112 Times People Spotted Incorrect But Hilarious English Texts And Just Had To Share Them In This Group (New Pics)

Sure, you might lose something in translation, but what you get in return—humor—is often more than worth it. English is a darn strange language when you really have a good and long think about it. The rules of spelling, for one, are so inconsistent, it practically borders on cosmically ironic poetry. And it can be a nightmare to learn for anyone hoping to study a second language… or, truth be told, for native speakers as well.

However, some English mess-ups are far worse and vastly more hilarious than others. The r/engrish subreddit has been sharing the most bizarre mistakes spotted all around the world for over 14 years, since 2008.

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Check out the most hilarious English translations, typos, and errors below, Pandas. Be sure to upvote the ones that made you giggle the most. When you’re done, check out Bored Panda’s earlier article about the subreddit right over here. Oh, and keep in mind that nobody’s making fun of people who genuinely do their best: learning any new language is hard. But ridiculous mistakes are, well, genuinely funny—and they deserve to have an audience.

#1 Feel Like This Belongs In This Sub

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#2 L’otters

Image credits: alocaionew

#3 It’s Too Much

Image credits: Lycanfyre

The r/engrish subreddit has amassed over 736k members in the nearly one-and-half decades since the online community was first created.

The moderators of the group ask people to follow the rules, including avoiding posting any intentional English mistakes. All errors have to be genuine. What’s more, tiny typos or unfunny spelling mistakes also aren’t the focus of the subreddit. The mess-ups have to be big, bold, and beautiful! Frankly, the more embarrassing and hilarious, the better.

#4 Omlette

Image credits: desimemewala

#5 Space Ship People

Image credits: BeyondFest

#6 University Of Potato Ice

Image credits: Smiling_longhair6870

Everyone makes English mistakes. Whether you’re a foreigner or born in an English-speaking country doesn’t matter much. Your ability to write, edit, proofread, and translate well depends more on your work ethic and ability to learn than anything you’re born with.

Sure, native speakers might have a head start. But we’ve all seen way too many cases of people who can’t string a proper sentence together to believe that they have any long-lasting advantage. Talents and opportunities mean nothing if you don’t put in the hard work to nurture them.

#7 Just Stop Living Pls

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#8 Don’t Delete The Baby!!!

Image credits: aytozee_

#9 Chinese C**k Wanted

Image credits: asportnoy

Writing for Aeon online magazine, John McWhorter a professor of linguistics and American, noted that English speakers “know that their language is odd. So do people saddled with learning it non-natively.”

“The oddity that we all perceive most readily is its spelling, which is indeed a nightmare. In countries where English isn’t spoken, there is no such thing as a ‘spelling bee’ competition. For a normal language, spelling at least pretends a basic correspondence to the way people pronounce the words. But English is not normal,” he points out.

#10 This Disturbs Me

Image credits: JellyTrollRD

#11 When People Make Memes Out Of Memes

Image credits: OhThatNigGed

#12 You’re Under The Rest

Image credits: ABCD181

“Spelling is a matter of writing, of course, whereas language is fundamentally about speaking. Speaking came long before writing, we speak much more, and all but a couple of hundred of the world’s thousands of languages are rarely or never written. Yet even in its spoken form, English is weird,” McWhorter writes.

“It’s weird in ways that are easy to miss, especially since Anglophones in the United States and Britain are not exactly rabid to learn other languages. But our monolingual tendency leaves us like the proverbial fish not knowing that it is wet. Our language feels ‘normal’ only until you get a sense of what normal really is.”

#13 Twost And Twoith

Image credits: Hax_orus

#14 Trains Is Hard Job

Image credits: Asymmetrization

#15 Like Stepping On What?

Image credits: icollecthumantears

He continues: “We think it’s a nuisance that so many European languages assign gender to nouns for no reason, with French having female moons and male boats and such. But actually, it’s us who are odd: almost all European languages belong to one family—Indo-European—and of all of them, English is the only one that doesn’t assign genders that way.”

#16 I Choked While Reading This

Image credits: Ramboryback

#17 Where’s The Queue??

Image credits: pabs1988

#18 Being Polite To The Boss’s Secretary While Using Grammarly

Image credits: fatimanga

“More weirdness? OK. There is exactly one language on Earth whose present tense requires a special ending only in the third‑person singular. I’m writing in it. I talk, you talk, he/she talk-s—why just that? The present‑tense verbs of a normal language have either no endings or a bunch of different ones (Spanish: hablo, hablas, habla). And try naming another language where you have to slip do into sentences to negate or question something. Do you find that difficult? Unless you happen to be from Wales, Ireland or the north of France, probably.”

#19 Possibly Satire, Definitely Amazing

Image credits: thefanum

#20 What

Image credits: zhang3bot

#21 That Hit Hard, Like Rocks

Image credits: foxgirlhh

Previously, Lisa McLendon, from the University of Kansas, explained to Bored Panda why English is such a “train wreck” when it comes to spelling.

“English spelling is such a train wreck, with its myriad silent letters and wildly varying pronunciations for letters and letter combinations. But also, articles (a/an/the) tend to be difficult for people whose native language doesn’t have them, and our tense/aspect blend with combinations of auxiliary verbs makes the English verb system tricky even for native speakers sometimes,” she told us during an earlier interview.

#22 Help Me Translate This: ‘Bloody Sl*twh*re Father F**k’

Image credits: MaskyDo

#23 Don’t Mind If I Do

Image credits: dizzy_200

#24 Unrespectful

Image credits: callmealeksa

According to the professor, English isn’t spelled as it sounds for several reasons. Among them, we have to consider when certain words first entered the language, what their origins are, and when words were ‘codified.’

“People have proposed spelling overhauls before but they tend to not go anywhere, probably because it’s such a daunting project—could we all agree on what the changes would be?—and because then an entire body of texts would become basically a foreign language to the next generation. Many factors in addition to spelling contribute to a language’s ‘character,’ but some spellings do have echoes of archaic English—in my opinion, it would be a little bit sad to lose some of that,” the professor told Bored Panda.

#25 Accident P*rn Area

Image credits: Horror-Entertainer65

#26 Oh Yummmmm

Image credits: tanphu194

#27 Chilled Beer

Image credits: zatoichi2015

The language expert shared with us that spell check, as a whole, isn’t as great as many think it is. Sure, it’s wonderful for catching typos and misspellings, but it’s not quite up to part with our expectations yet.

“Where it’s more of a curse than a blessing is with homonyms/homophones because it won’t flag a word that is a word, but not the word you want. Think affect/effect, who’s/whose, led/lead but also word pairs like form/from and not-synonyms like bemuse/amuse, etc,” she said.

#28 No Is Not An Option

Image credits: BannedUser3

#29 Sounds Like And Interesting Dish

Image credits: Complex_Ad_9886

#30 Praganant

Image credits: BlackmanNthrobbin

#31 Yeah, Mike

Image credits: Manalor

#32 Engrish

Image credits: Krokant-Kroketje

#33 Love Drippings

Image credits: CompetitionNo7300

#34 Belly Button. Elevator

Image credits: Ariquitaun

#35 A Height Measuring Pole I Found At A Restaurant

Image credits: eKONP12

#36 Does Bruno Mars Is Gay

Image credits: scootdog31

#37 To Punish And Enslave

Image credits: Silly_Matter_7563

#38 Jeez, They Went Harsh

Image credits: Imaginary_Box1158

#39 You Are F**k

Image credits: LongIndividual2

#40 Actually It Says Gym

Image credits: KatzeGotVibes

#41 I Am God

Image credits: OpheliaLovesFelix

#42 Like A God!

Image credits: Lingering_Dorkness

#43 Um, What?

Image credits: datirishboii

#44 Ah Yes! I’ve Always Wanted A Free Country!!

Image credits: annaanzi

#45 Welp

Image credits: TheFakeShark

#46 Found This On Fb

Image credits: Smart-Refrigerator18

#47 Who Wants Go For German Sexual Harassment? Sounds Yummy Ngl

Image credits: Silly_Matter_7563

#48 This Bizarre Conversation On The Side Of My Drink

Image credits: pdiddy919

#49 My Wife Ordered Clothes For Our Son From China. His Hoodie Has This On The Front

Image credits: canuck_11

#50 English French Toast For American Pizza Shaped Like A Spanish Cracker Made In China

Image credits: sohaltang40

#51 Ok Probably Not The Type Of Engrish This Sub Normally Showcases But This Is Ridiculous

Image credits: Dark-Pit-37

#52 Hammed Burger

Image credits: schmasay

#53 Title

Image credits: kmdonp

#54 My Wife Said The Same Thing To Me The First Time

Image credits: LOERMaster

#55 Interesting

Image credits: liberalpoyang48

#56 Noo Not Paul, He Had So Much To Live For

Image credits: Silly_Matter_7563

#57 Godzilla Had A Stroke Trying To Read This And F-Ing Died

Image credits: EnvironmentalLock534

#58 Lenguage

Image credits: DickDoodle830

#59 I Feel Motivated

Image credits: Embarrassed_Radio630

#60 Oregon

Image credits: AntiPF

#61 Uh Is This Guy Okay?

Image credits: CorodanDenis2

#62 Ooof

Image credits: evencriticality

#63 Found At My University

Image credits: cavenx

#64 Helicopper

Image credits: ThunderSkulll

#65 Karen Hates Minecraft

Image credits: Hollow_Kross

#66 Brecap

Image credits: TheKing6198

#67 True Tbh

Image credits: Right-Commercial-878

#68 Oh No Them Beans!

Image credits: Bil_Boquet

#69 English Signs For Tourist

Image credits: SweetyByHeart

#70 Send Noods!

Image credits: NeitherOstrichNorEmu

#71 I Live In Turkey. I Had An Argument With My English Teacher About This, But She Still Said This Was Correct

Image credits: userslashone

#72 Ah Yes, Isometric Graph Sh*t

Image credits: lonelyglitch

#73 People Are Eating Children In This Area

Image credits: Jefflenious

#74 I Want Become Science

Image credits: Slinkogen

#75 We Have Engrish Menu

Image credits: PowerfulButterfly185

#76 How Tickle Is A Crocodile Really Tho?

Image credits: Carlpapa123

#77 Somali Prime Minister

Image credits: Zaritozic

#78 Crab Raccoon

Image credits: mastergaming977_yt

#79 Give Me More Of Your Internet Daddy~~

Image credits: Silly_Matter_7563

#80 Built A Bed, Was Rewarded With Some Engrish

Image credits: Shipsa01

#81 Pure Mike

Image credits: votegoat814

#82 My Favorite Anime Character

Image credits: Beautiful_Fishing569

#83 K I T C H E N

Image credits: SchwiftyWitty

#84 Not Sure If This Is On Here Yet, But Found This Randomly

Image credits: rightfret61

#85 Condence

Image credits: PlasticFox4676

#86 No F**king Way

Image credits: Tigermi11ionair

#87 Saloon

Image credits: Whoever_Mesa

#88 I Thought That Too

Image credits: xDLiveRBLX

#89 What Does That Even Mean?

Image credits: SirSirvius

#90 Icream In Axe

Image credits: OverEquinox

#91 Big Yale

Image credits: NotNamedMarkTwitch

#92 Cumcumber!

Image credits: thewhatguy33

#93 See-Thru Skin Is A Major Turn-Off

Image credits: FlyingCapybaraBat

#94 Well, Sh*t

Image credits: vegetarian_slut

#95 Yo Lasagna! Sup?

Image credits: Lycanfyre

#96 To Eat Chicken

Image credits: YoshiBoy0010

#97 It Be Good

Image credits: MurderSheScrote

#98 Santorini, Greece

Image credits: pieredforlife

#99 Pepe Is My Favourite Condiment

Image credits: ChickSquid

#100 These Came With My Korean Takeout Today

Image credits: Myz1988

#101 Old But It Never Fails To Make Me Laugh

Image credits: camboprincess99

#102 They Got Bing Instead

Image credits: bramdyzers

#103 Penful

Image credits: Elbie3coolgamer

#104 The Boot Descripción Is Exist

Image credits: TheL321

#105 It Gets Worse The Longer You Look (Resides In Salgótarján, Hungary)

Image credits: PR0fessional_Lurker

#106 Instructions For A Facial Steamer

Image credits: Carsieee

#107 Oneth, Twoth, Threeth

Image credits: Revealed_Jailor

#108 The Caption Makes Me Doubt He Got 75 In English!

Image credits: amungus45

#109 Developed

Image credits: Suphack27

#110 Engrish For Boys And Girls

Image credits: PowerfulButterfly185

#111 In Family Manner

Image credits: UncleVlady

#112 Word

Image credits: edgelord-allan-poe

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