111 Of The Worst Hotel And Airbnb Fails (New Pics)

Get a good night’s sleep and it’ll make whatever problems you’ve had during the day less tiresome. Likewise, roll around until dawn without closing your eyes and everything will become even worse. So when you’re planning a trip, finding the right accommodation is one of the most important tasks.

However, both hotels and Airbnbs aren’t always giving us — their customers — the full picture. We book the place, thinking it’s going to fulfill all of our needs but then arrive at the premises and find something a little extra. Like a bad smell and dirt in the hot tub. Or, on the contrary, find a crucial feature (such as access to the toilet) missing.

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To remind you to keep a vigilant eye when making your next booking, we at Bored Panda put together a list of pictures that guests took when they felt like the hosts may have missed the mark on maintaining their property.

#1 The Water In Our Airbnb Has Been Yellow And Tastes Metallic For A Week Now. The Owner Says They Can’t Do Anything About It

Image credits: Go_Commit_Reddit

#2 The Cleaning Ladies At My Hotel Left The Door Open To The Closet Where They Keep The Clean Bedsheets And Soaps

Image credits: mar414

#3 I’m Staying In The Hotel, And This Is My Bathroom

Image credits: blobfishruler

#4 It Looks Like John Wick Was At Our Hotel

Image credits: -_-jess-_-

#5 The Curtains In My Hotel Room Looks Like They’re Blood-Stained

Image credits: Noonster123

#6 The Mirror In My Hotel Bathroom Has An Antifog Section. Unfortunately, I’m 5’2

Image credits: Bommie20

#7 The Size Of This Hotel Key Chain That I Have To Carry Around Everywhere With Me For The Next Few Days

Image credits: splurgeoverthem

#8 Hotel Alicja, Lodz, Poland. Advertisement vs. Reality

Image credits: cavidaga

#9 Mushrooms Are Growing In My Hotel Room. It’s A Novotel

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: dAnKjAy7

#10 You Have To Step Over The Bathtub To Get Between The Toilet And The Sink

Image credits: Mococe

#11 The Airbnb I’m Renting

Image credits: julieeeeeeeeeeeee

#12 The Faucet Is Placed Further Than It Should Be

Image credits: jvjishnu

#13 My Bed At The Hotel I’m Staying

Image credits: dosnos

#14 This Hidden Camera Disguised As A Clock In My Airbnb

Image credits: yumchasupreme

#15 This TV In My Hotel Room

Image credits: T47E

#16 This Closet In A German Hotel Needs Several Warnings. I Almost Hit My Head

Image credits: MichiWiegi

#17 The Only Outlet In My Hotel Room

Image credits: GrinOfTheCat

#18 The Main Reason I Rented This Airbnb Was Because Of The Hot Tub. However, It Was Dirty, And The Smell Was Terrible

Image credits: Forsaken_Storm_6397

#19 Our Shower In Croatian Airbnb

We stayed at the Airbnb for a few months, and I used this to heat the bathroom. I didn’t know if I would get electrocuted or barbecued. It did heat the bathroom pretty well, but it took up so much power in the apartment that you couldn’t run anything else simultaneously, or it would trip the breaker.

Image credits: Cold-Tumbleweed8840

#20 Why Do Hotel Rooms Insist On Making Me Watch My Partner Bathe? I’m Just Glad I’m Not Sharing The Room With A Friend Or Parent

Image credits: Coneskater

#21 I Got Locked Out Of My Hotel Room, So I Went To Find The Front Desk Lady, And This Was On The Counter

Image credits: vinboslice420

#22 My Airbnb Stairs. Every Step Is A Different Height, Width, And Depth

Image credits: jingojangobingoblerp

#23 I’ve Never Seen A Hotel Pool Sign So Blunt Before

Image credits: TurtlesTurnMeOn

#24 There’s A Mirror Screwed Into The Ceiling Above The Toilet In My Airbnb

Image credits: Island_Living_

#25 Worst Hotel Room Design Ever. What’s Funny Is That The Bathroom Door Sill Has A Lock On It

Image credits: alex_the_mindful_baker

#26 I Booked A Cheap Hotel In Lisbon With A Friend. The Pictures On The Booking Website Never Showed The Toilet And The Bed In The Same Picture

I pray my friend doesn’t have to go to the toilet tonight.

Image credits: Th3_Accountant

#27 The State Of This Oven During My First Shift Last Night At A Famous Hotel

Image credits: Rheavens

#28 The Toilet And The Paper Being On The Opposite Side Of The Room At A Hotel I’m Staying At

Image credits: Ossy-BTW

#29 The Shower Head In A 4-Star Hotel

Image credits: innoalvin

#30 The Shower In My Hotel Is A Glass Cube In The Center Of The Room

Image credits: EvTheSmev

#31 My Pillow In My 120€ A Night Hotel

Image credits: ebjazzz

#32 My Girlfriend Forgot The Lock Was In Place And Opened The Door Fairly Gently. Lock Snapped Immediately. This Hotel Makes Me Feel Very Safe

Image credits: battletank1996

#33 Striped Carpet On Hotel Stairs. Hard To Use Even After Two Weeks And Completely Sober

Image credits: OilCareful8232

#34 This Is What I Found In My “Cleaned” Hotel Room

Image credits: Queerdough

#35 The Hotel In Iceland. It’s Supposed To Tell You Which Rooms Are On Which Floor. So Confusing

Image credits: pewpewpewpee

#36 I Got Back To The Hotel After Working 12 Hours And Found That The Staff Had Put All Of Our Stuff Into A Trash Bag And Gave Our Room Away

Image credits: archofimagine

#37 I Came Back To A Pitch-Black Hotel Room, Then Turned On The Lights And Saw This

Image credits: Trekker519

#38 Trying To Find Your Motel Room Be Like

Image credits: Banterfix

#39 My Hotel Kitchen. I’m Staying Here For 4 Months

Image credits: Badfish2100

#40 What Kind Of Hotel Did We Book? That’s Not A Mirror

Image credits: cartmage

#41 My Airbnb Estimate. No Wonder Bookings Are Down

Image credits: WSNC-JBR

#42 The Salt Shakers In My Hotel Room

Image credits: the_DEANominator

#43 The Built-In USB Charger In My Hotel Wasn’t Working, So I Turned It Over To Take A Look, And This Is What I Saw

Image credits: Sharpbarb

#44 The Breakfast Bar At The Hotel I’m Staying At Automatically Adds An “Optional” 18% Gratuity

Image credits: ddawkins19

#45 Hotel Shower Has A Mode That Shoots One Ridiculously Powerful Horizontal Jet Of Water

Image credits: TuxedoFloorca

#46 I Just Checked In At The Hotel, But My Room Doesn’t Exist

Image credits: Wooflers

#47 This Hotel Room Entrance

Image credits: Green_Uncle

#48 This Knife At The Airbnb We Stayed At

Image credits: Flupox

#49 The Most Absurdly Thin Toilet Paper I Have Ever Seen. Found In My Airbnb

Image credits: Vincentnt0

#50 We Had An Uncleaned Vrbo Rental, And The Owner Tried To Bribe Us Into A Perfect Review

Image credits: graceful_klutz

#51 This Thermostat Is Mounted In A Hotel Room, Next To A Bed Where I’m Sleeping

Image credits: kuba-orlik

#52 This Knob Is On The Floor In Front Of The Toilet In My Hotel Room. I Think It Is Designed To Break My Toes

Image credits: calypsopub

#53 The Elevator Safety Placard In The Hotel

Image credits: LegalHelpNeeded3

#54 This Mirror Is In My Hotel Bathroom. Other Than That, Very Nice Hotel

Image credits: zorrez

#55 The Carpet At My $250 Per Night Hotel In Disneyland

Image credits: iantochiw

#56 This TV At The Airbnb I’m Staying At

Image credits: JustonianD

#57 I Booked Airbnb For My Family. 5 Minutes Into Our Stay This Is What Our Socks Turned Into Just Walking Around. The Host Refuses To Cancel Or Refund

Image credits: EngLitIsLit

#58 The Placement Of This Light Switch In A Stockholm Hotel. I Stayed In This Hotel Recently And Woke Up 3 Times Overnight By Turning The Light On

Image credits: b34c0n

#59 There Is A Light Switch On The Roof Of The Hotel I’m Staying

Image credits: mike_malagueta

#60 I Can’t Close The Door In The Motel Room Because Bed Is In A Way

Image credits: sethdujardin

#61 I Wanted To Book A Hotel And Saw That This Hotel Advertises $95 Per Night But Tries To Sneak In That Extra $284 In The Total Cost

Image credits: superhobo7

#62 My Airbnb Host Is Using T-Shirts As Pillow Cases, And One Even Smells. Guess I’ll Be Dreaming Of Sweaty Armpits Tonight

Image credits: Catholllic

#63 My Airbnb Host Wanted Me To Tip Housekeeping On Top Of The $200 Cleaning Fee

Image credits: Able-Cobbler5307

#64 I Went On A Trip Several Weeks Ago To New Orleans, And Our Airbnb Host Didn’t Tell Us That The Pool Was Unusable And Air Conditioners Were Broken Too

Image credits: daxter304

#65 That’s Why You Shouldn’t Use The Coffee Maker In Your Hotel Room

Image credits: classic_schmosby00

#66 My Hotel Room Light Switch Is Behind Pillows, So I Wake Up Inexplicably In The Middle Of The Night With Lights Turned On

Image credits: philfr42

#67 This Wall Socket At My Hotel. Yes, I Tried Moving The Bed, But It Is Screwed Into The Wall

Image credits: bulls_fan_11

#68 This Was My Hotel This Weekend, And It Had Only One Light

Image credits: IfYouCanCatchMe2

#69 My Hotel Shower

Image credits: shadynook1924

#70 A Paint Job On A Hotel Wall That Looks Like Mold And A Lamp Just Above The Pillow. I Had To Unscrew The Light Bulb To Avoid The Risk Of Shattering It

Image credits: JohnyAfor

#71 In Case Of The Hotel Fire, Move The Vending Machine

Image credits: HorseWithNoUsername1

#72 My Hotel Bathroom Has 12 Towel Hooks

Image credits: GuberGooberson

#73 These Hotel Floor Directions

Image credits: c0rners

#74 Our Not Cheap Airbnb Has A Tip Jar

Image credits: Eat_Sleep_COD

#75 If You Needed Another Reason To Hate Airbnb. 2 Weeks Before Our Reservation, Our Hosts Tells Us He Overbooked

Image credits: veritas__a3quitas__

#76 This Is The First Thing I Saw When Checking Into The Hostel In London

Image credits: Godot_never_shows

#77 This Hotel I Stayed At, Said It Was $40. I Knew That Couldn’t Be True. I Paid $68 For 12 Hours With A $50 Deposit

I also had 40 lbs of luggage and had to carry up four flights of stairs because the elevator was broken.

Image credits: msdeeds123

#78 I’m Staying In The Hotel Where Windows Are Blocked With Wooden Boards

Image credits: IllustriousCress9774

#79 Hotel Faucet. Hot And Also Hot

Image credits: Anthropomorphotic

#80 I Just Stayed In The Hotel Room Where The Bathroom Door Would Not Close

Image credits: cl8855

#81 This Motel Heater Is Directly Underneath The Curtains

Image credits: overalldaddy

#82 I Found This In A Hungarian Hotel, And It’s Just Too Relatable

Image credits: johnystecker

#83 The Hotel Shower Has No Edges, So It Floods, And The Door Has Water Damages

Image credits: SolarMoth

#84 From The Hotel That Brought You “Bloodstained Curtains” Now Brings You “Poop-Stained Headboard”

Image credits: fifyi

#85 This Hotel Built A Wall Around The Window

Image credits: Noisegarden135

#86 This Motel Light Switch

Image credits: steffle12

#87 In This Hotel, Once I Take Out The Card Needed For The Door, It Will Cut The Power Off To My Room. So While I’m Gone, No Devices Will Be Charging

Image credits: GamingFlorisNL

#88 This Motion Sensor Thermostat In The Hotel Room Causes The Air Conditioning To Turn Off While You Sleep

Image credits: ladydej

#89 To Check-In Early, This Hotel Requires You To Give Them An Email So They Would Be Able To Send You Spam

Image credits: Franie15

#90 Airbnb Host Wants To Stop Renting To Women

Image credits: peredaks

#91 The Heavy Curtains In My Hotel Room Are On Smaller Tracks That Don’t Allow Them To Cover The Window

Image credits: Harborcoat84

#92 A Simple Mistake, But 2 Years Later And I Still Think About This Sign From My Hotel Stairwell In NYC

Image credits: Constable_Nathan

#93 What A Great View From The Window Of My Hotel Room

Image credits: BeatDropOMega

#94 A Friend Of Mine Was Staying At The Hotel And Sent Me This

Image credits: itdobelikethats

#95 This Marbled Shower At The Airbnb I Stayed In

Image credits: Finassar

#96 These Mirrors In My Hotel Room. I Tried To Fix It And Found Out They Were Glued Like This

Image credits: dubs123105

#97 The Toilet Paper Of The 4-Star Hotel I Am Staying At

Image credits: Jozzlik

#98 This Fire Extinguisher At My Hotel

Image credits: jescofire

#99 My View From The Famous And Expensive Venetian Hotel In Las Vegas

Image credits: Jaffar10

#100 The Toilet And The Toilet Paper In My Hotel Room

Image credits: gucciglockbandit

#101 This TV At The Resort I’m Staying In

Image credits: lashie

#102 Bathroom Door At The Cheap Motel

Image credits: That_Ginger_Boi

#103 Nearly Invisible Label Text On The Hotel Shower Dispenser Bottles. Which One Is Shampoo? Good Luck If You’re Not Wearing Your Glasses

Image credits: EngageAndMakeItSo

#104 This Hotel Bathroom Has Shutters Instead Of A Wall, Allowing All Smells And Noise To Float Right On Through. I’m Loving My Romantic Vacation So Far

Image credits: lileasybakeoven

#105 This Terrace In My Hotel Is Not Accessible

Image credits: JeIlyagogo751

#106 This Bathroom Has A Massive Window, But The Roll Down Blind Is See-Through

Image credits: yer_boi_gonas

#107 My Hotel Was Confusing

Image credits: Musicferret

#108 These Elevator Buttons In My Hotel

Image credits: wet_and_furry

#109 My Hotel In Seattle

Image credits: GoingGoingGallo

#110 Today I Found This In My Hotel Room

Image credits: Vilger23

#111 My Wife And I Decided To Get One Night Getaway Without The Kids. $260 A Night At The Hotel, And The Shower Door Opens On The Wrong Side

Image credits: se7en0311

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