106 Pictures Of Cats The Day They Were Adopted Vs. Now Show What Love Can Do

Love can be life-changing for everyone. And for rescued animals, this is literally what happens. When given a new forever loving home, neglected cats blossom.

As they discover affection, care, and friendship, time flies. And guess what? The transformations are so powerful you can see them with the naked eye! And some of these kittens are now a bunch of beautiful indoor tigers. Bored Panda has compiled a list of the most heartwarming kittens on their adoption day vs now that show the night-and-day difference a rescue can make!

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#1 It’s Almost A Year Since My Friend Brought Home A Rescue Kitten, So She Decided To Recreate The First Picture She Took Of Him

Image credits: Parkendlydia

#2 One Year Ago When I Rescued Her And Now, Showing Gratitude

Image credits: casuso

#3 The Difference A Rescue Can Make

Image credits: xsited1

Bored Panda contacted Louise Lee, the media officer at the non-profit Blue Cross For Pets organization, which specializes in animal adoption in the United Kingdom. We asked Louise if more people are willing to take the “adopt, don’t shop” approach these days. Luckily, it seems so. “We rehomed over 9,000 pets last year, which has increased significantly since a decade ago.”

The stigma about rescued cats is slowly fading away. “Such misperceptions that these pets were all given up because of behavior and that they’re ‘broken’ are gradually changing, and people understand pets are handed over for all sorts of reasons,” explained Louise.

#4 Little Man Rescue Almost One Year Ago And Today

Image credits: minor_groove

#5 Pugsley The Rescue Cat Before And After. It’s Amazing What A Little Love And Some Strong Antibiotics Can Do

Image credits: Zombie_Mum

#6 My Dad Found This Cutie Alongside The Road While Working. I’d Like To Say He Lives A Spoiled Life. October Vs. Now

Image credits: that_ginger18

Louise said that “we’re working hard not only to change the perception of pets in rescue” but also to help people who can’t cope with their pet. “We seek to take the ‘shame’ away from people who are struggling to cope with their pet and decide to rehome or their circumstances change.” As a result, the adoption assistance team at Blue Cross never judges anyone.

But the pet adoption expert warns that it’s important to get the whole family on board when it comes to adopting an animal. “Make sure everyone in a family wants a pet and understands their responsibilities, the time needed, and financial commitment before getting a pet.” Even if taking in a pet will surely have an effect on your lifestyle, it really pays off seeing your kitty happy.

#7 My Wife And I Rescued This Sweet Little Girl Last July. This Is Her Now

Image credits: IFadingLightI

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#8 Remy B. Nobody Loved Him For 6 Years, Until We Did

Image credits: DeyHayZeus

#9 From A Scared And Starving Kitten Found Under My Boyfriend’s House, To A Fat And Curious Little Hell Raiser 6 Months Later

Image credits: bribotronic

#10 8 Years Ago For My Birthday I Adopted A Blind Kitten From A Struggling Rescue On Craigslist

Image credits: Adishofcustard

#11 He’s A Whole Lot Better Compared To When He Was First Rescued! My Friend Took Him In. He’s Playful And Living His Best Life

Image credits: BoneyardHorizons

#12 My Little Rescue Kitten Isn’t So Little Anymore

Image credits: Indisputabull

#13 The Guy From A Bus Stop Who Ate All Of Our Food

Image credits: Disco_Frisco

#14 In The 1st Pic Is My Boyfriend’s Cat When He Found Her In The Rain Meowing Alone, 2nd Is A Few Days After He Cleaned And Fed Her, And 3rd Is Her Today, Six Months After He Found Her

Image credits: pieceofkejt

#15 Took A Stray Mother Cat And Her Kittens Home. A Month After, She Has No More Mange Problem And I Have 3 Fat Kittens Too

Image credits: micumpleanoseshoy

#16 Exactly One Year When I Rescued Him. He Had A Lot Of Medical Problems And Almost Didn’t Survive When He Had FCV. He Is Now A Healthy Whiny Lil Baby With A Small Head

Image credits: imalosthorcrux

#17 My Wickett, First At 3 Weeks Old When He Came In As A Foster, Then 12 Weeks After I Adopted, Then His First Birthday And Today

Image credits: krgos

#18 Harvey’s Skinny Body Was Found Abandoned In A Ditch. Fast Forward 5 Years, He’s Now A Confident, Happy, Healthy Boi With A Career In Modelling

Image credits: olivealexander

#19 Sundae, When We Found Her In The Streets vs. 9 Months Later

Image credits: AdmiralDumpling

#20 This Is 1.5 Years Old Pelle. I Became His Momma When His Cat Momma Didn’t Want To Take Care Of Him

Image credits: cozyburrito_

#21 I Found Chelvin Very Sick And Malnourished Just Outside My Neighborhood. He Was Only A Few Weeks Old. Three Weeks Of Love And Care Went A Long Way

Image credits: badbradmtl

#22 Here’s Mine

Image credits: RapBastardz

#23 Peter The Cat On The Day My Daughter Rescued It From A Ditch, And Four Years Later

Image credits: Michael34229136

#24 My 96g Hand Rear Boy Made It! He’s Now 2kg And Almost 4 Months Old. He And His Rescue Sister Have Given My Life Meaning

Image credits: bigfuckingdiamond

#25 I Adopted A Stray Cat 3 Months Ago. She Was Very Weak And Couldn’t Stand On Her Own Legs. But She Was Truly A Fighter. Meet Katie

Image credits: scorchyunicorn

#26 They Were Taking Him To The Pound When I Adopted Julius. Today Is His 10th Birthday

Image credits: perrumpo

#27 This Is Daisy The Day I Adopted Her From The Shelter! She Was The Tiniest One There With The Loudest Voice

Image credits: AP__

#28 Fenek – Six Months Ago And Today

Image credits: Tycja

#29 Nova’s Journey! Her Eyes Say It All

Image credits: casslomb

#30 Three Months & Two Lbs Later

He was given up by his previous owners and spent 4+ months malnourished, matted, and uncared for in a shelter, even though he’s the sweetest and most gentle cat I’ve met. I’m grateful for every day that I get to spoil this kitty.

Image credits: butterybreadbuns

#31 Just Got This Before Pic From The Shelter. From A Stray In Thailand To The Queen Of Our Apartment, Meet Connie

Image credits: ToyotaLasagna

#32 My Sweet Boy Keller. I Would Die For Him

Image credits: hkh220

#33 Our Rescue Tiara – She Went Through 3 Foster Homes Before Coming Home And Never Leaving My Side Again

Image credits: kanarce

#34 Rah And Luna, From “Dumpster Kitties To Laying Pretty”

Image credits: onlybrand

#35 Snowflake 1 Year After Being Taken Off The Streets

Image credits: IgorNaves231

#36 The Day We Found This Kitten, He Was Starving And Badly Wounded. The Top Pictures Are Peanut After His Surgery, Bottom Ones Are 1,5 Years Later- Happy, Fluffy And Tailless

Image credits: BadKitty24

#37 Mako And Bolin (Censored For Gross Eye Stuff)

Image credits: shinymak

#38 This Is Our Big Guy Edgar

Image credits: kayleep2013

#39 This Is Leo And We’ve Been Besties Since 2012. He Was Born Under My Stairs, And I Rescued Him. We Love Each Other Very Much

Image credits: OmegaaSupremee

#40 Our New Kitten, Fiona, From The Moment Of Her Rescue To 3 Months Old

Image credits: tinypaperfangs

#41 Meet Frankie! Adopted Him From The Shelter Six Weeks Ago. Now I Know Why Parents Say “They Grow Up So Fast!”

Image credits: DanteThonSimmons

#42 My Baby Luna – 2 Years From Adoption

Image credits: SubjectsZero

#43 This Is Sumi, Sumi Was A Stray Kitten

Her mother was run over by a car and left dying. Nobody in the neighborhood cared about it, so I adopted them. Both were sick, couldn’t really walk and were skinny. Sadly her brother died shortly after we took them to the vet. She lives for both of them now.

Image credits: SailorShi

#44 Inspired By The Street Cat I Saw The Other Day, I Went And Adopted This Guy. After 11 Months

Image credits: Greg1994

#45 Possum Is 9 Years Old. Found Him With His Siblings Behind Our Chicken Coop In The Woods. Hand Raised And Living The Life Of Luxury

Image credits: crazycatmom5

#46 Charlie. Feral Colony Rescue, Born August 2016. Now He’s A Big Cat

Image credits: a-roh

#47 I Was “Only Going To Foster Him”. Meet My Foster Fail Named Oliver

He was found at 1 month old, alone and sick and I took him in around 2 months. Now he’s 6 months old and a spitfire

Image credits: ScuttleButt87

#48 From Being Found Frozen Into The Side Of The Highway, To Losing Part Of Her Tail From The Trauma, To Gorgeous Girl Living The Best Life. She’s Brought So Much Love Into Our Lives

Image credits: vidanyabella

#49 One Month Can Make A Huge Difference

Image credits: sydhasmybike

#50 Meet Syl. From Being Abandoned By Her Mom On The Streets To Having A Healthy Life With A Loving Family

Image credits: GeryllAnthony

#51 Tiny Zac Was Discovered In A Ditch, Without A Mom Or Siblings, Flea-Infested, Starved & Anemic

He was then rescued but had trouble gaining weight & figuring out grooming & how to socialize. 5 years go by & now he’s my outgoing & healthy boi with more friends than he can count on 4 paws.

Image credits: olivealexander

#52 From Dirty Little Kitten I Found Crying In An Alley Behind My Apartment, To A Fat-Bellied Ham That Doesn’t Let Me Go To The Bathroom Alone

Image credits: scrotophobia

#53 My Baby When We Found Her In A Cardboard Box On The Side Of The Road And My Baby Now, 3 Years Later

Image credits: Yellowy1111

#54 Cat Foster Family Said “Don’t You Want To Adopt These Two? They’d Be So Happy Together.” They Were So Right

Image credits: croutelle

#55 What Only 2 Weeks Of TLC Can Do. Midget Came To Us Sick And Severely Underweight And Has Blossomed Into A Loving Purring Machine

Image credits: merrimess

#56 This Is Wilhelm (We Call Him Mr. Kitty). He Had All Four Sets Of Claws Removed And Was Underweight And Miserable

Image credits: Nick2the4reaper7

#57 The Day We Picked Up Butters & The Rest Of His Litter To Foster, And Today

Image credits: scrotophobia

#58 Was Told Miss Pretty Comma Perfect Would Find Some Love And Appreciation Here

Image credits: iamarock111

#59 3 Years Ago Today, A Tiny Poofball Kitten Was Found Alone Under A Woodpile. Meet Woody

Image credits: guspolly

#60 Rescued This Man From A Bad Situation Last Spring At Roughly 12 Weeks. He Would’ve Been Born In March. Unsure Of Exact Date, So It’s Beau’s Birthday Month

Image credits: Sw3gLurd

#61 My Cat Harlow Turns One Today! She’s Come A Long Way Since Being Rescued By The Shelter At 4 Weeks Old

Image credits: shmeganz

#62 We Rescued Dr Watson 2 Years Ago Today

Image credits: guyinflorida

#63 Rescued This Poor Stray, Took Him In From The Outside And Nursed Him Back To Health Over The Past 5 Months. Now He Is The Most Playful And Sweet Baby

Image credits: fantasists

#64 Rescued Her From The Street 1 Year Ago, She’s Doing So Well Now

Image credits: chickenbolt

#65 12 Weeks Ago I Rescued Ollie From Horrible People, Looking Back At Pictures From Then I Am Amazed At How Much He Has Changed

Image credits: galaxy911

#66 Six Months Later. He Was Failing To Thrive When I Got Him

Took him everywhere with me in my purse or pocket. Half the size of his sister and couldn’t eat food, so I bottle-fed him. Now he’s twice the size of his sister and still thinks I should take him everywhere with me. He stole my heart.

Image credits: VIN1020

#67 This Is Daryl. He Was Found In A Pick Your Part Yard By Himself. He Was Very Malnourished & Dehydrated. The Vet Didn’t Think He Would Make It, But I Didn’t Give Up

Lots of vet trips & bottle feeding. I gave him all the love & care I could until he was healthy. Here he is 3 years later.

Image credits: BrittLynne

#68 Our Lil Rescue Kitten, Dusty, Is Turning 2 Years Old This Week! Time Flies! He Went From A Tiny 3lb Kitten To 14lbs Of Floof

Image credits: 68acceber

#69 My Sweet Scaredy Cat Birdie, Rescued Her From A Golf Course Almost 3 Years Ago. She’s Come A Long Way From That Flea Covered, Half Starved Little Bean

Image credits: willshadystuff4tacos

#70 Just Rescued To A Few Months Old

Image credits: Aglardes

#71 From Scared And Sick Little Rescues To Cuddly Healthy Cats. I Love These Two So Much

Image credits: mmecamino

#72 1 Year To The Day That I Adopted My Little Old Lady Catto, Leili. She’s Relaxed Into A Lovely, Emotional Cat

Image credits: coleyjf

#73 1 Month To 6 Months. Forever A Floof. This Sweet Boy Have Been In Our Care Since They Were Born In My Laundry Hamper

Image credits: Slutty_CrotchSocket

#74 This Is Masha. Someone Tore Off Her Tail Twice And Then We Found Her. In Addition, She Was Pregnant. Now She Is Healthy And Loved

Image credits: catrescueeveryday

#75 Meet Toro. Found Him Abandoned And Wandering Alone Near My Apartment Security Guard House

I was told by the security that I can take him since the owner left him there. Best decision I’ve ever made.

Image credits: triplesspressso

#76 1 Year Apart! Dimsum Was A Stray Before She “Adopted” My Girlfriend. We Decided To Keep Her

Image credits: not_mars_argo

#77 Her First Week Home With Us And 12 Years Later

Image credits: LordCommanderFang

#78 My Friends Found This Little Stowaway In Their Car (Engine?) One Morning. Just Over A Year Later, He’s Grown Into Quite The Handsome Fella. Meet Matsuda

Image credits: LollyHutzenklutz

#79 8 Weeks vs. 2 Years. Bones Had Some Issues With Ringworm When We First Found Him, But He’s All Better Now

Image credits: Armer409

#80 Our Sweet Boy Henry, Aka Hank

Hank was found in a neighborhood with no mom and just one other living sibling. His sibling is adorable and adopted as well (by another family).

Image credits: SexualCannibalism

#81 Rescue Night (4 Weeks) To 1 Year

Image credits: gammayeti

#82 Sam At 6 Weeks vs. 7 Months. He Was Found On The Streets In Detroit Around 3-4 Weeks Old, Starving And Orphaned. He’s Turned Into Quite The Healthy, Spoiled Boy Now

Image credits: lizhaack

#83 We Adopted This Little Guy After He Was Found With A Crushed Leg

The leg was repaired with three nails and he is in perfect condition now. He’s the best. Meet Theo!

Image credits: Foxxxxxi

#84 6 Months vs. Now. She’s So Much Braver Than The Day I Brought Her Home And Is Full Of Cuddles

Image credits: SavageJelly

#85 Found Bolt Hiding Under An Electrical Box On The Streets Of Shenzhen, China, Meowing At Passersby And Eating From The Trash

Fed her for a week to build her trust and finally caught her. The fear in her eyes has now been replaced by the most contented kitty smiles!

Image credits: Queenofallthecats

#86 Was Never A Cat Person Until Oscar Showed Up In My Driveway Back In July. Not Being A Stray Anymore Looks Good On Him

Image credits: ajanny

#87 We Rescued This Cat From The Streets, She Could Barely Eat And Walk. Meet Missy, Then And Now, 5 Months Apart. This Is How Care And Love Can Change Lives

Image credits: c-merino-q

#88 In 2017 And Now In 2020

Image credits: naseemjkhan

#89 Little vs. Now

Image credits: Indibaby_

#90 My Boy Had Done Some Growing

Image credits: annie_maggie13

#91 We Had Fun Recreating Our First Photo Of Gus On The Anniversary Of His Adoption. From Sickly Kitten To Rambunctious Cat

Image credits: IggyTheKeytarHero

#92 2 Years After Rescuing His Little Face In A Hoarder’s Home

Image credits: Agentcocotte

#93 Rescued Him Exactly 2 Months Ago At This Hour

Image credits: PhasedPyjama

#94 The Three Rescue Siblings Still Love To Hang Out With Each Other

Image credits: sixkilleraz

#95 Princess Arwyn. Almost 9 Years Difference From Rescue To Now

Image credits: crazycatmom5

#96 Oscar The Rescue Kitty

He was found in a hole along with his deceased mom and siblings. He warmed up to home life quickly and has moved from lying in house shoes to lying in sinks, among other things! He is now fat and sassy and i wouldn’t have him any other way.

Image credits: BringMeAllTheKitties

#97 Moo Was Found On The Street With A Heart Murmur, Barely Any Teeth, And Fiv. He’s Now Living Out His Twilight Years As A Lap Cat

Image credits: moomoomoominmoo

#98 My Aria Was Rescued As A Stray. At The Time She Was So Tiny She Could Squeeze Under Closed Doors. Three Years Later She’s A Sleek Ten Pounder

Image credits: CatPooedInMyShoe

#99 Day 1 vs. Year 5

Image credits: cunttwatula

#100 One Year Ago Yesterday I Rescued Cocoa From A Car Engine At Work. Here’s Right After Rescue And About A Week Ago

Image credits: localintrovert

#101 From September To Today. What A Fluffy Difference

Image credits: emancipatedsocks

#102 Beau Was Found Outside When He Was About 3 Weeks Old In Late September

We spent countless hours taking him to the litter box and brushing wet kitten food out of his fur to get him to the 3 month old handsome guy he is today. He plays hard, sleeps hard, and we love him so much.

Image credits: jites2014

#103 This Is Orange Marmalade, A Feral Kitten That Was Left In My Garage

She was cleaned up and taken care of with the intent to find a home, but I couldn’t give her away come time. She brightened up my darkest days and 5 years later, she’s still my sunshine.

Image credits: catbeantoes

#104 Phoenix 3 Days After I Rescued Him And Phoenix Today! A Bonus Pandora Behind Him As Well

Image credits: PickledBananas

#105 Found This Crusty Eyed Baby At A Grocery Store Parking Lot A Few Months Ago. Now He’s A Happy, Healthy Member Of Our Little Family

Image credits: plerplerpler

#106 Gus Shortly After Rescue To 3 Years Old. Much Larger But Always A Handsome Speckle-Bellied Boi

Image credits: crunchyshakira

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