112 Times Pregnant Women Had Some Struggles But Faced Them With A Flawless Sense Of Humor

Childbirth is one of the most natural occurrences on Earth. Every single one of us has been a part of it, at least from one perspective. Yet pregnancy can still be an incredibly perplexing time. Aside from the obvious symptom of having a child growing inside of them, and the physical growth associated with that, pregnant women experience an onslaught of mental and emotional effects as well. Their hormones are rapidly changing, which can cause the trademark symptoms of food cravings, mood swings and morning sickness, along with many more. Pregnant women are extremely tough.

Many of them also have a great sense of humor about the absurdity of pregnancy. Below is a list we’ve compiled at Bored Panda of odd experiences pregnant women and their partners have shared online to bond with others also preparing for the miracle of life.

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#1 One Of My Coworkers Decided To Mansplain How Many Calories I Should Be Eating So The Rest Of The Staff Gave Him An Award

Image credits: eloie

Many women share their hilarious food combinations online, after experiencing inexplicable cravings. There is not one single answer as to why women experience these cravings, however. Explanations include changes in hormones, sensory sensitivity, shifting nutritional needs, cultural expectations and simply a desire for comfort. One study from The State University of New York Albany, found that some of the most common pregnancy cravings for women in the US include sweets, pizza, chips, fruit and animal proteins. Some of the more cliché examples, such as ice cream, pickles and fast food, are common as well. 

Creative food combinations, another rite of passage during pregnancy, might be spurred by changes in smell and taste buds, writes Wendy Wisner for Verywell Family. Whatever the reason for these cravings may be, if jalapeños on fruity cereal provides comfort for an exhausted pregnant woman, who am I to stop her from enjoying that?

#2 This Is The Absolute Sweetest

Image credits: kellydeannews

Pregnant women have to deal with constant discomfort from their bodies growing and changing to accomodate their little buns in the oven, so many rely on the emotional support of their partners and loved ones to provide a bit of relief when possible. It can be crucial for women to feel secure and understood while pregnant. A study published in The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine found that the partner’s role in pregnancy directly affects the woman’s stress levels. A more active, loving, communicative and financially stable partner can lead to a much more positive pregnancy experience. Even if you are not physically carrying the baby, you can certainly help alleviate stress for the mother (and in turn the baby).

#3 I Am A Menace To Society. My Dumb Pregnancy Brain Accidentally Ordered My Husband A Burrito With No Tortilla

Image credits: synesthesiah

#4 When You Just Can’t Believe It’s Happening

Image credits: ColleenB123

Another phenomenon many women experience during pregnancy is “pregnancy brain” or “baby brain”. This refers to the increased forgetfulness, lack of concentration, disorientation, absentmindedness and clumsiness that pregnant women often report feeling. Baby brain can encompass anything from leaving your cell phone in the freezer by accident to obliterating your dinner after forgetting you put it in the oven. While there is not one concrete explanation for pregnancy brain, up to 81% of pregnant women do cite experiencing it to some degree, wrote Colleen de Bellefonds for BabyCenter. Similar to affected eating habits during pregnancy, hormones, stress and anxiety can all play a role in this brain fog. Trouble sleeping may be a significant factor as well. “More than half of women report insomnia and other sleep problems during pregnancy,” wrote Bellefonds. “A consistent lack of sleep has been shown to impact cognitive functions and memory,” she also shared. It’s fun to giggle at all of the silly behaviors caused by baby brain, but remember, these mothers are trying their best!

#5 Was Looking Everywhere For My Phone. Gave Up And Bought A New One. 2 Days Later I’ve Found It. Thanks Pregnancy Brain

Image credits: phenixia

#6 The Size Of This Belly

Image credits: colleen

#7 5 Days From My Due Date Got Me Like. I Like To Call This One “2 AM Hot Flashes”

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Image credits: lizbadiz35

While pregnant women may often feel bloated and exhausted, friends and family members tend to think they look as beautiful as ever. “You’re glowing,” is uttered so often towards pregnant women, that “pregnancy glow” has long been included in the list of interesting pregnancy symptoms. Caused by a mixture of hormonal changes and increased blood flow affecting the oil levels and the brightness of women’s complexions, many pregnant women are blessed with dewy, rosy cheeks and a naturally slightly flushed look.  Dr. Anna Targonskaya, an OB-GYN and medical advisor, wrote a piece on pregnancy glow for Flo Health explaining that it can even extend beyond facial features. She mentioned that “longer, shinier hair and stronger, faster-growing nails are [side effects] of pregnancy that many women enjoy” as well. There are no set rules on when or for how long the coveted “glow” will last, but Targonskaya wrote that “most women tend to be extra radiant during the second trimester as the changes in their body become more intense”.

#8 I’d Been Told My Pregnant Wife Would Have Some Major Cankles During The Final Stretch But Wow! Foot On The Left Is Mine (Non-Bio Mom), Right – Bio Mom’s Foot

I also weigh a lot more than bio mom so, uh, extra wow! Did anyone else experience swelling so strongly during their pregnancy? 

Image credits: choosing_charliesue

#9 Your Jeans Don’t Fit, No Problem. Use A Rubber Band/ Scrunchies/Hair Tie As An Extensor

Image credits: genzmom

#10 When You’re Pregnant And Need A Little Midnight Snack

Image credits: sprawl_flatland

One important aspect parents-to-be must consider before expanding their families is what their country provides in terms of maternity and paternity leave. New parents should be able to enjoy time bonding with their little ones without worrying about risking their jobs or how they will make ends meet. In terms of number of weeks provided for paid maternity leave, World Population Review reports that Bulgaria is certainly in the lead with 58.6 weeks off given to new mothers. Runner-ups include Greece with 43 weeks, the UK with 39 weeks, and Croatia and Chile with 30 weeks each. When it comes to percentage of income provided during maternity leave, a slew of countries actually provide 100% of payment. These countries include Chile, Poland, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Israel, and more. Many countries provide a combination of a high percentage of pay along with many weeks of leave, but the United States is certainly a country to take note of. Surprisingly, the US still does not mandate that companies provide even one week of paid maternity leave, which gives starting a family the potential to be a huge financial burden.

#11 My Feet Now (Top) vs. My Feet When I Was 8+ Months Pregnant With The Twins (Bottom)

Image credits: mindihayz

#12 Pregnancy Varicose Veins Are No Fun. Had Them For All Four Pregnancies But They Were The Worst For The Last Pregnancy (With Twins)

Image credits: thevaricoseveinclinic

#13 When My Pregnant Wife Says There Is Nothing In The Fridge

Image credits: reddit.com

Pregnancy can be different for every woman, but it can also be a quite different experience for each child a mother has. Physically, the changes may become noticeable earlier on in the pregnancy, explains Dr. Robin Elise Weiss, professor, author, and certified doula. “This is because the uterus and supporting ligaments have stretched before, but also because you are more aware of what you are feeling.” Dr. Weiss also writes that emotionally, parents may feel less present in subsequent pregnancies, but that is nothing to worry about. Already having children who require attention does not mean that the new baby is loved or cared for any less. Parents just have a lot to balance! 

#14 I Crack Up Every Time I See This In My Doctor Visit Notes

Image credits: mviolet13

#15 The Reality Of Pregnancy With A Toddler. He Has The Whole Lounge, And Chooses To Sit Here

I’m always ready for bed way before him, and there is no such thing as personal space or winding down. This is also why I laugh when people look at me concerned if I try and lift heavy things or do “normal people” stuff…

Image credits: amostepho

#16 Here I Am, 7 Months Pregnant And Miserable Because I Couldn’t Get Off The Couch. My Fiance, Bless Him, Found It Endearing

Image credits: _themomcake

The actual birth can vary per child as well. Often parents feel pressure to prevent any issues that came up at the last birth or to ensure the next birth goes as smoothly as the previous one. It is natural to have these concerns, writes Dr. Weiss, but taking an additional series of childbirth classes can help alleviate anxiety, no matter how many children you already have.

#17 And How Do You Do It? The Struggle Is Real

Image credits: milena__souz4

#18 Hark, A Vague Yet Concerning Symptom

Image credits: beatonna

#19 While Packing For Our Move I Discovered A 2-Month-Old Waffle That I Somehow Forgot About. Pregnancy Brain Is Real. I’m Disgusted With Myself

Image credits: CtrlAshDelete1988

While having a baby is clearly an amazing feat, sometimes pregnant women need to be reminded of how incredible and strong their bodies are. In her article “11 Things You Can Do to Better Empower Yourself in Pregnancy, Birth, and the Postpartum Period”, Terri Huggins Hart wrote about some of the actions and mindsets that helped her feel confident and strong when becoming a mother. One tip she shared is to “focus on what your body can still do”. After frustration built around “consistently being told ‘no’—from what I could eat, how I could travel, and how I could exercise”, she sought to find a way to promote her body autonomy.

#20 It’s Official. We Are Barely Fitting In The Driver’s Seat Comfortably

Image credits: mamaofpromise

#21 When I Tell You I Walked Into My Bathroom 4 Times Before Actually Remembering I Needed To Put Deodorant On, I Mean It

Image credits: kaysie.gauvin

In Hart’s case, reclaiming her body when pregnant included participating in Zumba classes, practicing yoga, going on walks and acknowledging all that her body is capable of. Most women aren’t going to run a marathon while pregnant, but their bodies deserve grace and acceptance. Mothers should feel confident that they are doing something miraculous and that they are incredibly strong.

#22 This Is What 30 Weeks Pregnant Looks Like. Belly’s Stretched Out With More To Come. Bending Over To Pick Up Things Is No Longer An Option

Image credits: unapologeticallymorgs

#23 Pregnant Brain FTW. I Don’t Even

Image credits: Ver0n1kah

#24 The Result Of Pregnancy Brain

Image credits: meggygogo

Another recommendation Hart has for expecting mothers is to read positive birth stories. It can be easy to get caught up in the “what ifs” and entertain fears, but there are countless examples of smooth and easy births out there. Seek positivity to remember that you can do this.

#25 First Of All We Are Happy To Be Able To Announce I Am Pregnant With Our Second Child. But What A Ride It Has Been So Far

Image credits: jennyhornikx

#26 It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times. Today I Celebrate A Crappy Year With The Best Possible Ending

Image credits: jennyhornikx

#27 2 Years Ago I Really Had That Twin Pregnancy Glow. With Only A Week To Go My Feet Actually Felt Like They Were Going To Split Open

Image credits: the_dartford_twins

With all the chaos that comes along with pregnancy, not to mention the preparation involved in bringing a little person into the world, women should be supported and cared for as much as possible during that time. If you know someone having a baby soon, show them kindness and patience. They are likely juggling a thousand thoughts at once while experiencing mild to extreme physical discomfort and simultaneously housing a tiny person.

#28 If Anyone Wants To Know What 38 Weeks Pregnant With Twins Looks Like

Image credits: zarkingfruit

#29 My Buddy’s Wife Says This Is The Best Part Of Being Pregnant

Image credits: DaveDoo

#30 Yes. 100%

Image credits: simoneboyce

#31 This Pregnancy Has Been Rough. I Am Going On Week 27 Of Being Nauseous

By the end of the day, my arms feel like they each weigh 1,000 lbs and it’s a challenge to keep my head up (literally, not emotionally)

Image credits: life.bybritt

#32 Welcome To Week 39… The Final Week I Am Willing To Be Preg. Any Amount Of Time I Am Pregnant After This Week Is Just Pure Nonsense

Image credits: cbonilla_6848_

#33 Expecting Moms Listen Up! Do Not Forget To Remove Your Rings Before Your 3rd Trimester

Image credits: jesslevan34

#34 3rd Trimester Swollen Feet. This Is What My Feet Look Like After 2 Hours Sat With Them Down In The Sun – Swollen And Itchy

Image credits: anonymum2020

#35 This Pregnancy And My Skin. Wow, What A Rollercoaster

Image credits: bigcocobeautyxo

#36 Wifey Is Too Pregnant To Paint Her Own Toenails

Image credits: ihopethisusernameisnttaken

#37 Spaghetti And Meatball Grilled Cheese With Spicy Ranch. Pregnancy Craving Satisfied

Image credits: emilyschlieper

#38 My Mother In Law Ate Rice Crispy Treats Every Day When Pregnant With My Husband. Apparently Her Grand-Baby Has The Same Sweet Tooth

Image credits: jgarmartner

#39 Tell Me You’re Pregnant Without Telling Me You’re Pregnant

Image credits: U_PassButter

#40 What My 9-Week-Pregnant Wife Asked Me To Make For Her

Image credits: lancewill93

#41 Weeks 37 And On Be Like

Image credits: MushiPuff

#42 It Is Important To Share The Reality Of Pregnancy, Especially In This World Of Social Media Perfection

Image credits: becomingbrenda

#43 I’m Pregnant. Pickles And Cottage Cheese Is An Actual Food Craving

Image credits: HHMMFFIICC

#44 Pregnancy Swelling, It Ain’t No Joke

Image credits: Lunareala

#45 Bad News: They No Longer Zip

Image credits: JulianneLimaTV

#46 My Pregnant, Exhausted Wife Went To Bed Early. I Found Her Like This

Image credits: cloudyonion

#47 Giving New Meaning To The Word ‘Nesting’

Image credits: squeegie-beckenheim

#48 The Second Rodeo Is No Joke

Image credits: cassandradraws

#49 In Today’s Episode Of Pregnancy Cravings

Image credits: thepremackprinciple

#50 Almost 10 Weeks Pregnant, And Feeling Pretty Iffy About Food

Image credits: RemingtonRivers

#51 Tell Me You’re 39 Weeks Pregnant Without Telling Me You’re 39 Weeks Pregnant

Image credits: Boophoop123

#52 Due Date Been And Gone. Can You Tell? Anyone Else Here With Me?

Image credits: loops1204

#53 At 21, Almost 22, Weeks I Finally Feel Like A Cliché Pregnant Person

Image credits: Probably-infertile

#54 I Am Really Struggling With Dry Skin And Acne This Pregnancy. It Has Been Rough On My Confidence. This Little Peanut Is So Worth All The Rough Things This Pregnancy

Image credits: keirstynandreat

#55 Pregnant Wives’ Husbands Get Tired Too

Image credits: iVault_JTL

#56 My Body Has Changed, My Mentality Has Changed And It’s So Incredible. The Bruises Are Only A Glimpse Into The Trauma That A Woman’s Body Goes Through During Childbirth

Image credits: shivjadeofficial

#57 I Apparently Have Forgotten How Mugs Work. This Is What Happens When You Are Pregnant And Make Yourself A Hot Cup Of Tea At 3AM

Image credits: studiotsume

#58 My Friend’s Pregnancy Cravings Make Me Gag

Image credits: twerkinghitler

#59 Pasta And Sugar – Yummmy

Image credits: lifesunexpected87

#60 My Baby’s Nursery, 2 Months Out. My Toddler Likes Finding Things To Take Apart

Image credits: lalalalands

#61 Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words

Image credits: KilmainCrystals

#62 Alcohol-Free Pregnancy Pro Tip: Pour Watermelon Pedialyte In A Wine Glass And Pretend It’s Rosé

Image credits: Tough_Safe1349

#63 Pregnancy Is Often Portrayed As A Wonderful Journey Of Growing A Baby; The Glow And That Perfect Bump. The Majority Of The Time It’s Actually Anything But Wonderful

Quite frankly, usually it’s just bloody hard work. From the regular sickness to the persistent feeling of passing out; the restless legs and the oh-Jesus-Christ-Ross-please-help leg cramps, Rachel has had a much tougher pregnancy this time around! Here she is lying on the floor.

Image credits: isabloguk

#64 Pregnancy Is Glamorous! Feels Like My Feet Are Gonna Fall Off. Itchy And Painful

Image credits: tarramcsorley

#65 A Very Full Snack Bag

Image credits: the_real_tm_

#66 So Pregnancy Brain Is Real And It’s A Thing And Oh My Goodness… Maybe Don’t Try To Grill Burgers, Bake Tater Tots, And Toast Buttered Buns All At The Same Time

Image credits: queenbee3693

#67 I Officially Have To Come To Terms That I’m Pregnant. The Belly Is Out There

Image credits: lisa_lacaze

#68 This Pregnancy Has Really Taken A Toll On My Memory And Apparently Now My Cooking Abilities. I Present To You A Charred Pancake

My people are not impressed! Important to note that this was after I realized I forgot to add water to the mix. Good. Grief.

Image credits: simpleeatswithsara

#69 Is Shaving Becoming A Chore For You As Well? I Don’t Know About You, But I Struggle To Shave My Lower Legs And Honestly I Struggle To Reach As Far As This Picture Looks

Image credits: mama.uncensored2021

#70 I’ve Thought Of A Million And One Reasons Why Not To Post This Photo But It’s For That Exact Reason I Am

Because if that’s how I’m feeling, then there is at least one person out there feeling the same and I want them to know they’re not alone.

Image credits: yasminlauren_lifestyle

#71 This Lovely Aussie Doctor Knows How Normal (But Unsightly!) Varicose Veins Can Be During Pregnancy. She Is 18 Weeks Pregnant With Twins Here At 39 Years Old

Image credits: thevaricoseveinclinic

#72 Because This Is How You Cook Annie’s. Put The Box On The Stove And You’re Done. Pregnancy Brain

Image credits: bstroke93

#73 Pregnancy Brain And Autocorrect. I’m So Embarrassed

Image credits: nanajoy

#74 My Brain Is Officially Broken, Please Send Help I Put The Ketchup Away And Then Couldn’t Find It In The Fridge

Image credits: vondrachen

#75 My 2:40 Am Crazy Pregnant Lady Brain Dump. Anyone Else?

Image credits: ohmygroves

#76 Turns Out All The Years I Spent Stoned As A Teen, With Late-Night Munchies, Were Really Just Preparation For Pregnancy

Image credits: vi1987

#77 Said She Was Hangry

Image credits: mdanger88

#78 Remember, Pickles Are A Must

Image credits: Texans_for_Tide

#79 When Your Wife Wants Honey But Not Any Of The 4 Different Types You Already Have, You Go To The Store To Get Another 5 Lbs Container Of A Different Kind

Image credits: dryfiredude

#80 Fiancée Is Taking Full Advantage Of Being 9 Months Pregnant

Image credits: thelazt1

#81 My Wife Says This Is The Only Benefit Of Being Pregnant

Image credits: imgur.com

#82 Egg From My Chickens, Microwaved Turkey Sausage, American Cheese, Boxed Mac N Cheese On An English Muffin. Pregnancy Is Weird

Image credits: Elmosfrighteningfury

#83 That Feeling When Every Phrase, Even The Most Romantic, Sounds Like Food

Image credits: Nlbolt099

#84 Weird Pregnancy Cravings – Bagle With Cream Cheese And Hot Cheetos

Image credits: coolmomcrystal909

#85 Truth

Image credits: lianafinck

#86 Tonight After A Full-On Hormonal Breakdown, I Took My Wedding Ring Off So That My Fingers Can Get All Fat While I’m Carrying Our Baby

Image credits: what_would_lottie_do

#87 Last Bump Photo! Leaving In A Little Bit For My C-Section

Image credits: paisleighmoonbeams

#88 This Lady Watching A Movie On Her Pregnant Belly (Pre-Covid)

Image credits: Coby9

#89 Oh Yeah, This

Image credits: CoachWoods

#90 Pregnancy Brain Is Real. It’s My Excuse And I’m Sticking To It

Image credits: kimberleyunleashed

#91 My Worst Example Of Baby Brain Yet

Image credits: Wisdominwonder

#92 Made A Quick Dash To Costco Before My Inlaws Drop By For A Quick Visit. I Turned On The Car And Instead Of Unlocking All The Doors, I Locked Them

It’s cold, I’m pregnant, and my husband has to haul our three small kids over here to get me. The banana bread may burn, too

Image credits: jennana100

#93 Friend’s Pregnancy Snack

Image credits: Darrelc

#94 Pregnancy Cravings

Image credits: TheBrontosaurus

#95 We Have A Nice Garden With Fresh Produce, And A Freezer Full Of Tasty Local Grass-Fed Beef. But My Fat Pregnant Brain Is Craving Microwave Burritos

Image credits: dizzyizzie

#96 Haven’t Eaten This Yet But My Pregnant Brain Came Up With This Combination. Cheesy Hash Browns, Hamburger Meat With Tomatoes And Onion. I’m About To Toast It

Image credits: squidills

#97 “Honey I Left Your Dinner In The Microwave”

Image credits: MdrnUs3r20

#98 When You’re Pregnant But You’ve Had A Long Day

Image credits: lexiodactyl

#99 For All You Parents-To-Be Who Are Setting Up The Nursery And Washing Baby Clothes. Are You As Annoyed With These Things As I Am? Omg

Image credits: TML_31

#100 Varicose Veins: Thing They Don’t Tell You Is A “Normal” Side Affect Of Pregnancy. These Showed Up Sometime While I Was Gestating Kid 2

Image credits: maia.mothers

#101 8.5-Months Pregnancy Shot; Will I Get Much Bigger?

Image credits: strong_one101

#102 Guys! The Struggle Is Real! 4.5 Weeks To Go, And I Am So Swollen. Been Trying To Get My Wedding Ring Off For A While Now To Give My Swollen Finger A Break! Finally Got It Off

Image credits: sonya.06

#103 The Girl In Front Of Me At The Grocery Store Purchased Is 2 Bags Of Epsom Salt, 2 Pregnancy Tests, And 2 Gluten-Free Pizzas

I’m wondering if she’s made mistakes or planning on making some soon

Image credits: junkronomicon

#104 The Real Side Of Pregnancy They Don’t Teach In Sex-Education Class

Image credits: spootay

#105 Pregnant Wife Wanted Olives

First, the tab broke off. No big deal. We have a can opener. Then the blade kept slipping down into the groove of the can too far to cut through the can. Well, I’ve seen people open cans with spoons so I thought I’d try it. Didn’t work even if I put the tip of the spoon on the seam where it was supposed to open in the first place. Tried stabbing it really hard with a said spoon. Didn’t work. Tried prying at it with the spoon again and it finally gave way sending olive juice all over my kitchen. The lid will now not come out

Image credits: TBANE713

#106 I Have A Pregnant Wife And Very Few Kitchen Utensils

Image credits: sker876

#107 Pregnancy Test And Chick-Fil-A In The Parking Garage Stairwell. Someone Is Having A Day

Image credits: memphispunk

#108 Pregnancy Cravings Strike Again

Image credits: amberxfinley

#109 Pregnant And One And A Half Hot Pockets Into My Dinner Break When The Second Half Flies On To The Floor

Image credits: foldsbaldwin

#110 I Was 8 Months Pregnant And Just Wanted A Chocolate Bar From The Vending Machine At Work

Image credits: not_a_muggle

#111 Pregnant Chicks Are Weird

Image credits: jamfish

#112 Food Disappears From Our Home All The Time

Image credits: CoachGallucci

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