112 Weddings That Got Shamed By This Online Group (New Pics)

You can’t please everyone. Especially the Internet.

There’s a subreddit called r/WeddingShaming and as the name suggests, it’s a place where people trash everything from brides and grooms, in-laws and outlaws to venues and menus as well as decor and Uncle Bob’s armpit odor.

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Of course, it’s not all out of spite. Some posts that get a ton of attention are funny and lighthearted. Like the one where a bride shows off her mom’s dress, a white gown, way fancier than her own (12,000 upvotes).

But as you might’ve already noticed in Bored Panda’s earlier piece on the subreddit, it’s the juicy stuff that gets its 189,000 members riled up. So continue scrolling and join the judging team: upvote the pics that deserve criticism or tell us in the comments if they should be rehabilitated.

#1 Double-Shame? Moh Knew She Had Been Exposed Before The Pandemic Wedding

Image credits: grouchy-potato

#2 The Audacity Of This Wedding Guest And Their Mum! Plan Your Own Special Moment, Cheapskates!

Image credits: reddit.com

#3 Bride Claims “No Masks Allowed” At Her Wedding

Image credits: tbd232

#4 Went To A Wedding And The Mil Wore This… Would You Be Okay With It?

Image credits: Weddingsarefun

#5 This Is A Whole New Level Of Bridezilla

Image credits: renaissance_witch

#6 Bruno Mars Disapproves. Probably

Image credits: ellebeam

#7 Just Saw This On Facebook… Eek

Image credits: internet_friends

#8 I Feel So Bad For This Bride (Groom’s Family Poses For Photos Without The Bride)

Image credits: queenemmathe1st

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#9 Shaming These Awful Parents, While The Siblings Rock

Image credits: MeiMei91

#10 Has Any Other Country Had People Wear Their Flag As A Wedding Dress? No? Just… Ew

Image credits: Death-B4-Dishonor

#11 There’s Still Time To Change Your Decor

Image credits: whatever9_

#12 Even Outdoors, A 500-Person Wedding Feels A Bit Out Of Touch Right Now, Doesn’t It?

Image credits: chi2244

#13 Is It Possible To Get Married To A Cop Without Theming Your Entire Wedding Around His Job? Extra Sensitivity Points For “Stop Resisting” Being Used In Reference To Donuts, Instead As The Usual Excuse To Kill Black People

Image credits: reddit.com

#14 How Dare People Be Offended When I Want A Giant Wedding In So. California Where Someone Dies From Covid Every 6 Minutes! Muh Freedumb Of Speech!

Image credits: Delicious_Explorer_7

#15 Spotted On Facebook

Image credits: sofierylala

#16 Engagement Photo Shaming

Image credits: kabukistar

#17 Damn… That Was Pretty Sudden

Image credits: sammybr00ke

#18 Starting Off Marriage By Secretly Going Against Your Fiancé’s Wishes… Yikes

Image credits: tbd232

#19 Man Proposes To Woman After Which She Grabs Her Phone To Upload A Picture On Instagram

Image credits: khoulzaboen

#20 Groom’s Mother Hospitalized With Covid And Pneumonia 2 Weeks After Mask-Less Wedding In Florida

Image credits: Guilty_Seesaw_9034

#21 Wedding In Madrid (Spain) Last Week, A City That Most Definitely Do Not Have The Virus Under Control

Image credits: Sapphiste

#22 Don’t All Good Wedding Proposals Start With Being Pressured To Continue An Unwanted Pregnancy? But Seriously, This Is A Terrible Thing To Do

Image credits: reddit.com

#23 Newly Engaged Dependa (Not My Story)

Image credits: Buying_Bagels

#24 Sounds Like It’ll Be A Healthy Marriage!

Image credits: sammybr00ke

#25 The Size Of A Facebook Friend’s Wedding In Texas (During The Pandemic)

Image credits: throwawayTXUSA

#26 Sounds Like A Great Idea To Save A Few Cents! May Save Even More When The Twin And His New Bride Don’t Come To Your Wedding!

Image credits: sammybr00ke

#27 Another Bride Comparing Her Wedding To Protests

Image credits: kconfetti

#28 My Free Photographer Is So Much More Important Than My Sister’s Well-Being And Happiness!

Image credits: tbd232

#29 Ooooo Yikes

Image credits: buffhusk

#30 Guest Shaming

Image credits: crystalrose27

#31 My First In The Wild Spotting! Same Person. I’ll Just Pay Everyone In Experience!

Image credits: shoretee

#32 This Guy Wants To Write A Thoughtful Letter Instead Of Filling A Big Box With Dollar Store Stuff Cricuted To Say Groomsman. Apparently That Makes Him A Jerk?

Image credits: sportofchairs

#33 Wedding Shaming Myself A Bit… I Would Personally Recommend To Ask Your Pastor/Celebrant To Step To The Side When The Kiss Takes Place. All Personal Preference Ofcourse. Although Hubby’s Hair Does Smell Good

Image credits: MinnieMakeupReviews

#34 What Every Pandemic Wedding Needs A Whole Week Of Events In Three Different States And 4 Custom Wedding Dresses

Image credits: apolloartemis1969

#35 Found In The Wild For Sale

Image credits: Arthkor_Ntela

#36 Feeling Insecure From The Flower Girl… A Kid!

Image credits: kylovg

#37 450,000 People And Counting Are Dead, But Go Ahead And Be Cute About The Pandemic!

Image credits: hatalfartattack

#38 Not Exactly Wedding Shaming But Wtf

Image credits: _westcoastbxby

#39 Trashy Reverend’s Wife (Not Even A Guest)

Image credits: unperrubi

#40 Handcuff Engagement Ring? That’s It. I’m Ring Shaming. It Was Recommended To Me On Etsy

Image credits: leapdaypopper

#41 I Think Proposing At A Wedding Is Not Only Tacky, But Rude

Image credits: HennyandB

#42 Another Bride Wanting To Cover Up A Family Member’s Body To Fit Her Perfect Day Aesthetic

Image credits: reddit.com

#43 I Wish This Was A Joke, But Some Bride Legit Posted This On Facebook

Image credits: forsakeme4all

#44 “We’re Not Doing Any Of That Mask Or Covid Stuff”. People Like Her Are Why Facebook Needs An Eye Roll Reaction

Image credits: garbageworkplace

#45 Timeless Favorites

Image credits: macncheese413

#46 Entitled Bridezilla Demands Her Bridesmaids Pay Everything To Look “Pristine” For Photos.

Image credits: adashofhotsauce

#47 Bride Plans Wedding In The Middle Of A Pandemic And Then Shames Guests Who Feel Too Uncomfortable To Go To Her Bridal Shower

Image credits: littlecitycat

#48 Bride Is Frustrated That NY Governor Wants To Enforce Social Distancing And Won’t Give Her A Timeline For When Covid Will Be Gone

Image credits: flowercity-

#49 Groom Gets Wasted So Bad His Mil Has To Feed Him

Image credits: padd3rs

#50 That Woman On The Left Is Not The Bride…

Image credits: lumpysweaterboobs

#51 I Googled Seating Chart Ideas And Realized Wow…some People Must Really Hate Their Guests

Image credits: narlymaroo

#52 Come To John And Jill’s Wedding, Theres A Very Special Guest They Want You To Meet

Image credits: magnificent_muffin22

#53 Alright, Who’s Moh Is Asking Around For D**k Pics?

Image credits: glass_heart2002

#54 More Tame Than Other Photos That Get Posted Here, But Still, Why Grope Your New Spouse In Your Wedding Portraits?

Image credits: history_gimp

#55 My Stepmom Showed Up In A Lace White Dress To My Wedding

Image credits: Cat_Toe_Beans_

#56 Maybe We Should Stop Shaming People’s Comfort Levels During A Global Pandemic

Image credits: echobunny88

#57 Requiring Masks Is A “Hard No” For This Bride, Doesn’t Want To Be Reminded Of This Nightmare Of A Pandemic….while Choosing To Have Her Wedding During A Pandemic

Image credits: RottweilerBlue

#58 How Dare Someone Be Pregnant At My Wedding!! I Understand Not Wanting To Host Events, But The Anger At Grandparents Buying Gifts And The Me!!!! Attitude Is So Entitled

Image credits: reddit.com

#59 Old Course Mate Who Got Married In August, When UK Rules Were No More Than 30 For A Sit Down Meal Reception With No Dancing…

Image credits: LoudComplex0692

#60 When You Have To Put Down Payments On Your Bridesmaid Dress…

Image credits: itsbeenalongtimelurk

#61 12 Bridesmaids During A Pandemic….no Masks In Sight

Image credits: NickaMLRN

#62 Demoting Bridesmaid For The Sake Of Even Numbers

Image credits: hb234A

#63 Finally Gets Engaged After Years Of Crying About It And Immediately Bashes Her Fiancé On Ig Story About How She Did Not Like Her Ring. They Go Out To Get A New One Next Day And…ouch! Embarrassing

Image credits: Forky5

#64 A Windy Wedding

Image credits: finallygaveintor

#65 In A Wedding Group On Facebook. This Lady Is Looking For This Cake Topper For Under £100

Image credits: RaysAreBaes

#66 Imagine Ranking Your Friends In Such A Way. Sorry Number 5

Image credits: Ign0rethisc0mment

#67 So Much Wrong With This, I Don’t Even Know Where To Begin

Image credits: gugalgirl

#68 I See Your I Don’t Want To Be Married Cake Toppers And Raise You A Gotta Shame My Fiancé Into Proposing Welcome Mat

Image credits: MissAcedia

#69 Came Across This Picture On Ig Explore. His Board Basically Says “I Won’t Change”

Image credits: lord_voldedork

#70 Aunt Of The Bride Wore This To A Wedding…

Image credits: ttll17

#71 Groomsmen Are Lame Because They Don’t Want A Picture Of Matching Underwear. “If You Don’t Like The Post Don’t Comment On It”

Image credits: embaye

#72 I Feel Bad That Weddings Are Being Cancelled, But I Think In This Case It’s For The Better…

Image credits: munmoonpat

#73 Petty Level Midnight – Charging Bridal Party For Gifts

Image credits: laineysparks

#74 Groom Is The Red Dot. Can You Guess Who Is The Bride And Who Is The Psycho Mother In Law? Who Does This!?!

Image credits: everythingsfiiiiiine

#75 If You Get The Vaccine Don’t Bother Coming To My Wedding

Image credits: icravesimplicity

#76 I Get Liking Sports But God Damn

Image credits: scooteryouth

#77 A New Take On The Tasteless Cake Topper

Image credits: LJayEsq

#78 Yikes The Saga Continues… I Posted The 2nd Slide Yesterday But Added It For Context

Image credits: sammybr00ke

#79 Could You Imagine These Being Your Wedding Photos. Gag Me

Image credits: kwozniak9819

#80 Found In A Wedding Group On Facebook. Name Send-Off By Tagging A Live Fish. Wait What?!

Image credits: olenlahe1337

#81 An Australian Couples Wedding Invites, Accompanied With A Poem Requesting Money

Image credits: Barnaclebay

#82 No Mask Wedding As Requested Per Bride And Groom

Image credits: Stegosaurus_R_Us

#83 I’m Getting Married In October. Someone Mailed This To Me. No Return Address And My Address Was Typed So I Can’t Identify The Handwriting

Image credits: lobo_92

#84 Maybe Consider Your Specific Initials Before You Use Them As A Design Element

Image credits: Leucadie

#85 My Dad Confirmed He And My Mom Are Anti Vaccination By Declining My Wedding Invitation

Image credits: LMary52

#86 Found On A Facebook Post About Someone Asking If They Should Ask The Bride Why They’re Not In The Wedding Party

Image credits: UnalteredCube

#87 Yes, It Is Definitely In Poor Taste

Image credits: goodbutterballz

#88 Nothing Screams Love Like Getting Matching Toe-Tag Tattoos To Commemorate Your Wedding!

Image credits: Pierre_Despereaux_

#89 Self Righteous Bride Of The Year Award Goes To…

Image credits: sammybr00ke

#90 Perform At My Wedding, I’ll Pay You In Bridesmaids

Image credits: Potential_Lazy

#91 I- Why?

Image credits: BurnTheOil

#92 Bridezilla Wanted Me To Hand-Letter 250 Invites And 250 Save The Date Cards For Free (She Has 500+ Followers On Instagram Dontcha Know!) So I Made This Instead

Image credits: MyOwnGuitarHero

#93 Spent A Minute Trying To Figure Out What They Meant By “Same Pines Forever”

Image credits: julia-elizabeth

#94 Because Bubbles Never Hurt Anybody. Covid Wedding

Image credits: mmonzeob

#95 Vendor Meal At A 15hr Wedding Whole Guests Were Having Lobsters With 6 Course Meal

Image credits: poldingsena

#96 Just Imagine…

Image credits: electricdaizy

#97 Bridal 90s Inspired Bucket Hats? For $225?? And So Popular That At Least One Is Out Of Stock??? (Lighthearted “Shaming” Here – I Know Everyone’s Style Is Different!)

Image credits: spicy_quicksand

#98 Ah Yes. The Spouse-To-Be And The Observer

Image credits: cookiedoughsquares

#99 When The Bride Shows Her True Colors About Why She’s Having A Wedding

Image credits: glasssa251

#100 Following Health Guidelines Is Insanity!!

Image credits: spookykitteh9

#101 No, Facebook, I Am Not Planning A Wedding. And Hopefully Will Pay For One Myself When I Do. How Often Does This Happen To Become Automated?

Image credits: AWhooter

#102 My Aunt Is Suggesting I Wear This To My Nephews Wedding. It Is Way Whiter Than It Looks In This Pic. For Extra Credit She Is Wearing The Same Dress In Blue

Image credits: Not-in-Kansas-anymor

#103 Found This In My Plant Fb Group, Op Said It Was A ‘Joke’

Image credits: that-treeisfar-away

#104 Picking An Engagement Ring Based On Your Mlm…

Image credits: BearsandBeetsPaperCo

#105 Why On Earth Do You Need To Open Carry At Your Own Wedding?

Image credits: barrefruit

#106 Putting Your Honeyfund & Cashapp On Your Getaway Car (& Sharing In A Public Fb Group)

Image credits: IDreamInCheddar

#107 I Would Be So Annoyed At Receiving A Useless Fan And My Partner Got Delicious Limoncello

Image credits: shakdaddy27

#108 Bride Is Upset At Last Minute Cancellations For Her Indoor Wedding, Plus Four Of Her Bridal Party Contracted Covid The Week Of

Image credits: IDreamInCheddar

#109 The Attitude Of Dressing To “Show Everyone Up” On Someone Else’s Special Day Is So Toxic

Image credits: verballyabusivecat

#110 Posting Your Friend’s Personal Info To Find Him A Date

Image credits: Mundy-Bundy

#111 Promoting Your Mlm As A Bachelorette Party. Reposted Because The First Image Still Had Infos

Image credits: Mimi8919

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