11 "Love" Songs that Aren't Love Songs at All

If you are planning to dedicate a love song to your sweetheart for Valentines Day, it might pay to listen to the lyrics first. Any wedding DJ will tell you that “Every Breath You Take” from The Police will be requested for the reception, because people think it’s a song about undying devotion. But if you really listen to it, it’s clearly about stalking. Just as people embraced the mistaken idea that “Born in the USA” is a patriotic song, lovers take the wrong message from a song’s title or chorus, isolated from the full set of lyrics. Or they just like the tune. For example, “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. While it has been effectively used to express true love, the lyrics are more of a pickup line.

According to this 2010 Bruno Mars hit, marriage is a sacred union involving two people and a whole lot of booze. “Is it the look in your eyes / Or is it this dancing juice?” Mars asks in the chorus. It’s definitely the latter, as this couple is admittedly wrecked on tequila and “looking for something dumb to do.” As for the next morning, “If we wake up and you wanna break up, that’s cool,” Mars sings.

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Source: neatorama

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