111 Of The Funniest Tinder Posts

Full disclosure, dear Pandas: some of us may not have ever tried online dating and might keep getting ‘swipe left’ and ‘swipe right’ confused whenever someone’s talking about it. But as we understand it, Tinder is some kind of fancy wood-finding service (you’d better believe that this pun is intended) on those fancy futuristic devices people call ‘smartphones.’ You meet someone you like, you drink some coffee, and then you get married, right? Correct us if we’re wrong, but that’s exactly what’s happened to a lot of our friends!

One thing’s for sure, though—dating is tough, especially when you have to learn about your potential soulmate through a magical digital mirror that only shows you their good sides. However, there are some hilarious and entertainingly awkward (and sometimes even downright creepy) moments to be had while chatting on Tinder, that’s for sure. Check out the best ones collected by our Bored Panda dating experts, upvote the ones that you enjoyed the most, and share any interesting online dating stories that you want in the comments.

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In the mood for some more digital romance? We’ve got you covered. Instead of the traditional flower bouquet and box of chocolates, have a look through our earlier article about the most hilarious posts about Tinder.

To understand the world of online dating better and to learn how to determine whether somebody on Tinder is being genuine, Bored Panda reached out to the founder of The Modern Man, relationship expert Dan Bacon. According to him, online and traditional dating are both fundamentally different ball games, texting is easy but can deceive us, and, while it’s important to be playful and attention-grabbing on Tinder, it shouldn’t be overdone as it “can come across as try-hard or desperate, which results in rejection just like in real-life interactions.” You’ll find his insights below, so be sure to read on.

#1 My Greatest Magic Trick Revealed

Image credits: kenzentakahashi

#2 Ladies And Gentleman. We’re In

Image credits: snkrbjorn

#3 Damn

Image credits: Broodjedoner

If you want to find out whether somebody is telling the truth and generally being genuine on apps like Tinder, then it’s vital that you don’t just stick to chatting via text. “Get to a phone call, or video call as quickly as possible, so you can actually get a feel for each other and see if you click. At the very least, send voice texts back and forth so you can determine each other’s level of interest, as well as personality type and temperament,” relationship expert Dan explained that you should out in the extra effort and go for various different types of interactions.

And while just texting back and forth can seem like a fun and easy way to communicate, it can be deceiving. As a result, this can lead to someone’s feelings getting hurt because they’ve interpreted their potential partner’s words or emojis in a way that’s far too removed from reality. “A man might send a woman a text and she then replies with a laughing emoji, with tears of laughter. He thinks he’s doing well, but in reality, she is rolling her eyes and thinking that his joke was lame. He might then continue using that type of humor and causing a disconnect between himself and her,” Dan said. He reiterated that phone calls, video calls, or even those humble things we call voice texts can be a way to solve this conundrum.

#4 How Did You Know I Was A Painter?

Image credits: MikeFromKamloops

#5 I’ve Peaked. I Can’t Top This

Image credits: OnceUponAPizza

#6 I’m Probably Gonna Get Unmatched

Image credits: TheBullGooseLooney

“Online dating is more superficial and based on appearances compared to real-world interactions, which is more about how both people feel when interacting with each other in person,” the founder of The Modern Man put it bluntly.

What’s more, online dating completely changes the “positions of power” that men and women are in. In short, the relationship expert noted that online dating seems to favor women while traditional dating favors men. Dan said that when it comes to Tinder and similar apps, women are “in the position of power” because of the large amount of attention they’re getting from many men who want to be their match. According to him, this can then lead to women “significantly” increasing their standards.

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“A woman who would normally accept an average, confident, good guy in real life, will often have very high standards and only accept very good looking men on Tinder, or online dating. This results in millions of average-looking men wasting their time trying to match up with women who just aren’t going to give them a chance. It also results in some women being able to date very good-looking men who normally wouldn’t be interested,” he said.

#7 I Made A Tinder Funny, How’d I Do?

Image credits: Damsai_

#8 Tinder Delivers

Image credits: Wes_03

#9 Got Blocked Lol

Image credits: cookiesandbread

“With traditional dating, average-looking men can enjoy the position of power because almost all men are afraid to approach and talk to women in real life. When an average looking man has the confidence to approach and talk to a woman in real life, as well as the ability to flirt and create a spark during a conversation, he will find that many of the single women he meets show interest and give their phone number,” Dan detailed how different traditional dating is from its online equivalent. “In some cases, a pretty woman who would never be interested in him via online dating or Tinder, can fall in love, marry and start a family with him all from him having the courage to walk up and say hello to her in person.”

However, there appears to be a crisis of courage in modern society. Dan pointed out that most guys don’t have the courage to walk up to someone in person and talk to them, so they choose to go down the path of online dating. And, while that’s easier, the competition’s also far bigger. “They end up competing with tens of thousands of other men for the same woman on online dating or Tinder,” he said.

“Many guys spend years trying to get a match via online dating when they could get a match in real life in a matter of minutes or hours if they just had the confidence to approach and ability to flirt and create a spark,” the relationship expert hinted that online dating shouldn’t be used in isolation but perhaps as a supplement to traditional dating which requires more effort and, well, courage.

#10 Looking Through My Phone And Found This Gem Of A Tinder Conversation

Image credits: schaae

#11 I Wonder How Fast She Will Unmatch

Image credits: Dubdaddy69

#12 My Tinder Is A Joke Account Where I Tell People Train Facts And Answer Questions About Trains. I Research Railway History

Image credits: Remexa

In an earlier interview, we had a chat with relationship expert Dan, the founder of The Modern Man project, about the ups and downs of relationships and what to do if you’re sitting on the fence about breaking up. He explained that every situation is unique, however, if you feel like your relationship is in trouble, you should try to find the reasons why you seem to be having issues.

“It really depends on why you are on the fence about breaking up. If you’re temporarily feeling that way after a fight, or a problem that occurred in the relationship [or if] you feel that way all the time, or very often,” relationship expert Dan said that you shouldn’t make rash decisions if your problems can be solved and if your feelings of doubt are only temporary.

#13 Crocs Are Finally Good For Something

Image credits: LemonPFC

#14 Awwwwweeee

Image credits: AlexTweaks

#15 “Good Luck”

Image credits: Shamcow

“You need to understand that overcoming problems together as a couple can make you closer, stronger, and more committed if you approach it correctly,” Dan said that difficulties in relationships can be an opportunity to strengthen your relationship.

“If wanting to break up is a feeling that you have all the time, or very often, then that person isn’t the one for you,” relationship expert Dan said that good, strong relationships have to be clear and unambiguous. If you can’t decide how you feel about someone, then, perhaps, it’s time to move on.

#16 Dammit Karen

Image credits: grivera12417

#17 This Couldn’t Have Gone Any Better Than It Did

Image credits: mvarner60

#18 Perks Of Being My School’s Mascot

Image credits: Yaksho

“When a couple love each other and truly want to be with each other for life, they won’t be on the fence about it. It will be as clear as day for them that they want to be with each other and no one else, so breaking up won’t even seem like an option to them,” he told Bored Panda.

“[Breaking up] will almost seem laughable because they know they wouldn’t want to be with anyone else as much as they want to be with each other.”

#19 Swing And A Miss

Image credits: zeebo42

#20 Matched With The First Boy I Ever Kissed, I Wasn’t Sure If He Would Remember

Image credits: blazedddleo

#21 Psychic Powers

Image credits: TeleVegangelist

According to Dan, getting temporarily annoyed at one another in a relationship isn’t the same as the relationship breaking down. “If they happen to have an argument or experience a problem in the relationship, they might temporarily feel a bit annoyed at each other, but they’ll both be willing to fix it, grow and make the relationship better from then on,” he said. “That’s what the happiest, most in love couples do.”

#22 She Just Killed Me

Image credits: Custard_Lump

#23 Love Finding Girls That Share The Same Hobbies

Image credits: cameronarchambault

#24 I Can’t Take Compliments

Image credits: fetter_indy

#25 Improvise. Adapt. Overcome

Image credits: patsfan5101

#26 He Didn’t Even Get My Joke

Image credits: baddhinky

#27 I’m Doing This

Image credits: xtilexx

#28 Not A Meteorologist

Image credits: Pockesh

#29 Automated Tinder Response

Image credits: dongsandknobs

#30 Her Friend Was Right

Image credits: PowerofMoses

#31 Was Swiping At The Dispensary When I Looked Up And Saw The Girl I Was About To Swipe On

Image credits: ColfaxDayWalker

#32 Was Immediately Unmatched. I Am Proud Of My Joke Though

Image credits: thegman001

#33 Insert Punchline

Image credits: TheWilkster

#34 That’s A Big L My Friend

Image credits: beckyjenkinss

#35 Definition Of Perfection? I Think Yes

Image credits: Willie296

#36 Well I Got A Response

Image credits: Laws_of_Coffee

#37 Her Bio Said That She Loves Debating

Image credits: kattaboi

#38 Simon Says

Image credits: maditob

#39 Poor Marissa. Never Underestimate Deceptively Emotional Sonnets

Image credits: drewhead118

#40 My New Holiday Tradition

Image credits: TheKingLlama

#41 The Dream

Image credits: issaweirdo21

#42 The Pick Up Line With A 99% Success Rate

Image credits: oAkimboTimbo

#43 We Were Talking About Avatar The Last Airbender

Image credits: Shaneski101

#44 I’m Impressed How Quickly I Came Up With This Response

Image credits: gavin92

#45 Honesty Is The Best Policy

Image credits: Kellenjk

#46 Gotta Admit I Felt Pretty Creative For That One

Image credits: sadieperson

#47 I Think I Found The One

Image credits: pythzon

#48 Really Love Crabs, Man

Image credits: reddit.com

#49 Hello, You’re Not Tall

Image credits: juliaisnothere

#50 Jailbait

Image credits: reddit.com

#51 What Are The Chances?

Image credits: LotusLizz

#52 That’s What They Mean, Right?

Image credits: fknjshaw

#53 An Eye For An Eye, I Guess

Image credits: TheAssAge

#54 I’m Proud Of You

Image credits: BigBlackTaco1

#55 I Think I’m Getting The Hand Of This Now

Image credits: grand-autismo_

#56 Ironic

Image credits: wbroun77

#57 Works 60% Of The Time, Every Time

Image credits: Reverb_0

#58 I Woke Up And Chose Violence

Image credits: TinderTings

#59 So Does This Mean I Pass?

Image credits: wmoly

#60 Why I Shouldn’t Be On This App

Image credits: whitelilac1233

#61 Am I Doing This Right?

Image credits: JohnConnor27

#62 Pokemon Facts

Image credits: hjras

#63 It’s Fun To Stay At The

Image credits: MrAussieThunder

#64 Sliiiiiide To The Left

Image credits: LasagnePrincess

#65 The Beard Stays, But You Can Leave

Image credits: LaheyOnTheLiquor

#66 Please Don’t Start Your Conversations Like This

Image credits: cryptonalyst

#67 Hiking

Image credits: camiler_h

#68 Face Ride?

Image credits: DankingtonMemesworth

#69 I’m In

Image credits: FastAbsorbing

#70 Wait What

Image credits: Hot-Commodity

#71 Her Profile Said She Wouldn’t Date Anyone Who Would Split The Bill

Image credits: maliy_yastreb

#72 I Think Someone Really Hot Swiped Right

Image credits: mikewest000

#73 Surprisingly, I’m Still Single

Image credits: oberholzer20

#74 We’re In Boys

Image credits: Native_CSGO

#75 A Damn Good Roast

Image credits: MushiGohan

#76 Tinder Is A Weird Place

Image credits: TheHonestRedditer

#77 Leo Season Is Cancelled

Image credits: monkeyhater890

#78 Fruit Snacks?

Image credits: reddit.com

#79 Thankful

Image credits: heeelllllllllllllllyeafam89

#80 I Know What I Want

Image credits: SprJohn

#81 This Did Not Steer The Conversation In The Right Direction

Image credits: RedShadedMiniLamp

#82 Sounded Way Better In My Head

Image credits: electricApe420

#83 I’m Up There With Zac Efron

Image credits: Raaazy

#84 Who Doesn’t Like A Good Opener?

Image credits: SD_Guy

#85 He Blocked Me. At Least I Think I’m Funny

Image credits: butteredbiscuits171

#86 “Honesty Is The Best Policy” They Said

Image credits: beelzebubbs

#87 Humble Brag

Image credits: kracykutekorean

#88 Recently Got Back Into Tinder. She Unmatched Me

Image credits: Tomminose

#89 It Said In Her Bio That She Was A Sales Rep

Image credits: BrotherAtxmic

#90 She Asked “What’s Your Zodiac Sign” In Her Bio

Image credits: winewitheau

#91 Ouch

Image credits: TheWeb1000

#92 I Should Be Out Of The Hospital By The End Of The Week

Image credits: garebeardrew

#93 I Was Proud Of This One

Image credits: Baron_Von_Sexingpun

#94 What Now

Image credits: Wazooper

#95 He Did Not Like The Chat That Much

Image credits: jentyjenty

#96 Reflecting Saturday

Image credits: schenini

#97 Dedication

Image credits: Zmanzem4

#98 F

Image credits: PM

#99 An Attempt Was Made

Image credits: noobkiller5000

#100 I Hate These Apps

Image credits: ROU_Misophist

#101 Somethings Wrong, I Can Feel It

Image credits: MacEgnarg

#102 Ladies, This Is How It Is Done

Image credits: Trevord1123

#103 Death And Taxes, Amirite?

Image credits: TeamValOrlando

#104 She Didn’t Respond

Image credits: TheCBDeacon96

#105 Swear I Didn’t Plan To Be This Smooth When I Woke Up This Morning

Image credits: adamnalex

#106 We’re Kate And Nate And We Think We’re Pretty Great

Image credits: lesterous

#107 What Is Going On Here

Image credits: hedbtav97

#108 When You Used To Play League Of Legends And You Also Don’t Know How To Flirt

Image credits: gabygins

#109 What

Image credits: karmadragons

#110 I’m A Man Of Many Qualities

Image credits: aynrand1776

#111 That Was Quick

Image credits: Rayico

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