11 Stylish Design Ideas to Make a Small Bedroom Feel Big and Chic

Living in a small bedroom can be a decorating challenge. With a lack of floor space, it requires you to get creative about how you organize your belongings. But just because there are restrictions on square footage, it doesn’t mean that your room should lack the pizazz of a larger space. In fact, these type of constraints can often produce unique solutions that’ll transform your bedroom into the most stylish place in your home.

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Everyone has different decorating tastes, but there are many small bedroom tips you’ll want to swear by. They can be applied to your individual aesthetic and will allow you to maximize your space and do more with less. The most helpful advice is to think vertically; when you get into that mindset, you’ll be surprised by what you’ll find on the market. Many savvy companies, including Amazon, are catering to square footage-challenged rooms and embracing a minimalist aesthetic—which is also a great way to save space.

For more helpful small bedroom ideas, check out our list below.

Need help with decorating a small bedroom? Here are 11 ideas that look great and help maximize your space, too.


Tip #1: Opt for a light color scheme.

Dark walls can make small rooms feel even smaller, while lighter colors convey an open, airy feel. Opt for white (or nearly white) walls, blush bedding, and blonde furniture to give your bedroom the illusion of more space.


Tip #2: Go vertical. 

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The best way to mitigate small floor space is to look up. By attaching things to the walls, you’re avoiding clutter on the ground and making room for vital pieces of furniture like a desk or dresser.


Tip #3: Savor natural light. 

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Natural light will brighten a room and add a sense of airiness to your space. (This complements tip #1 very well.) Plus, being able to see out of a window will give the space some depth beyond the four walls. If you don’t have any windows in your room, try investing in some sunlight lamps to recreate the glow.


Tip #4: Place your bed in the corner.

Space is at a premium in a small bedroom. Placing your bed in the middle of it will take away some of the usable areas because you’ll essentially divide the space into smaller (unusable) sections. By pushing your bed to the corner, you’ll free up a larger space that could be occupied by more furniture.


Tip #5: Don’t want a corner? Try placing your bed at the window. 

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Wall space is a valuable asset (remember, we’re thinking vertically). But you know where you can’t hang a shelf? A window. Try placing your bed at the window to free up a wall you wouldn’t be able to use otherwise.


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