105 Times People Spotted The Opposite Of Bad Design And Shared It On This Online Group

Nobody gets surprised by jerk designs anymore. Those are everywhere, from face creams to cereal boxes, and the long time favorite offender—bags of chips, which are known for their conspiracy to sell air, ‘cause why wouldn’t they throw just a tiny bit more inside?!

But believe it or not, the internet’s got a fair share of evidence that the very opposite of jerk design exists. In fact, there’s a whole subreddit dedicated to examples of “design that benefits the user at the expense of the company.”

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You heard it right, sometimes brands and companies can truly come up with solutions that show they do care about the people who use them. And no, there’s no irony there! So scroll down to see the best of anti-jerk designs spotted by eagle-eyed people who just had to share them online.

#1 Found In The Ladies Restroom

Image credits: discozap

#2 This Is Amazing

Image credits: oicutey

#3 This Toilet Paper Roll Contains A Mini Paper Roll To Carry With You, Instead Of An Hollow Carbord Roll!

Image credits: Dearisneth

#4 An Easy Way To Ask The Company To Repair Wheels

Image credits: DerBruh

#5 Don’t Know If This Fits Here

Image credits: reddit.com

#6 My Local Shopping Centre Has A Special Time Where The Entire Building Is Autism Friendly

Image credits: Hazzardroid13

#7 When Tesla Has Common Sense

Image credits: Tempora9359

#8 This Bottle That Is Designed To Use All The Liquid On It

Image credits: reddit.com

#9 The Strings On This Fan Show Which String Does What

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: G0pherholes

#10 My New Sheets Have Tags On Each Side That Either Says “Side” Or “Top Or Bottom”

Image credits: ckm1996

#11 Save The Turtles

Image credits: CMuhunthan

#12 If You Try To Enter The Antivax Subreddit It Brings A Detailed Warning About The Misinformation You Might Find

Image credits: Alejo160

#13 Tinder Is Having Your Back When The Government Doesn’t

Image credits: Squatyslav

#14 Legos Explains

Image credits: gary_twn

#15 This Milk Bottle Shows You How Much Milk Is Still Inside

Image credits: MoonSoup42

#16 Clothes Company Puts Options For Multiple Owners On Childrens Coats

Image credits: izo_bel

#17 The Dyslexie Font

Image credits: DaHazardous1

#18 China’s Largest E-Commerce Company Uses Its Boxes As Flyers For Missing Persons

Image credits: mrchaotica

#19 Sauce Warning

Image credits: reddit.com

#20 These Business Cards Have Braille On Them As Well As Printed Text!

Image credits: dootmouse

#21 Bought A Box Of Screws – It Came With The Bit Needed To Put Them In

Image credits: Andy_XB

#22 The Books At The Bottom Are Flipped At An Angle You Don’t Have To Bend Down To See

Image credits: SirChiefsLot

#23 This Metal Slide Is Water Cooled So It Doesn’t Burn Kids In The Summer

Image credits: Rhysaralc

#24 Appropriate Soap For Before Or After You Eat

Image credits: supercoincidence

#25 This Men’s Room In Quebec City Has A Door Opener So You Don’t Have To Touch The Handle

Image credits: CannableNectar

#26 Yearbook Picture With A Gap To Avoid Lost In Binding

Image credits: reditt461

#27 This Note Says Everyone That Handled My Food Did Not Have A Fever And Has Their Full Names

Image credits: Radiskull97

#28 This Rite-Aid Has A Magnifier So You Can Read The Labels On The Medicine

Image credits: reddit.com

#29 My Bike Seat Is Also A Bike Pump

Image credits: dapo64

#30 T-Shirt Size Mentioned On The Hanger Stem Itself. No Need To Check Every T-Shirts To Find The Correct Size

Image credits: cpaigis9

#31 Remember This When Walking Your Pets

Image credits: evanishei

#32 Design That Prevents Assholes From Creating New Accounts

Image credits: Ondrashek06

#33 I Heard You Guys Like This Stuff

Image credits: AvatarOfYoutube

#34 These Squeaky Kids Shoes Have A Switch To Turn Off The Squeaking

Image credits: Jayrandomer

#35 During The Pandemic, This Feels So Much Safer Than Using The Normal Buttons

Image credits: TheGamer82060

#36 The Cap Of This Apple Juice Bottle Has An Engraved Arrow, Which Indicates The Direction Of Rotation To Open It

Image credits: 2312micha

#37 This Wine Label With Braille

Image credits: PloxtTY

#38 These Anti As**ole Christmas Lights That Tell You What Each Setting Is So You Don’t Have To Just Guess

Image credits: mistjenkins

#39 My Doctor’s Office Spreading Info About Vaccination Targeted Toward Antivaxxers

Image credits: SoughtAir

#40 Contextual Advice, In Case You’re Like Me And Always Assumed It Would Stay Fresher If You Left The Foil Partially Attached So You Could Re-Cover It When Putting The Lid Back On

Image credits: ecdolive

#41 This Alarm Which Saved Me A Frantic Call To My Boss Tomorrow

Image credits: comet-dog

#42 Let’s All Think Back To Middle School (Or Any Other Time) And Think About How Great It Would’ve Been To Have This Instead Of Needing To Muster The Courage To Ask Someone

Image credits: Grey531

#43 Costco’s Glove Boxes Have Size Charts On The Side To Get The Best Size To Fit Your Hand

Image credits: j3asan101

#44 Gmail Will Detect If You Wanted To Attach A File Based On The Content Of Your Email, And Warn You If You Haven’t Attached It

Image credits: JohnKSunder

#45 In The Process Of Helping Someone Move, I Found This Baggy With A Spare Battery In It. I’ve Got No Idea What It Goes To, But It’s Pretty Nice Of Them To Include It!

Image credits: LoganJn

#46 My TV Mount Has A Spirit Level Attached To It

Image credits: taylor_bradle08

#47 This Packaging Has A Small Slot To Pull Open Insdead Of Using Scissors And Cut Your Fingers

Image credits: DrDongSquarePants

#48 This Sign At Costco Lets You Know When There Is An Open Pump In Front Of You

Image credits: Reeyou

#49 Local Bar Saving You From Having To Touch The Dirty Door Handle

Image credits: getforkstabbed

#50 The Colder It Gets, The Greater The Discount At This Candy Store (Edmonton, Ab, Canada)

Image credits: lospolloshermos0s

#51 This Toilet’s Cistern Fills Using A Tap And Sink So You Can Wash Your Hands With No Waste

Image credits: godzillante

#52 This Cafe Uses A Traffic Light To Let You Know When It’s Okay To Enter (For Covid Social Distancing)

Image credits: reddit.com

#53 This Apple Feature

Image credits: ilovemycats420

#54 Telling People That You’re Raising Prices And Giving A Good Reason

Image credits: doodledundun

#55 This Sight Seeing Binocular Is For The Color Blind

Image credits: CSay88

#56 The Way These Sardines Are Packaged With Transparent Lid

Image credits: reddit.com

#57 When You Press “Skip Intro” On The Simpsons, Disney+ Takes You To This Point So You Don’t Miss The Couch Gag

Image credits: Tallem00

#58 A Very Non-As**ole Way To Include The Movie-Based Cover On Books

Image credits: spider_hugs

#59 A Hot Stamp Instead Of A Sticker

Image credits: NosonDdraig

#60 That’s Actually Super Useful

Image credits: spenwallce

#61 This School Has A Large Periodic Table On The Wall With Things Where Each Element Is Used

Image credits: reddit.com

#62 This Verification System Is Easier Than Captcha And Not As Confusing

Image credits: surzonx

#63 When You Change Your Relationship Status To Single, Facebook Has Steps For You To Take A Break From Seeing That Person’s Post.

Image credits: disneydreamin

#64 Tinder Now Scans Messages For ‘Potentially Inappropriate’ Words And Asks If You’re Bothered.

Image credits: the-lady-pimp

#65 Bathrooms At Wawa Have A Slight Lip To Cover The Crack, It Makes A Huge Difference

Image credits: thatsafirmgrip

#66 Really Good Idea For Those Bestsellers That Are Overhyped!

Image credits: Paul1234554

#67 This Hotel In Germany Has A Sign That You Can Hang On Your Door To Indicate That You Have Hearing Problems An Thus Require Extra Assistance In Case Of Emergency.

Image credits: den_Albi

#68 My Lipton Tea Came With A Teacup Shaped Teabag Holder

Image credits: reddit.com

#69 My Mojito’s Straw That Stops The Mint

Image credits: reddit.com

#70 Uber Checks In On You In Case You Stop Moving

Image credits: MetaEsoTeric

#71 Do Not Buy Gift Cards From Us Because It Might’ve A Scam!

Image credits: WyattMontgomery

#72 Measuring Spoon Comes In Two Shapes, With A Thinner Side That’s Easier To Fit Into Small Containers.

Image credits: SpinOverSpin

#73 They Might Not Be Perfect In English But Have A Great Point!

Image credits: themo98

#74 Big Unsuscribe Button

Image credits: Drolws

#75 Good Call Amazon! Had My Husbands Present Shipped To My Job Instead

Image credits: M1rlyn

#76 Reminding Me I Don’t Need To Pay While I’m Trying To Pay

Image credits: DoubleTri

#77 This Package Tells You What Temperature To Grill Your Burgers To And Why.

Image credits: Goldini73

#78 Harvey Norman Doing Good

Image credits: Aspenismydog123

#79 This Brand Of Water Uses Reusable Aluminum Bottles Instead Of Plastic (And They Still Cost Around The Same Price As A Similar Sized Plastic Bottle!)

Image credits: DifferentFilms

#80 This Store Removes All Plastic From A Selection Of Its Cards

Image credits: SquireLostWood

#81 Pump Bottle With A Easily Removable Label So It Can Be Reused/Repurposed When Empty.

Image credits: cantdriveforshit44

#82 My Local Target Did This To Show What Essential Items They Have In Stock

Image credits: flipitandstickit

#83 This Goodyear Tire Has Tread Depth Measuring Built Into The Rubber.

Image credits: Belem19

#84 Cyberpunk 2077 Lets You Disable Copyrighted Music

Image credits: KahnLordOfLightning

#85 Anti-Clickbate Youtube Thumbnails

Image credits: paganisrock

#86 Sweden’s Got It Right

Image credits: atkdatkdat

#87 Forbes Telling You The Article Is Not Up-To-Date

Image credits: _EliteAssFace_

#88 Small Detail: The Orientation Of These Two Outlets Are Offset By 90 Degrees So That More Charging Ports Can Fit At Once.

Image credits: KevinBelo

#89 My iPhone Asked If I Wanted To Change My Early Alarm Because People Generally Stay Up Partying On New Year’s Eve

Image credits: ErikaTiger

#90 Making Good Quality Reusable Bags

Image credits: Bye-Bye-Cherry-Pie

#91 They Made This Ice Cream Sandwich To Be Of Higher Quality Than Advertised.

Image credits: minshapedlikedeadguy

#92 Not Sure If This Really Counts But This Mall Included These Charge Ports At Every Table. Pretty Convenient

Image credits: mrcolty5

#93 Amazon Lets You Choose To Refund Your Money Or Keep Your Benefits When Cancelling Prime Membership

Image credits: BxLorien

#94 Android 10 Helping Out With Privacy

Image credits: JrodCereal

#95 This Bed Frame Came With A Ratcheting Hex Wrench For The 21 Bolts I Had To Put In.

Image credits: Vordimous

#96 Good Job Ininstagram

Image credits: stinkyFart56

#97 Socially Inept Me Needs This To Cope With The Awkwardness

Image credits: MW0HMV

#98 Safari Lets You Know If You Have Too Many Tabs Open, And Gives You An Option To Close All Tabs Older Than 1 Month.

Image credits: afunfun22

#99 Got This With My Referbished Laptop

Image credits: reddit.com

#100 Civics Teacher Adding Extra Line So Students Don’t Miss The Backside

Image credits: MrcarrotKSP

#101 These Pajamas Come With The Tag Attached On A Safety Pin Instead Of That Pain In The Ass Normal Plastic Thing

Image credits: demonmonkey89

#102 This.

Image credits: paugzm

#103 This Circle K Has Hand Sanitizer At Their Pumps

Image credits: pmnovak

#104 Didn’t Know Where Else To Post This, Seemed Pretty Antiasshole

Image credits: BIueReign

#105 This Design Needs To Be Implemented More

Image credits: mrmaldark

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