111 Times Justice Was Served To People Who Totally Deserved It

We want to live in a fair world. One that rewards doing the right thing, not deceit. Few things are as rewarding as witnessing justice.

So we at Bored Panda decided to put together a list of instances where people got what they deserved. Like an entitled sports car owner trying to bypass traffic only to get stuck in concrete.

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As the late Kurt Cobain said, “If you’re really a mean person, you’re going to come back as a fly and eat poop.”

#1 Instant Karma

Image credits: elsatanico

#2 Karma

Image credits: coleledford11

#3 Pretty Instant Karma

Image credits: WeirdMovieBros

#4 One Plate Of Karma Coming Up

Image credits: ItsKristinG

#5 Communicating With The Unpleasant

Image credits: Conaidhm Paganach

#6 Sweet Karma

Image credits: resister4u

#7 Beautifully Done And Well Deserved

Image credits: reddit.com

#8 Karma Sometimes Does Work Out

Image credits: BaelaLayla

#9 Sometimes It Pays To Have A Dirty Car. My Son Got Rear-Ended Last Night, The Other Driver Was Aggressive And Left Without Exchanging Info

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: Veriera

#10 To Commit A Hate Crime

Image credits: Xultron

#11 Guy Is A Jerk To A Police Officer In An Unmarked Car

Image credits: BehindBlueLine

#12 That’s Karma

Image credits: AleyFarooq_

#13 Respect Your Mother

Image credits: dobbyisafreepup

#14 Karma Is A Circle

Image credits: lizbeth_ellen

#15 Justice Served

Image credits: VICE

#16 Revenge At Its Finest

Image credits: barstoolsports

#17 Snowman 1, Driver 0

Image credits: Vlancing

#18 Karma Is Here

Image credits: thegrio

#19 Take Something That Isn’t Yours? Have Fun With The Infestation

Image credits: PokeMasterBon

#20 Karma: Friend’s Car After A Hit And Run

Image credits: Nugkil

#21 Good Karma

Image credits: Bingbon02415540

#22 Bye Bye

Image credits: NearbyDANKSTER

#23 What’s On The Menu? Karma Dawg

Image credits: farrukhsshah

#24 Apartment Complex Justice

Image credits: Scolgan

#25 My Fav Comeback To A Private Part’s Pic

Image credits: B0DY4DAYZ

#26 This Is What Happens When You Park In Front Of A Fire Hydrant And A Fire Breaks Out

Image credits: Monty7384

#27 Happens

Image credits: MailOnline

#28 Good For Her

Image credits: giitering

#29 Idiot Didn’t Want To Wait In Traffic And Thought They’d Take A Shortcut And Got Stuck. Karma Sucks

Image credits: jcodydunn

#30 Someone Took Justice Into Their Own Hands At My Local Grocery Store

Image credits: OhighOpyro

#31 Karma

Image credits: LunaSafwan

#32 Brand New Jaguar Driver Believes He’s Too Important To Sit In Traffic. Insta-Karma Smackdown

Image credits: reyali

#33 There Was An Attempt To Steal Petrol

Image credits: spicerldn

#34 My Friend Found This Gem On Her Windshield. She Says She Deserved It

Image credits: ScaredOfTheMan

#35 California Woman Who Coughed On An Uber Driver Says She’ll Only Use Lyft, Lyft Says No

Image credits: Hipple

#36 People Wouldn’t Stop Mudding In This Farmers Field. So The Farmer Put Up A Dirt Barrier At The Fields Entrance. Today It Caught Someone

Image credits: ysl448g

#37 Block An Electric Charging Station – Get Towed

Image credits: polizeiberlin

#38 My Neighbor “Allegedly” Refused To Pay The Guy Who Cleared His Back Yard. He’ll Be Coming Home To This Gift Left In His Driveway

Image credits: CalbertCorpse

#39 Greedy Man Has His Hoard Of Hand Sanitizer Confiscated And Donated

Image credits: DinerEnBlanc

#40 Busted Not Paying For Your Taxi

Image credits: Unitron07

#41 Mayor Dishes Out Karma On Litterer

Image credits: mayorstewart

#42 God’s Work

Image credits: MuAlH

#43 I Guess This Is How Karma Works

Image credits: nypost

#44 Arkansas Woman Rolls Her Truck Shortly After Speeding By Cyclists To Kick Up Dust

Image credits: nickelpotter

#45 That’s One Less

Image credits: Blavity

#46 Local Nightclub Has The Laugh Over Stupid Patron

Image credits: prawza

#47 Okay Now This Is Epic

Image credits: maleeezy_

#48 Can’t Find Anyone To Hire

Image credits: Molson_Hart

#49 CONgratulations

Image credits: studentactivism

#50 This Is Venice City Hall Right After The Approval Of A Climate Change Denial Amendment

Image credits: LorenzoBagnato

#51 Karma At It’s Very Best

Image credits: Jeffslot

#52 Man Licks Things In Walmart And Gets Charged “Terrorist Threat”

Image credits: HopeInternational0

#53 Person In Hummer Filled 5 Gas Cans Expecting Shortages. Put Them In His Car And Lit Up A Cigarette. Hummer Destroyed

Image credits: chronicleonline

#54 This Note Was Left In The Elevator Of My Friend’s Apartment Complex, Felt Like This Was Justice Served To The Thief In An Unconventional But Hilarious Way

Image credits: Numinexxus

#55 Justice Freaking Served!

Image credits: ElBadBiscuit

#56 Instant Karma

Image credits: dsrose

#57 Got What He Deserved

Image credits: lightskinpimp

#58 Jerks Get What They Deserve

I was driving back from a construction site today and I saw this old guy (let’s call him Dennis) in a car get clipped so bad he ended up in the other lanes. The car that hit him took off. I flipped on my lights and whipped around to see if the guy was okay. Fortunately, he was, but he didn’t recall the make/model of the car that hit him. Dennis was really shaken up by the whole thing, but it got a lot better when we discovered that the hit-and-runner’s license plate got lodged into the side of Dennis’ car.

Image credits: MrArthurVandelay

#59 Someone Parked In My Designated Parking Space And Received A Different Kind Of Karma

Image credits: futbolbrasil

#60 Why The Hell Would You Tweet About That?

Image credits: AtlantaBoyz

#61 Guy I Grew Up With Thought He Was Smarter Than The Police

Image credits: OneNorthAvenue

#62 The “Coughing Karen” That Was Deliberately Coughing On People During A Pandemic Was Identified And Her Employer Had Already Responded. Termination Is Imminent

Image credits: SAP

#63 Holup, Blossom

Image credits: Dareyouni

#64 Bye, Felicia. FedEx Has Fired The “Protester” From Franklinville, Nj

Image credits: veloceracing

#65 Restaurant Owner’s Instant Karma

Image credits: vincentvanglock

#66 Yep, Karma Is A B***h. Especially That Instant Kind

Image credits: caraeeezy

#67 My Neighbor Is Not A Good Person. She Treats Everyone On Our Block Poorly And Yells At Kids Playing

Our dead end is getting paved this morning, no one alerted her. Justice.

Image credits: macness234

#68 Instant Karma

Image credits: teentweensblog

#69 Commit Treason, Lose Your Job

Image credits: seditiontrack

#70 Performed Some Mini-Truck Justice Today

Image credits: Freddy

#71 Sweet Justice

Image credits: TheFastAndDerFuhrer

#72 Firefighters Had To Smash The Window Of This Illegally Parked Vehicle On My Street

Image credits: snips4444

#73 So My Friend Was Involved In A Hit And Run. Talk About Instant Karma

“So I was driving to the gym, and some idiot t-bones my car and drives off. But he forgot this.”

Image credits: imgur.com

#74 Justice Served

Image credits: Surf490

#75 Karma Does Exist

Image credits: sasagronomy

#76 This Lady Decided To Try And Ride Through The Median To Avoid A Traffic Jam. Only Two Problems: She Has A Front Wheel Drive Crossover And It’s Been Raining For 3 Days

Image credits: SoAMore0311

#77 Making My Way Down Town

Image credits: BMO42

#78 Oh, Scooters

Image credits: chicagotribune

#79 Theft Karma

Image credits: martin_dc16gte

#80 Yesterday This Guy Peeled Out Of The Lot After Class And Nearly Hit Me. Today? Karma

Image credits: rabaltera

#81 Look, I Don’t Believe In Karma, But

Image credits: Pinetree218

#82 Now She Faces Jail Time

Image credits: nytimes

#83 Found In The Community Fridge. Probably Not The Best Time To Engage In Biological Warfare At Work

Image credits: Otowar

#84 My Wife Said Measure The Door, I Told Her All Doors Are The Same Size

Image credits: BlahMehUgh

#85 Deserved It

Image credits: WhatWeOnlyFantasize

#86 This Is Stupidity And Karma If I’ve Ever Seen It

#87 My Friend’s Neighbor Neglected To Dispose Of A Disgusting Old Mattress That They Dumped In The Hallway. 5 Days And Multiple Notices Later, Vigilante “Justice” Came Into Play

Image credits: heyitskitty

#88 Sweet, Sweet Justice

Image credits: Not_Constantinople

#89 Justice Is Served

Image credits: Dionysiandogma

#90 When You Annoy The Janitor. This Is A No Parking Zone With Only One Way Out

Image credits: reddit.com

#91 Taxi Driver Took A Much Longer Route Than We Agreed To. We Told Him To Stop The Car And Let Us Take Another Taxi. The Police Immediately Saw Him Stop And Fined Him

Image credits: walkq

#92 Rioter Asking To Be Released Due To ‘Back Pain’

Image credits: deadstatedotorg

#93 A Woman Inside The Post Office Was On The Phone Complaining That She Locked Her Keys In Her Car. I Felt Bad Until I Came Outside To See Her Stellar Parking Job. Justice Served

Image credits: therightcoaster

#94 Cop Tickets Another Cop

Image credits: RedditThotWasABot

#95 Justice Has Been Served

Image credits: captspauldingthe3rd

#96 Politics Aside, This Is A Pretty Good Example Of Karma

Image credits: McDonaldsSweetTea

#97 My Boyfriend Used To Unscrew The Red Pepper Flakes Top At Pizza Hut In Junior High For Fun. That Is Karma

Image credits: annabegins-

#98 Deserved It

Image credits: Cottxr

#99 This Is What I Get For Bad Parking. I Deserved It

Image credits: shelbzisthename

#100 Justice Is Served

Image credits: Fireteeth

#101 My Stupid Friend

Image credits: PickledBarrel42

#102 Car Gets Stolen, And The Driver Rams Through The Entrance Of A Brick Building

Image credits: metalsgt90

#103 Hit And Run Jerk Left Something Important At The Accident He Abandoned. His Bumper With Plates. Instant Karma?

Image credits: photobesity

#104 Karma Is A Beautiful Thing

Image credits: vanel27

#105 Instant Karma For Sneaking Out Of Work 10 Minutes Early On Friday

Image credits: not_charles_grodin

#106 Justice Has Been Served At BWI

Image credits: skaterforsale

#107 The Douche Bag, And The Justice Serving Civilian

Image credits: LegitYes

#108 I Smashed A Mosquito And It Landed In My Beer

Image credits: Michal_Nowak

#109 Summertime Justice Served Hot

Image credits: RoninRobot

#110 Trashy Plus Instant Karma. Guy Tried To Just Leave His Bag Of Fast Food In The Gas Station. Instead It Got Caught In The Door

Image credits: reddit.com

#111 Gone

Image credits: Funny_Clown44

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