110 Times People Had Such Perfect Handwriting, It Gave Everyone An Eyegasm (New Pics)

Raise your hand, Pandas who still have a notebook! (A handful of hands slowly come up.) Now, raise your hand if you write in that notebook! While we listen to the humming silence, I have to admit that in the past week, I scribbled out a single post-it note with my groceries list. The fact is obvious: typing has pretty much replaced the good, old and beautiful art of handwriting. (I am not looking at you, doctors!)

Cursive writing has become a skill on its own. Some states, such as Indiana, have decided to go on teaching it in school. Others claim that cursive should be cherished like any other great tradition whose disappearance would be a cultural tragedy.

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So without further ado, we have some fantastic pen-spiration to write a letter, a Christmas card, or a diary entry with the most beautiful examples of handwriting. Scroll down below, upvote your favorite ones and be sure to check out Bored Panda’s previous lists with the perfect handwriting here and here.

#1 More Penmanship Styles With Ballpoint

Image credits: ellehcor

#2 Shopping List Found On The Street In Prague

Image credits: califecz

#3 Another One Of My Notes. Trying To Improve My Handwriting Every Time I Get A Chance

Image credits: Synse

#4 This Is The Whiteboard After One Of My Professor’s Classes. It’s Just So Nice To Look At

Image credits: grandmalta

#5 Futuristic Handwriting In My Building

Image credits: TheresNoFallDamage

#6 New Weekly Sign For Work. All Dry Erase Markers, No Stencil

Image credits: ravenignite

#7 My Journals

Image credits: thepaperpilgrim

#8 Hope You Like My Spencerian Cursive Script

Image credits: heartywriter

#9 Foundational Hand

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: Cretalyst

#10 First Day Back At Work. Found This On A Whiteboard

Image credits: istapledmytongue

#11 Voltaire Knows What’s Up

Image credits: itsrainingpens

#12 My Attempt At Gothic Writing

Image credits: evanignacio

#13 My Niece’s Handwriting Is Very Precise. Calming Just To Look At

Image credits: peoplerfdup

#14 My Handwritten Calligram / Skull Study, On A Sonnet By John Donne

Image credits: mattwritesart

#15 This Person’s Handwriting

Image credits: platinumwoods

#16 I Hadn’t Written Anything In Super Long So I Broke That Streak Today

Image credits: Residentofvault101

#17 My Sister’s Homework

Image credits: katkaylausy

#18 My Friend’s Neat Handwriting

Image credits: kyox9

#19 My English Teacher’s Agenda

Image credits: sidney___

#20 Here’s My Second Menu Board

Image credits: rukeduke

#21 You Either End Up Like Spongebob Or Live Long Enough To Become A Squidward

Image credits: ravenignite

#22 Somebody Did A Real Nice Job Labeling My Takeout

Image credits: Stupid_Bucket

#23 The Handwriting In My Grandfather’s Diary

Image credits: tocky94

#24 My Art Teacher’s Handwriting

Image credits: pussytaint

#25 We Are All One Spark

Image credits: trezenx

#26 Three Fonts Using A Stub Nib

Image credits: ellenmoon

#27 My Younger Sister’s Handwriting

Image credits: 3Karma_3_Vixen3

#28 Starbucks Barista’s Handwriting

Image credits: GoshGollyJee

#29 My Psych Notes

Image credits: Residentofvault101

#30 I Tried Handwriting. How’s This?

Image credits: saugatsn

#31 My Apologies For The Grid Paper

Image credits: Teddy_Tsai

#32 So, My Barista Remembered My Birthday

Image credits: repeatReputation

#33 My Boss Pays Me To Write Out Names For Birthdays, Thank You, Etc Cards

Image credits: Jessikuh108

#34 Beautiful Handwriting

Image credits: a.artz2029

#35 My Girlfriends Landlord

Image credits: PJFrye

#36 It Looks Like A Font

Image credits: itsrainingpens

#37 Don’t Care If It’s Early, I’m Excited

Image credits: ravenignite

#38 Today’s Leftovers From Las Trojas

Image credits: lelupe86

#39 What Happened? Bojack Horseman Quote

Image credits: trznx

#40 This Letter From My Pen Pal

Image credits: Creativemermaid

#41 Some Students Drew This On The Sidewalk Outside The School I Work At

Image credits: niceokwhy

#42 I Wrote This Alphabet In Foundational Hand

Image credits: herzburger

#43 Hope You Guys Can Enjoy My Classmate’s Handwriting

Image credits: BOT-FISH

#44 Fountain Pen Handwriting

Image credits: kondurkarmanohar

#45 Spent Several Seconds Staring To Make Sure It Isn’t A Print Font In This Handwritten Thank-You Card

Image credits: StrawberryEiri

#46 Small Lettering Using A Uni Pin Fine Line Dark Grey 0.1

Image credits: reddit.com

#47 This Is My Bangla Handwriting. Anybody Bengali?

Image credits: Nafis-Fuad-96

#48 Saw A Handwriting Post Here The Other Day, I’ve Been Told My Writing In The Middle Of The Lines Is Satisfying

Image credits: Bakedpotato4

#49 I’m Finally Starting To Get Happy With My Spencerian

Image credits: caligrafand0

#50 It’s My Nan And Grandad 60th Wedding Anniversary Today

He made this poem up on the walk home the night he first stole a kiss from her. I’ve rewritten the poem in my tidiest hand and decorated it with things that remind me of them – I hope they love it!

Image credits: martymulligan58

#51 One Of My Fellow Law Student’s Handwriting Is Just Gorgeous

Image credits: Phantom-Z

#52 Practicing Cursive

Image credits: calligraphy_artworks

#53 I Heard John Oliver Say This A Lot On His Show. Sailor Pen (Don’t Remember Which One), Apache Sunset Ink. Written On Traveler’s Notebook (Tomoe River Paper)

Image credits: thatcalligraphygirl

#54 Found On The Tube In London, Almost Made Me Miss My Train Home

Image credits: reddit.com

#55 I Came Across A Box Full Of These Hand-Written Journals In A House I’m Working On This Morning

There are more than a dozen of them, and they’re all from the early to mid 1800’s. Each one is totally filled with this handwriting.

Image credits: buttered_peanuts

#56 My Dad’s Handwriting

Image credits: siiita

#57 The Choices We Make Today Create The Future That We Are Dreaming Of

Image credits: pencalligraphywrites

#58 I’m Really Proud Of How I Wrote This Part Of My Notes

Image credits: 00Reborns

#59 My Japanese Handwriting Practice

Image credits: supykun

#60 My First Serious Attempt At Flourishing

Image credits: A607

#61 Russian Cursive

Image credits: Debua

#62 This Handwriting

Image credits: nubless2

#63 The Handwriting On This Menu At A Local Diner

Image credits: KM1LLS48

#64 Not Making A Great First Impression With The Neighbors But Look At That Handwriting

Image credits: AnaRobb1

#65 Beautiful Handwriting By Our Waitress After Dining At A Local Sushi Restaurant Tonight

Image credits: alltheabove40

#66 Didn’t Mean To Make This So Perfect. Was Told You Guys Would Enjoy This

Image credits: christinect28

#67 My Wife Nailed The Frosting Medium. She Is Super Talented With Handwriting, And I’m Continually Jelly

Image credits: ppbe_dylan

#68 My Engineer Grandfather Wrote This In 1976 When He Thought My Dad Was Going Down A Bad Path

Image credits: brews4feminism

#69 From A Local Sweet Shop

Image credits: bashfulbuildabear

#70 My Mum’s Handwriting, And Graduation Present From Years Back

Image credits: ToastedGlass

#71 I Was Told Some People Here Might Enjoy My Handwriting

Image credits: HandsForGuns

#72 Practicing Some Handwriting

Image credits: journallux

#73 Perfect Handwriting

Image credits: liana_kori

#74 Rate My Handwriting

Image credits: kanterann

#75 The Forgotten Art Of Calligraphy: This Is How Schoolchildren Wrote In 1951 (Cyrillic)

Image credits: BraennReily

#76 Russian Handwriting

Image credits: Debua

#77 My Friend’s Handwriting

Image credits: savage8310

#78 Chem Lab Turned A Bit Gothic

Image credits: dramatic_walrus

#79 My Uncle’s Handwriting (Vietnamese)

Image credits: awkward_giraffe

#80 I’m Not A Calligrapher Or A Scribe. I’m A Firefighter And A Colleague Is Getting Married Today. He Asked If I’d Write Out His And His Wife’s Vows

They turned out alright.

Image credits: jrbowlder

#81 All The Boards At The Hospital I Work At Are Written Like This

Image credits: lozknox

#82 Chicken Tenders

Image credits: Palana

#83 This Note From Our Hotel’s Housekeeper

Image credits: Double_black

#84 This 3 I Wrote While Studying For Finals

Image credits: Epicsarah99

#85 My Grandpa’s Notebook From 1989

Image credits: klankeser

#86 Found My Old Dip Pen

Image credits: mathademic

#87 A Trader Joe’s In Albuquerque New Mexico

Image credits: reddit.com

#88 Happy Halloween

Image credits: Bad_Calligraphy_

#89 Stumbled Across One Of My Old Burnt CD’s

Image credits: lan_chop

#90 My Girlfriend Is Going To Be An Elementary School Teacher. This Is Her Handwriting

Image credits: jpimperial

#91 Starbucks Barista Handwriting

Image credits: 1joshc1

#92 My Boyfriend’s Mom’s Handwriting

Image credits: jdawgthegreat

#93 So Satisfying

Image credits: allanvisses

#94 My Marathi Handwriting

Image credits: reddit.com

#95 Writing Some Lyrics For Practice

Image credits: Teddy_Tsai

#96 This Is My Handwriting

Image credits: RandomActOfBlerg

#97 My Handwriting

Image credits: AislingZhou

#98 January

Image credits: iDontLikeYouAnyway

#99 Took This A Few Days Ago. Transit Worker With Beautiful Handwriting

Image credits: LeDauntic

#100 Print Handwriting

Image credits: kondurkarmanohar

#101 Hold My Hand While We Jump Off This Cliff

Image credits: anonomac

#102 I’ve Always Liked Tinkering With My Handwriting. This Is The Style I’ve More Or Less Settled With For The Past Two Years. Let Me Know Your Thoughts

Image credits: terrariumlads

#103 Something A Little Different, Thai Penmanship

Image credits: damn_jexy

#104 My Friend’s Notes

Image credits: _raytheist_

#105 Very Much Enjoyed The Writing On The Takeout Containers From One Of My Favorite Restaurants

Image credits: Yonkers24

#106 Here’s A Little Of My Handwriting

Image credits: CraftyKay2K

#107 My Son’s Preschool Teacher Has Some Impressive Penmanship. My Son Has A Questionable Way To Bake A Turkey

Image credits: patchadams06

#108 The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Handwriting Amiright? And On A Whiteboard

Image credits: its_ashtynn

#109 Nope, Not A Font. This Is My Co-Worker’s Handwriting

Image credits: adilly31

#110 Some Writing With One Of My Very Favorite Pens

Image credits: Bear_with_a_pen

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