110 People Who Mastered The Art Of Embroidery And Shared Their Incredible Works Online (New Pics)

Embroidery as a craft has flourished everywhere across the world. Whether it’s stunning artwork or cheeky cross-stitch on clothing and home goods, it’s always been an important part of our material culture. However, today, some people think of needlework as a dying art that is unsuited for our hectic lives. Well, this is not entirely true and there’s an online community that proves it.

The subreddit in question is called r/Embroidery. As the moderators state in the description, it’s dedicated “for hand and machine embroiderers to exchange tips, techniques, resources, and ideas.” More than 519K stitchers show off some of their greatest projects on the page, and they are truly gorgeous.

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Psst! After you’re done scrolling through some of the best posts we have collected from the subreddit, make sure to check out Part 1 of this post right here.

#1 Not My Work But Too Cool Not To Share- Embroidered Snow Steps By Narumi Takada (Nrm_takada On Ig)

Image credits: kitchensinckk

#2 Flowers On Converse

Image credits: mad_reader

#3 Stitched My Great-Grandparents

Image credits: thevampireswidow

#4 I’ve Had A Box Of Old Skeleton Keys In My House For Years But Never Knew What To Do With Them Until A Few Days Ago When Inspiration Struck! Please Enjoy This Little Winged Key

Image credits: colormuse

#5 My First Double Hoop And By Far Most Elaborate Project! This Is A Wedding Gift For My Artsy Friends Based On A Photograph. The Cutest Part Is That The Little Lights Actually Turn On!

Image credits: karoot

#6 Kingfisher Hand Embroidery. Thank You For All Your Loves On My Works

Image credits: XQDalat

#7 What Doesn’t Kill You

Image credits: introit

#8 Watercolor Is Hard!

Image credits: proprietaryorange

#9 I’m A Phd Student Studying Soil Fertility. Had To Deck Out My New Lab Coat. Please With The Results

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Image credits: kelseylulu

#10 My Latest Hand Embroidered Piece: Apantesis Incorrupta/Moth

Image credits: RaisedByWolves_

#11 Studio Ghibli Series! Featuring My Neighbor Totoro, Castle In The Sky, And Grave Of The Fireflies

Image credits: StormsAreMadeToEnd

#12 My New Embroidery! I Like This Pink Piece

Image credits: embroiderybynusik

#13 My Collection So Far!

Image credits: clure04

#14 My Sister Does Research On Goats So I Made This Blazer For Her To Wear To Defend Her Thesis. I Used Free Motion Machine Embroidery For The Goat And Ribbon Embroidery For The Flowers

Image credits: catknipp

#15 Mushroom Ring Sleeve Cuff I Made For My Jacket

Image credits: FluffySpider1701

#16 One If My Embroidery, 2019 Year

Image credits: embroiderybynusik

#17 I’m Doing My Phd In Lung Diseases So Naturally I Had To Embroider Some Floral Lungs

Image credits: MelodicMuggle

#18 So. Many. French. Knots

Image credits: a_warm_garlic_yurt

#19 Finally It’s Done And My Cat Just Wants To Bite It. Still Thinking Whether To Add Whiskers!

Image credits: Tsktskda

#20 Kiwi Anatomy 100% Legit

Image credits: iLabrador

#21 One Of My First Embroidery Projects: A Mischievous Looking Pocket Bongo Cat

Image credits: tamaraloves_

#22 Been Inspired By My Recent Walks To Recreate Some Moss And Lichen. Embroidery Mixed With Some Tiny Crochet

Image credits: isalwaysthisway

#23 All The Cephalopods Just Hanging Out

Image credits: usagi_miso

#24 A Million Stitches And Several Months Past The Persons Birthday Later, I Finished!

Image credits: sisi-Broccoli

#25 Made This Since My Girl Is Into Embroidery. She Said Yes. Also Please Dont Judge The Craftmanship, Its My First Time

Image credits: 90s_george

#26 A Year Of Work, And Now A Custom Frame For Sonder Andesite

Image credits: k1cka5h

#27 My Most Recent Thread Painting “You Were My Sunflower…”

Image credits: jadeillustrates

#28 My Grandma Recently Passed Away And My Family Had To Sell Her House, So I Stitched It For My Mom

Image credits: baddbroccolis

#29 This Tentacle Is A Wip But I’m Loving It So Much That I Might Just Stop Here!

Image credits: somethingstitches

#30 My Most Recent Hoop! This Was For My Nan To Gift To Her Friend Who Loves Crows

Image credits: Oh-Sew-Amelia

#31 Just Finished This Cedar Waxwing! Took Around 50 Hrs Over The Course Of A Month And Over 45 Colors Of Thread

Image credits: amr_427

#32 Happy Sheep

Image credits: a_warm_garlic_yurt

#33 I Can’t Believe I Embroidered It

Image credits: embroiderybynusik

#34 An Attempt I Did On Kicks

Image credits: Mekoy_

#35 For My Daughter The Gardener

Image credits: Greencatvictoria

#36 Update – Finished My Collar For My Traditional Bunad . It Wasn’t Easy

Image credits: Eminante

#37 Jiji From Kiki’s Delivery Service On My Pocket

Image credits: thatleohoe

#38 New Lab Coat! I Melt Salt For A Living (And Fun)

Image credits: hellyabruther

#39 Enjoy The Small Things In Life

Image credits: iLabrador

#40 A Long Overdue Update On The State Flower Quilt Project: One Year Later, Here It Is! State Flower Quilt, Hand Embroidered, Nov. 2020 – Nov. 2021! Details In Comments

Image credits: megretson

#41 My First Go At Hair Embroidery Using A Tutorial!

Image credits: Peachberry24

#42 “Up” Hand-Embroidery With Beads

Image credits: Wonkavision09

#43 I Apologize To All Needle Punch Enthusiasts, But This Had To Be Done! Hope You Like It

Image credits: HardcoreLock

#44 My Embroidered Entomology Collection Is Getting Bigger!

Image credits: MossAndFloss

#45 This Is The First Embroidery From My Series With The Sights Of The World

Image credits: embroiderybynusik

#46 Another Wedding Gift, This Time For A Close Cousin

Image credits: Satellite_Stitches

#47 Finally Done! Well I Haven’t Prepared The Back Yet But Couldn’t Wait To Share It 🙂 Embroidery Inspired By Mermaid Paintings By Victor Nizovtsev. The Second Pic Is Taken In The Evening So It Is Better Noticeable How The Colors Shimmer

Image credits: sparrow_art

#48 Kind Of A Silly Themed Piece For A Family Member’s Graduation From A Forensic Science Program – Hope She Likes It! My First Time Doing Text And First Time Framing Embroidery Using The Lacing Method…

Image credits: jellosquash

#49 Spidey Update: I Cut Her Out And She Can Move Up And Down! Thanks Everyone For Your Ideas!

Image credits: paraffler

#50 I Embroidered The Mushroom Postcard From Animal Crossing While I Anxiously Await The Update

Image credits: chericez

#51 Opinions Please? I Did An Outline With Stretchmarks And Thought Itd Be Cool To Make Her Undies French Knots But I Think I’ve F**ked It…what Do You Think?

Image credits: KittieHillWrites

#52 Just A Robot Makin’ A Friend!

Image credits: -hotbeans-

#53 Got Some Pearlescent Thread And Had To Incorporate It. It’s A Pain To Use, But I Made A Wizard Frog

Image credits: Veggiesaurus_rex

#54 I Won First Prize At The Fair This Weekend For My Cross Stitch!

Image credits: Andromeda321

#55 Almost 4 Years Of Embroidery In One Photo!

Image credits: floralsandfloss

#56 Originally Stitched In May, But More Relevant Now For Those Of Us In Texas

Image credits: ofliesandhope

#57 First Attempt! May I Offer You A Cat In This Trying Time?

Image credits: revenyant

#58 Koi Float

Image credits: ispiho

#59 I Am New Here, And I Thought I Should Present

Image credits: lgablan

#60 Rudolph

Image credits: AStitchInThymeSaves9

#61 My Mom Made These Tablecloths And Napkins We Use Everything Thanksgiving. 30+ Years And They Still Look Fantastic!

Image credits: ThisAccontIsForCats

#62 Covered Up An Old Company Logo On This Hoodie. I’m Really Pleased With This One

Image credits: smart-milk

#63 I Feel Like We Don’t See Enough Hoop Butts Here, So Here’s A Recent One Of Mine To Enjoy

Image credits: jadeillustrates

#64 Probably

Image credits: hihohollyberry

#65 Found This At A Thrift Store, Thought You Guys Would Enjoy Seeing This Too 🙂 Such A Unique Concept!

Image credits: ojjii

#66 What Do You Think: Cut Spidey Out And Attach To The Web, Or Keep It Like This?

Image credits: paraffler

#67 Balance

Image credits: mooseyyy

#68 One Of My Favorite Embroideries Love These Stones

Image credits: embroiderybynusik

#69 I Made This For My Daughter. It’s My 3rd Project. Any Advice On How To Improve

Image credits: louluthekitty

#70 Satin Stitches On Satin Finish Hat. I Think It Turned Out Okay. Inspired By An Image From Redbubble Modified, Digitized, And Embroidered By Me On A Highland Machine 1501c 15 Needle Machine. Originally Did A Pattern Fill For The Colored Blade Sections But I Think This Turned Out Better. Feedback Pls

Image credits: gingerstitch1

#71 This Is My First Fo. And Second Embroidery. This Is For My Mom, This Girl Reminded Me Of Her. It’s Not Perfect But I Really Enjoyed Doing It!

Image credits: solonocturne

#72 I Did Another Calvin And Hobbes Piece. I Did The Water Differently Then The One I Did In April. (The First Image Is My Latest And The Second Is My Previous

Image credits: DrawYourSword

#73 Here’s Johnny!

Image credits: thevampireswidow

#74 A Magical Mushroom I Just Finished A Few Weeks Back, It Was My Second Embroidery Project And I Am Beyond Happy With How It Turned Out! Pattern By Emillieferris On Etsy

Image credits: uninvitedcellist

#75 Made This For My Dog. He Wasn’t Impressed Tho

Image credits: Rischens

#76 Someone On /R/Bumblebutts Suggested That You Guys Might Enjoy My First Embroidery Try!

Image credits: xTeylu

#77 Some People Asked On My Last Post To See My Other Space-Themed Hoops – This Was My First!

Image credits: iownarose

#78 The New Embroidered Landscape

Image credits: embroiderybynusik

#79 Finished Today An Embroidery With One Of My Favorite Flowers

Image credits: embroiderybynusik

#80 I Don’t Normally Embroider, But I Did For This Crochet Project! This Is My Interpretation Of Jack Frost’s Hoodie

Image credits: graves_into_gardens

#81 Pregnancy Embroidery For (Future) Baby’s Room! I Still Need To Add The Name (Which We Are Keeping A Secret, So No Point Stitching Yet) And Birthday (Beginning Of January, So I’m Reluctant To Even Stitch In 2022 In Case I Have To Pick It Out Haha)

Image credits: uninvitedcellist

#82 I Know The End

Image credits: thevampireswidow

#83 First Attempt At Embroidery!! Coming From Cross Stitching, I Never Knew Dmc Threads Could Be So Shiny. It’s So Mesmerising That I Had To Show You Guys

Image credits: Jobelleeeee

#84 Another Moody Fall Landscape. First Time Using Turkey Work!

Image credits: etuaembroidery

#85 Just Finished My Rainbow Poloroid Display Hoop

Image credits: Catss_pace

#86 I Recreated The Cover Of One Of My Sisters Favorite Books For Her Birthday. I Hope She Likes It!

Image credits: DrawYourSword

#87 A 3D Coral Reef, Inspired By This Sub

Image credits: sydney_cromwell

#88 I Made My Angsty Tweenage Daughter A Machine Embroidered Hell Bag

Image credits: FlumpSpoon

#89 Need A Glass Of Hawaiian Punch?

Image credits: LockedFrank

#90 My 16 Inch Monster Hoop Is Done!

Image credits: a_warm_garlic_yurt

#91 My Newest Thread Painting!

Image credits: etuaembroidery

#92 I An Obsessed With This UV Reactive Thread!

Image credits: mookat84

#93 After 60+ Hours, This Piece Is Finally Done!

Image credits: _bitterblooming

#94 I Embroidered A Very Tiny Clifford!

Image credits: itscatsie_

#95 “Stripes Go With Everything”

Image credits: Rezvan-embroidery

#96 First Post Here! Embroidered Wedding Portrait For A Desi Couple

Image credits: xtinendencia15

#97 I Think It Needs More, But I Have No Idea What!

Image credits: caffekona

#98 195 Days Ago I Posted A “Frogress” Pic…last Night, I Finally Finished Him!

Image credits: acetlyco

#99 Bubbles! What A Fun Little Piece This Was

Image credits: acetlyco

#100 My Woodland Reserve Hoodie With Over 100k Stitches

Image credits: MattCloudy

#101 Recreated The Cover Of King’s Quest V For A Friend! My Biggest Full Coverage Piece Ever

Image credits: Barbecuesaucey

#102 First Piece Done That Hasn’t Been Just Practice Stitches. I Learned So Much Making This!

Image credits: Veggiesaurus_rex

#103 My Recent Work

Image credits: Rezvan-embroidery

#104 Are We Allowed To Share Some Magic Tricks In Here Too?

Image credits: monsterboxxx

#105 First Time Posting Here, And My Stuff Is A Little Different Than Most, Hope You Like It. (Photo Set)

Image credits: lizzborotory

#106 Made My First Design For An Enamel Pin Display! Snow White In The Forest

Image credits: atrobro

#107 Thrift Stores Have The Best Hidden Gems, This Found Refuge In My Home For $3.99!

Image credits: TetraDelta

#108 I 3D Printed An Arch Shaped Hoop

Image credits: sickhoops

#109 New Zealand Flora And Fauna Trio Finally Finished

Image credits: primetimesucker

#110 Just Finished Stitching This One, My Favorite Bouquet Yet (Pattern From And Other Adventures Co)!

Image credits: xxcourtdawgxx

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