cake After Christmas Dinner

Image credits: lilmeow-meow

#96 Home Alone Xmas Ribeye. Only Set The Fire Alarm Off Once!

Image credits: wallmonitor

#97 Thought You Guys Might Like My Friends Rather “Overdone” Xmas Turkey

Image credits: rupert9bear

#98 Junk Food On Xmas Party

Image credits: bbfy

#99 I Splurge On Xmas Eve

Image credits: Awesome_Otter

#100 My Xmas Morn Breakfast: Reheated Frijoles Mixed With Creamy Enchilada Sauce

Image credits: LoverDeadly

#101 Cross Section Of Xmas Frosting And Cake

Image credits: reddit.com

#102 Merry Xmas Reddit! From Our Snowman To Yours

Image credits: SmellsLikeBootFeet

#103 Vegan Holiday Roast

Image credits: thekcslacker

#104 Our Family’s Traditional Christmas Breakfast: Pickled Pork, Bread Soaked In Pickled Pork Juice, Oranges, Shot Of Gin

Image credits: K_Lobstah

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