111 Adorable Photos Of Pets Who Were Recently Adopted That Just Might Melt Your Heart (May Edition)

Adopting a pet is a great way to find a loving companion in need of help. There are shelters all over the world willing and able to help people find the right pet for them. Gone are the days of mutts and street cats, shelters now have to deal with people abandoning rare and expensive breeds. 

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If you are looking to brighten up your day, look no further. Here is a collection of furry friends who were adopted this May. We also reached out to Nina Thompson from the San Diego Humane Society to learn more about what people can do to help and some tips for adopters. So scroll through, upvote your favorite stories, and comment your thoughts below. 

#1 On Sunday, Hospice Told Me That Mom’s Lungs Were Starting To Fill With Fluid, Indicating The Start Of Organ Failure. My Mom Is Likely In Her Final Weeks Of Life

On the way home, my fiancé and I saw a tiny kitten miraculously dodge 4 lanes of speeding cars. We pulled over and got the kitten as fast as we could. Today, she met mom.

Image credits: NotedHeathen

#2 Finally, After 5 Years Of Taking Care Of This Very Friendly, But Also Kinda Shy, Stray Cat, We Were Able To Catch Him, Take Him To The Vet And Finally Officially Adopt Him

Welcome to the family, Max! (even though you where part of it the entire time 🙂 )

Image credits: Soul0408

#3 Our Mail Lady Heard Something Crying From A Storm Sewer Drain. I Was Able To Find A Nearby Manhole And Get Down There

Found this little girl Saturday afternoon in the sewer. Completely covered in muck. Cleaned her up and gave her some KMR the first night. She was very timid and afraid. Lightened up Sunday and ate some soft kitten food. Slowly let our cats get acclimated . By Sunday night our big boy Siamese had adopted her. It is the cutest thing ever

Image credits: bdub1391

Bored Panda asked Nina Thompson from the San Diego Humane Society some questions to help guide potential adopters. We wanted to know what is the best way for animal adopters to set themselves up for success. “Before you adopt a pet, consider your own lifestyle and how you want your new family member to fit in. Here are some good criteria to consider before getting a pet: Activity level: Are you active and want a running buddy? Or are you looking for someone to keep you company on the couch? It’s important to balance the pet’s needs with your own.”

“Organization: how much fur can you tolerate on the upholstery, or carpets, or anywhere else? Time management: How much time are you at home? Dogs were bred to be our companions, and often we are their only company. Their happiness is in our hands. We don’t recommend leaving any dog at home alone for more than a half-day. The same goes for cats, but their tolerance is probably a full day. If you can’t bring your pet to work with you, consider using a dog walker or doggie daycare.”

#4 The Beautiful Kitty I Found In A Trash Can, Whoever Abandoned Her Lost Out On The Most Sweet And Smart Cat I’ve Ever Met. She Knows How To Do Tricks And Helps Me Through Ptsd Flashbacks

Image credits: GarbageMajestic7481

#5 Was Told This Little Lady Was Unfriendly To Visitors… Apparently I Am The Chosen One!

Image credits: malak_oz

#6 I Just Adopted This Old Man (15yrs) With A Lot Of Health Issues. His Owner Passed Away And They Were Going To Put Him To Sleep. Welcome Home Buddy!!

Image credits: Oneeyedpopeye

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Nina gave some other important criteria to consider, for example, “Space: If you’re considering a dog, will the dog have access to a safe, enclosed outdoor space? Some pets need more space than others. Family dynamics: Do you have children? Are they ready to safely co-exist with a pet? Do you have other pets? Have you considered how they will react to a new pet in the house? Some pets don’t enjoy the company of other animals, but many do. Climate: Do you live in a dry, hot desert or a colder climate where you get snow? Consider the needs of the animal you wish to bring home.”

#7 Lost My Brand New Kitten For Over An Hour. After Literally Tearing My Room Apart, Found Her Inside My Lamp Passed Out The Whole Time

Image credits: BoatyMcBoatFace89

#8 Got My New Puppy Today

Image credits: kbt525

#9 My New Kittens Eclipse And Gelato. They Are 2-3 Months Old. Came Into The Shelter As Strays And Are Almost Fully Recovered From A Bad Case Of Fvr. Just Adopted Them Yesterday After Many Years Of Not Having Cats. They Are Adorable, Affectionate Little Bundles Of Energy

Image credits: marie-0000

“Finances: Have you considered your budget? For example, keeping a horse and keeping a hamster are very different financial commitments. Commitment: A pet is a lifelong commitment. Are you in it for the long haul? Consider the lifespan of the pet before you adopt. Guinea pigs lives on average five years; Dogs and cats can live 10 to 15 years or more. Make sure you’re ready before starting your pet search.”

#10 Found This Little Guy On The Road In A Closed Box. Welcome To The Family, Nugget

Image credits: Weirdoch

#11 These Boys Were Found Inside A Storm Drain Last Week. They Ended Up With Me After No One Else Would Take Them, Not Even The Shelter. I’m So Lucky Cause They Are A Perfect Set!

Image credits: Fickle_Meet

#12 I Adopted This Senior Corgi From A Couple In Assisted Living Who Could No Longer Care For Him. Say Hello To Binki!

Image credits: Marcia-Marsha-Marcia

We also wanted to hear some good resources that first-time adopters could use to help integrate a pet into their homes. “Dr. Gary Weitzman, president and CEO of the San Diego Humane Society has authored nine books all intended to be the best pet owner you can be. You can find them here.” She also wanted to give some additional advice to remember. “One in three pets will become lost during their lifetime. As a pet owner, there are important steps you can take to prevent your pet from being lost.”

#13 My Nephew With His New Puppy

Image credits: Foxie133

#14 My Sister Brought This Guy Home

Image credits: Codabonkypants

#15 I Rescued This Blue Eyed Beauty After Her Littermate Had Been Hit. They Were Dumped

Image credits: BeautifulPainz

“It all starts with the basics: a well-fitting collar with an ID tag. This is essential, even for pets who remain primarily indoors or in fenced yards. Make sure your contact information is always up-to-date, and even if you don’t have tags, writing your phone number in permanent marker directly on a collar can be the difference between a pet going straight back home or entering a shelter!” This is an important tip that many first-time owners won’t even consider until it’s too late.

#16 I Think These Brothers Look Comfortable In Their New Home

Image credits: noknam

#17 Adopted This Little Polydactyl Gremlin. Meet Pastina

Image credits: incognicko24

#18 Just Brought This Sweet Angel Home, Meet Charlie

Image credits: samspastic

“Microchipping is another important step to make pets easily identifiable if they’re found by someone else. A tiny chip (the size of a grain of rice) containing a unique identification number is placed under the skin of your pet in a quick and painless procedure. Animal shelters and veterinarians can quickly and easily scan for the microchip. Your contact information will show up, making it easy to identify the lost pet and reunite them with you.”

#19 We Have A New Adoptee Joining Our Family. Reddit, Meet Olive!

She’s still a little shy, but she’s warming up to her new home. Soon she’ll get to meet her brother who’s been trying to talk to her through the door.

Image credits: TheTeddly

#20 From Shelter Cat To Couch Potato. Meet Kirsten Who Turned Me Into A Cat Person

Image credits: Ninjakaj

#21 Meet The Newest Member Of The Family, Charlie Brown!

Image credits: Jalawa36

“A third piece of protection for a dog is their license, which is not only required by law but gives you additional protection. Microchips and licenses serve as supplemental methods of identification to collars and tags, which — while still critical — can fall off or become lost. They can also help protect your dog from theft, giving you recourse to reclaim them if they are found in someone else’s possession. The San Diego Humane Society provides dog licensing services for pet owners in their jurisdiction, as well as affordable microchipping clinics for dogs, cats, and other pets. These investments can save pet owners both time and money spent on searching for a lost pet or paying reclamation fees — and provide valuable peace of mind.”

#22 Our Newest Addition

Image credits: diariess

#23 Adopted This Fluff Nugget A Week Ago. Safe To Say Cleocatra Seems Pretty Ok With Me

Image credits: dodgergirl83

#24 Look At This Happy Dog!!! She Was The Smallest Of Her Siblings And No One Wanted To Take Her. And I Took! She Seems To Really Love Me❤️

Image credits: MissJulesWarm

#25 I Was Just Told About This Subreddit And Wanted To Share. This Is Winnie, We Just Adopted Her Today – She Is An 11 Year Old Pitbull/Potato Mix!

Image credits: carpecarp1

#26 Saw A Sign That Said Free Kittens So Now I Have A Free Kitten

Image credits: schleeey

#27 My Newly Rescued Baby. I Can’t Believe Someone Tossed Her Away

I’ve has cats my whole life but this little girl is so sweet, gentle, and playful, I can’t imagine the type of person who would dump her in the woods to die. Safe and warm forever now baby girl (still working on a name).

Image credits: Legitimate_Intern619

#28 We Just Adopted This Sweet Girl, She’s Six Weeks Old

Image credits: TwistedBlister

#29 New Puppy / Little Polar Bear Cub!

Image credits: vixenel

#30 The Newest Addition To The House!! Meet Kilala!!

Image credits: FreddyKrueger32

#31 Adopted This Boy Yesterday, His Crest Makes For Perfect Snack Storage

Image credits: zykafire

#32 We Found This Beauty At The Market. She Was Very Hungry And Covered In Ticks. We Decided To Take Her To Our Family, Had Her Spayed, Treated For Parasites And Now She Is A Very Sweet, Affectionate And Grateful Kitty

Image credits: Mia_Moor_Love

#33 We Foster Failed With Gus Oops

Image credits: queencatlady

#34 We Just Adopted This Little Boy An Hour Ago. We Plan On Calling Him Icarus

Image credits: DontPanicTitanic

#35 This Little Girl Was Found On The Highway With People Driving Over Her. We Have Taken Her In. Meet Serafina!

Image credits: hegdieartemis

#36 My New Littles Ones, They Need To Be Bottle Fed, Mom Got Hit By A Car, I Feel Horrible

Image credits: AntAdor00

#37 My 2 Year Old Cat Already Accepted Our New Kitten. It’s Been 24 Hours. He’s Very Protective Of Her Already

Image credits: Prior-Throat-8017

#38 Meet Our Newest Family Member!

Image credits: DrunkenHare4545

#39 Kubo Became A Part Of Our Little Family Today. Such A Perfect Gentleman

Image credits: mymymytrashbat

#40 Everyone… Meet Yoshi

Image credits: IndividualProblem995

#41 She Was The Smallest Of Her Brothers And Sisters, And For A Long Time Could Not Find The Owners) I Accidentally Saw An Ad With Her Photo And My Heart Melted… Would You Feel The Same?

Image credits: mrsforbess

#42 This Street Pupper Has Been Living On The Construction Site Of Our House, So We’ve Adopted Her

Image credits: intisun

#43 Found This Girl On The Stairs Of An Apartment Complex Today

Image credits: tamagocatmom

#44 First Days At Forever Home For Zuki

Image credits: osxotiti

#45 I Present To You The Best Thing I’ve Ever Pulled Out Of A Dumpster: Zap

Image credits: Paratrooper101x

#46 Adopted My First Cat

Image credits: nihilisticprick

#47 About To Adopt This Little (Big) Boy From The Shelter I Work At. He Went A Year With No Applications, And Now, I’m Finally Financially Ready For A Cat!

Image credits: FCK-I-HATE-MY-LIFE

#48 She’s Home!

Image credits: SpentHeart

#49 Mr. Squid Is Settling Into His New Home Nicely!

Image credits: ParticularClient2473

#50 I Adopted My First Cat From A Shelter Today. I Expected Him To Need At Least A Few Weeks To Adjust, But He’s Been Glued To My Side Since He Came Home. Meet Oscar!

Image credits: MegaCoconut67

#51 My New Baby Atticus! He Spent Over A Year Waiting To Be Adopted! Obviously I’m Not Getting Much Done Today!

Image credits: mermaidshewrote

#52 Just Adopted This Boy On Saturday. Guess I Can’t Go Back To Work Now. This Is Toast!

Image credits: -Specialist-Spite-

#53 I Hit The Jackpot Today

Image credits: cgatlanta

#54 Adopted This Guy From A Shelter!

Image credits: Ry_will_yams

#55 Spent Months In A Shelter Cage. Now He’s Mine

Image credits: LottieChp

#56 Rescued A New Kitten.. Pupper Approves

Image credits: Idontactuallypost

#57 Meet My Newly Adopted Senior Cat, Chef!

Image credits: Pogchamptheythem

#58 My New Baby Miles Is Not A Fan Of My Dogs

Image credits: LaddiusMaximus

#59 We’ve Just Adopted A 75% Samoyed Girl – She Sleeps So Gracefully!

Image credits: EventualPudding

#60 Meet Pebble – She’s Got Her Forever Home Now

Image credits: wolfenkraft

#61 Update On Eddie, The Feral Cat No That One Wanted, Who Needed Lots Of Space….currently Chilling On My Lap

Image credits: babushkabutterfly

#62 Adopting This Sweet Girl On Thursday And Need Help With A Name – Our Top 2 Are Tuna And Calamari

Image credits: Winendinen69

#63 Our New Family Member

Image credits: lolpra

#64 Meet My Firstborn

Image credits: EnvironmentalPitch69

#65 My Partner And I Just Moved In Together And Adopted This Little Man

Image credits: aweirdchicken

#66 Adopted This Pretty Girl Today!

Image credits: Antique_You_2341

#67 After Years Of Wanting A Cat, My Partner And I Adopted A Kitten Right Before My Mcat!! She Is My Good Luck Charm

Image credits: acar4aa

#68 New Kitten Definitely Has Preferences As To The Most Comfortable Place To Sleep

Image credits: soverylucky

#69 My Friend Adopted This Cute Little Thing

Image credits: Jazzel5

#70 Just Adopted This Sweet 1 Year Old Boy

Image credits: big_curly_eyebrows

#71 Saved These Little Dudes From Euthanasia Today!

Image credits: janaynaytaytay

#72 Welcome Home Lotta

Image credits: WesternTotal5277

#73 Newest Family Member

Image credits: WhichUsual6979

#74 Met My Sister’s New 2yr Old Cat, Tigger, For The First Time Today

Image credits: robbiekhan

#75 We Were Worried At First Because Our Cat Was Being Rough With The Kitten, But It Took About 24 Hours For Him To Begin Giving Our New Kitten Love

Image credits: somnifacientsawyer

#76 Newest Member Of The Family: Celeste

Image credits: Heemsah

#77 Eddie, Our Little Shed Kitten, Has Settled Right In

Image credits: frizziefrazzle

#78 I Adopted This Sweetie Last Week! Say Hello To Charlie!

Image credits: nicolasblake

#79 We Welcomed Chai To Her New Home

Image credits: Krid_M

#80 My New Kitten

Image credits: EarthWiccan

#81 New Baby!

Image credits: PoppyDontPreach

#82 Just Adopted This New Baby Girl. Not Sure If She’s More Of A Pixie Or An Aria

Image credits: raspberrybrie420

#83 Finally A Name! Meet Javi!

Image credits: SoThisOneTimeI

#84 Nebula Furiosa Destroyer Of Worlds Celebrating 1 Week In Her Furever Home And All Her New Names

Image credits: ImpressionHappy5687

#85 Ben Has Been A Stray For Years, But Came To Live With Us A Few Weeks Ago – This Is The First Time He’s Sat On My Knee

Image credits: Emma-Hope

#86 We Adopted This Guy Recently And I Think He’s Happy!

Image credits: zekethelion

#87 New Puppy ?

Image credits: iwokeinrelief

#88 Rescuing My Best Friend

Image credits: ACH234

#89 My New Boy Simba

Image credits: HeavenlyBritishCats

#90 This Little Baby Showed Up Outside My Partner’s Job Last Week And Now It’s Ours

Image credits: Yams92

#91 The 2nd Day We Had Nova, Look At That Sass!

Image credits: Viviaana

#92 My Newly Adopted Son Cliff And His Cleft Lip

Image credits: ojoneill

#93 We Added A New Member To Our Family Today. Her Name Is Junie And She’s The Sweetest Girl. I Love Her So Much

Image credits: schmidt_onyourface

#94 My Sister’s New Kitty

Image credits: locke-in-a-box

#95 Everyone Meet Layla! Our Beautiful New Family Member!

Image credits: Sylversin9

#96 Getting This Kitten Today. We Haven’t Settled On A Name Yet But We Were Considering Geralt. What Do You Think?

Image credits: SWowwTittybang

#97 Found Him Abandoned. Poor Old Cat. Sweet As Can Be, Named Him Toothless

Image credits: garlicstink123

#98 Just Brought This Little Girl Home. Her Name Is Rupee!

Image credits: snflwrs_

#99 We’ve Adopted Our Second Cat And She’s Been Hiding For Over 8 Hours Now

Image credits: nihilisticprick

#100 This Is My New Kitten Morty

Image credits: all_CPS

#101 He’s Been A Member Of The Family For Almost 2 Weeks Now

Image credits: WeeBo2804

#102 First Day Home

Image credits: SWowwTittybang

#103 Introducing Gumbo And Chowder

Image credits: oatbergen

#104 Got These Sweet Babies A Forever Home Today

Image credits: garlicstink123

#105 Found Him In The Street

Image credits: Aitorplo

#106 Got A New Dog

Image credits: Sensitive-Trip-3331

#107 Can Someone Tell Me What Bread Is She? She’s Been Wondering Around And I Took Her Home And Adopted Her

Image credits: Slavehunter23

#108 Loki Was In The Shelter Over A Year. He Seems To Like His New Bed And Our Soft Clover

Image credits: theadvantage63

#109 My Son (6) Has Been Begging Me For A Dog. He’s At His Dad’s For The Week, So I’m Surprising Him! Meet Bentley, The 1 Year Old Reecue Heeler

Image credits: Underrated_buzzard

#110 Our New Boy, Rugen

Image credits: kingthirteen

#111 Adopted Our Good Boy From The Shelter. Currently In Training

Image credits: Great_Pride6290

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