107 Times People Couldn’t Believe Their Luck In Thrift Stores (New Pics)

You can spend hours in a supermarket and still not find what you’re looking for. Or you can go into a thrift store without searching for anything in particular and walk away with a full bag. I mean, how could you walk away from a plate with a drawing of a bird pooping, with the words, “Here’s your snack, dumbass” written all over it? It would go beautifully with that cat-shaped dispenser that shoots tissues out of its butt. Bored Panda has collected some of the most delightfully weird second-hand finds people have ever come across and you have to see them to believe them!

#1 Two Months Ago, My 20 Year Old Kitty Passed Away. After All Those Years, I’ve Been Heartbroken. Yesterday I Went Downtown To The Salvation Army Store And Found This Gem. I Pasted My Kitty’s Photo In The Image So You Can See How Amazing This Is. I Mean. It Is Her!

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Image credits: Linda Trem

#2 Y’all, My Local Bin Dig Store Had A Fill-A-Cart For $10 Sale, So I Started Filling Up On Small Toys To Hand Out At Halloween. I Grabbed This Fake Credit Card, Because It Said James Bond On It. This Morning, I Noticed There Was A Slider On The Back And Opened It. It’s A Freaking Lock Picking Set!!!

Image credits: Amanda L. Richards‎

#3 I Found This Last Week And It’s Definitely My Favorite Thing I’ve Seen At An Antique Or Thrift Store. Introducing The Violin Vampire Killing Kit!

Image credits: Amanda Anatole

#4 Had To Spruce Her Up A Bit

Image credits: Amber Jones

#5 Lucky Enough To Find Matching Dresses For My Boyfriend And Me So We Could Do This Pose At The Stanley Hotel. Estes Park, Co Thrift Shop

Image credits: Robyn Maitland Ross

#6 I Rescued This Incredible Globe From The Trash, It’s About 20” Tall And Handcrafted With Semi-Precious Stones And A Brass Base. Not Really That Weird But Definitely Second Hand And Pretty Unusual

Image credits: Pete Anthonius Leggio

#7 My 6 Year Old Spent Her Allowance On A Hand Painted, Canvas Portrait Of A Goat She Found At The Flea Market. Yes It Came Home. It’s Now Hung In Her Room

Image credits: Angie Carey

#8 This Large, Weird Mushroom House Lamp From The ’70s Is One Of My Favorite Second Hand Finds.

I used to work at a little used book store, and one day this guy just showed up with a box of old books and two of these lamps in it and said “Keep ’em”. My boss didn’t want them, so my coworker and I each got one

Image credits: ‎Boston Corbett‎

#9 Finally… I Can Drink My Beer With Ladylike Class!

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Image credits: Judith van Es

#10 Just Had To Share This Charming Tissue Dispenser I Came Across In New York

Image credits: Sarah Greene Reed

#11 Found This Yesterday And Bought For My Son, Who Loved It! Best £2 Spent Ever!

Image credits: Rachael Slater‎

#12 So Brought These From Savers And Didn’t Look At The Back

Image credits: Shannon Rose Van Nek

#13 My 9 Year Old Daughter Found This Today At The Goodwill In Niles, Michigan. She Said He Had To Come Home With Us Because She Loves Weird Things And She Just Knew That Nobody Else Would Buy Him And He Would Be Lonely

Image credits: Katrina Hastings

#14 The Other Ladies Thought It Was Super Weird, As Soon As I Seen It I Knew It Had To Come Home With Me!! (Whether It Fit Or Not)

Image credits: Kristle McElroy

#15 I Found Casket Barbie Today. I Low Key Regret Not Taking Her Home

Image credits: Katrina Sara

#16 I Found This At Goodwill! This Has Officially Become My Wedding Rehearsal Bouquet!

Image credits: Jennifer Sanford

#17 So… I Couldn’t Be Happier With My Goodwill Find Today. I Previously Worked For A Termite And Pest Control Company But They Closed 2 Julys Ago

Today…I was hired as a data entry coordinator at a new and much better pest control company!!!! I headed to goodwill to beef up my office clothing and found this gem!!! Perfect addition to my eccentric office lady wardrobe!

Image credits: ‎April Piper

#18 Yes I Did Buy This Elephant Sweatshirt. Made Me Laugh Too Hard Not Too

Image credits: Melissa Nowicki

#19 Who Remembers ….

Image credits: Scott Smith II‎

#20 My Four Year Old Daughter Absolutely Could Not Live Without This Four Foot Rainbow Trout!

Image credits: Jenea Villaseñor

#21 He Clearly Wears It Better. No Competition

Image credits: Trish Hirschkorn

#22 Yes. It Came Home With Me. Haven’t Read It Yet

Image credits: Mags Denizkizi

#23 I Literally Darted Across The Store When I Saw Her. She’s So Fancy I Love It

Image credits: Adele Küntz

#24 I Present… Bizarre Cat Trinket Pot! It Did Not Come Home With Me

Image credits: Rachel Johnson

#25 Bought A Nice Frame At Goodwill For $0.50. Put A Photo In It And Kept Seeing A Smudge. Removed The Back And Held It Up To The Light And Saw This…

Image credits: Jordan Bem

#26 Pencil Flats. I Hope A Teacher Somewhere Out There Will Stumble Upon These Gems

Image credits: Sydney Morris

#27 Now You’re Singing It

Image credits: Faith Moultrup‎

#28 Really Beautiful And Intricately Carved Skull At Asiabarong Gallery, Great Barrington Ma

Image credits: Hannah Helena

#29 I Found This In A Yard Sale

Image credits: Kirby Shofner

#30 I Recently Found This Gem At My Fav Thrift Store. Bought It For My Husband, He Won’t Wear It, So I Will (On A Date With Him)

Image credits: Melynda McCulley Taylor

#31 Mad At Your Spouse???

Image credits: Blanca Juarez

#32 Take Your Brother To The Thrift Shop, They Said. It Will Be Fun, They Said. This Monstrosity Now Occupies A Place Of Honor In His Apartment, And In My Nightmares

Image credits: Lizzy Avery

#33 My Best Friend And I Wore Thrift Store Wedding Dresses To A Showing Of Bridesmaids. After The Show, This Woman Stopped Us. She Was The Original Owner Of Our Dresses. Both Dresses!!!

Mine is from her first wedding and my friend’s from her second….. A small world post from today reminded me of this glorious moment

Image credits: Tacky Joe

#34 You Could Have Heard Me Squeal With Glee When I Walked Up On This Gem! I Grabbed It And Held On Tight (Granted No One Else Was Around At The Time)

Image credits: Diane Elizabeth Dunn

#35 Back In January, I Acquired One Of My Most Prized Possessions- A Life-Sized Cast Replica Of An Apatosaurus Femur Bone!

It is a little over 6 feet tall and made of fiberglass. My friend Kathleen and I found it at a Pocono antique mall for a little over $160. The first time I saw it I actually left it behind, wondering “do I reallyyyy need a dinosaur bone?” And I regretted it all week! Once the market was open again I raced up to bring it home in the middle of a snow storm and it is now permanently on display in my living room

Image credits: Hillary Pierson

#36 I Wanted To Give Y’all An Update On How Absolutely Perfect This Crazy Piece Looks In My Bright, Plant Filled Dining Room

Image credits: Chels Collins

#37 Random Find At “Finders Keepers” Hagerstown, Md It Made Me Laugh So Hard

Image credits: ‎Abby Paulson-Mathews

#38 In At Atlanta Area Goodwill, July 15. When I Told My Son I Didn’t Buy It He Said “What’s Wrong With You?!”

Image credits: Jason Spears

#39 Check Out This Kraken Stand I Have In My Kitchen Now

Image credits: Cheyanne Cooper

#40 Only For You People Would I Don A Five-Sizes-Too-Small Kittycat Onesie And Take An Embarrassing Selfie

Image credits: Mary Lutz

#41 Found On The Street. This Little Guy Is Only An Inch High. Where Did He Come From?

Image credits: Vonnie Ruiz‎

#42 Last Year My Son Asked Me To Get Jenga. So When I Found A Used, But Complete In The Box Set At Value Village I Bought It And Gave It To The Kids

When they took it out of the box we quickly realized it had been modified and I had purchased “Frat House Edition”! My kids are way too young for this edition, so now it lives at my friend’s mostly-adults-only cabin

Image credits: Alicia Kincaid

#43 Thrift Store Painting To Which Someone Had Added A Dinosaur

Image credits: Lisa Haslbauer

#44 I Saw This Tissue Box And Couldn’t Pass It Up! Just Makes Me Giggle

Image credits: Abigael Marie

#45 I Don’t Know If These Qualify As Weird As Much As They Do Amazing. Found At A Small Local Thrift Store. I Picked Them Up Without Hesitation

Image credits: Shalon Cade

#46 Someone Posted Miniatures On Here And Wanted To See This! It’s A Bean With Ten Tiny Elephants In It. I’ve Had It For About 50 Years And I Got It At An Antique Store When I Was A Kid

Image credits: Sandi Loveland Eldred

#47 You May Be Over Jumpsuits But I’m Not When I Come Across Gems Like This Baby That I Got For A Buck!

Image credits: Leslie Gengo

#48 Went To An Antique Store Liquidation. Mostly A Bust But I Did Leave With Some New Bling

Image credits: Justin Jones

#49 Found This Gem Today At Savers In St. Louis. Pretty Sure It’s Homemade (No Tags) And For $2.99, You’d Better Believe It Came Home With Me

Image credits: Pam Marty

#50 The Gentleman Who Had These Said He Got Them From The Natural Museum Of Science In San Antonio. Did I Score 4 Of Them? Yes I Did! No Bones About It!!!

Image credits: Missy Cisneros

#51 Found This At A Goodwill. Adorable Little Animals To Impale What A Weird Toy

Image credits: Jenny Popples

#52 Someone Recommended I Join Because Of Pics I Take Of Weird Stuff I Find, And I Decided To Start With This

Image credits: Amorette Dye

#53 “When 16 Pockets On The Front Of Your Skirt Isn’t Enough, You Don’t Worry Because There Are 16 More On The Back! So Heavy!”

Image credits: Jill Dolland Gafken

#54 My Inner Ninja Turtle Is Screaming. This Came Home

Image credits: ‎Caitlin Nicole‎

#55 I Found This Last Year At A Local Thrift Shop In Pa. I Took It Home…because One Of Me Is Just Not Enough

Image credits: Lori Callaway Beneyton

#56 Found The Honeypot Of 90’s Troll Earrings!

Image credits: Maysa Coty

#57 Here’s Looking At You, Kid

Image credits: Meg Brown

#58 Obviously This Shirt Had To Come Home With Me Today. It’s Way Too Large For Me But Oh Well

Image credits: Summer Morgan

#59 Now That’s A Bright Idea!

Image credits: Jenny Barton

#60 My Husband Brought Home This Terrible Mask After Thrifting Today. So Yeah, Husband For Sale

Image credits: Jesse Lewis-Gainey

#61 Zombie Horse…

Image credits: ‎Tara Bowman-Kelley

#62 Where Would I Hang The Needlepoint Caged Unicorn? Might Go Back And Rescue It If I’m Convinced…

Image credits: Jeannine Edwards Stambaugh

#63 Ever Wish The Design Of Crocs Could Be Something You Carry Around??? I Have The Purse For You

Image credits: Gabrielle Smith

#64 Hi Y’all. First Time Poster. Found These Shoes At Red, White And Blue In Harahan, La. They Look Like Something H. R. Giger (The Guy Who Created The Creature In Alien) Made. As Much As I Loved Them, They Sadly Stayed In The Store

Image credits: Suzy Smith

#65 Goodwill Find Of Last Week

Image credits: Rachel Flowe LeCroy

#66 My Mom Got This At A Thrift Shop. It’s For Chips And Salsa. She Got It For Someone As A Christmas Gift But As She Said, “It Was Too Good To Give Away!”

Image credits: Sarah Doneghy

#67 Can’t Help But Feel A Tinge Of Heartache From Finding This Abandoned

Image credits: Travis Sinski

#68 Thank You To The Saint Who Donated This. It’s Now Thriving In Its New, Loving Home!

Image credits: Summer McCusker

#69 One Of My Greatest Finds! A Fancy Martini Cocktail Dress!

Image credits: Sarah Scarnechia

#70 She’s Not So Much As Odd But Very Unique. I Think She Is Beautiful! Her Hair Looks Like It’s Made Of Spider Webs And The Ends Of Her Hair Has Actual Keys Attached

Image credits: Whitney Leaf

#71 All Hail This Truly Cursed Item

Image credits: Lauren Boo

#72 Tie With A Brain Scan Pattern, Found In A Charity Shop

Image credits: ‎Zofia Roginska

#73 Found In A Recycle Store Called Savers In South Australia

Image credits: ‎Sarah Kate‎

#74 My Niece Found This Fabulous Dinosaur Dress At The Salvation Army Store Today. It Is So Cute On Her And It Did Go Home With Her

Image credits: ‎Lisa Ginzel‎

#75 This Is My First Weird Find. He Stayed Right On The Shelf

Image credits: Stacey DeAngelis

#76 Speaking Of Creeptastic Dolls…

Image credits: Lynn Young

#77 Just Not Sure What To Say

Image credits: Diana Cook

#78 You Better Believe I Bought This Giant Antique Industrial-Grade Wire Whisk Mixer Attachment I Have Absolutely No Use For Other Than To Admire For Aesthetics

Btw, it came with a note that said it came from a milwaukee convent and was purchased for the convent in 1889

Image credits: Brianna Lorraine Wunsch

#79 Crikey! Look What We Found, Was Not Going To Drop $150 For It So It Stayed Where It Was

Image credits: Ben Funnell‎

#80 Not My Size. But Worth The Share. Goodwill

Image credits: Matthew Werner‎

#81 Whoever Made This I Love You. Damn Straight It’s Coming Home With Me

Image credits: Megan Fraser

#82 By Far My Best Goodwill

Image credits: Sydney Small

#83 Oh My Achy Breaky Heart. Billy Ray At A Yard Sale With Mullet

Image credits: Peggy Williams

#84 Really?

Image credits: Bonnie White

#85 It Seemed Like An Innocent Box… Until I Turned It Over I Have So Many Questions.

Image credits: Jonelle Lyn Forbes

#86 Not A Great Pic Because I Took It Through The Shop Window But Check Out These Lil Gnome Shoes

Image credits: Jill Blutt

#87 I Picked Up This Pillow At An Estate Sale.

I Really Love The Fabric! But I Noticed It Was Strangely Lumpy. I Got It Home I Unzipped It And Discovered To My Horror That It Was Stuffed With Old Worn Out Nude Colored Nylon Stockings

Image credits: Nickey Robo

#88 Found My Own Face On A Mug One Time At A Goodwill. I Don’t Know That The Pictures Quite Capture The Resemblance But I Do Know I’ve Kicked Myself For Years For Not Taking My Little Twin Home With Me

Image credits: Kate Monnes

#89 I Was Gifted This Years Ago At An Estate Sale!

I Was Looking At The Jewelry And The Jeweler Saw Me Looking At It. I Was Obviously Drawn To This Tiny Little Book And He Probably Thought No One Would Buy It! Score Babbaayyyy I Gladly Accepted! It Is A Tiny Book That Has I Love You Written In Different Languages. I Love It! My Cute Little Book Of Love!

Image credits: Kate McVeigh

#90 For Those Who Need Assistance In Making A Good Cuppa A.k.a Me. Sorry Boss For Putting Way Too Much Milk In Your Tea!

Image credits: Csilla Schild

#91 Found This Interesting Lamp Today… I Think It Has Hair Inside The Shade??? Looks Like This Is A Van Briggle Art Piece But In Pretty Rough Condition!

Image credits: Jenny Kovach

#92 Got The Dragon For Free! It Stands About 7 Feet Tall And Is Hand Pounded Tin

It was a tent topper for a circus I think. I got it from a guy whos uncle had one of PT Barnums houses here in Denver. I gave him some real estate advice and he gave me Dragon. It has a hole where the mouth is for smoke and a spot for the tongue but the tongue is missing. It’s super light! It had been in the back yard for years and was covered in weeds. I dream that it traveled the world on sideshow adventures

Image credits: Jeanette Wild

#93 Picked Up This Double Header In Lenox, Massachusetts

Image credits: ‎Rene Dominique‎

#94 The Local Vfw Had A Table Of Items That Were Free. Every Single Penny Has A Year Of 1973

Image credits: ‎Ashlie Grace Fry‎

#95 I Still Don’t See A Couch But For As Comfortable As This Empty Space Was It Did Not Come Home With Me

Image credits: Brendan Brown

#96 Found In Minnesota At The Center For Lost Objects In St.paul. Please Visit This Unique Secondhand Store!

Image credits: Linda Polizzi Borgersen

#97 Get That Paper Bucket Otta My Face!! I Only Eat Kfc Out Of The Finest Crystal!

Image credits: Monica Gutierrez

#98 Behold The Pickle Putter

Image credits: Sondra DeWitt

#99 Sooo… This Didn’t Come Home With Me, Either

Image credits: Anthony Hutson‎

#100 Found Today In Witchita Falls, Tx At An Antique Store

Image credits: Becca Merimon

#101 I Found A Sculpture That Looks Like Me At A Garage Sale

Image credits: Andrea Good

#102 Hey Girl…

Image credits: Rainey Johnson

#103 “I’m Just Gonna Go Ahead And Get Those And Send Them To Her As A Gift”

Image credits: Bunny Furr‎

#104 Watch Out For My Bodyrolls!

Image credits: Madi Walsh‎

#105 Definitely Bought It

Image credits: Amber Tollefson

#106 Apparently My Husband Inherited This Atrocity From His Late Grandfather. A Nut Cracker. It Is Not On Display

Image credits: Starlette McDaniel

#107 Laughed When I Found Them, Had To Take Em Home. I Love It!

Image credits: ‎Hollie Olin‎

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