11 Things You Should Know Before Going to the San Diego Comic Con

Every year, we are astonished at the number of people who enjoy San Diego Comic Con. This year’s convention will be held July 20-23 at the San Diego Convention Center. If you’ve decided this is the year you’re finally going, you may as well be prepared. And there’s no one better to prepare you than Neatorama author and annual SDCC attendee Jill Harness. Learn how to negotiate long lines, what to buy, who to see, where to eat, and how to plan your days at the con to get the most enjoyment and memories out of them. For example,

Hall H is the biggest waste of time and one of the most awful experiences in all of Comic Con. As I mentioned, you have to wait FOREVER to get into the panel, then even if you make it before the cutoff, you’ll still likely be in the back of the room where you’ll just be watching everything on a giant TV screen anyway because the hall is so big you can’t even see the people in front of the room from the back.

Some people will still justify it by pointing out that they got to learn all the amazing stuff about their favorite show or movie before anyone else, but the difference is literally the length of the panel itself because as soon as the panel is over, everything that just happened will be put up on the internet -so you just gave up AT LEAST half of your day at Comic Con just so you could see stuff on a screen happen an hour before the general public.

That makes sense. A first-time attendee would do better to get an overall feel for everything that is Comic Con than to use a whole day for one activity. There’s a lot to do, so spend your time well. Check out the rest of the Comic Con tips at Rue the Day.

And whether you’re going to SDCC or not, we’ll have pictures of the cosplayers from Jill and Zeon the next week, as we do every year

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