113 Of The Best ‘My House, Not My Cat’ Moments That Have Ever Happened To Humans (New Pics)

They say a man’s home is his castle. That may be true. But only until a cat invites itself over and claims the place. And that’s not as rare as you might think. Just head over to the Facebook group “My house, not my cat” and you’ll see.

Its 40.8K members constantly share pictures of the unexpected visitors they receive. From sleepy tabbies to playful gingers, it looks like exploring random strangers’ cribs is universal across all felines, too.

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Continue scrolling to meet the intruders and after you’re done, feel free to check out Bored Panda’s earlier publications on the group as well: part 1, part 2.

#1 This Is My Garden. These Were Not My Cats. But They Are Now

Mamala, the tortie, hung around for years bringing various kittens into the yard to show them off and have a quick meal, then scurry away. We could admire them from afar, but could never touch her. Finally she brought these 4 beauties to us and decided to stay in the yard. One cold snowy winter day, she and the kids walked through our slider into our bedroom and two years later she’s still with us with two of the babies. All are now spayed and neutered. Two found homes elsewhere. After living rough and being almost continuously pregnant for years she’s decided she never wants to go outside again. Never once has she asked to.

Image credits: Barbara Markus

#2 Early This Morning… I Hear Crying. I Get Up And Start Looking For My Cat

Maybe she fell behind something??? Then… I realize my cat is asleep on the daybed. ??? I open the front door… and this little thing looks up at me. Is this how you get a new cat? I’m 50 and single… is my cat sending out invitations ???

Image credits: Val Rose

#3 The Red One Isn’t Mine

Image credits: Kaylee Hakkers

#4 Not My House. But That’s My Cat

Image credits: Emma Jane Strong

#5 This Is Loader (Freeloader) He Showed Up One Day. No Chip, No Owner. He Cried And Cried Until We Let Him In. He’s The Bestest Boy

Image credits: Lisa Martin

#6 My House, Not My Cat. It’s The Cat Of Our Neighbor, She Told Us That The Cat Is Wild And She’s No Longer Welcome In Her House

I feel pretty sad about it, maybe we made her wild but she actually became pretty soft with some patience and care in this house. Oh and she walk around with toys.

Image credits: Gies Vivas

#7 I Hope This Counts

I rented a house for a few nights, this beautiful cottage in the country. When I woke up the first morning I walked into the kitchen, sun slanting in, open up the door to let the morning in, and I thought to myself “the only thing missing is a cat”. 

I turn around and this absolute legend bulldozed around the cottage and then promptly decided to show us who the boss was.

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Image credits: Sara Alves

#8 My Fireplace, My House, Not My Cat

Image credits: Jayne O'Connor

#9 Two Months Ago A Stray Cat Adopted Us, One Month Ago We Adopted A Dog. This Afternoon A Random Cat Appears At The Back Door, “Hey, Is This Where Everyone’s Getting Fed?”

Image credits: Valerie Quintrell

#10 This Is Not My Cat

I was upstairs in the office (/play room) working away and heard cat feet on the stairs. Door opens, I’m expecting my black and white cat Bowler to come in, and instead this looks in at me.

Image credits: Claire Dyer

#11 This Is Tupac, My Neighbor’s Cat

Tupac is very mean but decided he liked my house better a few months ago. Now I text the owners if he is here too long, they bring him home, and he comes back in a few days. But this time, he’s in my piano

Image credits: CM Schulz

#12 So A Month Or So Ago, My Cat Apollo Carried Home A Little Stray Kitten Who Was Definitely Not Ours! We Chalked It Up To A Serendipitous Moment And Welcomed Her Into Our Family

Image credits: Temika Jayne

#13 My Baby, My Pram But 100% Not My Cat. Not Quite In My House But Was Still A Surprise For Sure

Image credits: Shelby Jenkins

#14 My House, Not My Cat

I recently moved to a new house. About a week or so of living here I was coming home from the grocery store so I propped the door open so I could carry in my groceries. As I was heading back outside I noticed a kitty run into my house so I got my last bags and took them to the kitchen quick and went to see where the cat went. I found him like this (the first pic) in my living room. So I gave him some pets and then ended up like this (2nd pic) for the next hour. He’s so sweet. He kept coming over every day to watch tv on my lap and then going to the door to leave when he was ready. He was wearing a collar but it had no tags so I decided to write a little note and attach it to the collar. I asked if he had a home and what his name was. The very next day he returned with a note back saying his name was Finn and his address which was 4 houses down & also a phone number saying to text if I wanted to so I did. We were texting about the cat on and off all day and then we came to realize that we actually knew each other from high school. Which I thought was hilarious. Anyways, I now share custody of Finn and he is just the sweetest boy and I look forward to seeing him every day!

Image credits: Joanne Gentzler

#15 Hobocat, Pork Chops, And Friends

So those that have been following me and Hobo Cat… Hobo Cat now has brought a friend along …. who i have named Pork Chop…. Pork Chop is also not my cat… not quite as feral as Hobo Cat. But they eat together… Only arrive at night Never see them during the day… Pork Chop came late yesterday and brought a possum along which was eating next to Pork Chop… Hobo Cat sometimes arrives with a deer, which I posted pics of.. Some strangeness going on Opossum, raccoons, and Mr Fox now come as well

Image credits: Jimmy Lynch

#16 Not My Cat, Became My Cat After A Severe Ear Infection,and I Felt Bad For Him. Picture After I Spent A Boatload Of Money, And Finally Decided To Neuter Him, No Cone Of Shame, Equaled The Plate Of Shame…

Image credits: Stacy Bernholtz Raasch

#17 This Is My Porch, Not My Cat

Image credits: Jordan Patton

#18 My Tortie (Baby Fuzz) Has Full On Tortitude. She Doesn’t Let Me Touch Her, She Refuses Pets. I Have Never Held Her In The 3 Years Ive Had Her

My ex mother in law texts me a picture of her carrying my cat around and said “baby fuzz won’t leave me alone, she’s making me carry her around the house” I’m thinking what voodoo has this woman put on my cat??? As you can see by this cats face, she’s sick of everyone’s shit. So I have to investigate. Sure enough, baby fuzz let’s me pic her up, love on her, and im in heaven. After a whole day of everyone gushing over how sweet baby fuzz has became and we don’t know why, the REAL baby fuzz decides to show up. YALL! WE CARRIED A CAT AROUND ALL DAY THAT WASNT EVEN MINE!!! PIC IN COMMENTS OF THE FUZZ & THE INTRUDER SIDE BY SIDE

Image credits: Leighann Maynard

#19 My House, Not My Cat… Not My Ducks Either

Image credits: Susan Glass

#20 Picture It: Early Morning In Nw Georgia. My Husband Wakes Up To Go To The Bathroom And As He Walks Down The Hallway He Hears A Little “Mew” And He Thinks, “What The Heck?”

Picture it: early morning in NW Georgia. My husband wakes up to go to the bathroom and as he walks down the hallway he hears a little “mew” and he thinks, “what the heck?” And walks into the kitchen only to see a Smudge of something on the floor. Upon closer inspection he finds a kitten and now everyone is awake. We took him to the vet the very next day and learned he is a boy and between 6-8 weeks old. We named him Smudge. He was scared and shook a lot because we aren’t a quiet group but now he is living his best life and is as happy as any kitten can be. Before we decided to keep him this was definitely my house not my cat. ETA: This is what we think happened! We think he came in through the attic. The long story is a couple days before he showed up my husband came inside after smoking a cigarette and told me he saw this cat carrying a tiny gray kitten in its mouth and that it jumped onto our roof. Then one morning shortly after this gray kitten shows up in our kitchen so pretty sure it’s the same one. We think it came in through the attic, but we are only guessing. We have checked and there is no mama cat to be found and there are no other kittens either. So we decided to keep him. 

Image credits: Alison Branum

#21 Minding My Own Business Trying To Read My Book At My Mum’s House. Not My Cat, Or Hers For That Matter

Image credits: Dudley Wright

#22 A Few Weeks Ago This Was Not My Cat. But Then She Walked Her Butt Into Our Home And Now I Guess She’s My Cat?! She’s Also Full Of Kittens

Image credits: April Kitchen

#23 My Car, Not My Void

Climbed into the car when we pulled up, walked straight across my husband’s lap and cuddled up to me. Suckled on my cardigan while making biscuits on my neck. Such a beautiful kitty .I did not want to let him go!

Image credits: Cole McLister Burns

#24 My House, My Table, My Box. Not My Cat…

Image credits: Kate Kirkpatrick

#25 Mr Fluffy Bum, My Name For Not My Cat

Surprised me today when I went to water some plants. Didn’t stop him from going right back to sleep in the sink!

Image credits: Margaret Thompson

#26 Not My Cat

Image credits: Melissa Marie Shimer

#27 My House, My Grandson, Not My Cat

My grandson Jackson came for a visit and drew a picture of Fatbutt. I’m pretty sure other neighbors are feeding Fatbutt because she’s looking mighty hefty again. Nevertheless, she’s staring into my door for hours on end.

Image credits: Sash Johnson

#28 Finn Is My Messenger Kitty With Whom I Wrote The Note On His Collar After He Snuck In My House While I Was Carrying In Groceries & Then Just Kept Coming Back

I got a note back the next day with a phone number!!! ( I thought that was so neat) After speaking to his owner I found out he was jealous of their new kitty and not doing well at home. With permission from his owner he now lives with me! He does go visit his old home from time to time but lives with us now! His owner said he just wants him to be happy and that seems to be with us ( which I do feel bad about but he assures me it’s ok) I just love him sooo much! He even guards our toddler and alerts me when she’s crying & plays with her outside by racing her down the yard and back. He even gets in her way when she goes into spots in the yard where she could fall! He’s just the sweetest boy!

Image credits: Joanne Gentzler

#29 I Have Two Stray Babies That I’ve Been Feeding And Petting And One Of Them Just Had Babies

We put out a box for her last night, but I was hanging out with my apartment door open today because it felt nice out. Well! Momma came in with something in her mouth and I thought it was a mouse (this happened once before, long story!) and I went to run her back out. But then I realized it was one of her babies! She and I fought for a few minutes about wether or not she could stay, but she ended up winning. Now there is one stray momma and 3 baby kitties living under my recliner.

Image credits: Sherry Staub Bryant

#30 This Tiny Guy Showed Up In My Loft On The Full Snow Moon In February After I Had Left The Patio Door Open Accidentally

He has a wonky eye, but it doesn’t bother him.

He never left, despite our efforts to find his home. Now he lives inside with us and eats fancy cat food and sleeps in my daughter’s bed…meet Sage!

Image credits: Tiffany Horne

#31 My House, Not My Cat… But He Very Much Wants To Be, Judging By How Many Windows We’ve Seen His Face In

Image credits: Amber Haglund-Pagel

#32 Searching For My Cat Wakanda Downstairs In The Complex Car Park Only To Look Up To See My Cat, Not My House!

Image credits: Paul Murray

#33 Christmas Babies!!! Final Count: 6

Image credits: April Kitchen

#34 My Catnip, Not My Cat

This is Squiggles, named for her congenitally kinked-over tail. She belongs to our neighbors but likes to hang out in our yard, taunting our indoor cats and rolling & huffing our catnip patch. Last summer, we were in our house when we heard a big cat commotion coming from the bedroom. Squiggles was inside, our cats were freaking out, but all windows & doors were closed—how’d she get in? Turned out she’d climbed on the roof, wiggled under the half-open skylight, stepped on the screen, and dropped, along with the screen, onto the bed below. She was as surprised as we were!

Image credits: Stephanie Rosenbaum Klassen

#35 My Kitchen, Not My Cat

I left the window open whilst washing up and Hugonotmycat popped in. Our conversation went something like this…


Me: ‘Shriek! S**t, you made me jump! Are you here for your second dinner?’


Hubby: ‘You do realise Cat that you have to pay us in cuddles?’


Me: *snort*!! I don’t think Hugo knows how baby cuddles work!! He will learn, oh yes he will!!

Image credits: Sue Bird

#36 The Renegade Rapscallion, The Carousing Casanova, The Heartthrob Heartbreaker, The Serenading Scallawag, “Sinnry,” Has Been Fixed. And Is Now Doing Yoga In The Living Room

Image credits: Tangerine Bolen

#37 My House, Not My… Cat?

For those of you who remember my post about the sweet nebelung kitty that was coming around our backyard – well, she turned out to be a he named Bodhi, who’s mom let’s him explore quite a bit. He comes by for breakfast every morning, and I just assumed that the empty bowl meant he was eating well. Turns out this little dude has been coming around for Bodhi’s leftovers. The audacity!

Image credits: Alex Henninger

#38 This Is Our Little Cat Family That Happened Because We Had Been Feeding This Sweet Homeless Tuxedo Who Decided To Come Inside Our House And Have Her Babies

She is so sweet,we named her Candy. We decided to keep all four of them and I’m so thankful we did. Since the babies were born during the pandemic,we named the twin girls Faith and Hope. Their big brother’s name is Finn. They have brought so much joy to our lives!

Image credits: Eunice Lineberry Mendez

#39 My House (Yard). Most Definitely Not My Cat

Image credits: Andi Witster

#40 Bought A New House. This Is My First Neighbor To Welcome Me

Image credits: Renee Marie

#41 Look What My Dog Found In The Backyard Today

I heard him crying for the last couple of days in another neighbors yard, but when my dog heard him in my yard today, my dog claimed him as his own (We live in a town FULL of stray cats). I’m guessing he’s about 5-7 weeks old, if that (he only has 4 canine teeth). I gave him a good bath and spent almost 2 hours picking fleas off of him with tweezers, and we gave him some kitten replacement milk. As you can see, he is happy as can be asleep in a blanket now. I’m not sure how to explain this little guy to my boyfriend when he gets back to town tomorrow, but it was his dogs fault

Image credits: Rachel Floyd

#42 My House, Not My Cat

My husband heard this crash against our cat flap (it was locked since our old cat passed away 6 months prior) and found this poor cat crying to get in, obviously my reaction was to let her in immediately.. Then she wouldn’t leave! Made herself quite at home, loved my daughter, didn’t mind my old English sheepdog either! We had her chip scanned which showed she came from Spain, we are in the northwest of England.. We posted to a local rescue group and eventually, someone knew this was her cousins cat. She’d moved from Spain 2 days before to our street a few houses down. The owner had the door open when the cat came out of quarantine and she ran. Poor thing was terrified until we let her in. We were sad when the owner collected her, she fitted right in!

Image credits: Laura Edmunds

#43 My House, My White Cat, And The Strange Grey Floof. Now Kishhh

Image credits: Dakota Rai Crawford

#44 Here’s Lando Catrissian’s Mhnmc Story

On November 25, 2019, my ex and I were doing some cleaning in the house and moving junk into the basement. So we had the front door propped open. I happen to turn around, and this guy is swaggering into the house. He was dirty, hungry (obviously hadn’t eaten in several days), and walked with a bit of a limp. He climbed up in the recliner, plopped his ass down, and looked at us like he was saying “hey guys, I live here now”. We gave him attention, and a piece of salami. We left the door open to see if he’d leave, but he instead familiarized himself with the house. He found our bed and took a nap. We looked at each other, shrugged, said “guess we have a cat now”, and dropped everything to go to PetSmart and get everything he needed. About a year and a half later, he’s my chonky best friend.

Image credits: Josiah Bennett

#45 Not Our Cat

Image credits: Stacy Curtis

#46 It Snowed Last Night So Dexter The Feral Snuck In For A Heccin’ All-Day Snooze… My Guest Bedroom, Not My Cat

Image credits: Codruța Filip

#47 I Left The Window Open One Day And Came Home To This Cute Kitty Just Chillin’ In My House

He acted like he owned the place. We found his original owner and she said she “got another cat” and didn’t want him anymore. We always teased that he didn’t live here (even had a tag made stating so). Although he pissed off the other cats, I absolutely adored this kitty. We named him Benjamin Gato and he spent the rest of his life with us.

Image credits: eresa Hazel

#48 My Bed – Not My Cat

I thought I would share this precious moment from when I was a kid and a cat sneaked in and decided to deliver kittens right in my bed!

It was amazing taking care of the cat and kittens, eventually though we found homes for them because of my asthma, but I’m so glad this cat decided it could be safe enough in our home to deliver

Image credits: Alice Claire Forssblad

#49 I Opened My Kitchen Blind To Find This Big Boy On My Outside Sill. His Name Is Monkey And He Is My Neighbours Cat

Image credits: Denise Thew

#50 My Car, Not My Cat

Found this little baby under my car this morning. She/he is pretty beat up with a huge gash on her head infested with fleas and very skinny we are awaiting at the vet right now.

Image credits: Tiffany Hillson

#51 A Couple Of Weeks Ago, This Girl Sat Outside My Front Door Meowing. I Let Her In Until We Could Find Out Where She Lives, No One’s Come For Her And Now She Acts Like She Lives Here

Image credits: Kym Walsh

#52 This Guy Showed Up At Our Door Last Night

Image credits: Glenn Godbold

#53 Not My Cat Came By Again. After Eating And Taking A Nap, He Took A Huge Dump In The Litter Box That Smelled So Bad, I Thought We Would Have To Sell The House And Move Out

Image credits: Laura Walthall

#54 My Dog, Not My Cat! This Is A Feral Cat That Hangs At Our House. She Is Tolerant Of My Hubby & Me, But Loves Our Boy Kane!

Image credits: Debi Brady

#55 Walked In The Room To This…. The Tortoises Are Mine… I Don’t However Own A Cat

Image credits: Kelly Mace

#56 My Apartment, Not My Cat – Part 29: Work Video Calls

“Hey Ivan, your sound is really choppy and your video has gone off.” “Sorry. The cat is sitting on the wires and on my laptop and has fallen asleep.” “You got a cat?” “No.” (This is my one of my neighbour’s gorgeous girl, who has decided my apartment is the best thing ever and stays for days at a time…)

Image credits: Ivan Heneghan

#57 This Precious Baby Showed Up Several Days Ago And Seems To Be Trying To Adopt Us Hard

We’re giving him food and water and a warm bed while we try to find his humans (but all signs point to abandoned cat so far). Probably have a “My house, my cat now” situation on our hands. The delivery people sure seem to be taking a shine to him.

Image credits: Zo Chapman

#58 This Is My Poultry Farm In South Haven, Michigan. This Is My Bonfire. This Is My Wheelbarrow. This Is My Deck Chair. This Is My Beer. This Is My Blanket On The Ground, But This Is Not My Cat

He spends 5 hours a day here and keeps me company by the fire, and he pounds 3 to 4 cans of frikies a day on my dime…and I bathed him yesterday inside in my bathtub with argon oil and gave him an all natural beard oil treatment afterwards…but he is NOT MY CAT

Image credits: Amber Cherise

#59 Not My Cat

To recap, we live in the country & this orange floof showed up in the yard last winter. We get a lot of animals dumped out here so it wasn’t unusual. We’d see him, then he’d be gone for days (if not weeks), then he’d be back. We built a storage tote shelter, which he would lay on top of but refuse to go in. The water we put out became a heated water bowl so it didn’t ice up. Dry food morphed into wet food, at least twice a day. During all of this, I kept calling him “OC”, for Orange Cat, or Outside Cat, or Other Cat (we have 6 inside). He started answering me! Late this past summer, he actually let me pet him. One quick touch at a time but it was progress. He quickly showed us that he knew all about traps & would have nothing to do with them. Then, drumroll please, he set all four paws inside! Our indoor cats were not impressed but we’re slowly introducing them. They’ve been “talking” to him through the door for months, so hopefully it will go well. Finally, he has decided he wants all those pets he could have been getting for the past year. And he crawled into my lap & fell asleep to prove his point. We’re going to the vet after the first of the year but I’m pretty confident that we’ve been adopted. Welcome to the family, OC.

Image credits: Sharon Parrotte

#60 This Is Getting Out Of Hand! Outside My House I Now Have 4 Not-My-Cats Waiting For Me

The chonky ginger chap has been popping round the longest – he’s Adrian Scarborough. Then he was joined by the little white & grey tabby – she’s Clare Grogan. And now we have a pair who arrived together – a tabby (Michael Burnham) and a void (Philippa Georgiou). I’ll soon be knee-deep in moggies at this rate.

Image credits: Sam Currington

#61 My House (Excuse The Mess. Toddler Life!), Not My Cat. My Kid Stole The Neighbour’s Cat (On Multiple Occasions)

Image credits: Felicity Hoy

#62 Allow Me To Introduce All Of You Fine People To My Mhnmc, ‘Girlie’

Girlie knows the sound of my car, and will come running from out of nowhere when she hears it! When I come home, I roll down the windows of my car and call for her. Girlie is usually waiting for me, but on those odd days when she isn’t, I hear the sound of her tiny paws shortly after, scrambling across the stone landscape toward my car. I can then see this healthy chonk full-tilt running behind my car to beat me to my parking space so that she can greet me properly. She sniffs the plants and waits up the hill on the sidewalk for me to grab my stuff and start the walk home, and then(and only then) she darts up my stairs and stands impatiently with her nose pressed to my security door. At this point, she lets out the tiniest little ‘mew!!!’ to let me know that she is ready to sit with me for 5 minutes at the top of the stairs while I dole out her favorite snacks. I treasure this time. I tell her about my day, scritch under her chin (everywhere else seems to be politely rebuffed so far) and when the snacks are gone, she trots down the stairs into the night. My little love, Girlie.

Image credits: Elle Weber

#63 Raven Is Still Not My Cat. She Very Much Has A Owner And *feels Guilty* A Little Brother. I Stopped Leaving Food Out And Gave Only Pets And Some Catnip And The Occasional Treat

She goes home for dinner and comes straight back. I have spoken to her owner at length about my attempts to send her home. She sighed, rolled her eyes and said, “If it’s not you, she’s next door or number 54 stealing food.” I’m not complaining, I love her. Even my notoriously animal averse mother loves her. My dad is not keen, he doesn’t like the bitey aspect. Raven pays no attention to his aversion and immediately sits on him everytime he comes over. He has begrudgingly allowed her a single pet each time now. She sleeps on my feet. She locks herself in my bathroom cupboard every morning when I get a shower and becomes angry when she can’t get out. She sits on every pile of marking or lesson planning. She runs to meet me every evening when I get home. I have been chosen. I am most honoured.

Image credits: Beth Knight

#64 Once Upon A Time, A Year Or So Ago, A Stray Cat Would Sneak In The Cat Door In The Middle Of The Night To Eat My Kitties’ Food

After I surprised said cat one night and offered treats, he soon learned that I meant him no harm and he adopted me. I neutered him, vaccinated him…. But my neighbour fell in love with him, and she, with my stamp of approval, took over as cat mom and basically adopted him. Fast forward to today, not my cat anymore, my house, he came in for a visit.

Image credits: Andrea Caron

#65 It’s In My House, But Was Not Our Cat. This Little Guy Showed Up At Our House In The Middle Of Nowhere. Pretty Sure He’s An Alien

Image credits: April Gresham

#66 Meet Kenny A Main Coon. She Had An Owner At One Time With Their Name And Phone On Her

 She is super friendly and makes friends all over the neighborhood but her people moved and abandoned her. She almost starved but by mutual consent she now claims our house as her home. She definitely is not shy about when she wants in though!

Image credits: Mercedes Sandgren

#67 Best Morning Ever!

This cat came in through the sliding door which was slightly open and hopped straight on my lap. Very loving even with his face like thunder.

Image credits: Tom Loveday

#68 Twilight Is Now Apart Of Our Family And She Delivered 3 Healthy Thriving Babies And I Had To Share This Beautiful Mommy Moment

So one day i was cleaning and i had my patio door open…i’m going from room to room and i here a meow in my bedroom i brush it off because i didn’t have a cat so clearly i was hearing things…a few minutes later i hear it again and being the cat whisperer that i am…i meow back and i see a full grown cat pop out from under my bed so i have a full on meowsation with her before putting her back outside. And over the next few weeks she kept coming to my patio or my bedroom window scratching at it. So to make this story a little shorter twilight is now apart of our family and she delivered 3 healthy thriving babies and i had to share this beautiful mommy moment 

Image credits: Jessica Hatchett

#69 My Ring Camera, Not My Cat!

Image credits: Liza Suzanne

#70 Wrapping Gifts… Not My Cat, But A 20 Yr Old Gift

Image credits: Shane Reynolds

#71 The Cat On My Lap Is Not My Cat. He Just Won’t Leave

Image credits: Tara Nelsen

#72 My House Not My Cat

 This guy started coming by a month ago. We found out recently that he’s the neighbours cat and he that he probably visits so often because he’s a senior cat that probably enjoys the calmer household. With their okay he sometimes comes over and hangs out for hours at a time or sleeps over here if he’s at the back door late. I had an intense semester and Covid’s been getting to me with how much isolation it’s caused, he showed up like a blessing, even if he already has a home. Extra grateful for the owners okay with his regular visits. Super affectionate kitty that’s added some joy and wanted to share.

Image credits: Yemaya Karra

#73 My Neighbors And I Thought She Was A Stray Hanging Around

The first three pictures are my house, not my cat. The last three pictures are the my house, same cat, now my cat six months later. My neighbors and I thought she was a stray hanging around. My neighbors were feeding her and trying to get her to a vet because of her lip and looking skinny. Im a vet tech so I said I would take her to work and see what we could do. I ook her in and she got bloodwork, a steroid injection and an antibiotic injection. Her bloodwork came back she had kidney failure. Much to my husband’s dismay, I knew I couldn’t let her go back on the street. My neighbor offered to help with her vet care if I would keep her, so she has stayed. About two months later, I was outside with her on a leash and a lady stopped her car and asked how long I have had her and if she had a messed up lip. I said about two months and yes she does. Apparently it was her cat! Her name was Lucy (I had named her Ducky because of her lip) and she was 18 years old! I was shocked. The lady said she lived down the street and had thought she escaped when she let the dogs out and died. Ducky/Lucy did not like her dogs much. I explained what had happened and how I was taking care of her. I asked if she wanted her cat back. I didn’t want to steal her cat. The lady said no, she seemed happy and healthy with me and I was taking better care of her lip than she could do. She we agreed she would stay with me. Now, six months later and a lot of injections and meds later, her lip is completely healed except for some scaring. She is happy and as healthy as and 18 year old cat can be! And she is now my cat. (My other 6 are still not thrilled by it) **Edit: First, thank you everyone for all the kind words. I really appreciate it! Ducky appreciates it too. I am a vet tech and love what I do so I was grateful I could help her feel better. Second, about her lip. Her (amazing!) Doctor and I think it was most likely a rodent ulcer. A rodent ulcer is when the body freaks out to some allergen. There is not really a definitive cause as to what causes them. Sometimes its plastic bowls they eat and drink out of or could be from fleas or insects. Sometimes they go away on their own and other times they need help. Hers needed help and a longer course of treatment to help. I am super thrilled at how it has healed! Thanks again everyone!

Image credits: Megan Wachs

#74 This Is My Neighbor’s Cat Mr Sparkle Whiskers. He Goes Around The Neighborhood Acting Like A Starving Stray And Gets Fed By Multiple Households

He recently came home after being missing for 3 months and gained a ton of weight. My neighbor gave him this tag since we believe someone had taken him in during that time.

Image credits: Abby Trujillo

#75 We Just Moved To Croatia, And Our Apartment Apparently Comes With A Complementary Cat. Very Polite Lazy Leggie Also Included

Image credits: Saulė Bulavaitė

#76 My House Not My Cat

He’s HUGE! been coming round for a while now, tracked his owner who said she was trying to catch him to get him spayed, gave her my address…. 4 mo th ago and still no sign of her and he’s ALWAYS in my house then she blocked me on Facebook. Seems as tho I got adopted

Image credits: Becki Louise Herdman

#77 Does My Cat Not My House Work? Because My Cat Got Stuck In My Neighbors Apartment Recently, Then Went Viral On Tiktok And Got His Own Article On The Dodo..

Image credits: Jodi McCree

#78 Said Goodbye To This Little Man Today. He’s Been Straying On My Street For Months But When He Came Today Starving, Sneezing And Shivering, I Couldn’t Let Him Go Back Out In The Snow

I posted him in a local cat rescue group, he had a good feed and went off to a rescue space. Have a good life lovely boy

Image credits: Sheree Bedford

#79 We Still Get Daily Visits From #notmycat ‘Sam I Am’

Yesterday after a hike, we returned home to him sleeping in a plant pot, waiting for us. Yes, his head is inside the pot.

Image credits: Rebecca Mclaughlin

#80 My House, My Cross-Stitch, Not My Cat Grooming Himself On It

Image credits: Natalie Smith

#81 My House (More Specifically Under My Daughters Bed) Not My Cat And Kittens!

This queen has been visiting for weeks and weeks – getting ever more and more rotund. I never in a million years thought she’d have her babies here. I have no clue where she comes from but it looks like she’s comfortable enough here to have her babies!! I’m yet to figure out my next step

Image credits: Manda Joyce

#82 My Son Said To Me “Mummy There Is A Cat Upstairs”

Playing along I said Oo what’s the cats name? My son shrugged his shoulders “dunno” so I said what’s the cat doing? To which he replies “erm just sitting there” Bored with this going absolutely nowhere role play game I stopped asking questions and he said “so is it our cat now then?” Our stair case but not our cat and oops apparently not a made up game either!! ETA: We found and reunited him with his original humans. He apparently has quite the reputation of visiting other houses

Image credits: Kristina Smith

#83 Who Is This Fatso In My House!

Image credits: Jo Ward

#84 My House, My Chair But Not My Cat. Since Summer This Old Girl Thinks Our House Is Her House An Stays Almost Whole Day Here Lying Around Sleeping

Image credits: Stefanie Wern

#85 Not My Cat Is Back, Attacking Our Christmas Tree And Ripping Open Our Presents. Might Be Time To Send Her Home

Image credits: Piri Kincses

#86 How Many Not My Cats Do You Have?

 I have “Sort of my cat” who lives next door but usually jumps in through my bedroom window and stays all day. His humans are ok with it. I also have “Not my cat” who cries to come in through the front door. She does not get on with Sort of My Cat and her humans don’t like her going in other houses but sometimes she gets in. Then there is “Definitely not my cat” who likes to be petted through the upstairs window but rarely comes into the house, though sometimes sleeps in our shed. Finally there is “Who even is this cat” who has been in the house a few times and also the shed.

Image credits: John Courouble

#87 My Hen House, Not My Hen, Or Cat. I Looked In To Collect Eggs After Letting The Girls Out To Free Range And Was Surprised To Find My Neighbors Sweet Boy. I Have Him A Few Pats And Left Him To Enjoy The Box. This Was Their Brooder Box Turned Laying Box

Image credits: Danielle Goodman

#88 My House,not My Cat. Spotted This Cutie In Our Driveway. We Call Him Bob

Image credits: Bill Horgos

#89 My Daughter’s House, Not Her Cat

There are many feral cats in my daughter’s Dallas neighborhood. Sunday evening, in the freezing cold, one of them stood by her door begging to come in. She let him in and he slept soundly for hours. He has made himself quite at home, letting her know when he needs to go out. She already has two cats. I guess now she has three! 

Image credits: Carol Coughlin

#90 Not Our Cat, But If She Wants To Mow The Lawn, Ok!

Image credits: Beth Tyrrell

#91 Woke Up To This. So Many Questions

How long have you been staring at me asleep? Do you come here often? Have you been on my bed? Do you have a ring door bell on your collar? Because I’m sprawled here naked and clearly catching flies as I slept

Image credits: Shell Lockley

#92 I Just Moved Out Of A Duplex, Just Finishing Up The Cleaning And Left The Door Open And This Little Guy Popped In And Did Not Want To Leave

He was very friendly and talkative, and he had a crooked tail.

Image credits: Marissa Perry

#93 Hello There… Not My Cat!!!

Image credits: Maria Cumming

#94 My Bed, Not My Cat. I Quite Often Come Home To Find He Has Let Himself In Through Our Cat Flap And He Is Welcome To Nap Whenever And Wherever He Fancies

Image credits: Shelbeaa Smith

#95 My House, My Bed, My Pillow…. Not My Cat

He came in, ate my cats food, played with the cat toys and ended up here. He is a neighborhood cat, Siamese who is approximately 20 lbs.

Image credits: Jeanne E. Warren

#96 Not My Cat. Came In From The Rain To Take A Nap Update- She’s Brought A Friend

Image credits: Jules Langaman

#97 Just Got Back From Walking With My Dog… That Is Not My Cat

Image credits: May Levin

#98 Washing Dishes Yesterday By Our Window When… Spycat, After A Long Hiatus, Returned!

Image credits: Leigh Valentine

#99 My Daughter Was Overjoyed When The Neighbours Cat Decided To Pay Us A Visit. But When She Got Tired Of Chasing Him Around He Snuck Into Our Bathroom. To Lay In The Sink Of All Places!

This picture is him perking up and getting very curious about the overhead cabinet when I turned on the built in lights

Image credits: Stevil Vilde

#100 So This Is My Cat But Not My Car. My Neighbor Sent This To Me

Image credits: Stephanie Born Dent

#101 This Little Girl Rocked Up On My Doorstep As The Clock Struck 12, Being Yelled At By A Brush-Tail Possum. I Opened The Door To Help Her Get Away And She Spent The Night With Me Till I Could Find Her Owner The Next Day

Image credits: Sarah Birbeck

#102 I Think This Delicious Boy Lives In My Street But He Only Visits Every Now And Then

Image credits: Julia Churchett

#103 My House, Not My Cat??

This cute boy showed up in our backyard over the summer and decided he was going to stay for a while, we decided to put out food and water and even got him a heated cat house.


Apparently one of our cats gave him a key to the dog door because I walked in from work a couple weeks ago and found him napping on the window seat.


How long can you claim he’s not your cat.

Image credits: Shauna Dalton

#104 My House, My Dog, Not My Cat

Image credits: Jayne O'Connor

#105 My Sofa, Not My Cat!!

This cheeky boi snuck in unnoticed when I was putting my grocery shopping away, stole my seat on the sofa and then fell asleep. He’s been snoring for about an hour, the absolute audacity 

Image credits: Siobhan Marsh

#106 Meet Manny. Yes, He’s A Bengal. No, He’s Not My Cat. Yes, That Is My Porch

Manny aka manuel aka Manuela aka man-man, started showing up at my house last year. His owners live a few houses away and let him and his twin brother out to roam.

They’re both 16 this year.

Manny insists he lives in my house and will barge in like the Kool aid man whenever he shows up, much to the chagrin of my 15 year old cat, Rocco.

Image credits: Sara Bernardo Siedzik

#107 Moved Mid March And My 2 Cats Moved With Me Of Course

Moved mid March and my 2 cats moved with me of course. The previous owner had a white cat he has moved back to his home country of Latvia and said he was taking the cat with him. About 3/4 days ago this beauty turned up in the back garden. Sits outside the french doors and cries to be let in. It has staring matches through the glass with my 2. It looks like it’s being fed. But no collar. And if I open the door it runs. Though if I’m not there it will approach my 2 who are none to happy about having another cat in what is now their garden. Am unsure what to do. Wait and see if it keeps coming back? There are lots of cats in the neighbourhood so it might just be exploring but it is desperate to get inside and the crying is tearing at me heartstrings 

Image credits: Lesley Fields

#108 My House, Not My Cat

Image credits: Martha Martha

#109 This Is Not My Cat. This Is A Cat That Ran Inside Undetected When I Went Out To Check The Mail

My toddler was happily playing with him until discovered several minutes later. After some investigation, it turned out that our neighbor had recently adopted the cat and it had escaped. My toddler threw a fit for thirty minutes after the cat was returned to his owner. (We gave him a couple treats for his service in entertaining my son so nicely) Here you see my husband removing the visitor as my child throws a fit in the floor.

Image credits: Martha Lois Gateley

#110 Looked Out My Window To See If I Had A Package…. That’s Not My Cat

Image credits: Jenn Farrell

#111 My House, My Kid’s Mess. Not My Cat

Image credits: Anat Shneor Barnea

#112 My Husband Texted Me This. Who Is This He Says…. I’m Like No Clue. My Basement Not My Cat

Image credits: Marisa Cassar

#113 A Cat Fell Through My Ceiling. It Wasn’t My Cat. We Were Both Too Keen To Have The Cat Leave Via The Door To Take A Photo With The Cat

Image credits: Bethany Puffett

Source: boredpanda.com

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