111 Of The Best ‘My House, Not My Cat’ Moments That Have Ever Happened To Humans (New Pics)

You’ve probably heard about UFO sightings. The mysterious occurrences are somewhat well documented and have been capturing our imagination, inspiring numerous binge-worthy documentaries and iconic TV shows like the X-Files.

What’s less documented but just as mysterious are stranger cat sightings. From time to time, people from all over the world report random felines found in their homes. At that point, hoomans ask themselves a simple thing: “Do I have a cat?” and then they realize it’s “My House, Not My Cat.”

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This is exactly the title of this purrsome online community on Facebook that gathers all the bamboozled non-owners of cats sharing how they found a cat wandering around their home. With more than 45k members, the Facebook group is a source of purr entertainment, so scroll down through the newest selection below.

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#1 This Is Homer!

“My partner and I met him probably 5 years ago, we never knew who he belonged to, so we fed him and he would spend most of the night with us, he ended up being my neighbours cat and his real name was “a**hole” (we named him homer we didn’t know what his name was) last year we ended up moving to a new town 3 hours away from where we used to live, it was really hard to leave homer behind, we loved him and cared for him almost like he was our own, my partner travels to melbourne and visits him sometimes! Well a few weeks ago, our old neighbour contacted us and said he was moving and going to work in the mines and that he was looking at rehoming Homer, so of course we said yes! So In a few days our little grey man will be reuniting with us and we are so excited!”

Image credits: Sarah Lynch

#2 This Is Marley. Marley Is My Upstairs Neighbors’ Cat. This Is My Couch. I Don’t Think Marley Got The Memo

Image credits: Ena Bradenburg

#3 The Little Fellow Has Become Cuddly Now … I Guess I Have A Cat. Kinda. It Turns Out He’s My Neighbor’s Cat And Lives With Two Other Cats. So He Basically Comes To My House For Some Piece And Quiet

Image credits: Peter Schuyler Hamlen

#4 8 Years Ago This Beauty Was Eating Food With Ants Crawling All Over It, Had Fur That Felt Like Straw, And Would Cower Each Time Anyone Would Attempt To Pet Her

“Now, she’s a vocal, affectionate, prissy lil Peach that demands “kitty time,” a well-made bed, and special collars. She’s come a long way from being not my cat to being a family member”

Image credits: Allysia Porter

#5 My House, My Stairs, I Don’t Own A Cat!

Image credits: Danielle Fletcher

#6 My House, Not My Cats

“Last spring I planted Catnip with my garden herbs that I hang in pots on our fence. I didn’t grow up with cats, so I was ignorant to the fact that some cats really do find it irresistible. The huge tabby on the chair was the first one to turn up shortly thereafter. We simply call him Mister, because it’s very, ahem, obvious that he’s a male from the rear. It was clear that he had never been socialized around people. He has never been aggressive, but he was very scared of us for a good long while. Any sudden movement would send him back on top of the fence where he was most comfortable. It has taken 9 patient months, completely on his terms, but I can finally feed him treats right out of my hand and even pet him a little bit. I think he sired 2 generations of kitties somewhere in the neighborhood in the meantime, because these friendly little kittens started showing up gradually too. You can’t tell in the photos, but they do have distinct stripes. I had never seen black tabbies before! We leave food and water out, and are very generous with the treats. We’ve been helping to get them all fixed, too. Someone else around here also seems to be assisting with that, though I’ve not quite figured out who. If I can manage to get Mister in a carrier and get him in to be fixed, that will be a huge accomplishment. Slowly but surely, I guess. In the meantime, they come and go as they please, and you never know who is going to make an appearance on any given day. This was this morning’s swarm.”

Image credits: Nikki Byrne

#7 Well, Seems We Have Another Mhnmc Sitch

“I take care of a feral colony that lives in my garage (with heaters!). Mama Cat decided last night to give birth (yes, she’ll be TNR’d). Only she abandoned one newborn kitten around 00:45 today. Unbeknownst to us. We found a mostly frozen newborn kitten that I’d swear was agonal breathing. I got kitten warmed up and cleaned up, it started moving. After a lovely meal of KMR, kitten is a milk drunk void. Hopefully, we won’t lose it.
Meet NMK (not my kitten) but probably will be.”

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Image credits: Michelle Strawman

#8 Please Enjoy This Crummy Picture Of Charlie The Neighbor Cat Waiting Politely Outside My Patio Door For His Supper

Image credits: Jenne Ruegge

#9 My Bed. Not My Cats

“No idea where the fat tuxedo lived. She would just show up and hang out. The other turned out to be our next door neighbors. He also liked to hang out for awhile then would go home”

Image credits: Amy Boesen

#10 My Bathroom, Not My Cat….

Image credits: Sabine De Schepper

#11 Nmc Not Only Will Only Eat On The Counter But Now She Seems To Prefer Her Meal By Candle Light

Image credits: Mike Knetge

#12 Furthermore, This Fella Has Greeted Me The Last Few Mornings. He’s Chonky And If His Collar Is To Be Believed, His Name Is ‘Do Not Feed!’

Image credits: Michael Ratledge

#13 So Just Found This In My Cats Basket. Not My Cat!

Image credits: iane Jensen

#14 Our Fishing Bivvy, Not Our Cat

“… he just turned up and got straight onto the nearest heated cushion with built-in massage capacity (me). He then divided the night between me and my partner in our separate sleeping bags, demonstrating PhD-level expertise in getting under the covers to where it was really warm. I can fully recommend having a warm soft purry thing in the sleeping bag to enhance a night’s camping.
In the morning, he got up from his snuggle with my partner when he noticed I was making tea, and required milk – which he got, of course. The bailiffs came by and told us he’s called Leo. When we left he was still trying to get under things, on top of our pile of packed up kit! “

Image credits: Sarah Christie

#15 Not My Cat, But He Heard The Thunder From The Storms Rolling In Here In Indiana Near Louisville And Was Pawing At The Door To Get In And Take Shelter. Lol. Sweet Guy

Image credits: David A. Erickson

#16 This Petite Démon Found A Cozy Place At My Car In A Rainy Evening, Then Found My Sofa And Tried To Eat My Soul

Image credits: Pedro Augusto Luzeti

#17 My Cat And Not My Cat In My Desk …. The Red One Is Mine, White Boy Almost Mine

Image credits: Sabine De Schepper

#18 This Guy Started Showing Up A Few Months Ago. He Has A Collar On But No Tags. One Day I Decided To Put A Note On His Collar To See If He Had A Home. He Does! His Lovely Mom Text Me All About Him And Thinks It’s Great He Comes By For Naps And Hangouts With Me

Image credits: Allie Brown

#19 My Porch, One Of My Dogs…not My Cat

“This male cat is sound asleep sharing a dog bed with a female Belgian Malinois dog I’m fostering. There are 2 male Malinois out of view & this cat likes to tag along as I leash-walk each dog. All the dogs are friendly toward the cat but the female dog is especially attentive to him”

Image credits: Elizabeth C. O'Connor

#20 So We Moved In To A New Place In December

“This fellow has now learned to walk quietly behind me and sneak in when I open the door from my morning coffee run. This was my morning meeting … my colleagues commented “There’s a lot of meowing, Hamlen, for someone who doesn’t have a cat””

Image credits: Peter Schuyler Hamlen

#21 19th November 2018…. This Little Guy Jumped Through My Window As I Was Sleeping On The Sofa And Started Eating My Food That Was On The Table, He Ended Up Staying The Night So I Called Him Rusty

“I ended up keeping him for a month before finding his owners on FB, I was heart broken to hand him over but I knew it was the right thing
3 months later he came back so I contacted his owners only to be told that they have moved over 300miles away so I knew I had to keep him
Since then he’s been my best friend and he’s happier than ever “

Image credits: Jamie Mazier

#22 This Sweetie Is Cece Sunshine

“My husband was in Puerto Rico taking care of his parents. This teeny gal kept showing up. My husband fell in love. So in love, she is now a Texan. So it was his parents’ house, not their cat, but now, a vet visit, shots, travel certificate, plane ride with a layover away, she’s all ours. We needed a black cat to add to our unintentional growing litter. (She is adapting well to English. Just kidding. She’s a cat. They do as they please in all languages)”

Image credits: Lori Fletcher Perez

#23 Hagrid Is Back. It’s Snowing And He Doesn’t Like The Cold

Image credits: Mirinda Moriarty

#24 I Bet My Neighbor Thinks Their Cat Likes To Roam All Over Town Every Night

Image credits: Kerry Karner

#25 I’ve Told Y’all The Story Of How Lando Started Out As A Mhnmc By Swaggering Through My Front Door And Declaring The House As His Back In November 2019

“Well, I was going through my phone not long ago and found a picture I took of him walking down the street about a month or two before he barged into my life. From that skinny stray to the loving and vocal 21lb a**hole, his transition from a NMC to my cat has been one hell of a glow up for him”

Image credits: Josiah Bennett

#26 My Garden, Not My Cat. I Don’t Know Who He Is, Where He Comes From, What His Name Is, But He Keeps Coming Round And Eating My Own Cat’s Food. He’s Chunky, He Looks Healthy, And He’s Brazen, I Found Him On My Sofa A Couple Of Days Ago!

Image credits: Lorraine Hopkins

#27 Got A Delivery For A New Mattress At My Apartment Today, This Lil Cutie Snuck In While I Let The Guys In My Apartment, Not My Cat

Image credits: Megan Lonsway

#28 I Feed The Stray Cats In My Neighborhood, I Have A Regular That Has Been Coming Around For About A Year, He’s Friendly And I’ve Named Godfather, He’s A Big Tuxedo So The Name Fits

“I’ve recently had 2 more show up. A black one I call Slayer, because my black cats name is Pantera and I thought they were pretty metal lol.
But this guy I call Romeo cuz he sits on this table outside the window and meows to my female cat. Like a little Romeo and Juliette. But he’s so gorgeous I thought I’d share him.”

Image credits: Teresa Owens

#29 Not. My. Cat. Keep Telling Myself That

Image credits: Jaclyn Ann

#30 “Are You Satisfied With Your Current Health Insurance Plan?! Did You Know That By Switching To Meowco, You Could Save An Average Of 100%!? … Just Uh… Open This Door, And I’ll Discuss Plan Options With You.” – Mystery Kitty

Image credits: Brian Fry

#31 Not My Cat! I Guess She Heard I Feed Strays And Was Quite Demanding….later I Discovered She Was Eating For 4!

Image credits: Vanessa Carroll Chai

#32 There Are No Pets Allowed In My Shared Accommodation, But Apparently Nobody Told This Baby Or Their Much Quicker Ginger Friend, And Obviously I’m Not Gonna Tell On Them

Image credits: Sierra Moulinié

#33 Technically, Tony Isn’t Ours

“Our neighbors tossed him out. He comes in for breakfast and dinner and sometimes if it’s raining. He has trained us to pay tribute with treats on a schedule. Yesterday was a nice day so I put a blanket on the pool deck and was lying down to get some fresh air. I turned my head to the right and saw this”

Image credits: MaryAnn Meyers

#34 Not Our Cat…don’t You Dare Try To Tell Him It’s Not His House & That He Lives Across The Street Tho. He Sneaks In Through The Door Under Our Feet

Image credits: Karrie Figiel

#35 My House, My Bathtub, My Kid, Not My Kitten

” My actual kitten is missing right now… she accidentally got out somehow last night We put out her litter box, food and blankets so she could find her way home. While she still isn’t home, this handsome little man showed up starving and cold. I’m going to snuggle him tonight and have a chat to see if he will tell me where my kitten is lol! He’s so so sweet!”

Image credits: Ashley Louise

#36 This Is Isla. She Lives Up The Street And Is An Outside Cat. She Visits Every Evening For Snuggles And Cuddles, I Think She Thinks This Is Her Bed….it’s Not But I Love Her

Image credits: Liz Watkins

#37 My House Not My Cat, This Beautiful Puss Is A Regular Visitor, Pretty Sure It’s My Cat Inviting His Freind Over When I’m Not Here

Image credits: Niki Mackay

#38 So This Was Joe. My Moms Former Neighbors “Owned” Joe

“They left him outside all the time no matter the weather and really didn’t bother with him. One day my mom tells me they packed up and left in the middle of the night. They took their dogs and a few things and just left.
So old Joe started spending most of his time on moms porch. He would do the rounds in the morning, visiting a couple of the neighbors who would give him treats and sometimes food. There was also an older gentleman who walked down the street every day who gave him treats.
When winter came, my mom went to Michaels and bought one of those little wooden crate type boxes, threw a blanket into it and slid it under the porch swing (covering that with a blanket to block the wind) against the house so Joe would have a warm place to sleep, because he would never come in the house.
Joe wasn’t a fan of being petted and picking him up was out of the question, but he’d sit close by and relax on the porch with you.
Joes been gone a couple years now but I just found this page so I thought I’d give a little shout out to this fuzzy boy”

Image credits: Rob McLaughlin

#39 You Might Remember This Little Guy Watching My Computer Screen A Few Weeks Back. He Has Discovered A Side Window To Sneak Into The House And I Came Home To Find Him Sleeping In My Chair

Image credits: Peter Schuyler Hamlen

#40 “Nmc” Enjoying, What I Assume Is, “Not Really My Bed Anymore”

Image credits: Mike Knetge

#41 My Car, Not My Cat

Image credits: Michelle Willis

#42 Mr Gaston…..my #notmycat… The Kitty Who Refuses To Go Home…. This Is His Third Day Without Leaving Our House… ??‍♀️… I Do Suspect That He Has Gone From #notmycat To #congratssuckeryouhaveanewkitty Well My Other Two Loves Him So I’m Guessing He’s Staying

Image credits: Annelie Birtner

#43 A Sweet Girl Climbed Through My Window Tonight

Image credits: Rachelle Evans

#44 My Couch, Not My Cat In The Middle

“He comes for breakfast, sleeps on my couch all day, demands dinner about 5pm with my own cats then disappears goodness knows where until the next day. He actually lives a few streets away, but seems to have forgotten this.”

Image credits: Jo Webb

#45 This Is Our Outdoor Kitchen. But That Is Not Our Cat. I Have No Idea Where His Real Home Is. He’s Well Fed And Definitely Not Homeless. But Obviously He Likes Our Place, Too, Both In Summer And Winter

Image credits: Jaana Susanna Liigand-Juhkam

#46 Mama(We Still Can’t Agree On A Name Smh But She Is Now My Cat) Is Taking A Much Deserved Break From The Bebbies

Image credits: Shannon Alexander

#47 My House But Not My Cat

“He comes from the house behind me and just let’s himself in through the pet door. Sometimes I don’t even know he’s here I just find him in random places his owner knows he’s here and he just goes between the two houses”

Image credits: Karina Martin

#48 My Boyfriend’s Place So Technically Not My House But Still Not My Cat. It’ Not His Cat Either. Strolled In From Outside And Had A Good Look Around

Image credits: Linda Lindkuist

#49 My House, 3 Cats, All Of Them Not Mine

Image credits: Carrie Cook

#50 My Little Buddy Once Again Paid Me A Visit. It Was Well Needed

Image credits: Rachelle Evans

#51 This Was My Toby, He Turned Up As A Hungry Kitten, As They Often Do

“My neighbours were very anti cat, didn’t like them at all…….until our Toby decided to visit.

He made himself at home, sleeping on their bed

Toby changed them completely, they bought him treats, cooked him chicken, they even rang to see how he was when they were away.

Sadly, we lost our dear Toby to cancer last year
We’d had him ten years, and he was very much loved by us and our neighbours.

We laid him to rest in the memorial garden, and to my surprise, I found a small plaque that they’d put on a rock nearby.
It read “Toby, he was our little friend”.

I sobbed when I read it.

(Photo shows Toby with our beloved late doggy Sausage, who our neighbours also loved.
They are shown here on a doggy bed bought by them)”

Image credits: Michelle Bentley

#52 Allow Me To Introduce All Of You Fine People To My Mhnmc, ‘Girlie’

“Girlie has annointed herself my greeting committee. She knows which one is my assigned parking space, and if my car isn’t in it, she will wait for me (year round!) on the sidewalk along the road I take to get home.

Girlie knows the sound of my car, and will come running from out of nowhere when she hears it!

When I come home, I roll down the windows of my car and call for her. Girlie is usually waiting for me, but on those odd days when she isn’t, I hear the sound of her tiny paws shortly after, scrambling across the stone landscape toward my car. I can then see this healthy chonk full-tilt running behind my car to beat me to my parking space so that she can greet me properly.

She sniffs the plants and waits up the hill on the sidewalk for me to grab my stuff and start the walk home, and then(and only then) she darts up my stairs and stands impatiently with her nose pressed to my security door. At this point, she lets out the tiniest little ‘mew!!!’ to let me know that she is ready to sit with me for 5 minutes at the top of the stairs while I dole out her favorite snacks.

I treasure this time. I tell her about my day, scritch under her chin (everywhere else seems to be politely rebuffed so far) and when the snacks are gone, she trots down the stairs into the night.

My little love, Girlie”

Image credits: Elle Weber

#53 This Is Mhnmc Started Out In My Home, Where He Slept In My Crockpot And Despised Me And Plotted My Demise

“Fast forward 6 months my daughter came to visit from British Columbia and it was love. Skeeterdoo decided to abandon me for life in the Rocky Mountains – today he took a selfie and my daughter sent it to me”

Image credits: Bonni Ashfield

#54 This Is Talus, The Teenage Kitty That Lives Behind Us

“He loves to climb the hedge and hop over the fence to visit our 4 cats. He always wants to play but our 4 are senior cats usually just bop him on the head. Even so, every day he hops over and visits. Here he is peeking through the hedge – about to hop over”

Image credits: Ayn Generes

#55 I Don’t Need My Own Cat, I’ve Got A Timeshare In Next Door’s

Image credits: Lucy Dorling

#56 This Is Fluffy, It’s Not Her Real Name, But I Don’t Know If She (Or He) Has One

“I’ve been seeing her around my house for years, but have not been able to get near her. She finally started trusting me enough to come for breakfast with a couple neighbor cats, Simon and Tux. Now I see her a couple times a day and I get to pet her!!! She’s super sweet!”

Image credits: Nancy Jones

#57 Three Years In, Nmc But Let’s Face It…she Is Now!

Image credits: Marina Knetge

#58 Hagrid Has Returned And Taken Claim To The Kitchen Table

Image credits: Mirinda Moriarty

#59 This Is Not My Cat. He Will Come Inside And Sleep On My Bed But I Cannot Talk Him Into Snuggling With Me. Yet

Image credits: Janet Beckman

#60 This Is Padme Kitty

“When I bought my house in 2006 she showed up a couple weeks later, telling me that she lived there. I didn’t believe her at first, and a neighbor took her in, but after a while she made it known that she did not like the neighbor’s house, she wanted to live in my house. So I relented. I’d never had a cat before and didn’t really know how to care for one, but she taught me. Sadly she passed away about 3 years ago from kidney failure, and this after a bought of cancer. Broke my heart, but I am now and forever will be a cat lady because of her”

Image credits: Julia Andersen

#61 My House, Now My Cat. He Has Made Himself Thoroughly At Home. No Pictures, Please! We Napping

Image credits: Piglet Evans

#62 My House, My Bed, My Lap – Not My Cat

Image credits: Victoria Balmforth

#63 2 Years Ago This Pretty Girl Started Visiting. She Gets Breakfast And Dinner And The Hubby Made Her A Warm House To Hang Out In Over The Winter. She Lives Across The Alley. So, Not Our Cat, But We Love Her

Image credits: Amy Boesen

#64 This Is Lilly (Our Name For Her), Our Next Door Neighbours Deaf Cat Who Left Her Lovely Home About 4 Years Ago And Decided To Adopt Us Instead

“He hobby’s are sleeping, eating everyone’s food, rolling in catnip, sleeping some more and hissing at our cat…… always looking for ways to get in the house, will hide when it’s time to leave, won’t sit for many tickles but will occasionally show her soft kitten side as a bonus she snores and purrs like a steam train!!. When we manage to get her to leave on a night (she has a habit of in the sink if we don’t put her out), she will stalk you through the windows whilst knocking and screaming at you then she will sleep in the garden until she can get back in. She was not impressed when we came home with our own kitten 3 yrs ago and she makes it known that this cat is still not welcome in her home, meet Lilly x”

Image credits: Lynsey Lowther Laws

#65 Please Excuse The Mess In The En-Suite, I’m Having A Bad Week!! Neither Of These Voids Eating Are Mine

Image credits: Emma Lunn

#66 Dinner Time ! My Kitchen , My Five Cats, One Not My Cat . My Cat Number 6 Isn’t On The Photo

Image credits: Sabine De Schepper

#67 My House, My Socks, Not My Cat. Couldn’t Resist This And He Is Such A Placid Good Boy That He Didn’t Even Stir!

Image credits: Chelsea Davis

#68 Hagrid Is Back And Found The Sunshine

Image credits: Mirinda Moriarty

#69 My Bed Not My Void This Is Big Cat. He Sleeps Here Sometimes But Sometimes Just Turns Up At Breakfast Time To Be Fed I Know Who Owns Him We Will Miss Him In A Few Weeks When We Move

Image credits: Emma Lunn

#70 My Daughter Saw This Beat Up Stray Cat And Started Feeding Him

“We got a live trap because he needs some medical attention (nothing major) but he’s not interested. Guess he saw our open door yesterday and came in and hid out because this is what she woke up to this morning.
PS. Note the reflection of OUR unhappy cat in the glass!”

Image credits: Tina Caparell McGrogan

#71 This Sweetie Came To My Kitchen Door And Basically Told Me To Come Out For Pets. This Shot Is Just Before They Scooted Along Their Way Down The Fence

Image credits: Crasta Yo

#72 I’m Trying To Nap But Big Cat Came And Insisted I Feed Himb Then Himb Came Up On The Bed And Put Himbs Little Paw In My Hand. So Sweet

Image credits: Emma Lunn

#73 Greetings From Italy, This Sweet Guy Is Geppo, Who Started Visiting Me Some Time Ago On The Window And Then Settled, Permanently, At My House For A Few Weeks

Image credits: Cristiano De Carli

#74 Definitely Easter And Hungry Cats Ranging. Had This Little Guy Rock On Up For The Last Couple Of Days To Eat Our Cat’s Food And Get Some Company

Image credits: Tim Wilkes

#75 So I Heard Meowing Outside Of My Appartment. I Oppened The Window To See This Beautiful Thing Just Jump In…

Image credits: Jérémie Lapointe

#76 I Moved Into A New Place A Couple Of Weeks Ago. I Went Out To My Back Porch To Have Coffee And Was Greeted By This Guy. My House, Not My Cat

Image credits: Tracey Hale Cauthen

#77 This Guy Has Been Hanging Around For A Few Weeks. He Comes To Eat Twice A Day And Is Now Coming Inside To Nap Occasionally. Neutered Male That Has Been Declawed. Very Sweet And Sociable. He’s Not My Cat But He May Think This Is His House

Image credits: Terri Oberle

#78 This Is A Local Stray That We’ve Named Helga (He’s A Boy, We Named Him Before We Noticed His Massive Boy Bits)

“We absolutely love him, he sneaks in our house occasionally to eat our cats food but he really prefers to be hand fed roast chicken! It’s raining in Manchester (UK) today & he’s come in to dry off & have a bit of fuss “

Image credits: Vanessa Chapman

#79 My Office, Not My Cat? Edit: She Visits Every Day

Image credits: Farah Galal

#80 I Finally Have A Cat To Post!! The Calico Is Mine, But She Has A Guest Over For The Afternoon. He Won’t Let Me Get Close

Image credits: Patty Odette Jacobs

#81 This Guy Showed Up A Few Days Ago… Friendly To The Point Of Annoying Lol I Do Enjoy The Cuddles Though! We Call Him Ricky Bobby (He’s A Manx)

Image credits: Rachel R. Knesek

#82 Our Neighbors Got A Cat For Their Kids. Apparently This Cat Hates Kids, So Now It Only Goes Home To Eat And Spends The Rest Of Every Minute On My Porch. Roscoe (I Have No Idea What Her Real Name Is) Also Hates My Dog, But Not As Much As She Hates Her Owners, So Now I Just Have To Watch My Step Every Time I Come Outside So I Don’t Step On Her

Image credits: Frank Grimes

#83 Mystery Kitty Came Back … Demanded I Do Pets! … Guys I Think This Is My Cat Now

Image credits: Brian Fry

#84 A Few Weeks Ago One Of The Feral/Stray/Abandoned Cats Who I’ve Been Feeding Strolled Inside And Hid Amongst The Boxes In My Living Room

“Tonight, rather than use the nice box with towels and such I set up near the corner she’s mostly been hiding in, she decided to have her babies in the stack of boxes I’ve been going through next to my favorite chair…
I ‘ve seen 4 so far.
So 5 my house, not my cats.”

Image credits: Debbrah Foxveil

#85 Woody Has Been Coming Inside Almost Every Day Now Because Our Weather Has Been So Freaky. Nevertheless, He Is Still Not Our Cat. He Eats Outside Most Of The Time Still. How Do Cats Live Through Naps, Honestly?

Image credits: Nicholas Todd Jenkins

#86 My Bed, Not My Cat

Image credits: Anita Maree

#87 My House, Not My Cat, Here For His Daily Visit. Our Boy Kevin Is Outside Plotting Our Demise

Image credits: Lena-Ashley Isakson

#88 Pretty Sure He’s The Neighbor Kitty, 2-3 Houses Down

Image credits: Janette Martin

#89 3 Cats. I Lifted The Black One Outside. I Only Have 1 Cat. Both Notmacats Love My Cat But Hate Each Other. Mines The Tailess Girl Sitting Between The Boys. My Cat Just Decided To Live In Our House Almost 2 Years Ago And Became Our Cat

Image credits: Rebecca Mclaughlin

#90 I’ve Just Moved To A New House. 2 Cats Have Been In To Investigate Already. This Is The Friendliest One – Hagrid. The Other One Left Me A Dead Mouse As A Welcome To The Neighbourhood Gift

Image credits: Debbie Colby

#91 I Have Two Cats, This Is Not One Of Them

Image credits: Carole Le Lerre

#92 Our Neighbors Cat Disapproves Of Not Being Let Inside Our House

Image credits: Lars Gustav Midbøe

#93 My Neighbour Is Moving Soon And Won’t Be Able To Take Her Cat With Her For A Few Months. I Did A Short Trial To See If He Would Feel Comfy At Mine. This Was Taken About Five Minutes After He Came Round. I Think It Was A Success

Image credits: Michael Ratledge

#94 My Two Cats Are Wondering Who’ S Eating Their Food

Image credits: Sabine De Schepper

#95 So It’s My Birthday And I Came Home From Work To Find A Visitor. The One Inside Is Grogu And Was Once A Mhnmc When He Followed Me Into My Apartment

Image credits: Dennis Walton

#96 2 Mornings This Week We’ve Woken Up To Stranger Cat In Our House. Not Sure Where He Came From. We Think He Was Dumped. He Comes In The Cat Door That Only Opens In And Can’t Get Back Out

Image credits: Jen Scott

#97 I Have 3 Cats. None Of Them Are Outside Kitties. This Little Guy Technically Belongs To My Neighbors. But He Lives On My Porch Or In My Tree Part Time

“I call him Charlie my daughter calls him Black Tail.
I think his real name is White Ice. Whatever his name is, I’m just happy he comes and visits me everyday.
I made my cats a bed and they wouldn’t use it.
He uses it everydaY”

Image credits: M Kayy Daffron

#98 Top Cat Is Mine. Bottom Cat Is Not

Image credits: Amy Boesen

#99 I Thought I Should Join In Over Here So Hi! One Of These, Is Not My Cat. It’s Been Two Years Of Him Visiting Now And I Have Endless Photos

Image credits: Danielle France

#100 So, I Feed Outside Babies As Well As My Inside Babies…but Tonight It Was Utter Pandemonium When I Opened The Door. The Kitties Just Madea Bull Run, Lol

Image credits: Scott Martz

#101 As You See There Is Two Long Haired Black Cats In The Picture

“The one in the house is mine. The one outside is not. I believe the outside one’s the father of four babies that the tabby cat had. NMC shows up occasionally and wanders around my property. I believe he belongs to the neighbors. I was hoping he had some kitten support for his offspring. Nothing yet. Last night, I came home from a girl’s day out. I had a great time. I had put my packages by the patio door step. I had just seen my cat thru the window. I went into the entryway to unlock the house. Running past me was NMC. I was super surprised to see a cat run by. At first I thought it was mine. Then, I realized the door to inside was closed. In the next heartbeat, I figured out it was NMC. Sometimes, the outside door is blew open with the wind. It was a windy day! The door was closed when I approached it. NMC was trapped in the entryway!!!! To top it off, kitten support has not been delivered!!! Long story short, it was not my cat!!!!!!!”

Image credits: Lisa Lehnhoff

#102 Glitch In The Matrix? Doppelganger? Dark Wizardry?

“Left- my cat Professor Minerva McGonagall ( inside.)
Right- Evil Interloper torturing her by flopping and bathing on the other side of the glass.
No idea who she is or why she is suddenly hanging out my yard taunting Minnie, Ginny Weasley, and Severus Snape. But she won’t. Leave. Them. Alone”

Image credits: Sabrina Ingalls

#103 This Is Olivia Derpington. She Pretty Much Lives At My House But Isn’t Ours And We Move In A Month

“I had a lady come round and scan her but she isn’t chipped. I’m going to put a paper collar on her later, I’m actually concerned she is with kitten as well.
She is so loving but I can’t let her on our bed as she sheds way too much and dribbles everywhere, hence Derpington or derpy for short”

Image credits: Emma Lunn

#104 My House, Not My Cat On The Left, My Perplexed Cat On The Right

Image credits: Ash Howes

#105 Not My Cat Sully Is Still Here And Now Thinks The House Rules That Apply To My Cats Do Not Apply To Him

Image credits: Jo Webb

#106 My House, Not My Cat. This Is Piper, She Is Being Reunited With Her Parents As We Speak (Get Your Pets Chipped!)

“She came to us on 3/17 and settled in to our backyard. I posted about her on every local page as well as several lost cat/found cat websites.
We were hoping she was someone’s cat that’s an indoor/outdoor cat and that she would go home (she had on a collar but no tags or info)
She really wanted to get in to our house and it was driving our 3 my house my cats BONKERS.
She was so friendly and sweet and vocal. We finally managed to get her in to a carrier and to the vet to be scanned. Her owners cried on the phone when the vet called because they thought they saw her dead on the side of the road when really she’s been living her best cat life in our backyard”

Image credits: Maggie Bryson Malmberg

#107 The Other Day I Posted About The Orange Cat That Comes And Hangs Out At My Place From Across The Back Fence. This Is His Mummy Cat Who Also Visits From Time To Time ? She Doesn’t Stay Long And Only Comes A Couple Of Times A Week, I Suspect To Say Hello To Her Son Cat Practically Lives Here

Image credits: Karina Martin

#108 A Month Ago I Heard Meowing On Our Front Porch. My Husband Opened The Door And This Little Kitten Walked In And Promptly Laid On The Couch Like She’s Always Lived Here

Image credits: Audrey Boutwell

#109 My House, Definitely Not My Cat

Image credits: Lidia Boniwell

#110 Looks Like Mhnmc Toby Has Been Inviting The Other Neighborhood Cats Over To Hang Out On The Porch. The Grey Kitty Is Jerry And The Orange (3-Legged) Kitty Is Fivel. My Three Are Taking Turns Watching Them Through The Window

Image credits: Pat Berryhill

#111 My House, My Sofa, My Comfy Ass Imprint In The Sofa…not My Half Cat Half Cloud!!!

Image credits: A Vicky Carson

Source: boredpanda.com

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