106 Examples Of Infuriating People On Facebook Marketplace

Some people seem to be living in an altered reality with a different outlook on common sense and norms. Or, do I dare to say, with no common sense at all? And thanks to the internet, we are able to get in contact with all sorts of people, where no one is safe from confusing conversations and weird interactions.

This time on Bored Panda we will explore the text exchanges between people who sell or buy on the Facebook marketplace, a place where anyone can add items for sale, may it be your unworn dress or a couch that is being replaced. Anything goes. It is a great way to stay green and earn some extra cash.

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Though nothing is as simple as it sounds. Your potential customer might end up calling you names – such as heartless, cold, and uncompromising due to not selling your item for half the price. So if it so happens that you will be selling items online, be prepared for anything.

#1 Baby’s First Choosing Beggar

Image credits: OwenSixteen

#2 Sometimes You Gotta Cut Them A Deal

Image credits: EnemeeSpoded

#3 This Is How I Deal With Dudes That Pretend To Want To Buy My Shoes To Try And Get Some Free Wank Bank Material. This Girl Wasn’t Born Yesterday. My Dog Is Happy To Help

Image credits: Bradders33

#4 Thelma, Master Negotiator

Image credits: jshah500

#5 Trying To Give Away A Chair

Image credits: smokeyd94

#6 I’m Reporting You For Not Selling It Below Asking Price With Free Delivery

Image credits: wcollins260

#7 I Love Selling Stuff On Facebook

Image credits: poskus8

#8 Trying To Sell A Bass. The Guy Poorly Hits On Me Repeating, Then Offers Less Than A Fifth Of The Price

Image credits: queenofdastupids

#9 I’m Building Custom Pcs For People On Facebook Marketplace And I Get This Tool

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Image credits: AZsonny

#10 Holy Stupidity

Image credits: decentbirthday

#11 Lady Begs Me To Hold My $100 Futon For 2 Weeks, I Say Yes. She Says She Will Pay $5 For It Now And Give The Rest Later, I Say No. A Week Later She Wants A 50% Price Break

Image credits: ThisAintItChieftain

#12 This Person Trying To Sell A Cracked Leather Sofa As “Animal Print”

Image credits: JFL3

#13 Such A Tempting Offer

Image credits: domthebrit

#14 Selling Anything On Facebook

Image credits: brieet

#15 Marketplace Beggar Suffers From Selective Reading

Image credits: gestella

#16 Interesting Person I Met On Facebook Marketplace, Apparently You Need To Be Struggling In Life To Sell Things

Image credits: Darthshroomzski

#17 Selling Stuff Online

Image credits: alliwanabeiselchapo

#18 He’s Gotta Be Trolling Me. But Then Again It’s Facebook Marketplace So I’m Conflicted

Image credits: reddit.com

#19 Yes, Gary. I Will Pay You $25 To Pick Up An Item I’m Giving You That You Want For Free

Image credits: starksnarksharks

#20 Wanting A Free TV Delivered

Image credits: TaoTeChing81

#21 That Escalated Quickly. They Also Wanted Me To Drop The Price By Half

Image credits: Gooeyyooeyygoop

#22 Facebook Marketplace Giving Us Gems Again

Image credits: goatnamedoliver

#23 Is The Price Negotiable? No? Okay, How About I Just Pay Less Than You’re Asking Anyway? Final Offer

Image credits: cookiewhisperer

#24 Guy Kept Saying He Was Willing To Give Me The Asking Price For My Xbox Then Would Suddenly Not Have The Money

Image credits: 20Characters3Numbers

#25 This Person Selling Not-At-All Stolen Lingerie

Image credits: goody_gumdrop

#26 Best Negotiator I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: Rhysey

#27 Trying To Sell Things Online As A Woman In 2018

Image credits: bella_san

#28 My Friend Tried Selling Candles At A Price Cheaper Than They Would Be At The Store, But Apparently, That’s Not Cheap Enough

Image credits: agentteddybear

#29 My Friend Told Me He Was Selling Furniture On The Facebook Marketplace. He Sent Me This The Next Day

Image credits: cjorgen

#30 First Time Ever Listed Something On Facebook Marketplace, Truly An Amazing Bartering Strategy

Image credits: pleasedropthes0ap

#31 The Joy Of The Facebook Market

Image credits: Brzam

#32 Looking For A Better Deal Than $1 On Facebook Marketplace

Image credits: thepartydj

#33 Guy Offers Me Half My Asking Price Then Tries The “Sick Son” Sob Story When It Doesn’t Work. Plus A Little Bit Of Pawn Stars

Image credits: broiled_tater

#34 The Facebook Marketplace Is Terrible

Image credits: TheSurgeon83

#35 Not That Great, But The Best One I’ve Ever Gotten

Image credits: meghan_beans

#36 I’m Selling A 100% Silk Wedding Dress For £75. She Offered £30 To Drop It Off

Turns out she meant £30 AND I drop it off in the next 6 hours because she’s getting married in 9 weeks and can’t afford the fuel.

Image credits: little_jumbo

#37 I’m Just Trying To Sell A Desk On Facebook Marketplace

Image credits: Rayamine

#38 Was Selling Some Worn-Once Dr. Martens On Facebook Marketplace For $150, Took It Down To $80 Pick-Up. Day Of Pick Up, I Get This. Yeah Right, Lady

Image credits: emmarwilk

#39 I Didn’t Know Having Kids Gives You A Discount

Image credits: TheDoctorGomez

#40 Facebook Marketplace Is Fun Sometimes

Image credits: GreatWhiteMonkey

#41 Picture From A Friend’s Facebook, Annoyed Because He’s Not Close Enough To Collect Her Free Item

Image credits: NatHammond1

#42 “I’m A Single Mom. Let Me Buy This For 15% Of Your Asking Price!”

Image credits: IronWurmple

#43 Interested… For Free Plus Delivery

Image credits: SlowShoes

#44 I Was Giving Away A Fish Tank With Everything Needed. I Was Very Clear That It Was For Pick Up, Not Delivery. No, I Don’t Want A Picture Of Your Feet

Image credits: kimarumon

#45 Let Me Go Ahead And Steal This Gift Card, Try To Use It, And Then Sell It When It Doesn’t Work

Image credits: Malnourishedkittens

#46 Facebook Marketplace Is Something Else

Image credits: reddit.com

#47 Oh, Facebook Marketplace

Image credits: joefack

#48 Please Leave Me Alone – We Are Sleeping

Image credits: EdwardTennant

#49 I’ll Buy Your Table, But You Pay Me

Image credits: Afromain19

#50 Get Rid Of It By Paying Me

Image credits: reddit.com

#51 Beggar Is A Well Know Reseller In Our Area Known For Low-Balling, Threw A Tantrum When I Didn’t Allow Him To Make A Profit (Prices Are In Aud)

Image credits: DimiBlue

#52 Free Wardrobe – I’m An “Idot” For Not Including Delivery

Image credits: pacosano

#53 The Delivery Fee Is 20 Euro

Image credits: loukasyama

#54 When You Post On Facebook Marketplace, And Your First Two Patrons Are Scammers

Image credits: KrylonMaestro

#55 Marketplace Scammers

Image credits: RogueCyanide

#56 Anyone Need A Fridge?

Image credits: Sco-Ducks

#57 Good Old Facebook Marketplace

Image credits: OnlyCarpets

#58 Giving Away A Free Chaise. Thought I Was Being Nice By Not Making Her Wait Until 4p, Since She Is Going To Be In My Area At 2:30

Instead, we get detailed demands of exactly when she’d like us to move this free furniture. Peep the forecast. Marketplace is wild.

Image credits: tessaro12

#59 I Was Trying To Sell My Apple Watch On The Marketplace And Got This

Image credits: zanayahmoore

#60 Facebook Marketplace Is A Magical Place

Image credits: laurenj2210

#61 Facebook Marketplace Alpha

Image credits: Dont_main_Jager

#62 Marketplace Is Filled With Crazy People

Image credits: healthyspecialk

#63 How Not To Buy Audio Equipment On Marketplace

Image credits: cleantone

#64 Today I Learned That You Can Report People On Marketplace For “Intentionally Low Offers”

Image credits: justabritincanada

#65 Guy On Facebook Marketplace A Listed Poster As “Free”, Then Asks For $20 Dollars When I Ask If It’s Available. He Calls It “Click And Bait”

Image credits: sheikandstitch

#66 When You Have Already Heavily Discounted A 90% New Mattress And They Still Hit You With A Story For A Lower Price

Image credits: lorrenzo

#67 All Because I Wouldn’t Accept A $10 Return On Facebook Marketplace

Image credits: MsPrincessPeaches

#68 Never Thought I’d Encounter One Myself, Guess That’s What Happens When You Sell Stuff Online

Image credits: reddit.com

#69 Never Thought I’d See A Choosing Beggar On My Own Facebook Feed. The Time Has Come

Image credits: BanPineappleOnPizza

#70 Guy Got Mad When I Told Him Someone Else Was Willing To Pay The Asking Price

Image credits: Tree_Chop

#71 I Did Get My Asking Price ($75) From Someone Else

Image credits: SWTmemes

#72 Bed Frame Was Listed For $60, But This Guy Offered Me $70 If I Would Let Him Be Next In Line

So I skipped a bunch of people willing to pay full price just for him to backtrack and try to lowball me.

Image credits: MrsJordanHarris

#73 Bought This Gym Equipment Last Year For £120, Had It Up For £100. Firstly Asks If I Can Half The Price, Then Asks If I Can Make A Three Hour Round Trip To Drop It To Them

Image credits: Specialist-Artist778

#74 What Do You Mean You Won’t Drive 20 Minutes Each Way, Knock $150 Off The Price And Not Want A Little Extra For Delivery?

Image credits: anonmanonchon

#75 Posted For $40 And They Want It For Free With Delivery

Image credits: astavs23

#76 Total Stranger Selling TV On Marketplace For $364. TV Sells For $340 New At Walmart. He Said He Needed It Gone ASAP. I Lowballed At $250. He Replied I Guess Reasonably

Image credits: wherethefernwehgrows

#77 Classic Facebook Marketplace

Image credits: ltawbee

#78 I Guess That Is A First

Image credits: ccaiterpie

#79 Facebook Marketplace Buyer Trying To Scam Me Won’t Nut Up

Image credits: kendamasama

#80 Selling Anything On Facebook Marketplace

Image credits: 2muchV4IT

#81 Another Day, Another Facebook Marketplace Special

Image credits: descavenger

#82 Facebook Marketplace Gem

Image credits: girthquake93

#83 This Regular Occurrence On Marketplace

Image credits: Character_Sand8645

#84 When Buying Stuff From A Local Marketplace, Please Don’t Be This Guy

Image credits: Presbyopia

#85 “Come On Bro I Know You Want To Sell It Dirt Cheap. Believe In Yourself, You Can Do It”

Image credits: yandere_chan317

#86 My Friend’s First Facebook Marketplace Experience

Image credits: joe_wo_wo

#87 Wants TV At A Deep Discount Because Seller Won The TV In A Contest

Image credits: elbigotegrande

#88 Wife Posted Baby Stuff For Free On Facebook Local Market. After Forgetting To Pick Them Up, Choosing Beggar Wants Us To Remind Her To Remind Her Sister To Pick It Up

Image credits: BenandoahValley

#89 Selling A Queen Bed Frame On Facebook Marketplace For $10 And Get This Idiotic Question

Image credits: xamus21

#90 I Hate Facebook Marketplace As Much As I Hate The Prospective Buyers

Image credits: typhoon_22

#91 Karen On Facebook Marketplace (Top Is Cut Off But She’s Asking If She Can Get The Item Free)

Image credits: Bruhmaster69420jr

#92 Choosing Beggar Refuses To Pay Upfront For Her “Trajedeigh” Names

Image credits: TexasNotQuite40

#93 Dude Wants To Get Paid To Have Free Rocks Delivered To His House

Image credits: Luucil

#94 Trying To Sell A Bed On Facebook. This Was The First Response

Image credits: timore13

#95 Listed My Authentic AirPods On Facebook Market

Image credits: NeroNemesis

#96 I’m Just Trying To Sell My PS4

Image credits: noahffiliation

#97 Thought I’d Check Out Facebook This Morning And Saw Someone Wanting A Free Couch. Yes, In The Comments They Did Want It Delivered For Free Too

Image credits: Team-HM4

#98 Person Tries To Haggle Me Down From $10 For An (Already Sold) Blender On Facebook Marketplace

Image credits: SnooAdvice7782

#99 Trying To Sell A Mattress On Facebook Marketplace

Image credits: queer_pirate_chaos

#100 Ended Up Selling It For My Asking Price

Image credits: Pickle349

#101 I’ve Since Changed My Policy And Upped My Price. Also Reluctant To Take Commissions These Days

Image credits: 2meanbrothers

#102 The Prices Are Controlled By The Chinese You Know

Image credits: antde5

#103 Needy Facebook Marketplace Customer Thinks I’m An Unhappy Person? Hmm

Image credits: krissie520

#104 After Asking For $30 Off My Xbox, Delivery 40 Miles Away, Now He Wants It Dropped Off For Payment Someday In The Future

Image credits: soulfire_swordsman

#105 Buying Cheap Bluetooth Headphones And Trying To Sell Them As AirPods

Image credits: alexrobertsyeah

#106 This Facebook Marketplace Buyer I’ve Been Extremely Patient With

Image credits: greenbean2112

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