109 Times People Got Absolutely Awesome Tattoos And Just Had To Show Them Off Online

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next tattoo, or just want to see some of the most creative and well-done pieces out there, the subreddits r/tattoo and r/tattoos are the perfect places to start.

These online communities are full of enthusiasts who share their own ink, as well as the designs they admire from other artists around the world. From delicate watercolor designs to bold, traditional styles, you’ll find a wide selection on these subreddits, too.

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Whether it’s a beautiful watercolor-like bouquet of flowers, a geometric animal portrait, or a classic bold skull, everyone is bound to discover something they like, no matter their taste.

#1 My Dad Died On December 15, 2016. Today, I Got A Tattoo

Image credits: 42dftba

#2 Kimono Inspired Geo/Spirograph Piece Done By @nissaco In Japan, Osaka

Image credits: 0ooopz

#3 Scar “Cover Up” I Did The Other Day. Now She’s Got Her Best Friend Looking Back At Her 🙂 Done Be Me – Adam Makharita (@adamdeanart) At Dot. Creative Group In NYC

Image credits: adamdeanart

#4 First Tattoo! Clarinet Designed By My Father And Done By Pascal Guimond At Sinister Skin In Port Moody Bc

Image credits: _BaleineBleue_

#5 Calvin And Hobbes Embroidery Patch By Duda Lozano In Sao Paolo, Brazil

Image credits: Reddit__PI

#6 Finally Got To Do Something Creative With My Ugly Shoulder Scar Thanks To Chris Earnhart At Arcade Tattoo, Ca

Image credits: SloDilf1493

#7 2.500 Years Old Tattoo

Image credits: JaspionCY

#8 My Chest Done Yesterday By Blum, Paris France !

Image credits: TheBlackDahlia_x

#9 My Grandma & Grandpa – By Eli Wood At Lombard Street Tattoo In Portland!

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Image credits: sydken

#10 My Little Trash Cat By Zzizziboy In Seoul, South Korea

Image credits: hootandahalf

#11 My Eastern European Folk Art Tattoo With Pigeons. Done By Koral At White Rabbit In NYC

Image credits: Mikelightman

#12 Wildflowers By Jing From Jing’s Tattoo Studio In Flushing, NY

Image credits: Reddit__PI

#13 Fish Bones, Done By Trevor Varem, Mission Tattoo Parlour, Calgary Alberta

Image credits: Holdenl2121

#14 Done By Erin Chance At Unkindness Art In Richmond Va. Inspired By Beth Cavener’s Sculpture “All Tangled Up In You”

Image credits: StormieTheCloud

#15 Honey Bees For A Pair Of Married Beekeepers, By Keith C (Me) At Spinning Needle Tattoos In Ft Worth

Image credits: Fidellio

#16 My Arm, Done Today In One 8 Hour Sitting By Hannah Flowers Of No Regrets In London UK. What’d Ya Think?

Image credits: ThorgrinHaphazard

#17 I Covered Some Gnarly 3rd Degree Burn Scars With A Fire Dragon By Adam Sky, Morningstar Tattoo, Belmont, California

Image credits: Tattoodles

#18 Golden Balloon Dog Made By Me, Pony Lawson At My Shop Mayday! Tattoo Co In Chicago

Image credits: PonyDanger

#19 Embroidery Flower Tattoo By Ksu Arrow

Image credits: Pepsn_p

#20 Tattoo By Alba, Long Story Tattoo, Prague | Artwork By Mahdieh Farhadkiaei, Iran

Image credits: verriable

#21 Done By Chris Rigoni At Bloodlines Ink In Perth, Western Australia

Image credits: thatonecritter713

#22 Dark Floral Sleeve By Jacob, An Artist At Til Death Denver

Image credits: tatuator

#23 My Wifes Fresh ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ Tattoo Done By Tara At Mooresville Tattoo Company, Mooresville Nc

Image credits: plasticbagroadkill

#24 My First Tattoo. Done By Shinya At Studio Muscat, Tokyo (8 Months Ago)

Image credits: Vilas1

#25 Moon Goddess By Cam Pohl (Lansing Mi) Done At Austin Tattoo Invitational

Image credits: ARTattooCollector

#26 Entropy By Cavan@gritnglory, NYC

Image credits: Itsjustcavan

#27 In Utter Awe At This Japanese Back Piece Done By South Korean Artist, Zumiism

Image credits: trashbaby73

#28 Courage Tattoo By Me

Image credits: Twbtattoos

#29 Octopus By Me, David Peyote

Image credits: thedavidcote

#30 Fresh Pink Panther/ Tiger On The Chest By Manh Huynh At Freedom Inks, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Image credits: manwiththebanana

#31 Got My Foot Done By Castlebasas In La, California

Image credits: faucherie

#32 Healed Snake And Mushroom Fairy Done By Me In San Francisco

Image credits: buttercupcookiepie

#33 My Grandma (77 Years Young) Just Got Her First Tattoo! “It Didn’t Hurt At All”

Image credits: pafdoot

#34 Left Healed , Right Fresh. Both Will Be Touched Up (I Am An Apprentice)

Image credits: marcelust

#35 My First Tattoo(S). Geometric/Forest/Nature Theme. By Justine Nordine @ The Raw Canvas In Grand Junction, Co

Image credits: Kyle95670

#36 Kiddo Created A Crazy Creature Out Of Construction Paper So I Had My Tattoo Artist Interpret It!

Image credits: jhscobie

#37 Freehand Retouch/ Redesign By Omar Hunter, Guadalajara, Mexico

Image credits: musicalsteve

#38 My Latest Piece Done By John Tarrao At Stone’s Throw Tattoo In Berwyn, Pa. Philly Suburb. I Still Can’t Get Over. I’m Still Blown Away

Image credits: fluorescentgreenmcm

#39 My Snake Tat

Image credits: headlessfairy

#40 My Brother, My Sister And Me (Triplets) Finally Decided To Get Our First Tattoo

Image credits: Noah_Keulen

#41 This Is Fine… Tattooed By Keelin In True Electric Tattoo, Dublin

Image credits: DryLuteNerd

#42 My Cat Entering A Room, By Yonatan Dagan Of Trst Tattoo, Haifa, Israel

Image credits: push3000

#43 Very Fine Ear Piece Done By Kevin At Black Bear Ink, Eindhoven (The Netherlands)

Image credits: Eurwen4

#44 Me And My Dog! Made By Mentat Gamze At Studio Aureo, Rome (Italy)

Image credits: Pjohnx

#45 Now My Birth Mark Is An Actual Wine Stain

Image credits: WPln92

#46 Leonardo Da Vinci Done In Istanbul, Turkey

Image credits: kayra551

#47 My Father Passed Away Almost Two Months Ago. Today Is His Birthday And He Always Wanted Us To Have Matching Tattoos

Image credits: everyday__grey

#48 I Had My Cat Tattooed As An Astrocat!

Image credits: WhamBammThankYouMam

#49 Backpiece By Haivarasly

Image credits: topknotch89

#50 My Shin By Mike Boyd. Done 12 Months Ago. Just Found You Guys

Image credits: BCurios

#51 My Leg Sleeve – By Matt Curzon Out Of “Empire” In Prahran, Melbourne Victoria, Australia

Image credits: suubzs

#52 Flower Crow Alien By Gyeong, Guest Artist At Macondo Tattoo, NYC

Image credits: pepperpotin

#53 Second Half Of My Sleeve Done By Matt At Black Veil Tattoo In Salem Mass

Image credits: spookythespookster

#54 Dionysus By Hannah Flowers, No Regrets Tattoo, Hackney, London

Image credits: rossco1991

#55 My Cat, Meonji, By Yeonno In Hongdae, Seoul Korea. It’s My First Tattoo Ever And Took 11 Hours

Image credits: goyangimamma

#56 My New Tattoos, To Cover Up Old Self Harm Scars. Changing Sadness To Beauty

Image credits: AlternativeEdgeLord

#57 Kubrick Ho, Guest Spot At Chronic Ink In Vancouver, Bc

Image credits: cassandratini

#58 Done By @chrisrigonitattooer At Ravens Hollow, Melbourne Australia

Image credits: japhro

#59 My First Tattoo, Done At Circa Studio (Barcelona) By Ivan Casabo

Image credits: Miniimac

#60 Mario Goes To Work – Mat Frankin, Tat Franklin Studios / Columbus, Ohio

Image credits: ALowlyRadish

#61 Neck Session 1. Done By Sketch At Aspired Vision In El Paso, Tx

Image credits: AbsoluteHatred666

#62 I Lost My Old Boy Sebastian Last Month. I Had My First Tattoo In His Honour. Art By Storm At Black Dagger Tattoo In Qld, Australia

Image credits: KaikesPokeCards

#63 My Latest Tattoo, Winnie The Pooh And Friends By Ashley June At 522 Tattoo Just North Of Seattle

Image credits: Acymru

#64 Started Tattooing In July 2020, And Here’s A Brief View. I Had A Successful, Crazy Year And I’m Excited For The Next! If You Would Kindly Follow On Ig, Your Support Means A Lot For My Fresh Baby Career @chai.sun.lee

Image credits: chai_lee

#65 Flowers Done At First Class Tattoo, NYC

Image credits: Gremlin_157447744576

#66 My First Tattoo, An Homage To The Neighborhood I Spent So Much Of My Childhood In. Done By Phil W. At Trx Tattoos In St.louis, Mo

Image credits: tuleyjacob

#67 Wolf Shadow Done By Masihahn, Kollektiv Hummelstein Germany

Image credits: am0ngstrangers

#68 Legs And Hand Done By Paulo Garcia From Studio Merentis, Stockholm

Image credits: adamientos

#69 My First Tattoo

Image credits: docctor_how

#70 My Victorian Sleeve. Done By Razvan Grecu In Nr Studios, Cheltenham, UK

Image credits: SigourneyWeeder

#71 What Do You Think? Had It Done On Tuesday And Loving It!

Image credits: Ross_bedford

#72 Dwight By Me, Hansdeslauriers At Finesse Tattoo, Montreal, Canada

Image credits: hvns666

#73 My Outer Arm Done In 2 Consecutive Days. Tattoo Done By Monikabooo In Lithuania

Image credits: Galacta

#74 Patchwork Style Banjo Kazooie Tattoo. Done At Authentic Ink Sydney By Min

Image credits: skywalker5400

#75 Abduction Tattoo By Leslie Hess At Andromeda Studios In Erie, Pa

Image credits: alerp420

#76 Vines Hand Tattoo (Manuel Gonzales @ Wizz Tatts, Puerto Rico)

Image credits: typeyourpassword

#77 A Bobby Pin- Done By Billy Gamble At Top Secret Tattoo, Waco, Tx

Image credits: terminalbachelor

#78 I Dont See Too Many Tattoos On Darker Skin Here. So Heres Mine! Done By Khangd At Paul Le Art Studio, Texas

Image credits: jdokpa

#79 For My 10 Year Anniversary Of Bartending In Chicago. At Tattoo Factory By Electricyetti

Image credits: TastyMalort

#80 Medusa Antoinette By Anka At Black Iris In Brooklyn

Image credits: nails_tails_ales

#81 Tattoo Done By Rich Mccann At Royal Gothic Studio In Bridgend, Wales

Image credits: EldenTingz

#82 Map Of Middle Earth Done At Hwy1 Tattoo In Elgin, Sc

Image credits: imaginenyx

#83 My First Tattoo! A Text From My Friend That Passed Away, Supposed To Remind Me To Check In On People No Matter What. He Was Struggling With His Own Issues But Was Always Asking Me How I Was Doing… Such An Incredible And Selfless Person. Rip Tony Forever In My Heart And On My Wrist

Image credits: reddit.com

#84 My First Tattoo. Done By The Talented Gabbievasquez At Rocknrolltattoo Glasgow, Scotland. So Happy With It

Image credits: j33pstr

#85 The Wife And I Got Tattoos Of A Diagram Depicting The Position Of The Planets As They Were The Exact Time We Were Married. Izic Woodall, Holy Grail Tattoo, Lakeland, Florida

Image credits: ElephantErik

#86 My New Slowpoke Tattoo. Done By Jeremy Sloo(Made To Last Tattoo) Charlotte Nc

Image credits: wofootball18

#87 Tiger (+ Sleeves) By Me, David Peyote

Image credits: thedavidcote

#88 Geometric Full Leg Sleeve Tattoo By Kevin Ligabue (@kevinligabue) Oakland Ca Bay Area

Image credits: Ok-Pressure3642

#89 I Had A Really Fun Time On This Midnight Fox!

Image credits: Goblyn215

#90 Dragon Tattoo Done By @derykwebb At Confetti Club Tattoo

Image credits: a_Green_Piggy

#91 Ship And Beetle, Chris Fernandez – Kings Ave Tattoo – Long Island/NYC, NY

Image credits: reddit.com

#92 Tardigrade By April Reed @ Broadwing Tattoo. Bowling Green, Oh

Image credits: FuzzyB92

#93 Samurai Jack By Feliphe Veiga At True Rise Tattoo In São Paulo, Brazil

Image credits: ViniTheHoudini

#94 The Final Session Of My Green Eyed Beauty! By Henry Quiles, Til Death Tattoo, Denver

Image credits: cosmiclemons

#95 Don’t Panic. By Zeke At Chronic Ink In Toronto

Image credits: chief_of_rabbits

#96 Won My First Award At A Convention!!! Milestone For Me

Image credits: amandagraves

#97 My Very First Ink!

Image credits: CheeeeeseGromit

#98 Dr. Manhattan By Sickle Tattoo At Studio City Tattoo In Los Angeles, Ca

Image credits: Angelikus

#99 Got The Back Of My Knees Rocked By Michelle Of White Willow Studio In Pittsburgh, Pa

Image credits: tddaawwgg

#100 A Complete Stranger And I Got Tattoos Of Each Others Face – By J-Cee Capilia, The Fall Tattoo, Vancouver Bc

Image credits: lancaster27

#101 David Bowie Bowie Knife By Glen At Black Rabbit Tattoo In Port Moody, Bc

Image credits: GirlWithASlinky

#102 Disney Castle By Lahhel Done At Tattoo’s Convention In Pau, Fr

Image credits: BaronNoirTattoo

#103 Dark Art Dagger By Me Tim Hart At International Ink In Steven’s Point Wi

Image credits: DeadBabyWeekend

#104 My Floral Hip Piece, Done By Jacob At Cherry Street Tattoo In Tulsa, Ok!

Image credits: CassTheGryffindor

#105 Relax We All Die By Shawn Dougherty At Good Graces Tattoo In Wilmington, Nc

Image credits: swellen2

#106 Arm Band To Commemorate A Year Traveling The World. Artist:hanzi At Bloody Ink Studio, Kuala Lampur

Image credits: mdleast1986

#107 Little Freehand Scythe I Put On My Buddy’s Forearm At My Shop Earlier This Week. Also, Can We Add Flair For Freehand Work?

Image credits: alagiglia

#108 Moved From Sydney To Ireland When I Was 10. I’m 20 Now And Here’s My First Tattoo. Done By Riion @ Jax Wolf, Belfast

Image credits: Vikingsson

#109 Fresh Finished Geisha Hannya By Vinny At The American Tradition Tattoo, Sacramento Ca

Image credits: tiusy

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