112 Meals That Look Really Uncomfortable

I have a philosophical question for you: if someone enjoys a meal that everyone else finds horrid, do they prove that taste is subjective? Or do they achieve the opposite and show that it exists within certain boundaries? Whatever your initial answer is, hold on to it until you finish scrolling through this list. Believe me, it might change.

To show you that some stomachs have no limits, we at Bored Panda put together a collection of the weirdest food combinations we could find. We’re talking bacon-wrapped Oreos, hard-boiled eggs with Nutella, and… I can’t go on, sorry, I just had breakfast. You’ll have to scroll down and check out everything for yourself. If you have the guts, of course. Just don’t tell Gordon Ramsay about these photos — he’d probably stab these “chefs” with a fork.

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#1 Found This Gem – Soup But Frozen As A Popsicle

Image credits: reddit.com

#2 My Friend’s Wife Is Pregnant. She Got Cravings For Sweet And Spicy. Oreos And Salsa It Is

Image credits: Addicted2Groove

#3 What Are Your Favorite Odd Food Combinations? This One Is Mine

Image credits: KissMeAlice

#4 One Weird Food Combo That Has Lasted Since Childhood. White Of A Boiled Egg With Tomato Sauce/Ketchup And A Sprinkle Of Salt

Yup, I was that kid that had tomato sauce on just about everything.

Image credits: curvycarolyn

#5 Beans On Pizza Everywhere

Image credits: beans.memes_

#6 Bacon-Wrapped Oreos

Image credits: dtee_onthe_bge

#7 Not Sure About The Avocado Latte, But It Looks Good

Image credits: snakegrrl

#8 Most People Like PB&J. My Fav Is Peanut Butter And Onion

Image credits: darkroomalchemist

#9 I Just Wanna Pasta And Candy At The Same Time So… I Did Sweet Noodles

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Image credits: duralexyz

#10 My Friend Puts Ketchup On Her Popcorn. Ketchup, On Her Popcorn

Image credits: ArabManWithBigBeardYetNotATerrorist

#11 Yeah, I Put Chili Flakes On My Champorado. I’m Weird, Sue Me

Image credits: jhoannalee

#12 Gotta Stay Hydrated

#13 Sandwich My Dad Likes To Eat, Raw Ground Beef With Raw Onions And White Pepper On Hard Bread

Image credits: GerryDos

#14 Jello Shots Being Served Out Of Hard-Boiled Eggs

Image credits: abeltesgoat

#15 Crunchy Snickels

Image credits: mrbananapantsjr

#16 Authentic Italian Pizza

#17 Pumpkin Pie And Mustard Combo To Spice Up Your Taste Buds

#18 Hard-Boiled Egg With Nutella

#19 Chocolate Ramen

Image credits: reddit.com

#20 The Neckbeard Smoothie

Image credits: Nyder

#21 Bean Donuts

Image credits: Smexmuffins

#22 Illegal Image

Image credits: murtaza64

#23 Apparently Salt And Pepper On Apples Is Something People Do. It’s So Delicious

Image credits: s_wam

#24 Yup, I Just Did That. Chips And Nutella! Don’t Knock It Till You Try It

Image credits: elisabethgreiser

#25 I Like Bananas On My Pizza

Image credits: theupsidetoboogers

#26 Mint Choco Fried Chicken

Image credits: mymumsfood

#27 Watermelon And Mustard Is Still A Thing?

Image credits: nguyeninggainz

#28 Peanuts In Coke. So Good

Image credits: shakholder

#29 Maggi Milkshake. Yes Yes, Doesn’t It Sound Weird & Crazy To Have Something Like This?

Image credits: passionfor_dreams

#30 Ezekiel Toast With Nut Butter And A Hard-Boiled Egg

Image credits: healthy_wife_healthy_life_rd

#31 After Watching Rob Czar From Threadbanger Make A Peep Pizza On Man vs. Din I Was Curious Just How Good It Would Be

Ladies and gents I have to say this was actually really good! Wouldn’t make a whole pizza like this but a personal-sized one was perfect. If you have some peeps leftover I recommend giving it a shot.

Image credits: winterfirecosplay

#32 My Boss Puts Applesauce On His Pizza, Slaps Them Together, And Eats It Like A Sandwich

Image credits: Cuchini07

#33 My Son Has Numerous Sensory Issues With Food. But Today He Made This Monstrosity. The Noodle Nutella Toast

Image credits: iwuznevergivenaname

#34 Kiwi Pizza From A Danish Pizzeria, An Unholy Abomination

Image credits: nre1313

#35 Confession Is Good For The Soul: This Was One Of My Favorite Childhood Food Combos

Image credits: georgealice

#36 Kill Hormonal Cravings With Natural Peanut Butter, A Pinch Of Sea Salt On A Bell Pepper

Image credits: andrealeefitness

#37 Spicy Chicken Andouille Sausage On Top Of A Pearl Sugar Belgian Waffle, Drizzled With Maple Syrup. My Mouth Just Watered Typing That

Image credits: lalaskitchentable

#38 Chocolate Cheese Pizza

Image credits: reginanaw

#39 Deviled Eggs With Spaghettis

#40 Would You Try This?

Image credits: gvlden.vibez

#41 Steaknana

Image credits: Worst_Lurker

#42 Pickle Snowcones – With Real Pickle Juice And A Pickle Spear In There For Good Measure

Image credits: notthomyorke

#43 Grocery Store Sushi. Found In Texas

Image credits: GonzoMcFonzo

#44 Water With Extra Whipped Cream

Image credits: gridzbispudvetch

#45 Avocado With Honey For Lunch

Image credits: romel_edullantes

#46 Chocolate-Covered Bacon

Image credits: super__chops

#47 1st Time Tasting Soy Sauce Ice Cream. Very Interesting

Image credits: yannes.ho

#48 I Swear I’m Not Pregnant. Pizza And Extra Creamy Cool Whip With Chocolate Chips

Image credits: iamblessed99

#49 We Decided To Enjoy Ice Cream On Top Of Dino Nuggets On A Bed Of French Fries

Image credits: vanessa_loves_god

#50 I Pretty Much Can Eat Peanut Butter With Anything. Bagel, Peanut Butter And Pickles

Image credits: jolieanna85

#51 Best Combo Ever – Fries And Honey

Image credits: poppinbybrandi

#52 Chocolate Covered Pickles. It’s A Pregnancy Thing

Image credits: zolagabriellasantos

#53 Oatmeal + Boiled Egg

Image credits: babalwa.brook

#54 So This Is What Dee Requested For Breakfast. Happy To Oblige But Really Hoping She Isn’t Pregnant

Image credits: flyingkneefilms

#55 I Finally Tried Making A Peanut Butter & Pickle Sandwich And It Was Life Changing

Image credits: zenandzaatar

#56 Honey On Cheese Pizza. Mind Blown

Image credits: knowntoventure

#57 One Of My Weird Go To Meal Combos Recently. It’s Literally Just Cooked Peas With Some Peanut Butter Mixed In

Image credits: foodforshizandgigz

#58 What To Do With The Leftover Half Of Cooked Sweet Potato From Lunch – Mashed It Up, Left It Cold And Added Avocado And Kiwi. This Combination Was Awesome

Image credits: happyfoodhealthylife

#59 Scrambled Eggs On Buttered Toast With Fruit Loopies

Image credits: jamieysl_

#60 A Shot Of The Ramen From My Latest Video. Would You Try This Festive Twist?

Image credits: birdhousetv

#61 Frozen Peas And Chocolate Pudding. The Perfect Lazy Sunday Afternoon Snack

Image credits: lisamahin

#62 Chocolate Ring Doughnut, Scrambled Eggs, Melted, Tasty Cheese

Image credits: dumbells_n_donuts

#63 Me And My Weird Oatmeal Combos. Today’s Concoction Was Peanut Butter, Chia Seeds, Raisins, Cinnamon, Protein Powder & Frozen Sweet Peas

Image credits: annasoatmealobsession

#64 A Conglomerate Of Why?!

Image credits: playtimecares

#65 Am I Stuffing My Face With Peanut Butter And Tuna After A Bike Ride? The Answer Is Yes

Image credits: c_rnelia

#66 My Nephew Ate Cereal With Cheese On Top And I’m Sick

Image credits: SiNospanish

#67 When There’s No Milk Or Cereal And You Gotta Improvise – Sprite With Chili Cheese Fritos Yum

Image credits: MichaelG225

#68 I Love It When A Crazy Food Idea Ends Up Being Tasty. Today, Nutella & Mayonnaise. It’s Good

Image credits: felofHe

#69 Maggi Pani Puri

Image credits: whysaharsh

#70 A Twinkie Wiener Sandwich! Be Sure To Dip In Milk First Before Consumption

Image credits: captainjenkins

#71 Peanut Butter Hamburger

Image credits: m_u_s_e___

#72 Tim’s Pizza – The Most Unexpected. He Had Seen Something Like This On A Cooking Show: Strawberries, Salmon, New Mozzarella Cheese. Paul Suggested Adding The Pesto

Image credits: Jinx McCombs

#73 Taking Cereal And Milk To A New Level – Cheetos And Milk

Image credits: michellemirae90

#74 Medium Cheddar And Peanut Butter. I Know. I Know It Sounds Weird… Just Trust Me

Image credits: rockon_amy_rn

#75 Weird Food Combinations Continue. This Time – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups With Gherkin

Image credits: mistar.j

#76 When You’re Offered Apple-Raisin-Asparagus Pie, You Eat It

Image credits: lycangamer369

#77 Why Does Everyone Say ‘Ewww’ About This? Have You Ever Had Peanut Butter And Raisins With Lettuce?

Image credits: sixfiguresunder

#78 Another Weird Food Combo. I Want You Too Try This – Sugar, Mayo & Banana Sandwich

Image credits: matchmysoulx

#79 No Way, This Cannot Be A Thing

Image credits: stoned_charcuterie

#80 As A Child, I Used To Play This Game That Involved Allowing The Other Players To Come Up With The Weirdest Combination Of Foods, Which You Would Then Have To Blindly Taste

Image credits: alittlebithumandotcom

#81 This Has Got To Be My New Favorite Treat. Watermelon And Feta! This Is My 1st Time Having It And I Think I’m Going To Have It Everyday Now

Image credits: domesticated_metalhead

#82 Has Anyone Ever Tried Watermelon And Cottage Cheese? I Love It

Image credits: barbaragraceart

#83 Chocolate Chip Cookies Sandwiched Between Salty Roast Potatoes That Are Crispy On The Outside And Fluffy On The Inside. With Just A Little Bit Of Tommy K For Good Measure

Image credits: fortheutterloveoffood

#84 Scrambled Egg With Peaches

So… I came home this evening and my roommate gave me some leftovers. I saw a container of what I thought was cooked tomatoes since it was red and had the same texture of a tomato. I decided to mix it with my scrambled eggs in the pan for dinner. By the time I smelled the sweet aroma, I realized it wasn’t tomatoes, it was peaches! So I’ve ended with with a dessert scrambled egg with peaches. I didn’t want to waste it so I ate it. Not as gross as I thought it would taste.

Image credits: dennis.zen

#85 Butter And Sugar Sandwiches – Don’t Judge Me

Image credits: 0joy

#86 Burger Cookie

Image credits: outofplac3

#87 Popcorn With Milk

Image credits: weird.food.combinations

#88 Frosted Flakes With Cheese

#89 Who Would’ve Thought That ⁣⁣i’d Be Eating Onion Rings With Honey

I ordered a side of onion rings to snack on at Le Shack and I was surprised when they showed up with honey. Me being me tried it and completely fell in love.

Image credits: nkyangelica

#90 Creme De La Chips

For the record. It was awful.
Almost ate the whole thing tho. I feel sick.

Image credits: gurraponta

#91 I Like Sushi And I Like Strawberries With Whipped Cream. But Not Together

Image credits: __foodinha__

#92 Cornfused About Trying This

Image credits: bypattylee

#93 Lunch. I Am Here To Stand Up For The Humble Sardine

They are very satisfying. Very healthful, will make your coat nice and shiny. Now, this sounds weird, but they go well with peanut butter. I know. It sounds gross. Most folks can’t get past the sardines.

Image credits: merricooksandeats

#94 Fresh Pineapple, Soy Sauce, Sriracha And Sesame Seeds. Genius Or Madness?

Image credits: lucyinthequarks

#95 Walked In On My Dad Making A Mayonnaise/Beans/Fusilli Combo At Midnight

Image credits: slithermetimber

#96 I Made The Coffee Curry Cream

Image credits: barcoderae

#97 Watermelon Sushi? Yep, This Is One Of Those Just So Weird It Works Food Combinations

Last summer I was at a restaurant in Brooklyn and they had a dish with watermelon and seaweed on the menu. It sounded bizarre but I figured I HAD to try it.⁠ ⁠ I was very pleasantly surprised. ⁠

It makes for a great combination of salty and sweet flavors.⁠ ⁠ And if you want some compelling health benefits – Vitamin C (which watermelon is packed with) helps us better absorb iron (which seaweed is rich in)!⁠ ⁠

Eating lots of watermelon in the summer is a GREAT way to improve hydration. And finding creative ways to add it to your diet keeps it interesting. ⁠ So next time you’re at the store pick up some watermelon and some seaweed, top them with a crack of sea salt and a squeeze of lemon and enjoy this weirdly satisfying snack. ⁠

Image credits: jamiesguide

#98 My One Of My Dad’s Strange Food Combos – Eggs With Sour Cream On Top And A Pickle For Breakfast

Image credits: SterlingVsmultivrse

#99 Don’t Limit Your Challenges, Challenge Your Limits. Yeah, This Just Happened

Image credits: dairytreet

#100 Yes You Are Seeing That Right Tofu Scramble On Top Of Pasta. It’s Actually Not That Bad. I’m Never Doing This Again Though

Image credits: isiahvegan

#101 Yoghurt With Olives? What Is Wrong With This World

#102 This Monstrosity

#103 I’m Not Sure About My Emotions Here

#104 It May Seem Strange To Some, But For Me You Just Can’t Beat The Winning Combination That Is An Ice Cream Cone With Tuna Fish

To me, the tastes work so much better together than the more traditional option of ice cream.

Image credits: good_old_maude_harris

#105 Three Meats Pizza With Donair Sauce, Popcorn And Melted Chocolate. Wasn’t Half Bad

Image credits: xxanqelaarceoxx

#106 Banana Omelet. 7/10, As Much As I Hate To Say It. It Was Kinda Good, Like A Creamy Omelet

Image credits: eggucated_eggspert

#107 Nothing Beats Eggs In The Morning, I Like To Have My Omelette With Peanut Butter

Image credits: sugarrushbreakfast

#108 Cream Cheese Covered Dill Pickles Rolled In Dried Beef

Image credits: didujusttouchmybutt

#109 I’m Almost Convinced That Nobody Has Ever Done This Combination Before. Rice, Soy Sauce, Sugar And Passionfruit

Image credits: sowyouthinkyoucanplant

#110 Peanut Butter With Olives On Toast

Image credits: RateMyPlateNow

#111 I Made Bean Chili Last Saturday And Had Leftover Vegetable Sushi. Strange Combo That Worked Well Together

Image credits: taztammyann

#112 This Is What We Tried Today. Sticking With Pickles And Peanut Butter Over Oreos

Image credits: ohsogross28

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