105 Times Trolls Had The Funniest Christmas Gift Ideas Ever (New Pics)

You wake up before the sun’s up with a wide grin on your face. You put on your slippers, yawn, and head over to the Christmas tree. There, you find a whole mountain of gifts. You get busy unpacking and you realize that you got everything that you wanted, but there’s one last present left. You rip open the wrapping paper, your jaw drops, and you start laughing so hard, your belly hurts.

Some people see Xmas as the perfect time to have a little bit of fun. So they make their loved ones laugh with hilarious gifts that only Grinches wouldn’t giggle at or by wrapping presents up to look like completely different things. Bored Panda has compiled this list of some of the funniest times that people trolled others with their gifts.

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We hope you enjoy it as much as we loved putting it together. Don’t forget to upvote your fave pics and tell us all about the funniest presents you’ve given or received in the comments! Done feasting your eyes on this list? Then you’ll want to have these two posts about the funniest gag gifts for dessert right here and here.

Bored Panda wanted to learn more about the benefits of humor and receiving humorous gifts (that we might sometimes be disappointed with), as well as the Spirit of Giving, so we reached out to psychologist, priest, and author, Dr. Fraser Watts. “Humor can be enormously helpful in coping with difficult situations. We often get rather up close, psychologically, to issues that are causing us distress. The value of humor is that it adds distance and perspective,” he said. Read on for our full interview with Dr. Watts.


Every Year I Try To Disguise My Sister’s Christmas Present. This Year I Think I Went A Little Too Far…

Image credits: geoffreythehamster

Our Family Has A 35+ Year Tradition Of Disguising Christmas Gifts. This Took Over 80 Hours To Build.

Image credits: altrefrain

Christmas Gift From My Loving Friend

Image credits: dis_ABLED

I Drunk Ordered A Christmas Present For My Brother, Was Not Disappointed In Myself.

Image credits: primeski

My Sister And I Painted Each Other Bob Ross For Christmas, Turns Out We Have A Similar Sense Of Humor

Image credits: AlexSturdee

I Got These Coasters You Can Hang On Your Nose For Christmas…

Image credits: thetrinitykiller4

My Wife Asked Me What I Wanted For Christmas, She’s Crafty So I Told Her To Make Me Something. Couldn’t Be Happier!

Image credits: HolyMustard

Received Cat Butthole Drink Coasters For Christmas

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Image credits: Cremacious

The Blanket That My Husband Got Me For Christmas. It’s His Face

Image credits: angelinthehallway

My Sister And I Call Each Other The World’s Biggest Dork, Bought The Domain As A Christmas Surprise

Image credits: glastonbury13

The Christmas Giraffe, A Collection Of 6 Gifts For My Wife. Inspired By The Christmas Moose

Image credits: codeblue11

One Of My Girlfriends Christmas Presents Arrived Today. Wish Me Luck

Image credits: coming__up__milhouse

I’m A Marine Biology Student, And My Cousins Saw It Fit To Give Me Blobfish Slippers For Christmas. I Thought You All Deserved To Know About Them.

Image credits: jordannosaurus

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