105 Of The Dumbest Things Americans Have Ever Posted Online

In the world of social media, you’ll occasionally stumble upon a gem that makes you laugh and facepalm simultaneously at the situation. Today’s topic also revolves around that but from an American’s perspective on certain things. What sort of things you might be thinking? Well, think of something along the lines of English spelling that twists the American mind into a flurry of confusion at times. The British “realise” with an ‘s’ might just as well be a whole new language for some.

Oh, and clocks, those ticking conundrums, which, apparently, in Europe, have evolved beyond the need for numbers… Some Americans might gaze in bafflement at that, wondering if the Europeans have a special temporal sixth sense. And well, well, well, who could forget the heated debates over Celsius and Fahrenheit? “Boiling water at 100 degrees? Surely not!” Only to be gently nudged towards the revelation that temperature, like tea preferences, varies greatly from one side of the Atlantic to the other.

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The said cultural differences have clearly turned into a form of amusing content, spawning memes that travel faster than the speed of light—or should we say the speed of ‘misunderstandings going viral’?

#1 A True Patriot

Image credits: Weslii

#2 Because The English Language Comes From America

Image credits: EliasMihael

#3 Celsius, Pennsylvania. Duh

Image credits: Adorable-Ad-902

#4 Hope Y’all Are Enjoying Those Gas Prices

Image credits: lamb-chopz

#5 European vs. US Party System

Image credits: HansWolken

#6 An American In London

Image credits: LibertyCapping1

#7 It’s Well Known That 5/4 People Have Problems With Fractions

Image credits: zulqarnain_ch

#8 They Are Never Foreign, Because The Whole World Is ‘Murica

Image credits: ricobeanz

#9 Middle Hemisphere

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Image credits: J_empty

#10 I’m At A Loss For Words With This One

Image credits: JSkillet28

#11 Two Types Of Nations: Those Who Use Metric, And Those Who Went To The Moon

Image credits: alexho66

#12 For Reference, Longitude Is A Music Festival In Ireland And The Drinking Age Here Is 18

Image credits: reddit.com

#13 It Should Have 52 Stars Not 1

Image credits: modshave2muchpower

#14 I Would Have Answered Him In Light-Years Since It’s A Unit Recognised By Everyone

Image credits: Klutzy_Gear

#15 Travels To A Country In Another Continent, But Expects To Find The Same Brands That Are In The US

Image credits: Borgenschatz

#16 Clean Hands For Sure Will Heal Broken Bones

Image credits: JustADemomain

#17 On One Side – Single Digit. On The Other Side – Wacky Numbers, All With Lots Of Extra Numbers At The End

Image credits: reddit.com

#18 Person Forgets That Not Everyone Is American

Image credits: Doggo_Epik

#19 America Is Old

Image credits: Movie_Advance_101

#20 The Entitlement Of Some Of These Tourists

Image credits: 0xLynkos

#21 Spain Doesn’t Exist, It Is A State Of Mind

Image credits: kingofkonfiguration

#22 Europe Is My Favorite Country

Image credits: rode__16

#23 Mount Everest Has Relocated To South Dakota

Image credits: KlassyKlutz

#24 Queen Is America’s Answer To The UK Beatles

Image credits: MaxQ50

#25 Just Wait Until They Realise That GPU And CPU Temperatures Are Measured In C And Not F

Image credits: ViolatorOfVirgins

#26 I Posted A Picture About A River In The Country Georgia, And This Person Had A Lot To Say

Image credits: whitebathingsuit

#27 American Flag

Image credits: Alleasa

#28 Some Responses By Americans On A Reel, Where Comedian Michael McIntyre Was Joking About The Differences Between US English And UK English During An Interview

Image credits: reddit.com

#29 The Greatest You Say?

Image credits: zenmondo

#30 The Good Old Universal “British Accent”

Image credits: actually-bulletproof

#31 Do Italians Drive To Malta To Fill Up Their Tanks?

Image credits: CreepyLP

#32 American Jesus

Image credits: Chuckadoolah

#33 Spain In Pain

Image credits: scndaccount112

#34 Americans Thinking Ethnicities Have Different Stats Like This Is A Video Game

Image credits: Kochga

#35 He Is Right. We Have Parking Meters And Water Meters, But We Also Have Meters As In The Length

Image credits: SkyCole123

#36 Big Brain

Image credits: reddit.com

#37 Americans Love To Flip-Flop Between Claiming That Their Country Is The Greatest On Earth, And Claiming That They Actually Come From Somewhere Else

Image credits: fibiotics

#38 Not Everybody Is American

Image credits: WarPigs1970

#39 Wait Until They Hear About Canada

Image credits: thespian-lesbian

#40 Just Wait Until He Tries To Charge His Phone And Realizes Plugs Are Different There Too

Image credits: tr_tinkerbell

#41 Ah Yes, Boredom. The Resolving Factor In All Wars

Image credits: KEEMSTAR

#42 Doesn’t Make Sense For Smaller Countries To Be Divided Into States, Since They Are Already The Size Of A State

Image credits: Archerymaister

#43 Cursed Flag

Image credits: ruler_of_the_bleach

#44 On A Post Comparing US And UK Fanta

Image credits: Borgenschatz

#45 In The Comments Of A Video About Americans Being Bad At Geography

Image credits: Orange_Hedgie

#46 Don’t You Just Love It When Someone Tries To Correct Your Already Correct Spelling

Image credits: ANotDisneyAuthor

#47 “Our Music Is By Far Superior”

Image credits: EvelKros

#48 I’m From Ireland And Hearing Someone Call Munster A County Just Makes Me Cringe

Image credits: scubasteve254

#49 Just Love How US Is The Center Of Everything

Image credits: TheDude4pee

#50 The “This Is The Internet, Not America” Moment

Image credits: iFoegot

#51 America Is Really Obsessed With People’s Race, Why Even Comment On The Person’s Skin At All

Image credits: ivory_ghostt

#52 Gotta Love It When You Back Them Into A Corner So They End Up Just Straight Lying

Image credits: Unwoven_Sleeve

#53 This Comment On A Video Explaining Why European Road System Is Better

Image credits: NagaToroLoli

#54 Wouldn’t Be Surprised If US Had Corn Syrup In Their Tap Water

Image credits: CleavageCrumbs

#55 On A Post About Someone Selling Something For 1000 Francs / 1035 US Dollars On Facebook. French Francs Were Gone Years Before Facebook Was Invented

Image credits: Salazard260

#56 Comment Section Of A Sunscreen Ad

Image credits: BetterBagelBabe

#57 The Worst Possible Outcome Of This Situation Is The Population Becoming More Highly Educated

Image credits: ebinovic

#58 In America, 42% Is The Majority

Image credits: Linkalee64

#59 They Are In The Confused State

Image credits: stephnick99

#60 Wow, This Is A Whole New Level

Image credits: Bongemperor

#61 An Interesting One

Image credits: RebekahWriter

#62 Whala

Image credits: couldaspongedothis

#63 I Guess Aztecs Are Not Native To The Americas

Image credits: Hamsty1989

#64 He Made That Argument Yet He Can’t Even Speak His Own Language Properly

Image credits: Mini_the_Wulf

#65 Comment On Yorkshire Pudding vs. American Popover Reel. Love How British English Is The Hillbilly Dialect

Image credits: Adventurous_Tax_2165

#66 Texas Is Bigger Than Everything

Image credits: Ok_Preference_8001

#67 Actually, Everywhere But America Drinks Beer Warm

Image credits: Lovecr4ft

#68 Superior Intellect Separates Me From The Rest

Image credits: LordNoddy

#69 What Are They Cooking That They Have To Use Micrograms?

Image credits: Borgenschatz

#70 Only English Comments, Please

Image credits: mikethepilot0

#71 Such Ignorant Comment

Quick reminder that 1 CHF is worth 1.15 USD.

Image credits: pocak888888

#72 Comments On A Video About An American Living In Australia And Telling Other Americans To Educate Themselves

Image credits: are_beans

#73 America Is #1 In Population Per Capita

Image credits: Tig21

#74 A Woman (Red) Commented This On A Post About A 2-Year-Old Girl Currently Dying Of A Super Rare Cancer

Image credits: MasterBiscuit8008

#75 I Found This Dude Saying That Native Americans Are Illegal Immigrants. This Is A New Level

Image credits: astrvmnauta

#76 Those Must Be Some Pretty Sketchy Sources

Image credits: l1qmaballs

#77 Only The US Has Any Claim To The Word “America”

Image credits: Mouse-r4t

#78 This Idea That People Don’t Round Up When Talking Casually Just Doesn’t Make Sense. Nobody Would Say “I Walked 4.8 Km” Unless That Information Is Somehow Relevant

Image credits: teoferrazzi

#79 They Have A Way Of Simplifying Things By Reducing Everything To America. It’s Hard To Not Respect

Image credits: thomas_violence

#80 Just Because I’m Italian And French, I’m Supposed To Know The Language?

Image credits: rafalemurian

#81 Lucky For Me, I Live In The United States Of America

Image credits: sirSosig

#82 This Smart American Guy’s Opinion On Ireland’s Free Healthcare. Invoking Slave Labor As An Explanation Is Ridiculous

Image credits: IntoTheWildLife

#83 Everyone Has An Accent

Image credits: Borgenschatz

#84 Guy Can’t Immediately Find American Flag Emoji And Gets Mad Thinking Apple Ditched It, Only To Be Told He Didn’t Scroll Far Enough

Image credits: Guarantee-Popular

#85 In Scotland, There Are No Rights Or Personal Freedom Like In America

Image credits: TheAdmiralDong

#86 Found In The Wild On A Documentary About Ancient Celts On YouTube

The original poster posted that they are descended from Irish celts, somebody replied that they must be American. This person replied with this gem. I suppose we Europeans, who are still here, are the weaklings.

Image credits: stardew__dreams

#87 If There’s That Many “Misspellings” You’d Think You’d Start To Wonder If Just, Perhaps, A Different Version Of English Is Being Used

Image credits: Match_Least

#88 Would Love To Hear Their Reason For This

Image credits: Bellringer00

#89 Country Has Existed For Just Under 250 Years, And They Think They’re Responsible For 90% Of The World’s Advancements?

Image credits: KatnyaP

#90 They Always Compare Canadian Money To Monopoly Money

Image credits: reddit.com

#91 “I’m Not Actually From France, But I’m Sure I Understand The Language Better Than You!” (For The Record, Yellow Is French While Red And Green Are From The US)

Image credits: Lost_in_the_Library

#92 On A Post About Italian-Americans Using The Figure Of Columbus To Integrate In The US

Image credits: Salazard260

#93 “Real English Is The American English And British English Is Just A Dialect”

Image credits: Arta_Dratista

#94 I Always Enjoy Seeing Americans Display Their Prowess In The Field Of Geography

Image credits: Sniper_96_

#95 Florida And Oregon Still Speak The Same Language, Good Luck Understanding Finns If You Are Italian

Image credits: runrunrudolf

#96 USA Is The Only Country In The Americas

Image credits: b00tsc00ter

#97 He Even Says It Right And Still Gets It Wrong. We Live In The “Americas”, Plural, These Two Continents Are Not Just “America”, And “North America” Is Also Not Just “America”

Image credits: TitaniumGreen

#98 Oxford. Worse Than A Community College

Community College sounds like a great thing in the US, particularly due to the costs of higher education. But thinking that CC is better than the second best university in the world is delusional.

Image credits: Disastrous_End7444

#99 Apparently Writing Your Name In Capital Letters Turns You Into A Different Person

Image credits: PixelPervert

#100 Can It Be Measured By Euro?

Image credits: faja_can_you_hear_me

#101 Clearly Well Travelled Patriot Comments On The Discussion Of Ice In Water

Image credits: Lateinthegame-

#102 “Europeans Will Never Get To Experience Having Grown Men Yell At The Screen Like They’re Coaching The Team Watching Football”

Image credits: J-TownVsTheCity

#103 Thinking Is Critical

Image credits: paperxthinxreality

#104 Thinking That The Metric System Is Just For Scientist And That The US Customary System Is Purpose-Driven

Image credits: ummm_no__

#105 Just A Reminder Not To Take Your American Freedom For Granted

Image credits: mashedpurrtatoes

#106 On A Sunscreen Ad’s Comment Section

#107 Big Brain Time

#108 The Weak Ones

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