112 Thrift Store Prices That Made People’s Blood Boil

No one is immune to inflation, and thrift stores are no exception. Yet nowadays it seems that they’re either being hit harder than the rest of us, or something is just off with their prices. Asking for four bucks for an empty maple syrup bottle, or half a thousand dollars for a counterfeit pair of sneakers, seems excessive at best. And these examples are just the tip of the iceberg.

Lots of people have noticed the sudden rise in thrift store prices, and they made sure to let the world know by sharing pictures of such costly items. We have combed through the online world to bring you some of the most mind-boggling examples of pricing gone wrong. Try to keep calm as you browse the list, but if you can’t, bear in mind that you’re not alone—this woman was flabbergasted at thrift stores’ prices as well.

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#1 Value Village Has Officially Lost Their Minds

Image credits: thatapplefarmer

#2 A Single Pair Of Second-Hand Underwear

Image credits: laurasfieldnotes

#3 And I Thought City Prices Were Bad. Hometown Thrift Store Must Be Smoking Something

Image credits: trashy_ashy

#4 Charity Shops Have Changed

Image credits: stefancooper

#5 Literally A Rock

Image credits: RFSRstaff

#6 1998 Technology At 1998 Prices

Image credits: SonofFedor

#7 Rock Bottom Prices

Image credits: nichecrowded

#8 Value Village Has Lost Their Damn Minds

Image credits: stfx2012

#9 At A Value Village In Canada, And Clearly Fakes Too

Image credits: spenc2011

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#10 Guess My Local Goodwill Jumped On The Price-Gouging Bandwagon. For $250 It Can Stay There And Collect Dust

Image credits: NympheDuPave

#11 Value Village Is Drunk. These Are Cheaper At Antique Stores

Remember when thrift stores made things affordable? And can anyone suggest thrift stores in Edmonton that aren’t delusional?

Image credits: goingforspeed

#12 Maybe This Is A Good Price, But Nobody Is Going To A Thrift Store To Spend $350 On A China Set. Waterfronts Pricing Has Changed So Dramatically, Makes Me So Sad

Image credits: CrowYooo

#13 I Think That All Pricing People At Thrift Stores Are Legit Idiots. Value Village “Boutique”, Vancouver

Image credits: SwimfanZA

#14 Empty Maple Syrup Bottle At Value Village

Image credits: venomousvibrator

#15 This Store Charges 50.00€ For This Pair Of Shoes, Even Though It Still Has A $5.00 Goodwill Sticker On It

Image credits: eoryenn

#16 Oh, The Possibilities

Image credits: prop-65-warning

#17 This Donated Bike At A Thrift For Almost $900

Image credits: reddit.com

#18 Goodwill Needs To Fire The Person That’s Pricing Some Of This Stuff. $35 Each For Tarnished Silver-Plated Trays, $20 For A Scale That Doesn’t Even Work, $17 For A Teapot

Image credits: UrbanRelicHunter

#19 These Used Flip Flops At Goodwill vs. The Same Pair Of Brand-New

Image credits: seriouslea

#20 I Don’t Even Want To Thrift Anymore To Be Honest. As Soon As I Saw This I Left The Store And Felt Awful. The Hobby Is Gone

Image credits: Moving_in_stereo78

#21 I Couldn’t Find A Single Shirt Under 3.99 Today

Image credits: atlasxaxis

#22 Gooseberry Cinderella Bowls. I Know They’re Worth A Lot, But You Could Find Them For Less I Think

Image credits: betterupsetter

#23 $44 For A Horrible Quality, Fake, Peeling “Hermes Birkin”

Image credits: heyhelloyuyu

#24 I’m Speechless

#25 Thought Long And Hard About This One

Image credits: boxoffingernails

#26 Donated To The Thrift Shop, $300. Am I Missing Something Here? I Know Inflation Is Through The Roof But Come On

Image credits: SplinterkittySays

#27 Well This Has 2020 Written All Over It

Image credits: iamjoeywan

#28 $125 Goodwill Find: Lousy Plaster Skull In Solid Glass

Image credits: cranbeery

#29 Thrift Store Doesn’t Even Try To Hide Their Price Gouging

Image credits: jassandra

#30 What Happened To Thrift Stores? Price For A Toddler Jacket Is Insane

Image credits: Alexaisrich

#31 A Bag Of Trash For Only $3.49

Image credits: Bobthecatking

#32 Patagonia Is A Quality Brand, But Pricing Like This Is Ridiculous

Image credits: DankestOfNuggets

#33 These Goodwill Prices Are Just Getting Comical

Image credits: goldenbellaboo

#34 I Hate My Local Savers Sometimes. Who’s Going To Pay $13 For A Used Shein Hoodie That’s Practically Falling Apart By The Time They Get It?

I’m pretty sure that’s the full price for most of the company.

Image credits: Kipiekie

#35 When You Work At Goodwill, But Comedy Is Your Passion

Image credits: wetroom

#36 Goodwill Was Selling A Rock

Image credits: wildwoodnature

#37 Is It Special Because The Lid Is Green? I Don’t Get It

Image credits: Beaner1012

#38 Arc Thrift Up Charging From The Regular Sale Price

Image credits: Kmtreal

#39 These Bowls Were Sitting At My Local Thrift For 2 Months

Image credits: nedearbsnap

#40 Used Pier 1 Buddha Candle At My Local Thrift Shop

Image credits: maxzmillion

#41 Talize (A Canadian Brand Thrift Store) Has Lost Their Mind. These Are Surely Fake And They’re Charging This Type Of Price

Image credits: boooopy

#42 $99.99 For This Beauty. Can’t Believe Thrift Stores Are Becoming “Antique Store” Prices

Image credits: PullingUpStrings

#43 I Don’t Know What Surprised Me More – Covid Pants Or The Price 19.99

Image credits: reddit.com

#44 I Was So Pumped To Find This At The Thrift Store. But Then I Saw The Price. I’ve Been Hunting For One For Years

Image credits: skeezebucket

#45 Does Anybody Else Find Goodwill’s Prices Insane Lately? Wanted To Buy This Bike For My Girl If It Was $20 But I Found Out It’s $200

Image credits: broadwayfilms

#46 Goodwill Thought It Was Priced Too Low $199, So They Added A Second $499 Tag

That’s right, $699 for a donated bike. It wasn’t priced high enough at first, so they added another price tag to make it $699 total (I asked, but it doesn’t include something else).  I saw this bike donated a few weeks ago, and was keeping an eye out for it. It finally hit the floor.

Image credits: Madcat207

#47 Crazy Value Village Prices. I Passed

Image credits: DrGonzo84

#48 Value Village, Who’s Gonna Buy These?

Image credits: purdss

#49 Speaking Of Outrageous Thrift Store Prices. Oh, It’s Cash Only Thrift Too

Image credits: jumpman1229

#50 We Can’t Believe The Insane Prices We Saw This Weekend. I Know Thrift Stores Have Been Raising Prices For A While, But This Happened In Our Area Seemingly Overnight

Image credits: thriftthrifties

#51 Originally Tagged At $3.99 Selling For $19.99 At Value Village

Image credits: generousdoc

#52 This Is At The Local Salvation Army Thrift Store: The Bag Is Clearly A Fake. It’s Sad To See The Greed And They Use Some Random Ebay Posting To Justify The Price

Image credits: Vanishingsands

#53 Why Are Charity Shops So Overpriced In London?

Image credits: Siori777

#54 I Thrift To Find Good Deals, Not Things I Can Find On eBay For The Same Price

Image credits: twobearshumping

#55 Overpriced Thrift Store Selling Grocery Store Maple Syrup Bottle For $5

Image credits: strumthebuilding

#56 The “Thrift Store” Price Of This Non-Vintage Denim Jacket That Still Had The Original Tags On It

Image credits: Grateful_J561

#57 $149 Nintendo Gamecube & 2 Controllers. Clerk Doesn’t Know If It Works… Salvation Army Granada Hills, CA

Image credits: reddit.com

#58 These Thrift Stores Getting Expensive

Image credits: Danmed21

#59 Goodwill Kinda Sucks For This

Image credits: 56names

#60 $15 For Diseased Headphones At Goodwill

Image credits: InchesOfHappiness

#61 Dirty Bag With A Used Pencil, Anyone?

Image credits: mandernaga

#62 $3 For A Stranger’s Baby Hair

Image credits: 07g6gt

#63 If He Wasn’t $19.99, I Would Have Taken This Nightmare Fuel Home With Me

Image credits: xhumanityisthedevilx

#64 Something Something Let It Go

Image credits: sayhitoyourmom

#65 I Saw This Cute Faux Fur Jacket And Then Noticed The Price… What’s Up With These High Prices?!

Image credits: stepespa

#66 I Try To Live More Sustainable By Buying Clothing Secondhand But It’s Getting Harder And Harder To Do So

Image credits: rebeccalaurenx

#67 A First Pressing Doesn’t Even Go For This Much

Image credits: Joemoken1234

#68 Thrift Store Marks UPS

Image credits: victoria97viv

#69 The Price Of This Vintage Toy At Goodwill

Image credits: No-Giraffe-8096

#70 Burberry Coat For 599.00 At Goodwill, Had To Let It Go Because That Price Tag Was Too Much

Image credits: its_andi_with_an_i

#71 Took Them A While, But My Goodwill Finally Decided To Get Ridiculous With Pricing. Asking $340 Total For These Items

Image credits: reddit.com

#72 You Can Buy These Empty Yogurt Jars For $1.99 At Goodwill, Or You Can Go To The Grocery Store And Get Them New And Filled With Yogurt For The Same Price

Tough decision. Catch and release at Goodwill.

Image credits: dog_lover_az

#73 Goodwill Pricing Makes Thrifting A Waste Of Time

Image credits: Top_Information4185

#74 I Gave Up Today When I Found This KFC Container For 0.89

Image credits: rolandfinn

#75 They Could Have At Least Matched The TJ Maxx Price

Image credits: amtru

#76 I Was At A Thrift Store Buying A Jacket Marked At $25. The Cashier Wrote A 3 Over The 2 While I Was Checking Out Thinking I Wouldn’t Notice

Image credits: Than-Os_

#77 Found At Goodwill. I Work At The Post Office. These Are Free

Image credits: MediocrityAlive

#78 Goodwill Is Selling This Tattoo For More Than It Was Originally

Image credits: heff39

#79 Value Village Is Getting A Little Greedy With Some Of This Pricing

Image credits: King_Crab90

#80 I Did Not Know Half-Used Toiletries Could Be Donated, And The Price Is $1.97. New And Full At Target (Same Brand) Is $2.59

Image credits: kitzelbunks

#81 Today Saw A Card From A 1993 Cereal Box For $499.99. Remember When We Thought $20 Mason Jars Were Peak Thrift Pricing Nonsense In Edmonton?

Image credits: Apexthundery

#82 Thrift Store Prices Hurt My Heart

Image credits: Cool_S_Vintage

#83 Goodwill Charging $20 Each For Used Lord Of The Rings DVD’s? I Don’t Think I Paid That Much For These When They Were New

Image credits: Smol-Bean-Nerd-Queen

#84 Original Target Price $1.00 Goodwill Price $4.99 For Plastic Jack-O’-Lantern Bucket

Image credits: Puzzled-Profession54

#85 I Was Binge Watching Ashens And Realized I Recently Saw Signalex In A Charity Shop For 3x The Original Price

Image credits: face2much

#86 Insane Goodwill Pricing. Sells For $1.49 New

Image credits: Major_Message

#87 Goodwill In Roseville, MN

Image credits: rosevilleguy

#88 $5 For A Blown-Out Booty Hole And A Spider

Image credits: teenytinyytaylor

#89 Starbucks Shopping Bag For $2 That You Can Get For Free From Starbucks

Image credits: WheresDorinda

#90 $7 For A Used Cotton T-Shirt… Senseless Price Gouging Or Inflation?

Image credits: hedgehoog

#91 Lucky Brand Jeans For $52 At Savers… Never Seen Jeans So Expensive! I’m Sick Of The Prices Raising Lately

Image credits: oddynuff911

#92 Local Thrift Store Wanted $13 For An Empty Bottle Of Crown Royal

Image credits: Grateful_J561

#93 When Thrift Stores Base Their Prices On The Original Price Tag

I tried to get all the important stuff into the photo, but if it isn’t clear this is a copy of WordPerfect for Windows 3.1 that they think is worth $25 because the price tag from 20 years ago was $60. Not to mention that this is the upgrade-only version, so even if you are into old computers you’d need an even older version of WordPerfect to actually run this.


This time it wasn’t something I’d want to buy even if the price was right, but I see this all the time. Just because something used to be $60 doesn’t mean it is still worth anything, and the fact that it ended up in a thrift store unopened means it probably wasn’t even worth that much to begin with.

Image credits: obi1kenobi1

#94 Can I Get An F In The Chat. Favorite Store Is Serving Jokes Now

Image credits: mothafknajax

#95 My First Goodwill Find Of The Day. One Dirty Disposable Container And Four Filthy Lids For The Low Price Of $6.99

Image credits: Scagnettie

#96 Two Different Prices For The Same Thing At Saver’s

Image credits: suhhbroo

#97 Anybody Else Has A Goodwill That Prices Everything Almost Retail Price/Over Retail Price?

Image credits: RonaldWeasly

#98 Prices At Goodwill In NYC Are Getting So Ridiculous

Image credits: THROW-MY-WAY

#99 Value Village – You Get These Items For Free, Why Are You Charging $20+ For Them? Garbage Store

Image credits: BlinkAndYourDead

#100 With A Discount – Only Paid $39 For A Complete Set Of 4 Mint Pink Gooseberry Cinderella Bowls!! Thanks, Value Village. Ahhh, I’m Honestly Gobsmacked

Image credits: megthegoobygirl

#101 Goodwill In Marietta, GA Wants $7.09 For A Child’s Ceramic Project

Image credits: Scagnettie

#102 This “Thrift Store” Tee Price

Image credits: Legitlowkeykickback

#103 This Case Was Cheaper Brand New ($1) Than It Was Secondhand At The Thrift Store ($1.99)

Image credits: jazzdos

#104 A Side Table Selling At A Second-Hand Store For More Than Its Retail Price

Image credits: b3kind2others

#105 Goodwill And Their Insane Prices

Image credits: Langly-

#106 Goodwill Charging $5.99 For A Bucket That Retails For $3.59

Image credits: Pun_run

#107 Used Item Marked Higher Than New At Salvation Army

Image credits: loved0ne

#108 The Best Goodwill Finds Are The Ones Where You Can Easily Peel Off And See The Target Clearance Sticker For Half The Goodwill Price Underneath

Image credits: DDC121

#109 Typically My Value Village Is Very Reasonable With Pricing But Today I Found Something That Was Priced Ridiculously

Image credits: I_ama_Borat

#110 Insane Thrift Store Pricing

Image credits: odiousderp

#111 Unworn Shirt With The Original Tag Still On It. Being Sold For More Than The Original Price At Goodwill

Image credits: beenzthemagicalfroot

#112 I Was Laughing Over Not Only The Goodwill Price Being Higher Than The Original Price Before The Markdown, But Wanting To Charge More For Such An Outdated Item

Image credits: 360inMotion

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