108 Soul-Healing Pics To Celebrate Rescue Pets And Their Heroes (July Edition)

July is almost over and we are about to step into the last month of the summer. No crying just yet! This is also the time of the month for your monthly fix of purrfection. The heart-warming feel comes in all shapes and sizes, but is usually furry, jumpy, and irresistibly adorable.

Yep, you guessed it– welcome to Bored Panda’s monthly batch featuring the cutest pics with the goodest gals and bestest bois. From little pooches to full-grown woofers, it’s their smiles and open eyes that make this world a better place.

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#1 When I Was Asked To Take This Girl, I Was Told The Vet Didn’t Think She Had A Chance. She Was Found On The Highway, Burned Paws, Emaciated, Alone. After Multiple Vet Stays, 24 Hour Care At My House, She Went Into Rescue And Was Adopted! This Is Why I Rescue/Foster On My Own. I Won’t Give Up!

Image credits: Hoperosaliex

#2 One Of The Longest-Tenured Residents At Our Shelter Got Adopted Today

Image credits: MARLeague

#3 Just Adopted This Grumpy Lookin But Sweet As Hek 16yo Baby. Her Parent Died So She Was Surrendered To A Shelter. I Had To Make Sure Her Last Years Were Full Of Love And Being Spoiled

Image credits: captain-kittypants

Bored Panda reached out to Yulia Popyk, an animal behavior expert from Petcube Emergency Fund who shared some insights into how the worldwide pandemic sparked a surge in pet adoption, as well as some tips on what you should know before adopting a pet into your family.

Popyk said that there are a number of reasons for the surge in pet adoptions during the COVID-19 pandemic. “First, many people were (and perhaps many still are) spending more time at home and were looking for a companion. Second, some people have been looking for a sense of normalcy during these uncertain times. Third, pets can provide emotional support and help reduce stress and anxiety. Last but not least, adopting a pet from a shelter or rescue organization can help save a life.” Popyk added that this fact itself already provides enough motivation and inspiration during hard times like these.

#4 My Bil Went To Adopt A Cat. He Came Home With Two Cats Because The Shelter Said They’re A “Bonded Pair”

Image credits: JMyers666

#5 Got Divorced And Adopted 3 Cats

Image credits: Bzow

#6 He’s A Beat Up Senior Cat With No Teeth, Is Fiv+, But Has A Heart Of Gold. Of Course We Adopted Him!

Image credits: spidergweb

Moreover, during the active phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been home more often and had more time to care for a pet. “Pets also provide companionship and help reduce stress and anxiety.” Popyk believes that whatever the reason, the bottom line is that people are finding joy and companionship in their new pets during these difficult times.

The pandemic has had a big impact on pet adoptions, with many people now interested in adopting a pet. While animal shelters have seen an increase in adoptions, the growing trend for people to adopt rescue animals seems like it’s not going anywhere.

“Some people may be more interested in adopting a pet now that the pandemic is over, while others may have lost interest or may not feel ready to commit to a pet at this time,” she added.

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#7 She’s So Small That I Thought I Was Adopting A Kitten, But She Was An Adult. I Misread 18 Months As 18 Weeks.

Image credits: Dizzy_Journalist4486

#8 “What Do You Mean I Get Adopted Tomorrow?”

Image credits: ShelterCatPics

#9 Ceda (10) Carrying His Newly Chosen Toy To The Register Of The Pet Store, And Then Him Riding Home In The Car With It. He Spent 99 Days At The Shelter After Being Picked Up As A Stray. This Was On Day 2 Of His New Life.

Image credits: InLynneBo

Adopting a pet is a huge responsibility, so we asked the animal expert what a person should consider before making this decision. Popyk argues that it’s good to start from asking yourself if you’re prepared to commit to taking care of another living creature for the duration of its life. “This includes feeding, walking, exercising, and providing veterinary care as needed,” she added.

#10 We Adopted Morrissey On Sunday. I Think It’s Safe To Say He’s Enjoying His New House.

Image credits: zzabe

#11 19 Year Old Molly Who I Recently Adopted

Image credits: ChippersandFriends

#12 Newly Adopted Little Screamer

Image credits: MisterSlevinKelevra

You also have to think whether you have the financial resources necessary to care for a pet. “Veterinary care can be expensive, and pets also require food, toys, and other supplies.” Another thing to consider is whether you have enough space in your home and yard for a pet. This is because some pets and breeds require more space than others.

“Do you have the time to care for a pet? Pets need attention and exercise every day. Are you prepared to deal with pet hair, stains, and other messes? Are you prepared to deal with additional noise in your home? Are you prepared to deal with the extra work involved in potty training a puppy or kitten?” Popyk commented.

#13 This Is Poochie Before And After Adoption. The Goodest Boy.

Image credits: DeltaSteps

#14 Snuggle Buddies. They Had To Be Adopted As A Pair And I Absolutely Didn’t Mind At All.

Image credits: Yawheyy

#15 Squeaks’ Adoption Celebration Dance

Image credits: Reptarro52

A potential owner should consider whether they have the time, space, and resources to care for a pet. “They should also research the specific needs of the animal they are considering and make sure they are prepared to meet those needs,” the animal expert added.

#16 Newly Adopted Kitten, After Hiding Under The Bed For Hours, Finally Came Out And Graced Me With Her First Loaf

Image credits: YorkerJones

#17 The Bottom Photo Is My Late Pup Titus Who I Had For 12 Years. The Top Photo Is The Dog I Rescued This Week. His Name Is Milo. I’m Very Lucky To Be Reminded Of Titus.


Image credits: InfinityES

#18 Our Foster Dog, A Neglect Case, Has Been With Us Almost Two Weeks And Has Put On 20 Pounds. He Is The Most Incredible Dog.

Image credits: raspberrysupreme

When asked how long it takes for an adopted pet to get used to their new family, Popyk said that although it varies, “generally it takes a few weeks for an adopted pet to get used to their new family.”

“This can vary depending on the animal’s age, general health, temperament, prior living situation, and the amount of time and effort the new family is willing to put into the transition. Generally, it will take a few days to a few weeks for an animal to settle into their new home,” she explained.

#19 Foster Fail! Sasha Is A Senior Gal Who Lost Her Longtime Home Last Year And Ended Up In The Shelter. Never Again! She’s Officially Adopted As Of Today 🙂

Image credits: algor28

#20 Adopted This Pup Today. She Was So Scared At The Shelter That Would Couldn’t Leave Her There

Image credits: dextro584

#21 Agreed To Foster This “Extremely Aggressive” Boy A Few Months Back. Today I Adopted Him. Welcome Home, Stripes Mckenzie!

Image credits: skeletonclock

The most important thing is to be patient and give them time to adjust. “With the help of the Petcube interactive dog camera, you can always check on your newly adopted or an oldie pet at home, even when you have come back to your office work life,” Popyk suggested.

#22 My Lil House Hippo, Choomba. He Was Rescued From A High Kill Shelter In La, Brought To Oregon, And We Adopted Him A Week Later.

Image credits: gnomisaurus

#23 Recently Adopted, Meet Honey 🙂

Image credits: Pinkycinnamon

#24 Adopted This Dude, Named Him Herbie. We Didn’t Know Why The Vet Laughed At His French Name, So We Finally Translated It.

Image credits: Sector7Studios

#25 The Dog I Adopted The Other Day!

Image credits: AlrightRedditing

#26 Moon Had Basically Been A Teenage Mother On The Streets. Now She Has A New Home 🙂

Image credits: 95caramel

#27 Keeps The Senior Doggo I Just Adopted

Image credits: WholesomeHussy

#28 This Is Guillermo!

I’d share our black kitty. We adopted him from a cat cafe that takes in shelter cats only. We named him Guillermo, after the familiar in What We Do in The Shadows, and brought him home. After a few weeks, I looked through the paperwork they gave us with him that wasn’t health related or immediately important. In there, I found a paper from his short time at Petco. His description on it read, “I’m a TV star!”. I was like, “sorry, what?”. It continued to explain that he was rescued from a hoarding situation and during a news interview at the site, he was filmed a few times sitting in a cage looking VERY confused.


Since then, he’s fit in really well with our other cat Bobbi, and is best friends with our dog, Jack.


Here’s the video. He first appears at around 0:50 timemark. A few more times after that too.


Image credits: IWnaBNkd

#29 2 Shelter Dogs, One Adopted Last Week, One Adopted Last September. Now Best Friends.

Image credits: RudyRusso

#30 I Was Told My Sister’s Newly Adopted Pit/Dachshund Might Be Appreciated Here.

Image credits: Nunez4Pres

#31 Went To Visit This Lovely Cat Today And Decided To Adopt Him. He Was Abandoned, But The Vet Estimates He Is Between 12 And 15, Lost Most Of His Teeth And Is Blind In One Eye But He’s Also One Of The Cuddliest Cats I’ve Ever Met. I’m Picking Him Up On Tuesday.

Image credits: autumnsbeing

#32 My Friend Is Adopting Brady This Weekend. Can’t Wait To Meet Him. He Was A Stray So This Will Be His First Real Home. She Says He’s Really Sweet And Gentle.

Image credits: dwfishee

#33 First Time I’ve Noticed My Cake Day. Here’s A Picture Of My 8 Week Old Puppy I Just Adopted! He’s My First Puppy And Has Completely Stolen My Heart!

Image credits: GingerBeast81

#34 Meet Sully, A Romanian Street Dog, Who Travelled 22 Hours By Car To Join Our Little Family

Image credits: Emphy256

#35 Yesterday I Rescued This Kitten From A Cruel Life As A Stray, Today He Shamelessly Stole My Son’s Lunch. I’ve Taken In A Criminal.

Image credits: BatMom525

#36 Our House Hippo! So Thankful We Found Her For Adoption.

Image credits: pablomcdubbin

#37 [oc] Adopting This Little Guy From A Rescue Was An Amazing Decision!

Image credits: jayduhaus

#38 I’m Terribly Allergic To Cats. My Family Adopted A Cat…guess Who He Chose As His Owner?

Image credits: LostLeadership5229

#39 Adopted This Pair Of Brothers Last Week, They’re Inseparable

Image credits: presumeotherwise

#40 My Recently Adopted Dog’s Amazing Recovery! The First Picture Is From March 2022 When She Was First Taken To The Shelter. She Was Originally Found As A Stray In The Inland Empire, Ca.

Image credits: Careless_Can3303

#41 Meet My Mom’s Senior Kitty (15+?) Tortilla! Mom Adopted This Wonderful Senior Tortie, And The Vet Just Says ‘Old’ For Age, Because She Has 1 Tooth. She’s A Sassy Lady ?

Image credits: saucity

#42 I’ve Waited So Long To Adopt My Own Cat. I Finally Moved Into A Place That Allows Cats Last Week. This Is Me Meeting Cheddar For The First Time

Image credits: dsk1389

#43 My Newly Adopted Void Stands Guard Over His Sleeping Sister

Image credits: Sure-Change2851

#44 Terri , My New Adopted Friend

Image credits: marcosmacias

#45 My Fiance And I Adopted A Puppy! Meet Clyde

Image credits: jbloom3

#46 He Thinks That This Adopted Kitten Is Just For Him.

Image credits: Hollow_Video_

#47 Adopted This Little Girl Recently, She Is My First Dog And Is A Puddle Of Love.

Image credits: ftha3rd

#48 I’m An Animal Shelter Photographer. I Took Pictures Of This Very Polite Girl Last Week Which LED To Her Adoption Today!

Image credits: magpiephotos

#49 My Best Friend Just Adopted This Little Guy.

Image credits: Haveyouseenmynachos

#50 We Adopted Him A Week Ago…i Think He’s Happy About It

Image credits: mrsfionalewis

#51 Little Anndee – Someone Said They Would Put Her Out In The Woods For Prey So I Adopted Her !

Image credits: MizZanaBlue2021

#52 These Two Dogs Were Both Set To Be Euthanized Last Thursday Both Deemed Dog Aggressive And Un-Adoptable — One Week Of Basic Training, Structure, And Exercise Later We Have This.

Image credits: Garbarblarb

#53 My Family Adopted One Of The Thousands Of Beagles Rescued From The Envigo Breeding Facilities In Virginia. It’s Amazing To Watch Her Grow Into Her Goofy And Crazy Self. The First Day We Brought Her Home In The Bottom Right. Otherwise Being A Crazy Nutball ?? We Love Her So Much

Image credits: deeppurplescallop

#54 My Newly Adopted Puppy Sits Funny

Image credits: goldenxxxfish

#55 We Are Bringing This Fella Home On Tuesday. What Should We Name Him?

Image credits: planpepperoni

#56 Our First Dog We Just Adopted Today, He Is A Happy Pup And We Are A Happy Family!

Image credits: tthrivi

#57 My Wife And I Adopted This Handsome Boy A Few Weeks Ago And Thew Him His First Bday Party Last Weekend.

Image credits: interplanetaryspace

#58 Adopted Kittens For My Dog To Have Friends Today.

Image credits: frobie2323

#59 Adopted This Sweet Sibling Pair!! Name Ideas? Gray M, Orange F

Image credits: Kaleyy5

#60 Adopting This Silly Sic Has Made My Life So Much Better

Image credits: cuppycakemagic

#61 Please Meet Pepa 🙂 A 8 Y-O Rescue Adopted Yesterday, My First Cat Ever

Image credits: littleJ57

#62 My Little Noya Before & After… I Adopted Her About 5 Days From An Animal Shelter That Was Almost Over Capacity. She’s Been In A Really Shy Adjustment Period & I Truly Can’t Wait Until She Gets More Comfortable ? She’s Been Skittish But I’ve Been Able To Pet Her A Bit, Along With Some Purring.

Image credits: seperatego

#63 Just Adopted This Little Fellow! I’m Torn Between The Names Ralphy And Meatloaf. (Wilford Brimley Was A Close 3rd) (80’s Hair Rocking Doodle Already Named)

Image credits: namanama101

#64 Adopting These Two Sweeties Tomorrow Morning. Looking For Name Suggestions (Brother & Sister)

Image credits: brickswasp

#65 Just Adopted This Sweet Angel. Everyone, Meet Cheddar!

Image credits: Sticks316

#66 My New Kitten River, Just Adopted Tuesday

Image credits: Torisheets123

#67 Our Foster Pup Ruthie Is Getting Adopted Tomorrow!

Image credits: ZoomieDog

#68 Thinking Of Adopting This 26 Lb Cat. Looking For A Good Name.

Image credits: Williw0w

#69 Any Name Suggestions For My Newly Adopted Kitten?

Image credits: jozelle41095

#70 Adopted Forty-Five Days After Birth. Living Like A Queen Now. Kinda Lucky Huh?

Image credits: TheOtherMay

#71 I Adopted Another Void And They Became Best Friends In Only 1.5 Weeks….everyone Meet Lilah!

Image credits: petite-tarte

#72 Just Adopted This Pup! Listed As A Shepherd/Lab/Terrier Mix And Super Sweet. Trying To Come Up With A Name.

Image credits: TheGreatNyanHobo

#73 Cute Adopted Doggo! What Should We Name This Dude?

Image credits: Your_Wifes_Grlfriend

#74 I Adopted This Sweet Boy Yesterday. I’m Already In Love.

Image credits: norixnozi

#75 My Adopted Fur Baby Flynn

Image credits: PippiLongstompings

#76 Any Name Suggestions For This Pretty Boy?

Image credits: chortlana

#77 Adopting This Beautiful Doggo Named Ben On Friday ❤️he’s A Rescue From Istanbul And I’m So Excited To Welcome Him To The Family ?

Image credits: Bdan2599

#78 Adopted This 7 Year Old Sic Today !

Image credits: peteski888

#79 When I Adopted My Cat I Never Thought She’d Leave Me For My Mother.

Image credits: Amerimoto

#80 I Adopted A Diamond Dove 2 Days Ago! Can’t Decide What Name To Give Them, Any Suggestions? (Unsure Of Gender Yet)

Image credits: DemonicXanimal

#81 And I Just Adopted A Trouble! I Mean Puppy

Image credits: aguywhofarts

#82 We Adopted This Goofball Today. I Think He Likes Us 🙂

Image credits: ThatEstyGirl

#83 Girlfriend And I Want To Adopt A Buddy For Our Cat, And We Found This Little Guy Who’s Been At The Shelter For A Year. His Name Is Wicket And We Love Him Already.

Image credits: Armadros

#84 I Recently Foster Failed And Adopted This Adorable Old Man And His Wife. Meet Tiger ❤️

Image credits: 420gucciqueen

#85 We Adopted A Dog But He Has A Pink Nose, Curly Tail And Snorts A Lot So… Pig?

Image credits: walk_the_jewels

#86 Well It Look Like We Have Been Adopted. Found This Very Squeaky Fella Outside The Gate This Morning..

Image credits: barriedalenick

#87 Meet My New Dog Sadie! Found In Central Ca W/6 Puppies

Image credits: 007willreturn

#88 Please Help Me Name Him! I Brought The Little Grey One Home Two Weeks Ago, And Still Have No Name For Him. Photos To Show Some Of His Personality. Gingers Name Is Dammy.

Image credits: pumertin

#89 This Is Yannis, My Mother’s Rescue Dog From Greece.

Image credits: Chydenius-1765

#90 My Wife Is A Park Ranger And Found This Shar Pei Stray With Scars And Scabs. Our Local Shelter Considered Him To Be A “Level 5” And Waived All Adoption Fees To Get Rid Of Him. We Adopted Him And He’s Found Love I’m Sure He’s Never Felt Before

Image credits: mattarocci37

#91 Adopted My First Puppy! Her Name Is Persephone! She’s 12 Weeks Old And Needs Some Meat On Her Bones!

Image credits: EeveeGirl411

#92 My Recently Adopted Stray “Hank” With Somewhere Between One And 0 Braincells

Image credits: ERASED_burd

#93 My Girlfriend And I Adopted These Two Precious Sister Kitties Today. Any Name Suggestions?

Image credits: Bailmage

#94 Help Me Name Her! I Just Adopted Hertoday And I Was Gonna Go With The Name Tsukiko (Suki For Short) But I’m Not Sure How I Feel About It And Can’t Think Of Anything Else

Image credits: soupy_poopies

#95 My Husband And I Just Adopted This Pretty Girl. I’m Already In Love. ?

Image credits: benhaube

#96 Someone Left This Cat At The Door To My Firehouse. She Has Extra Toes, Help Me Name Her

Image credits: Boots1303

#97 My Sweet Baby Girl, One Of The Shelter’s Longest Term Residents, Got Adopted A Few Days Ago! I’m So Happy For Her :d

Image credits: Jolly_Ordinary9085

#98 Pawty Time???officially Adopted..

Image credits: lacydimond68

#99 Just Adopted This Precious Beast, My First Pet Ever!

Image credits: asteurism

#100 This Is Chuck I Adopted Him This Morning From The Spca

Image credits: BakedCanuck89

#101 Today I Became A Foster Failure And Adopted This Little Guy.

Image credits: My_Names_Jefff

#102 Meet Sunny, Adopted Him Yesterday And He Is Already Very Comfortable 🙂

Image credits: CatPlayer

#103 Adopted Two Kittens, Happy 4th.

Image credits: frobie2323

#104 My Husband Just Sent Me This Pic Of Our New Adopted Basset Hound, Watson. We’re Working On Leash Training Him, And…it’s Going. This Is What We Like To Call “Flat Basset”

Image credits: ladyem8

#105 Just Adopted A Dog. Any Guesses On What He Is?

Image credits: Huge-Maintenance-312

#106 Adopted From Shelter – Living The Good Life

Image credits: kay-zee-55

#107 I Am Rescuing This Beauty, What Should I Name Her?

Image credits: oopenyoureyess

#108 Adopted My First Puppy! Her Name Is Persephone! She’s 12 Weeks Old And Needs Some Meat On Her Bones!

Image credits: EeveeGirl411

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