105 Inspiring Pics From People Who Lost So Much Weight They’re Virtually Unrecognizable (New Pics)

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) reported that nearly 1 in 3 US adults are overweight. More than 2 in 5 adults have obesity. Meanwhile, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost half (49.1 percent) of adults have made an effort to lose weight.

If you have been struggling with weight and its management, you know how frustrating the journey can be. For many people, it feels like a path where one step forward is two steps backwards. And don’t even mention these articles with “10 tricks” that will help bust your belly fat or promises about magic diet pills and potions. Anyone who’s been there seriously will tell you it’s a lie.

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The real challenge of weight loss lies within yourself. The people who have successfully done it showcased an incredible inner strength and the most powerful will one can imagine.

So to celebrate them for changing their lives and showing us all that everything’s possible, we wrapped up a selection of the most astonishing before and after weight loss pics. After you’re done, more inspiration awaits here and here.

#1 In Who Cares News I’ve Lost 183 Pounds Over The Last 18 Months So That’s Cool I Guess

Image credits: MattMakesMeSick

#2 I’ve Been Over 220 Pounds Since 5th Grade. I Started IF In January 2020 And For The First Time In My Life, I Weigh 160

Image credits: mrsjhev1

#3 Lost 200 Pounds During Covid. Today I Completed A Half Marathon

Image credits: FatherVic

To find out more about living with and battling eating disorders, a while ago, Bored Panda reached out to Nuno, the UKAT Head of Treatment, who shared some very useful insights into the complex mind of a person with an eating disorder. According to Nuno, eating disorders can manifest in a variety of different ways for different people.

“For some, it is about controlling or limiting food, but for others, it is to consume large amounts of food. This—coupled with a sedentary lifestyle—leads to weight gain, which has mood-altering side effects like depression,” Nuno told us.

#4 350 Lbs To 190 Lbs. Maintaining, No Skin Removal As Of Yet. These Are My Old Favorite Pants

Image credits: virgggo

#5 I’m Down 100 Pounds

Image credits: dlv1186

#6 From 534 Lbs To 214 Lbs In 4 Years

I think this picture accurately depicts that change takes time. My nephew is a good example in this picture. He didn’t wake up one morning and grow into the size he is now. It took time. You are not going to just wake up at your goal, it’s gonna take time. Embrace it.

Image credits: dusty_lost_300lbs

In order to understand the brain with an eating disorder, it’s important to recognize the fact that there is an incredibly powerful link between food and mood. “It can often overcome a person’s everyday life, in the same way that an unhealthy relationship with drugs or alcohol can, and just like an addiction to substances, the only way out is to address and treat the root cause of the problem,” he told my colleague Jonas previously.

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Nuno argues that one and probably the best way to alter the negative link between ‘food and mood’ is to exercise. “Exercising releases endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in the brain and body. Finding any way to move your body if you’re struggling with weight and your mental health will bring huge advantages,” he explained.

#7 Lost 200 Pounds In A Year. Just Did The 20:4 Fast And Walked ~5km Every Day (360 Lbs To 160 Lbs)

Image credits: FoxyRadical2

#8 251 Lbs To 186 Lbs Weight Loss Progress

Image credits: Sag_Alexis

#9 350 Lbs To 180 Lbs. Loose Skin Is Hard And The Journey Hasn’t Been Easy But I’m Living In Ways I Couldn’t Before. Healthier And Stronger

Image credits: virgggo

For some people, food becomes much more than its initial purpose of giving us the energy we need to do daily activities. For some, food becomes an all-consuming obsession. A significant body of research found that food addiction involves the same areas of the brain as drug addiction. According to Kris Gunnars, a nutrition expert and founder of Authority Nutrition, the same neurotransmitters are involved, and many of the symptoms are identical.

#10 235 Lbs To 120 Lbs. A Little Over A Year Of Progress – I Don’t Even Recognize Myself Sometimes

Image credits: MarshmallowMorgasaur

#11 Waited Almost 2 Years For This Moment. I Am Literally Half The Person I Once Was; 330 Lbs To 165 Lbs. Goals Crushed, Time For More

Image credits: unholyg0at

#12 The One Where I Felt Unworthy vs. The One Where I Started Loving Myself

Image credits: _dietcokehead_

The research has shown that processed junk foods have a powerful effect on the reward centers of the brain. These effects are caused by brain neurotransmitters like dopamine. The most addiction-prone foods include typical junk foods like candy, sugary soda, and high-fat fried foods.

What’s interesting to note is that researchers agree that food addiction is not caused by a lack of willpower, but they believe it is caused by a dopamine signal that affects the biochemistry of the brain.

#13 Sitting On The Dock Losing Weight

Image credits: Thehitmonliam

#14 445+ To 225 Pounds. 10 More Pounds For My Goal Weight. 6 Year Journey

Image credits: JZsoldje

#15 100 Lbs Gone! 270 Lbs To 165 Lbs. I Got Tired Of Being The Fat Little Sister

Image credits: Hazorb33

#16 Down 175 Lbs From Feb 2019 Using IF, Keto. Maintaining Since Summer 2020 But Body Composition Continues To Change

Image credits: Wobbiesaurus

#17 Everyone Else Has Been Sharing Their Progress So Here’s Mine. I Went From 306 Pounds (139 Kg) In March 2020 To 140 Pounds (63.5 Kg) Today

Image credits: Agreenleaf5

#18 Started From 275 Lbs, Now It’s 198 Lbs. 77 Lbs Lost. 43-Year-Old To 53-Year-Old – The Decade I Saved My Life

Image credits: NedCOMO

#19 460 Lbs To 225 Lbs. Lost 235 Lbs In 16 Months

Image credits: fbhw4life

#20 From Aug 20 With 296 Lbs To March 27 With 210. Starting Weight Was 330, December 2019

Started dieting back in August and am down almost 90 pounds since, 120 since my max weight. I do 16:8 IF, eat 1500 kCal, lift 5 days a week, and jog 3 days a week!

Image credits: IOnlyFavoriteAesthetics

#21 11 Months In, No Cheat Days, 140 Lbs Down, 31 Days To Go

Image credits: mycatisnamedemmie

#22 These Pictures Were Taken At The Same Restaurant, But About 2 Years Apart. He’s Lost 90 Lbs And I’ve Lost 135 Lbs

We wanted to be healthy so we could grow old gracefully together, and be around as long as possible for our kids. So grateful for this journey with my best friend.

Image credits: aworsh

#23 From 190 To 129 Lbs. I Used To Be Afraid Of Having Short Hair Because Of The Weight In My Face. Today, I Said Goodbye To The Old Me And Embraced My New Life

Image credits: karlbarxalot

#24 The Pic On The Left Was Exactly 3 Years Ago. When I Was The Best Man At My Buddy’s Wedding. I Was Close To 600 Lbs. Around 230 Lbs Now

Image credits: Rickle37

#25 How 2021 Started vs. How It’s Going

Image credits: myanusisbleeding1991

#26 Never Thought I Would Look Forward To Stepping On The Scale And I Never Thought I Had A Jawline Until Now. Yay IF

Image credits: SponsoredbyRanch

#27 From 98 Kg To 71 Kg I Lost In 2.5 Years. Best Thing I Did With Myself

Image credits: ig-pryshgr

#28 I Lost Weight! I’ve Lost 260 Lbs Throughout My Journey

Image credits: fatherkriss

#29 After 10 Years On This Journey, I Finally Made It To My Goal Of 100 Lbs Lost

32F, 5’3″, 214 > 114.

Image credits: digitalambie

#30 425 Lbs To 150 Lbs. 3 Years Between Pictures. Summer Always Makes Me Think About How Far I’ve Come

Image credits: erikabeebee

#31 Feeling Incredibly Proud Of How Far I’ve Come And Looking Forward To Continuing This Fitness Journey

202lbs/92kg -> 125lbs/57kg = 77lbs/35kg lost. 24F, 5’0.

Image credits: RevolutionaryRiver7

#32 Celebrating 50 Pounds Lost! Most Days I Am Doing OMAD, But I Don’t Sweat It If I Happen To Eat A Second Or Even Third Meal. Another 40-50 To Go For Next Year

IF is honestly the easiest way I’ve found to lose weight – and I get to be lazy and cook less, seriously a win-win.

Image credits: HelenOfChoy

#33 Officially 100 Lbs Down From My Highest Weight As Of Today. September 2020. April 2021. August 2021

Image credits: blamcomacandcheese

#34 Lost 163 Lbs Throwing Hay Bales, Pulling Frozen Pallets Every Day For 15 Miles, Working At A Sawmill, And Shoveling Snow. If You Wanna Lose Weight, Get A Physical Job

Image credits: CapTainNipSac

#35 After Almost Exactly 1 And A Half Years I Have Lost 150 Lbs And I Couldn’t Be Happier. I Still Have A Bit To Go Before I Get To Where I Want To Be

Image credits: EndlessColor

#36 Down From 300 Lbs To 173 Lbs In 18 Months

Image credits: TasteOfNoise

#37 I’ve Lost The Average American Male In Weight! Highest Weight 527 Lbs In August 2020. 327 Lbs Today

Image credits: RateNXS

#38 140 Lbs Lost And 8 months Of HRT Made Me Into Myself For The First Time

Image credits: Scion0442

#39 Face Gains Pic. 230 Lbs Down To 170 Lbs

Image credits: salliehatchett

#40 334 Lbs – 152 Lbs. 15 Months Of CICO And Training Hard. Pretty Much At Goal And Now Learning The Ins And Outs Of Maintenance

Image credits: genericfemale8

#41 230 Lbs Gone Without Surgery

395 lbs>165 lbs=230 lbs. 38F, 5’4.

Image credits: famaya0511

#42 410 Lbs To 202 Lbs, Lost 208 Lbs In 2,5 Years. Mission Accomplished

Image credits: DoubleBruinNate

#43 My Wife’s Incredible Weight Loss Journey, Words Cannot Possibly Describe How Proud I Am Of Her

Image credits: rjbriggs26

#44 From 286 Lbs To 143 Lbs. IF 16/8, Cut Calories To Between 1200 And 1500 Daily And Walking Several Miles A Day. I’m Half The Man I Used To Be, I Finally Did It

Image credits: willow01

#45 370 Lbs To 170 Lbs. Same Bathroom, Different Girl

Image credits: bananaclaws

#46 10.5 Months Of Face Gains. Start Weight 356 Lbs, Current Weight 197 Lbs. Couldn’t Wait For The 1 Year Anniversary

Image credits: Leg0builder

#47 My Pandemic Weight Loss Progress (155 Lbs). Finally Comfortable Shirtless, It’s A Big Win For Me

Image credits: unholyg0at

#48 From 195 Lbs To 130 Lbs. Lost 65 Lbs. Loving That Post-Break Up Weight Loss

Image credits: makalo410

#49 I Don’t Have Anyone To Celebrate With But I Lost 50+ Lbs In The Last Year

Image credits: thwackity

#50 From 230 Lbs To 148 Lbs. I Lost 82 Lbs. Maintained For Two Years. Getting My Loose Skin Removal Surgery In Two Months As An Early 30th Birthday Gift To Myself

Image credits: compscilady

#51 Face Gains From Losing 300 Lbs (485 vs. 180)

Image credits: fatherkriss

#52 (380 Lbs To 199 Lbs, Lost 181 Lbs) Exactly Three Years Ago Today With The Same Skirt

Image credits: reddit.com

#53 301 Lbs To 150 Lbs. 151 Lbs Weight Loss In 1 Year

Image credits: Juengste

#54 5 Years Of Face Gains, 115 Lbs Down

Image credits: nxcxle

#55 (290 To 165, Lost 125 Lbs In 26 Months) “Calories In, Calories Out” Based Diet. Slow And Steady And Now Maintenance Mode

Image credits: solo2070

#56 (290 To 165, Lost 125 Lbs Overall) These Are My Pre And Post Pandemic Work Badge Photos

Image credits: kikimageecm

#57 I Saw Others Share Their Transformations So I Thought Why Not. 79 Kg/174,2 Lbs Weight Loss. Started At 190 Kg Now 111 Kg

Image credits: Flixmoli

#58 Just Wanted To See What Would Happen When I Didn’t Quit. 623 Days From A To B

Image credits: breeseyb

#59 160 Lbs Lost! Resolutions Can Actually Work

Image credits: NO_ITS_TOO_SEXY

#60 Me At 15 And Me About To Turn 22. Lost About 100 Lbs Since Then

Image credits: Hunterc12345

#61 I Gained My Chin Back

Image credits: Zoamania25

#62 She Did It

Image credits: Auxxit

#63 146 Kg To 74 Kg. 72 Kg Weight Loss Progress Of 9 Months. From Depressed And Struggling, Back To The Sports I Love And Loving Life. You Can Make The Change

Image credits: pamm7315

#64 This Last Bit Is A Grind But Intermittent Fasting Works: I’ve Lost 136 Lbs. Stick With It If You’re Just Starting Out, You’ll See The Results

Image credits: Chanel___Oberlin

#65 300 Lbs To 187 Lbs. Similar Shirt, Completely Different Face. Old Pic Is From 2018. Really Amazing What The Human Body Is Capable Of

Image credits: radiant-pickle

#66 222 Lbs > 132 Lbs = 90 Lbs, 13 Months. 57F, 5’5″

Image credits: Brockels

#67 Start Weight 325 Lbs, Current Weight 235, Goal Weight 190. This Is The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done For Myself

Image credits: Ashwasherexo

#68 Started At 403 Lbs, Now I’m 263 Lbs. Life Gets Better

Image credits: Alternative-Ad-7905

#69 The 150 Day Dress Challenge – With Almost 50 Lbs Down

Image credits: browndahlia92

#70 I Bought My First Bike One Year Ago Today

Image credits: midwestasallheck

#71 360 Lbs To 200 Lbs (Down 160 Lbs In 16 Months). Learning To Love Myself More Throughout My Weight Loss Journey

Image credits: Thryloz

#72 14 Years Later, 140 Pounds Down And Kept Off For A Few Years

Image credits: TheDeek

#73 From 260 Lbs To 167 Lbs. Motivation Is What Got Me Started. Discipline Is What Kept Me On Track

Image credits: ShogunRx8

#74 From 320 Lbs To 192 Lbs. I Lost 128 Lbs In 1 Year And 5 Months. Only 12 Lbs To Go Until I’ve Reached My First Major Goal

Image credits: itstrashbb

#75 310 To 179 So Far With 16:8 Plus Keto And Working Out 5-6 Days A Week. Majority Of The Weight Loss Is From February This Year To Now. Anyone Can Do It! I Believe In You

Image credits: Th3Kingslay3r

#76 From 240 Lbs To 185 Lbs, 55 Lbs Lost In 8 Months. Weight Loss Has Slowed Significantly As I’ve Recently Been Battling The Onset Of Seizures And The Discovery Of A Heart Defect

But these health issues don’t define me and they definitely won’t keep me from achieving my goals.

Image credits: melissakate8

#77 Finally Achieved My Goal Of Losing 100 Pounds! Such A Great Feeling Finally, So Glad I Stuck With It. Started At 265 Lbs, Now It’s 163 Lbs

Image credits: Jennifer3120

#78 It’s My Birthday Today And I Gave Myself The Fittest Version Of Myself This Year

Image credits: amicingtotravel

#79 Just Happy To Be Where I Am

Image credits: _dietcokehead_

#80 235 Lbs – 165 Lbs. Teenage Me vs. Adult Me

Image credits: 1995vb1995

#81 430 Lbs To 238 Lbs. 16 Months Of Keto, IF, And Therapy

Image credits: emerald_avenger

#82 15 Months

Image credits: thecocainesmellsgood

#83 Same Shirt – One Year And Roughly 80 Lbs Apart. Total Lost: 98 Lbs Since Jan 2021

Image credits: reddit.com

#84 150 Pounds Down Over 1 Year Of CICO Guess You Can Say I’m Making Progress

Image credits: cff91

#85 From 306 Lbs To 181 Lbs. I Lost 125 Lbs In 18 Months With Low Carb Diet And IF. Now In Maintenance Mode For 3 Years

Image credits: kevingendreau

#86 11 Months Into My Journey

Not feeling as motivated lately so just been sorta maintaining for the last couple of months, which has proven difficult as well! Nonetheless, I’ve come a long way, and where I am is better than where I was. (220 lbs to 146 lbs, lost 74 lbs)

Image credits: _dietcokehead_

#87 On 17/02/2021 I Weighed In At 280 Lbs (127 Kg), Now I Weighed In At 180 Lbs (81.6 Kg). Although I May Not Look It, I Am Extremely Happy Now That I’m Getting My Life Together

Image credits: Cubs500

#88 For My 37th Birthday I Decided To Start Taking Care Of Myself. Six Months Progress

Image credits: ChrisE13579

#89 180 Lbs Weight Loss Face Difference. Kinda Hard To Believe That Was Me At One Point

Image credits: katelynnfoxx

#90 This Absolute Weight Loss. Lost Over 300 Lbs

Image credits: Kronyzx

#91 60 Pounds Down. Black Coffee Is The Breakfast Of Champions (IF, 16-8)

Image credits: PEN-15-CLUB

#92 I Started My Fasting Journey At Age 16 (Left, 215 Lbs) When I Became Miserable With How I Looked. Right Is Current At Age 27 And 165 Pounds. I Am 5’10

Since then I have used IF on and off to lower and maintain my weight. 

Image credits: slicedgreenolive

#93 About 3 Months Of OMAD And Walking Daily

Image credits: 4sianjim

#94 IF Is It Y’all – Stick With Your Journey! 314 Lbs To 190 Lbs

Image credits: jwhite114

#95 2 Years Ago I Made It My Initial Goal To Reach 180 Pounds, And 170 Pounds Later I Did What I Thought Was Impossible For Myself. The Journey Continues – Next Goal: 160 Lbs

Image credits: captainpringless

#96 I Found A Before Picture I’d Never Seen Before. I Was Already 30 Lbs Down. 127 Lbs Difference Overall

Image credits: fadedstreetlight

#97 A Weight-Loss Journey That Made Me Lose 50 Kg Since 2019. I Began At 105 Kg Arriving Finally To 55 Kg

Sometimes I still feel like before, I’m just gonna work a bit on my mind till I feel good again. 

Image credits: AngelicaDacia

#98 The Difference In Confidence Alone. Start Weight 200 Lbs, Current Weight 140 Lbs, Goal Weight 120 Lbs

Image credits: PlaneInvestigator962

#99 Getting Closer To The Finish Line. Most Of My Clothes Are Just Oversized Loungewear These Days. 2021 To 2022, 235 Lbs To 167 Lbs. My Goal Weight Is 150 Lbs

Image credits: Accomplished-Sir-872

#100 Almost There. Start Weight 206 Lbs, Current Weight 143 Lbs, Goal Weight 135 Lbs

Image credits: Cultural-Program-393

#101 Seven Month Progress Update (Oct 2021 – May 2022)

Image credits: likmybunghole

#102 Two Years, A Lifetime Difference

Went from dirty keto, to strict 20 total carb keto, to clean whole foods keto, to now a mostly carnivore eating plan. Have lost more weight than I currently weigh a total of 264 lbs. Still working on dropping the quarter-ton mindset.

Image credits: KetoGumby

#103 301 To 190 Over The Summer

Image credits: kyslovely

#104 150 Lbs (68 Kgs) Down In Just Over A Year (I Started On 2nd September 2020). No Surgery. Diet And Exercise And Commitment. Trust The Process. I Have About 15-20 Lbs To Go

Image credits: genericfemale8

#105 Keto Mostly. 200 Pounds Down. Used To Be 440 Pounds But Now Currently 238

Image credits: JZsoldje

#106 Lost 200 Pounds In A Year. Just Did The 20:4 Fast And Walked ~5km Every Day (360 Lbs To 160 Lbs)

Source: boredpanda.com

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